Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Discovery of max-level comprehension

One month has passed.

The external situation changes, the culture world pattern is reversed, the Ascension Gate replaces Heavenly Dao Sect and becomes Number One Great Sect, occupying the best mountain gate.

But on the Thinking Cliff, it’s business as usual.

Li Qingshan continuously comprehend Formations Great Collection, studying seriously, learned all the knowledge of basic array.

It can be said that he quickly became a Formation expert in a short period of time.

Master can’t say it, but Formation expert, Li Qingshan can still accept it.

This month, Xiao Jiu also moved the ascension gate to the Heavenly Dao Sect gate, where it is developing vigorously.

Without the limitation of Heavenly Dao Sect, the resources needed by the Ascension Gate are continuous, and there is no need to live in poverty anymore. Xiao Jiu quickly began to expand, recruiting Disciple, recruiting loose cultivators to enter the Ascension Gate as the Elder, and turning the Ascension Gate Its strength has expanded tenfold, and it has become the style of Number One Great Sect.

These things, busy Xiao Jiu didn’t have time to see Li Qingshan.

On this day, Li Qingshan was about to leave Thinking Cliff after a simple wash and go to the new mountain gate of the Ascension Gate.

It was the first time he left Thinking Cliff in over ten years.

“I’ll go with you.” Snow White Small Fox followed Li Qingshan, reluctant to leave.

Li Qingshan picked it up and did not refuse, and directly cast Kunpeng Treasure Art, in a very short time, spanning 90,000 miles.

On the way, Li Qingshan asked Small Fox curiously: “You are only one step away from Saint Realm now, and it’s only a month or two away, far surpassing your mother’s realm back then, why not yet? Change shape?”

Li Qingshan has always been puzzled by this question.

A dozen years ago, Small Fox’s mother told Li Qingshan that although it was a child born from the combination of a human and a demon, it was still dominated by a human body, but surrounded by her energy, it became Small. Fox.

As long as the energy is absorbed, Small Fox can transform.

But until now, Small Fox has absorbed the energy and surpassed mother, but still has no transformation.

Small Fox in Li Qingshan’s arms, whispered: “The breath of Monster Race in my body overwhelms the bloodline of Human Race, so even after absorbing the energy left by mother, I can’t transform. ”

Small Fox is also very annoying, he actually wants to change shape.

It wants to learn Xiao Jiu, play coquettish beside Li Qingshan, and walk around with Li Qingshan’s arm, instead of being a pet all the time.

“It should look pretty good after I change shape.” Small Fox thought expectantly.

It’s been trying for years.

But without exception, all failed.

In the final analysis, the energy of nine tails is too powerful.

Small Fox’s mother thinks that her child is an ordinary two-tailed, three-tailed level.

In that case, after absorbing the energy she left behind, she can indeed transform.

But who knew that Small Fox was so ambitious, awakened the ancient bloodline and became Nine Tailed Monster Fox.

This time, the Human Race bloodline was crushed, and there was no chance of it turning over.

Small Fox himself doesn’t know when he can change shape.

It’s distressing.

Li Qingshan suddenly realized when he heard Small Fox’s words, so that’s how it is.

The energy of the nine demon foxes is indeed powerful, and it is not easy to change shape.

“It’s okay, the power of nine tails, many people can’t ask for it, it can’t be transformed temporarily, it’s nothing.” Li Qingshan comforted Small Fox, and then came to the new mountain gate of the Ascension Gate.

In the center of the vast Divine Province, the towering mountains are endless as far as the eye can see, overlooking from a height, ninety-nine mountains, arranged in accordance with the zodiac and earthly branches, are well-proportioned, with Heaven and Earth as the formation diagram, Dragon Vein For texture, suppress the gaps in the Boiling Water Prison.

“The Formation accomplishment of the secret mastermind is Master Level.” Li Qingshan agreed.

The opponent can open the gap in the Boiling Water Prison and arrange the Formation suppression by himself, which is definitely a genius.

It’s a pity that I have a small mind and no tolerance for others. When I reach the top, I don’t want others to come to that position.

“Let’s see if this big formation is damaged or not.” Li Qingshan landed, his Formation skills were not that high, and he couldn’t arrange such a huge Formation, but there was still no problem in repairing it.

Ascension Gate The new gate is busy in a frenzy, with construction everywhere, and the newcomer Disciple is also practicing hard, and it is thriving.

Li Qingshan took Small Fox and walked inside the ascension door, no one noticed.

Passed by an Elder, who was completely unaware of Li Qingshan.

Walking past the place guarded by the doorman, the other party didn’t show any change in his expression.

It seems that there is a world between Li Qingshan and them.

In fact, there is indeed a dimension.

Li Qingshan doesn’t want to be discovered by them, these people will never discover it.

After strolling around the new mountain gate of the Ascension Gate, Li Qingshan quickly found the entrance to the ninety-nine great formations.

He avoided everyone and went straight down.

The ninety-nine peaks are just to hide people’s eyes and ears. In the central area of these ninety-nine peaks, there is an Array Space below, which is the core.

Li Qingshan entered the array core, only to feel that his eyes were darkened. After a short period of blindness, he saw the Array Space like a flame of lava.

The Array Space is very large, but most of them are entangled Formation textures, intertwined, exuding fire, and some textures are like lava, trapping the core area.

There, there is a black hole with a size of 100 meters, revealing an extremely terrifying heavy breath.

There are countless small arrays carved around the black hole, forming a barrier to block the opposite side.

“This is the gap in the Boiling Water Prison, it’s really terrifying.” Li Qingshan said with a serious face.

Small Fox didn’t say a word, curled up in Li Qingshan’s arms, so that he could feel safe.

β€œThe Formation here is a huge Formation system. Under one system framework, at least tens of thousands of Formations are extended. Combined, it is the huge array that can suppress the Boiling Water Prison.” Li Qingshan carefully observed these Formations and was amazed by secret mastermind.

A very terrifying person.

His Formation strength is a real Master Level.

Three thousand years later, these Formations are only a little weak, but not broken.

No wonder he has that confidence, trapped Heaven and Earth Grand Dao, Human World Spiritual Qi.

“This set of extremely complex Formation is a good opportunity to learn. I am here to study it carefully, and learn Formation Dao with secret mastermind, and then repair some weak areas.” Li Qingshan said Make up your mind to spend some more time here.

Don’t rush back to Thinking Cliff.

After all, it’s about the Boiling Water Prison’s gap, so don’t be sloppy.

Li Qingshan watched carefully with the attitude of learning. In some places, he could understand it at a glance, but in some places, he frowned and thought, and occasionally realized something, and occasionally shook his head with a wry smile…

Studying and studying, Li Qingshan became a god.

Li Qingshan’s understanding of Formation Dao is more and more profound.

Until a certain moment, a line of words appeared in front of his eyes.

[Watch carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend White Dragon King’s Formation knowledge! ]

Li Qingshan froze, blinking innocently.

It turns out that he can comprehend things not only by wiping the stone tablet.

I was taken to do nucleic acid last night, and it took two or three hours before I came back.

This chapter was made up from yesterday.

I still have it today, I will code it.

(End of this chapter)

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