Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 67

Chapter 67 My name is… White Dragon King

When Li Qingshan finished his cultivation and opened his eyes, he heard Hua Yun incredulously say: “You…you are here. Just comprehended the three Human World Dao?”

Li Qingshan felt the three extra Grand Dao in the body, calmly nodded: “Yes.”

“How did you comprehend?” Hua Yun was shocked road.

“Didn’t you just watch the whole thing?” Li Qingshan said.

“It was just an illusion, how could anyone sudden enlightenment the three Human World Dao?” Hua Yun still couldn’t believe it.

“Maybe…I mean, is there a possibility that I’m a genius?” Li Qingshan asked.

Hua Yun stopped talking.

Isn’t she a genius?

But facing Li Qingshan, Hua Yun really doesn’t deserve to be called a genius.

“Comprehended Fast-Slow Sword Dao and fuse them together. I have gained a lot this time. I need to go back to settle down and ask my elder sister again next month.” Li Qingshan has gained a lot this time, Turn away.

Hua Yun looked at Li Qingshan’s retreating back, muttered: “I was wrong. According to your cultivation speed, I will be able to go out soon.”


Li Qingshan is very satisfied with the successful comprehension of three kinds of Human World Dao in sword dao.

The Fast Sword Dao and the Slow Sword Dao are both very powerful ones, and the integrated Fast-Slow Sword Dao is even more terrifying. Later, when Li Qingshan uses his sword, the enemy will not be able to touch it. .

Thought it is slow, it is actually fast.

Thought it was fast, but dragged you into the slow sword domain in the next second.

Divinity is unpredictable.

Li Qingshan returned to Thinking Cliff, looking at the vast world, the mountains and ravines in the distance, and the long white clouds, he seemed like a world away.

The conversation with Hua Yun during this time allowed Li Qingshan to understand the nature of the world and let him know that he is still weak.

Even if he is now this world number one expert, it is because the Human World has been abandoned for three thousand years.

“Work hard for cultivation. No matter who comes first on the Immortal Dao Gold List or secret mastermind, I have the strength to deal with it. This is the most important thing.” Li Qingshan admonished himself, then calmed down and continued to wipe the stone tablet, comprehend the cultivation technique.

He is also trying his best to comprehend other Human World Dao.

Especially the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, Li Qingshan cultivated harder, this cultivation technique is not simple, even helping him comprehended the mysterious Human World Dao, it is still time and space.

Just when Li Qingshan returned to Thinking Cliff for quiet cultivation, the Human World was also undergoing subtle changes.

In the northwest, fire beacons are everywhere.

There is a thousand-year-old sector in the northwest, called Rushing Corpse School.

This Sect likes to excavate the dead bodies of peerless experts and refine them into corpse soldiers for them to drive.

For this reason, they dug graves everywhere, and the bodies of the ancestors of the Great Sects were dug up by them.

As a result, Rushing Corpse School was hunted down by the righteous path and the demonic path, forcing them to be like rats crossing the street.

During this time, Rushing Corpse School was in the Qin Province of Babaili, digging deep.

They have investigated and there must be a tomb of a peerless expert hidden under Qin Province.

Rushing Corpse School dispatched elites, working day and night, and finally found an underground tomb below Qin Province.

“This underground tomb is huge, like those Imperial Court Imperial Palaces, and it’s so well hidden. It’s really exciting.” An Elder from Rushing Corpse School said excitedly.

“Indeed, the owner of this underground tomb must have been a peerless expert, or even a Worldly Immortal. If he made his corpse into a Corpse King, then our Rushing Corpse School would have to be afraid of those righteous path demonic. path Sect?” Another Elder laughed, excited.

“Don’t get excited yet. Dig up the body and then talk about it.” Rushing Corpse School Headmaster calmly said, instructing the others to start digging.

In Babaili Qin Province, where there are few people, Rushing Corpse School worked day and night, spending ten days and ten nights, avoiding numerous organs and destroying the Formation, and finally opened up the huge underground tomb.

When Rushing Corpse School went down the passage and went deep into the underground tomb, they saw countless treasures along the way, and they were all excited.

“Get rich, get rich.”

“The medicine ingredients, various cultivation techniques, and Divine Weapons here are all excellent products.”


“This mausoleum looks at the time, let’s not talk about thousands of years, Baiyun Canggou, Divine Weapon has long been eroded by time, and it will break when touched, not worth mentioning. In addition to medicine ingredients, cultivation techniques, some minerals are good, others It’s no different from scrap iron.” Rushing Corpse School Headmaster said calmly.

“Headmaster, this huge underground mausoleum, except for these, the rest is empty.”

“Look at this, the owner of the mausoleum does not like luxury, nor does it want Someone came to disturb him after he died, and there was no one in the cemetery where he was buried,” said Rushing Corpse School Headmaster.

“Headmaster, I found a coffin, and it was placed in the center.” Disciple loudly shouted suddenly.

The senior management of Rushing Corpse School was overjoyed and rushed over quickly.

They came to a hall. In the hall, they saw a huge gossip carved on the ground, and the stone coffin was placed in the central area of gossip.

“Check for danger, then open the coffin to see the condition of the corpse.” Rushing Corpse School Headmaster quickly instructed.

Some elders tried several times to find out the Formation mechanism, but found that he was being selfish. There is no Formation mechanism here at all.

“Open the coffin.” Rushing Corpse School Headmaster said decisively, and with his own hands, he and a few elders pried open the coffin.

Then they saw a lifelike corpse.

“This tomb is thousands of years old, and the corpse is not rotted at all.” Elder looked at it obsessively.

“This person must have been Worldly Immortal before his life, maybe even more powerful.” Elder excitedly said.

Even the Rushing Corpse School Headmaster rubbed his hands excitedly, and for them, seeing a corpse so perfectly preserved was more exciting than seeing a peerless beauty strip naked.

“This corpse can be used to refine Corpse King, or even a Corpse Fairy.” Rushing Corpse School Headmaster said excitedly.


Just when they were excited, an indifferent voice sounded, causing everyone in Rushing Corpse School to sweat, their faces changed wildly, and they looked in horror. The corpse in the coffin.

I saw the corpse opened its eyes, and the brown pupils flashed coldly.

At this moment, the people at Rushing Corpse School knew that something was wrong.

This corpse is alive.

His psychic energy recovered, and the next second hiding the sky and covering the earth, as if a big wave was crashing down, and the cold light in his eyes shot out like a sword qi.


In an instant, kill everyone at Rushing Corpse School.

Rushing Corpse School Headmaster clutched his neck, widened his eyes, and asked in horror, “You…you…who are you?”

The corpse was removed from the coffin. He walked out, with a slender figure, a cold face, and a sullen look between his eyebrows. Obviously, he was not in a good mood when he got up.

When I walked past Rushing Corpse School Headmaster, I glanced at him, because I didn’t speak for a long time, the vocal cords rubbed, and the sound like a blade rubbing came out.

“My name is… White Dragon King!”

I want your tickets, thank you.

(End of this chapter)

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