Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 62

Chapter 62 Abnormal Noise

Li Qingshan On second thought, this may be said to be a way of mastering foreigners’ skills.

Learn your cultivation technique and hit you when the time comes.

Thinking like this, Li Qingshan picked up the earthen incense on the side, lit one, and inserted it into the incense burner.

This incense is made by the people of Bai Family Village. It is very different from the incense on the market. , offering that faint incense.

Li Qingshan just lit incense, lit the incense, watched the incense burn out, turned around and left without lingering.

Under the rays of the sunset, the shadows of old cows and children returning to the countryside are getting longer and longer.

Li Qingshan took Awei and returned to the old mountain gate of the ascension gate.

The once lively mountain gate has become quiet now, and some old people have been left behind to guard the territory that used to be the ascension gate.

“Sir, I’ll be here to accompany you from now on.” Awei said seriously: “If you need anything, just tell me, and I’ll come forward for Mr. Li.”

Li Qingshan was silent for a while and asked, “The world is outside, why don’t you go and have a look?”

“Follow Mr. to see the most beautiful scenery in the world.” Awei said firmly.

“You don’t go back and inherit the Eternal Hate Demon Sect?” Li Qingshan asked.

“The Eternal Hate Demon Sect has my big brother and they don’t need me. Besides, I don’t like to manage a small sect. I want to follow behind Mr. and learn more.” Awei said.

“Okay, follow me in the future. You should learn these cultivation techniques first.” Li Qingshan stretched out his hand and touched Awei’s eyebrows, teaching him more than a dozen cultivation techniques.

Among them are Eternal Art, Great River Sword Qi, Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Technique, Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture.

Li Qingshan does not hide his secrets. For him, he hopes that Awei will carry forward these cultivation techniques.

It is a pity that the cultivation technique created by senior experts has disappeared in the long history.

The more people learn, can the things created by painstaking efforts in the past shine brightly.

In the future, Li Qingshan will definitely create his own cultivation technique, and he will definitely want his own cultivation technique, which will not be lost.

β€œMany thanks sir!” Awei said excitedly.

“Work hard.” Li Qingshan encouraged and returned to Thinking Cliff.

He wants cultivation Inextinguishable Berserk Thunder, cultivation Jing Tian Yi, cultivation Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, cultivation Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Technique, cultivation Inextinguishable Golden Body, cultivation Kunpeng Treasure Art…

Grand Dao is endless, and Li Qingshan does not stop.

After comprehended ordinary Dao, he began to move towards Human World Dao to comprehend.

On Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan spread out the Tao that he had comprehended in the past, and carefully examined it.

He was deeply enlightened.

realm continues to improve with his cultivation, thinking and continuous improvement.

In Thinking Cliff, he doesn’t ask about the world, he concentrates on comprehension, any cultivation technique can evolve the prototype of Human World Dao in his hands.

Human World Dao, the logo of Paragon Realm.

Li Qingshan has learned from the sages of the most holy, devoted himself to enlightenment, absorbed Spiritual Qi from 3,000 years ago, and made great progress.

He integrates the ordinary way of his past and the cultivation technique he has cultivated.

It is like a big tree with many branches. If you want to continue to grow, you can only prune it, remove the excess branches, keep the main trunk, absorb nutrients, and grow all the time.

Now Li Qingshan is doing just that.

He also cultivates other cultivation techniques, but it will not be regarded as the core cultivation technique.

Mainly are the peak cultivation techniques of cultivation Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, Tian Yi Strike, Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Technique, Inextinguishable Golden Body, Kunpeng Treasure Art, Inextinguishable Berserk Thunder.

Li Qingshan also gradually comprehended Human World Dao in time, space, sword dao, Buddhaism, speed, thunder and so on.

On Thinking Cliff, thousands of days outside, it’s like Tian Yi in the past.

Because there is not much time concept, every day all is doing the same thing, it feels like a day in a hole, a thousand years in the world.

Li Qingshan fell into enlightenment, unable to extricate himself.

There is no trouble in the outside world. Ascension Gate and Xiao Jiu are all fine, Li Qingshan doesn’t have to worry at all.

Time is like this, Baiyun Canggou, swaying.

Five years have passed.

For the past five years, Li Qingshan has been earnestly comprehending the Dao, and has never left Thinking Cliff.

Other than once a year, check out the Formation’s hold on the Boiling Water Prison.

Other time, he is seriously comprehending Human World Dao.

In five years, he has comprehended time, space, sword dao, Buddhaism, speed, thunder six Human World Dao.

These six Human World Dao are recorded in the Book of Grand Dao.

Li Qingshan’s strength, in an early morning, when the sun rises, all things grow, and the peaceful union of Yin-Yang, easily crosses.

Three thousand years, the first Paragon.


On this day, Li Qingshan took Small Fox and walked inside the ascension door.

After five years, Small Fox entered the Immeasurable realm directly with nine tails terrifying innate talent.

This is that it can control the innate talent by itself, and it is no longer the innate talent that controls it.

“I feel that with the progress of cultivation, after mastering the innate talent, the control over the bloodline is getting better and better. Maybe it won’t take many years before I can transform.” Small Fox on Li Qingshan Werry said.

It desperately wants to transform.

“It’s cute now.” Li Qingshan stroked it and said with a smile.

Small Fox pouted, not wanting to refute, it doesn’t like what it is now, it wants to become the same person as Li Qingshan.

Walking inside the ascension gate, Li Qingshan saw that many places were uninhabited and weeds grew, and the old people who had stayed behind were also old, guarding a mountain and living a quiet life.

In the past five years, Li Qingshan has been out and about often, drinking tea among the mountains, and comprehending Tao under the waterfall. Insights Heaven and Earth is natural, with a round heart.

Awei’s residence is not far away. He lives in a hut with beautiful mountains and rivers. He comprehend Li Qingshan taught him the cultivation technique, and asks Li Qingshan from time to time. He has made great progress. Like Small Fox, breakthrough Immeasurable realm.

The ascension gate was in the Sect, and there lived three Immeasurables. If it was spread out, the world would be surprised.

Even though in the past five years, the genius cultivation of cream of the crop, and now Human World, there are only a few Immeasurable realm, all of them in a powerhouse.

And now there are three ascension doors.

Among them, Li Qingshan is no longer an Immeasurable realm, but a Paragon Realm.

Wandering around for a while, Li Qingshan noticed Xiao Jiu was coming when the Divine Sense suddenly moved.

Xiao Jiu is very worried now that her cultivation base Saint Peak has not entered the Immeasurable realm.

Being riddled with trivial matters, even if she has Eternal Art, she can’t break through Immeasurable.

“Big brother, there is an abnormal noise from the Formation under the Ascension Gate.” Xiao Jiu hurriedly flew over and said.

Ascension Gate Xinshan Gate, Li Qingshan told Xiao Jiu long ago, and asked her to pay attention at any time, so as not to be destroyed by others.

Once you find any abnormality, report him immediately, otherwise there will be disaster.

That’s why Xiao Jiu came in a hurry.

Li Qingshan frowned upon hearing this, and said, “Is the Formation loose?”

This was the last scene he didn’t want to see.

Xiao Jiu shook his head and said, “I don’t know, I just heard a strange noise. I’ll come to the big brother right away.”

“Let’s go and have a look.” Li Qingshan Don’t be sloppy, set off immediately.

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