Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 60

Chapter 60 morality reaching up to the clouds White Dragon King

Because he never left Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan fell into a misunderstanding, thinking that his max-level comprehension can only comprehend the million stone tablet.

He used to worry for a while, what should he do when the millions of stone tablets comprehend?

Now, he doesn’t have that worry anymore.

β€œThe Formation knowledge of White Dragon King?”

β€œThis huge set of Formation is arranged by secret mastermind, I understand it here, inspire max-level comprehension, comprehend The Formation knowledge of White Dragon King has arrived.”

“So, secret mastermind is called White Dragon King.”

Li Qingshan smiled, and only now knew secret mastermind’s name.

“If you know the name, you can continue to check the relevant information. I don’t believe it anymore. You can erase the information of Jiuli Qiannian Sword God, and you can erase the information of the war three thousand years ago, and you will erase your own information. ?” Li Qingshan corner of the mouth raised.

Wait until he deals with the Formation here, then go back to Awei and help him investigate the information about the White Dragon King 3,000 years ago.

It’s sure to be rewarding.

“Know yourself and know your enemy, you can fight every battle without defeat, I will learn your Formation knowledge first.” Li Qingshan began to use the White Dragon King’s Formation knowledge in his mind, combined with this huge set of Formation system, compared with learning, rapid progress.

It can be said that White Dragon King temporarily became Li Qingshan’s Master.

Tian Yi days passed, Li Qingshan stayed in the Array Space and didn’t go anywhere, studying, comprehending, and improving himself.

Small Fox is neither noisy nor noisy, as long as she is with Li Qingshan, she is very satisfied.

When Li Qingshan comprehended the knowledge of Formation, he was working hard on cultivation and trying to break through Saint Realm.

The sheer power of the nine tails gave her no difficulty breaking through Saint Realm.

Another month passed slowly.

Li Qingshan has comprehended all White Dragon King’s Formation knowledge this month. By the way, he also repaired the weak parts of this Formation to ensure that the Boiling Water Prison can be suppressed. gap.

Li Qingshan finally relaxed after all this was over.

“This month has been busy and fulfilling.” Li Qingshan said with emotion.

His Formation knowledge has been raised to a new level and entered the ranks of Master.

This is all taught well by the White Dragon King.

“Small Fox, we should go.” Li Qingshan shouted.

“Are you done?” Small Fox curiously asked.

“I’m done, I’ve reinforced a lot of Formation here. As long as someone doesn’t deliberately destroy it, it’s fine.” Li Qingshan said.

“Congratulations, you have broken through Saint Realm.” Li Qingshan said with a smile.

Small Fox laughed, didn’t speak, just had fun.

“Let’s go, I feel homesick after being away from Thinking Cliff for so long,” Li Qingshan said.

Small Fox is resolutely nodded. Like Li Qingshan, Small Fox regards Thinking Cliff as his home.

Small Fox has left Thinking Cliff for the first time since birth and is homesick.

Li Qingshan immediately took Small Fox, performed Kunpeng Treasure Art, and returned to Thinking Cliff.

Going out for a month, Thinking Cliff is the same.

There are Five Ghosts at home, they clean everyday all, after ten years, it has become muscle memory.

Five Ghosts, originally born from killing, was forcibly wiped out by Li Qingshan’s killing intent, changed his personality, adapted to this kind of seclusion, and silently improved his feelings.

The current Five Ghosts, the cultivation five emperors Great Demonic God pass, have also stepped into Saint Realm, their strength has been greatly improved, and they have become new lifeforms.

Hell Human World Walk!

This is the name Li Qingshan gave them, and Five Ghosts is very satisfied.

“It’s better to go home.” Small Fox happily walked around Thinking Cliff, greeted Five Ghosts, teased Five Ghosts, then looked at the flowers, picked one, and put it in Li Qingshan’s room , back in the familiar environment, it’s lively.

Li Qingshan sat down, looked at the lively Small Fox, smiled softly, and then used the secret technique to notify Awei to come over.

Awei has been keeping a low profile for the past decade.

Maybe it is because he admires Li Qingshan. Awei learns everything from Li Qingshan. He doesn’t like to be famous and improves himself silently.

After ten years, he entered Saint Realm, and in Saint Realm, he walked a long way and saw the threshold of Immeasurable.

But if you want to cross the past, you still need to accumulate and precipitate.

Awei came over very soon, he has been in closed-door cultivation in the old mountain gate of the ascension gate, and did not go to the new gate.

β€œSir.” Awei shouted respectfully.

“You’ve made great progress recently, are you already trying to break through the Immeasurable realm?” Li Qingshan looked at Awei and asked.

“Yes, try it, the breakthrough will not be enough.” Awei nods and accumulates.

“It’s good, try a few more times, and you will succeed when the time comes.” Li Qingshan said.

“Sir, what is your business with me?” Awei curiously asked.

“Help me find a man named White Dragon King, I want all his information.” Li Qingshan said: “He came from 3,000 years ago, so he should have a name. After finding it, bring it to me. Look.”

Awei kept it in mind, nodded and said: “Okay, I’ll go investigate.”

Li Qingshan watched Awei leave, got up and went to the Million Monument Forest among.

I haven’t wiped Monument Forest for a month, and after learning the cultivation technique, Li Qingshan still misses it very much.

A few days passed and Awei came back.

The night hangs high, and the silver light sprinkles on the backs of the mountains and rivers, as if to put a silver gauze on the mountains and valleys, magnificent.

In front of the bamboo house, brightly lit, starlight swaying, elongated silhouette, Li Qingshan is making tea, facing the evening wind, looking towards Awei in front of him.

“Sir, I found information about the White Dragon King.” Awei took a load of books out of the storage bag.

“It’s hard work, are these all?” Li Qingshan handed him a cup of tea, looked at the pile of books, and asked curiously.

As he expected, White Dragon King erased Jiuli Qiannian Sword God’s information, erased the information of that battle, but did not erase his own information.

Because of his self-confidence, it was impossible for the newcomers to Human World to know his name after the war.

Unfortunately, he met the alien Li Qingshan.

“Sir, the information on White Dragon King is easy to find. I walked around the Eternal Hate Demon Sect and the new mountain gate of the Ascension Gate, and some other sects, and collected these.” Awei said .

“Okay, have a cup of tea and take a break.” Li Qingshan said with a smile.

Awei drank a cup of tea, got up and resigned: “I won’t disturb Mr., I’ll go back first.”

“Okay, there is something wrong with the cultivation, I can’t solve it, I think If you don’t understand, come here and let me guide you.” Li Qingshan nodded and said.

“Okay, good night sir.” Awei happily left.

Li Qingshan picked up the book and read it carefully.

The life of White Dragon King is revealed to Li Qingshan.

His cultivation base is very high, and what he has done in his life has been recorded by many people.

The book says that he is eager for justice and love of justice, he is enthusiastic, and he is devoted to friends, so there are friends everywhere.

Jianghu people say, morality reaching up to the clouds White Dragon King.

What he said, people also wanted to believe.

Li Qingshan looked at it, suddenly realized.

It turned out that he had such a good reputation, so he told a huge lie, which most people would not believe.

Li Qingshan gradually became immersed in it.

He saw a past event that recorded that the White Dragon King exhibited his own Absolute Art, Inextinguishable Berserk Thunder.

According to the book, Inextinguishable Berserk Thunder shot, Heaven and Earth changed color, Thunder Kingdom burst out in the sky, White Dragon King is the king of them.

The records are so detailed that a clear picture emerges in Li Qingshan’s mind.

Thousands of thunders landed, and the White Dragon King hovered in the air, taking charge of the thunder and punishing the enemy.

Gradually, a line of words appeared in front of Li Qingshan’s eyes.

[You watch carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and realize White Dragon King’s Inextinguishable Berserk Thunder! ]

Li Qingshan couldn’t help smacking his lips: “I’m in a relationship with the White Dragon King?”

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