Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Xiao Jiu

This morning, Li Qingshan woke up from the cultivation, looked at the brand new yard, and praised Five Ghosts.

“Nice job.”

The five tall, vicious Rakshasa-like demons accepted the compliment with twitching lips.

They were the murderous Five Ghosts, but now they have become Li Qingshan’s sanitary steward.

It’s not a professional thing at all.

But Li Qingshan doesn’t care about that, now he doesn’t need to do hygiene, then he has more time.

Opening his eyes, he’s going to wipe the Monument Forest.

With the bamboo house as the center, it spreads out and gradually enters the depths of Thinking Cliff.

The stone tablet is getting bigger and bigger.

Li Qingshan learned that the bigger the stone tablet, the stronger the people trapped in the stone tablet.

The stronger the strength, the more powerful the cultivation technique left behind.

But Li Qingshan didn’t rush into it, and went deep into Thinking Cliff to find those stone tablets that were comparable to the giant stone mountain.

Regardless of the perception that those stone tablets need, it is said that Li Qingshan is only now the Innate cultivation base. Even if he obtains the Saint secret technique, isn’t cultivation the same?

He can’t use all his formidable powers.

It’s better to go step by step, go deeper and deeper, one day, the stone tablet here will be fully understood by Li Qingshan.

Walking in Monument Forest, Li Qingshan suddenly found a stone tablet, which is similar to the ghostly forest that he saw yesterday.

The engravings on this stone tablet are also ghostly forests. The difference is that there are five huge illusory shadows and flickerings in the ghostly forests.

Li Qingshan watched curiously, he was puzzled: “Outside the Monument Forest within the bamboo house range, it seems all kinds of strange things, Five Ghosts Seeking Destiny Technique must be Demon Dao Cultivation Art, this piece The stone tablet also looks like a Demon Dao Cultivation Art.”

Although he was puzzled, Li Qingshan chose to understand.

In his heart, there is no righteousness.

If he can improve his strength, he will learn.

Watching this stone tablet carefully, Li Qingshan was addicted to it and could not extricate himself.

A day passed quickly.

【Watch carefully, inspire max-level comprehension, and comprehend five emperors Great Demonic God! ]

In Li Qingshan’s mind, there is a powerful cultivation technique.

“Five emperors Great Demonic God has a pass, this is a Divine Ability.” Li Qingshan said in surprise.

Divine Ability is only within Great Venerable and above, Saint Realm can control.

Li Qingshan didn’t expect to comprehended himself now. Although he couldn’t cultivate, he was still very happy.

The five emperors are Qing Emperor, Red Emperor, White Emperor, Black Emperor and Yellow Emperor.

The five emperors Divine Ability represent the five supreme existences, according to their extended cultivation technique.

Naturally the formidable power is infinite.

Li Qingshan is only in Innate Realm now, so he can’t have such a mysterious cultivation technique.

But he changed his mind.

“I can’t cultivation, but I can combine five emperors Great Demonic God with Five Ghosts Seeking Destiny Technique.”

“I pass five emperors Great Demonic God to Five Ghosts cultivation, enhance their potential, so that they have infinite possibilities.”

“This idea is worth a try.”

Li Qingshan was excited, he felt he could try it.

The combination of Five Ghosts Seeking Destiny Technique and five emperors Great Demonic God, what terrifying existence will be born?

Li Qingshan would love to see it.

The night was already dark, Li Qingshan didn’t stay anymore, returned to the bamboo house, summoned Five Ghosts, looked at the five fierce and aggressive Rakshasa, Li Qingshan waved his hand.


Five swift energies rushed into their minds, Li Qingshan said solemnly: “This is the five emperors Great Demonic God pass, you choose one for cultivation, elevate See for yourself what kind of metamorphosis happens.”

Five Ghosts immediately began to choose.

Li Qingshan waved them away and went to cultivation by himself. He is silently cultivating Eternal Art, nourishing his roots.


Because Li Qingshan passed the five emperors Great Demonic God to the Five Ghosts, they really started to study, they were serious, and they hid aside after cleaning every day. , study with confidence.

Li Qingshan didn’t bother to see them like this, and lived his life quietly.

On Thinking Cliff, day after day.

Li Qingshan’s root bone is also growing slowly.

So, another month has passed.

On this day, Thinking Cliff, who has been ignored all the time, suddenly came.

Li Qingshan sensed it immediately, he frowned, and said, “Isn’t this Thinking Cliff not allowing others to come in?”

“Could it be that someone else violated the sect rules and committed unforgivable crimes? sin?”

Li Qingshan got up and walked over to take a look.

But he saw a young girl with a long white clothed dress and a beautiful face. After seeing him, he looked complicated, hesitated for a while, and shouted: “Are you big brother?”

Li Qingshan blinks.

Memories begin to churn.

In the distant memory of the predecessor, a little girl chased after his ass and shouted babblingly: “big brother, big brother, wait for me.”

Now, Li Qingshan recalled this cry.

The predecessor also had a biological younger sister.

The Great Yan Dynasty Ninth Princess.

Li Qingshan was in a daze, but Ninth Princess had tears in her eyes and came over and hugged Li Qingshan.

“Big brother, you’ve suffered.” Princess Ninth lay on Li Qingshan’s chest and choked.

Li Qingshan felt his chest wet with tears, and looked at the girl’s sad and happy expression, giving birth to a warmth.

From the warmth in bloodline.

“You’re not in the Great Yan Dynasty, why did you come to the ascension gate?” Li Qingshan gently patted Ninth Princess’s shoulder and asked.

“The news of the big brother’s calamity spread throughout the Great Yan Dynasty, and the court and the public were outraged. They all said that the big brother was deceived by demoness. I didn’t believe it. It happened that the ascension gate recruited Disciple, so I participated and successfully entered the ascension. Door.” Ninth Princess said seriously.

“Then I asked the Master to come and see the big brother, and the Master agreed, so I can come here.” Ninth Princess said.

“Who is your Master?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“Ascension Gate Headmaster!” Ninth Princess replied.

“It seems that your innate talent is very good. You can be accepted as a Disciple by Headmaster. You must work hard for cultivation in the future.” Li Qingshan said with a slight smile.

“Big brother, I will definitely work hard to cultivate, break the shackles of this world as soon as possible, and let Headmaster let go of big brother.” Princess Ninth’s bright little face raised and she said firmly.

Li Qingshan hearing this just smiled and broke the shackles of the world, how easy it is.

“You can become the Headmaster Disciple, no one should be able to bully you, the big brother is doing well here, you can rest assured.” Li Qingshan said gently.

“Big brother, I’m here to see you this time, the Master is in a hurry, I have to go first, and I’ll come back later, as long as I work hard for cultivation and ask the Master, I should be able to separate Take a look at big brother for a while.” Ninth Princess said happily.

“Well, go back and have a good cultivation, everything is fine for me.” Li Qingshan nodded and watched Xiao Jiu leave.

“Goodbye, big brother.” Xiao Jiu waved his palms, turned around and left, stepping on the iron rope, and flew to the other side.

On the other side, there is an old man with divide poise and sagelike features, watching all this silently.

ascension door Headmaster.

He looked at Li Qingshan with deep eyes, and was very surprised that Li Qingshan got better and better after half a year.

“Unfortunately…if my ascension door can withstand the pressure and don’t abolish his bones, that’s fine.” Ascension door Headmaster sighed inwardly.

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