Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 61

Chapter 61 Learn big brother, practice big brother, and kill big brother when finished

The line in front of him made Li Qingshan ponder.

He seems to be on the fence with the White Dragon King all this time, and has been comprehending his stuff.

From Formation knowledge to Inextinguishable Berserk Thunder.

“But my max-level comprehension seems to be improving as my cultivation base progresses?” Li Qingshan murmured.

He is at first max-level comprehension and needs to have a real object before he can comprehend it.

But during this time, he saw the Formation arranged by the White Dragon King, and comprehended the knowledge of the White Dragon King’s Formation.

Now I just saw the detailed introduction of White Dragon King and have a picture in my mind, I comprehended Inextinguishable Berserk Thunder.

It seems that this max-level comprehension is not set in stone.

“But that’s fine. There is no one thing in a person’s life that stays the same. Over time, there may be surprises waiting for me in max-level comprehension.” Li Qingshan accepted this change.

A calm mind, no rush or impatience, will accept all changes.

“This Inextinguishable Berserk Thunder doesn’t look simple. I can cultivate. If the White Dragon King wakes up and finds me in the future, will I be surprised? What he knows, I will too.” Li Qingshan When I think of that picture, I can’t help laughing.

He was reading about the life of the White Dragon King while running the True Qi trajectory of the Inextinguishable Berserk Thunder in his body.

The records in every book of White Dragon King are good people, righteous path big brother, morality reaching up to the clouds.

For example, Li Qingshan saw a travel journal, which recorded an incident about the White Dragon King.

Said that one day, White Dragon King and a group of tourists went out for an outing, and encountered a group of robbers, robbing a group of mortals.

When the White Dragon King saw this, he called them to come and rob him and spare those mortals.

My friend is shocked, what is this operation?

White Dragon King laughed without saying a word, and was robbed of his money by the robbers.

Later, a friend asked White Dragon King: “Those robbers can be wiped out with a flick of your finger, why not shoot?”

White Dragon King replied: “Why? What to do? They are forced by life to become bandits and robbery for a living. This is their life. Those people who were robbed are poor and poor. They are really pitiful. I let the robbers come to rob me, mortals I am saved, without losing any property, the robbers profit and can live on, I lose a little yellow and white things, no harm, everyone is happy, why not do it?”

After listening to the friend, it seemed Opened the New World, then prostrate oneself in admiration, and fell for the benevolence and righteousness of the White Dragon King.

Afterwards, friends hyped it up, and the reputation of White Dragon King was raised to a higher level.

Li Qingshan felt goosebumps when he touched his arm after reading it.

This White Dragon King can really pretend, wearing a mask of hypocrisy, has been living, deceiving everyone.

“But it is recorded in the books that the last White Dragon King died in the catastrophe three thousand years ago.”

“And it is still choose honor over life, sacrificing himself, Hundreds of thousands of people were saved, and a shrine was erected and enshrined in a place in the northwest, where the people all believed in the White Dragon King Totem.” Li Qingshan looked at the head after reading it.

The identity of White Dragon King is impeccable all his life, and the final ending is so well made up.

“Now it seems that the White Dragon King sacrificed himself to save hundreds of thousands of people must have been premeditated, just to get rid of the identity of the White Dragon King, completely become a secret mastermind, manipulate world.”

“Everyone knows that the White Dragon King is dead. His whole life, morality reaching up to the clouds, is impeccable, really like Saint, and respectable.”

“It’s a good idea, but one person has lived two completely different lives.”

“If I have time, I can go and see, where is the shrine of the White Dragon King?”

Li Qingshan suddenly had a whim. After the idea came out, he couldn’t get rid of it. He immediately notified Awei and asked him to determine where the White Dragon King’s shrine was.

Li Qingshan himself, on the other hand, continued to cultivate Inextinguishable Berserk Thunder to improve himself.

“I have been related to the White Dragon King for a long time, and there must be some connection between me and the White Dragon King. Although I have never met, the White Dragon King and I are already enemies of life and death.” Li Qingshan was thinking with a calm face. .

He must hurry up and improve his strength.

Behind Saint Realm, there are Immeasurable, Paragon, Nirvana.

Li Qingshan is now at the Immeasurable level, a little further away from Paragon.

Paragon is a realm above Saint, Heaven and Earth Supreme, Confucianism and Taoism are the most holy, humanism is supreme…

In Paragon Realm, between the palms, what burst out is The Tao of this life world.

Li Qingshan has been working hard to cultivate Grand Dao in the world.

But he also knew that the Dao understood by Saint Realm, the Dao understood by Immeasurable realm, was still a little worse in front of Paragon.

The Tao of Paragon Realm is Human World Dao.

Means the Tao realized in Human World is the complete Tao.

Ordinary Dao Law, it’s just an edge, when you understand a complete Human World Dao, you can break through Paragon Realm.

After Human World Dao, there is the mysterious and unpredictable Divine Immortal Dao.

That is what the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha told Li Qingshan to become immortal in Human World.

Ordinary Tao, Human World Dao, Divine Immortal Dao.

These are the three levels of Dao Law.

Li Qingshan comprehended ordinary, and quite a few, recorded in his Book of Grand Dao.

But Human World Dao, he didn’t comprehend anything.

Next, he needs to understand Human World Dao before he can break through Paragon Realm.

Inextinguishable Berserk Thunder is Thunder’s Human World Dao.

Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Technique, is the Human World Dao of sword dao.

Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, is the Human World Dao that contains time, space, Buddhism, etc., deep and unmeasurable.

Li Qingshan started silent cultivation.

A few days later, he brought Inextinguishable Berserk Thunder cultivation to the entry level. Between the palms, lightning burst out, lingering on the fingertips, very docile.

Here comes Awei.

“Sir, the White Dragon King shrine you asked to find has been found.” Awei said.

Li Qingshan stood up and said, “Then go take a look and see what the White Dragon King’s shrine has become after three thousand years.”

Awei immediately leads the way.

Li Qingshan thought his speed was too slow, so he stretched out his hand to mention it, and then the Kunpeng Treasure Art cast, turned into Kunpeng, roamed Nine Heavens, in a flash, and came to the northwest land.

In the northwest corner of the earth, there is a village, the village is very poor, but very beautiful.

In the afterglow of the setting sun, the smoke from the kitchen rose, the grass grows and the warbler flies, the children laugh and play, and the busy adults in the fields come back with their hoes and call for their cubs, in small groups to leave. Go home and eat my mother’s meal.

Ordinary, warm picture.

Not far from this village, there is an ancestral hall. It used to be very large, but after three thousand years of the blue sea turned into mulberry fields, this ancestral hall has been reduced to a small temple.

β€œThis village is called Bai Family Village, and everyone is surnamed Bai, and this is the White Dragon King they worship.” Awei said.

Li Qingshan walked to this temple and saw the incense ashes lying on the ground, and there were tributes on display. Although it was not a delicate food, but after three thousand years, the incense continued, and it was very difficult to deal with .

Looking at the statue again, it is a middle-aged man with a mighty atmosphere. This statue is the one that was erected at first, but after so many years, it is full of cracks and has been repaired in various ways.

It’s like a piece of white cloth, patched up with many other color fragments, into a hundred colors.

“Sir, I’m waiting outside the door.” Awei resolutely exited.

Li Qingshan looked at the White Dragon King statue, lost in thought.

The world does not know that the biggest secret mastermind in Human World is this person.

To this day, he still enjoys the incense.

“First meeting, White Dragon King, I am the enemy of life and death you have never met.”

Li Qingshan corner of the mouth raised and introduced himself softly.

No one responded.

Li Qingshan didn’t mind either, he looked at the statue of the White Dragon King and had a single thought.

“Can I trigger a max-level comprehension here?”

Do what you want.

Li Qingshan immediately took a serious look at the statue of the White Dragon King.

Gradually fell into God.

【You watch carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and realize the shocking attack of White Dragon King! ]

Li Qingshan was not surprised, it was the cultivation technique of White Dragon King.

He whispered: “Am I learning big brother, practicing big brother, and killing big brother after finishing?”

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