Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 54

Chapter 54 The truth is revealed

There are hundreds of stone tablets in front of them, all of which depict the same prison.

“Boiling Water Prison, what kind of place is it?” Li Qingshan pondered.

“I wonder if there is any record of this aspect at Ascension Gate?” Li Qingshan looked towards the Book Collection Pavilion at Ascension Gate.

The next moment, he came to the Book Collection Pavilion, Divine Consciousness spread, instantly turned into 100,000 Li Qingshan, shuttled in the Book Collection Pavilion, flipped through books, and found information about Boiling Water Prison.

This is a Divine Sense cultivation technique that he has been studying for ten years.

One mind does everything!

Because of his Divine Sense Immeasurable, it has expanded to one hundred thousand.

100,000 Li Qingshan, looked through one hour in the Book Collection Pavilion and found nothing.

Li Qingshan had to take back the Divine Sense and returned to Thinking Cliff, in front of Monument Forest.

“I have searched the Book Collection Pavilion at the Ascension Gate, but there is no record of the Boiling Water Prison at all. Could it be erased?” Li Qingshan wondered.

“But, why erase the records of the Boiling Water Prison?”

“In this world, except for the secret mastermind 3,000 years ago who erased some things, there are absolutely no other people. That ability.”

“So, the Boiling Water Prison has something to do with the secret mastermind who was cut off by half of the Primordial Spirit by Jiuli Qiannian Sword God, and he will remove it.”

“The Ascension Gate has been Number One Great Sect for three thousand years. Even if it is pulled across now, there will still be a few words of records.”

“But, not here.”

“I can only I found the answer from these stone tablets.”

Li Qingshan pondered, thinking logically, and found some clues.

“These hundreds of stone tablets, I want to comprehended them all to see if there is any useful information in them.” Li Qingshan began to comprehend seriously.

Around the day and night, in this Monument Forest, earnestly comprehend.

[You wipe carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend Empty Miraculous Hands! ]

[You wipe carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend Three Thousand Thunderbolts! ]

[You comprehend seriously, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend The Absence Of Great Accomplishment! ]


A variety of cultivation techniques were carefully understood by Li Qingshan, and then hung on the roots like a forest.

All the cultivation techniques I have learned over the past ten years are like fruits, hanging on Li Qingshan’s roots.

Up to now, every root bone has a fruit hanging on it.

This is also a manifestation of Li Qingshan’s strength.

Although he has learned so much, Li Qingshan did not see the information of Boiling Water Prison from this.

He also is not discouraged, and continues to realize that there are hundreds of stone tablets, he still does not believe, there is no cultivation technique about Boiling Water Prison?

【You wipe carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and realize Boundless Purgatory! ]

Three days later, a line of words appeared in front of Li Qingshan’s eyes.

He was shocked, not because of this cultivation technique, but because he saw that in this stone tablet, there is a World in Monument.

Li Qingshan did not immediately realize this World in Monument, but first studied Boundless Purgatory.

“This Boundless Purgatory is a criminal law in the Boiling Water Prison, which was later penetrated by people and became its own cultivation technique, inherited.”

“This cultivation technique can bring When people are imprisoned and tortured, it has a double blow to the body and spirit, which is very terrifying.”

“This is just a criminal law in the Boiling Water Prison, the complete Boiling Water Prison, how terrifying is it?” Li Qingshan speculated.

He looked towards the stone tablet in front of him, looked serious, and entered World in Monument with a bang.

The world is spinning, and one world after another emerges, but the size of mesons in a square inch is finally fixed in a chaotic foggy area. The huge black city wall is solemn and makes people afraid to enter.

On the city wall, several large characters were written.

Boiling Water Prison!

Li Qingshan was shocked. Outside the world, in the chaos, the Boiling Water Prison was located, like a giant beast of chaos, which was far beyond his imagination.

The next second, the Boiling Water Prison disappeared, the world rolled over again, and the picture changed too fast, Li Qingshan couldn’t keep up, but finally stopped on a battlefield.

The setting sun is setting in the west, the setting sun is like blood.

The dim rays of light were projected, mixed with a touch of scary crimson, just like the red blood flowing from the bones of thousands of people on the battlefield.

Desolate, flirtatious.

The corpses covering the mountains and plains, including humans, monster beasts, and foreign races…

Li Qingshan watched all around and was shocked.

In the distance, the bones were stacked up on a hill. A man was covered in blood, his long hair was dyed red, and he danced in the wind. He looked towards the distance and said softly, “Human World, it’s finally quiet.”

Li Qingshan looked at him, the man turned his back to him, imposing in a heavy manner, like a mountain.

“Using the fugitives of the Boiling Water Prison, forced the Human World experts to unite and fight against them. Both sides were defeated and suffered heavy casualties. Then they used a large array to suppress the Human World Grand Dao. This Human World will never be used again. No cultivator can cut through the mountains with one sword, and break the sea with one sword.”

“Next, we only need to block the breach of the Boiling Water Prison with ninety-nine large formations, and arrange for a small sect to guard it all the time. This world will be i as Venerable in the future, I can assimilate the world Grand Dao with peace of mind and become the World Lord of this side!”

The person looked at the setting sun and muttered to himself.

Li Qingshan was shocked when he heard this.

The person in front of me is the secret mastermind from the war three thousand years ago.

The next moment, the man turned around, and the blood-stained face was reflected in Li Qingshan’s eyes.

Li Qingshan was very proud when he saw a smile on the corner of his mouth.

His plan was a complete success.


In this World in Monument, the picture came to an abrupt end, and the layers shattered, forcing Li Qingshan’s consciousness out and returning to his body.

“What I saw just now is the Great War of the Three Thousand Years.”

“That person is secret mastermind, the powerhouse where Jiuli Qiannian Sword God cut half of Primordial Spirit. .”

“Everything is understood.”

“He used the Boiling Water Prison’s breach to release the heinous murderer, which led to the unity of the Human World experts.”

Li Qingshan’s confusion in the past has now been resolved.

Why are Human World experts united?

The righteous path and the demonic path, the Monster Race and the Human Race, the Central Plain and the outer wall, the land and the sea, these forces are conflicting since ancient times.

But united three thousand years ago against an enemy?

Li Qingshan couldn’t figure it out before.

Everything is clear now.

“Boiling Water Prison is outside this world, in chaos, it is very huge, and the prisoners must be extremely vicious gangsters.”

“secret mastermind by chance, He found a gap in the Boiling Water Prison in this world, and then carefully organized the game, trapping everyone.”

“Taking advantage of the heavy casualties on both sides, he suppressed Grand Dao with a distant ancient formation and imprisoned him. Spiritual Qi, created the situation for the next three thousand years.”

“This is really a good method.”

“Fortunately there is Jiuli Qiannian Sword God, he survived by luck, Discovered all this, burned myself, gave secret mastermind a sword, and fought for a glimmer of survival for this world.”

“As for the breach of the Boiling Water Prison, it is in the ninety-nine large In the formation.”

Li Qingshan’s eyes were sharp, and he looked towards the outside of Thinking Cliff, until he could see 90,000 miles away.

Heavenly Dao Sect!

The ninety-nine peaks of theirs are ninety-nine great formations!

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