Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 68

Chapter 68 Discovery of the White Dragon King

Qin Province, eight hundred miles across the earth, three thousand miles of plains, endless as far as the eye can see.

overlooking the common people, the vast land, flowers and trees, so familiar, yet so unfamiliar.

The White Dragon King’s face was complicated, he touched his head, and there was a slight pain.

“You…you shouldn’t have dug me out.” The White Dragon King looked at the mausoleum with huge pits behind him, and the anger in his eyes could not be extinguished.

He buried himself so deeply, arranged the Formation, and slept all the time, just to repair the Divine Soul injury.

But didn’t expect, at the last moment, it was dug out.

“It’s only ten years away, wait another ten years, and I will be able to be born with Perfection. You, you should really be chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades!” White Dragon King gritted his teeth and was angry. It’s almost overflowing, his face is cold, and his eyes are burning.

But all the people at Rushing Corpse School are dead, and there is nowhere for his anger to vent.

Standing in the eight hundred li Qin Province, suddenly the White Dragon King complexion changed, Surprisedly said: “In today’s world, shouldn’t Spiritual Qi be so rich?”

The next second , his face changed instantly, and he looked at the sky with a livid look.

“My ancient formation was broken open by someone!” The White Dragon King’s eyes seemed to be swallowed up at this moment, and the blue veins burst out on his head.

His efforts three thousand years ago were all gone.

“Who is it? According to my calculations, no one in this world should be able to break through that distant ancient formation.” White Dragon King’s eyes were fierce, he walked, at first very slow, but slow Slowly, the shooting star with big strides, finally jumped up, flew directly into the air, and shuttled fast in the air.

Although he was extremely angry, he was still calm and went to investigate first.

White Dragon King came to a nearby city, took advantage of a crisis for personal gain, got a set of current clothes and currency, and then confused a cultivator.

β€œIn today’s world, who is the number one Sect?” White Dragon King asked.

The bewildered cultivator said: “It’s the door of ascension!”

White Dragon King brows tightly frowns and asked: “Where is Heavenly Dao Sect?”

At that time, he gave himself the entourage surnamed Bai, arranged the Formation, founded Heavenly Dao Sect, and looked after the gap in the Boiling Water Prison.

“Heavenly Dao Sect was destroyed by ascension a few years ago. It was the first place in Heavenly Dao Sect before, and now it’s the first place in ascension,” said the bewildered cultivator.

“Aren’t the experts in the ascension gate dead?” The White Dragon King was puzzled.

“Who is the number one expert in today’s world?” White Dragon King solemnly asked.

“Number one expert is the mysterious powerhouse in the Ascension gate. Some people say it’s Wu Shaobai, some people say it’s not, but everyone agrees that he is the first.” The confused cultivator replied.

“How good is he?” asked the White Dragon King.

“I don’t know, but everyone said that he killed Heavenly Dao Sect with one sword.”

White Dragon King pupils shrank and killed Heavenly Dao Sect with one sword, which is very terrifying .

He was extremely angry at the moment, but until now, his determined character did not let him rush into the ascension door immediately.

“Where is the mountain gate of the Ascension Gate?” White Dragon King took a deep breath and asked.

“In the center of Divine Province, once the mountain gate of Heavenly Dao Sect, it is now the mountain gate of ascension gate!” replied the bewildered cultivator.

The White Dragon King pondered for a moment, then pointed directly at the cultivator’s eyebrow, annihilating the other’s soul, and got up and left.

From the northwestern land to the mountain gate of the present Ascension Gate, a distance of tens of thousands of miles, for the White Dragon King, he arrived in less than a short time.

Ninety-nine huge peaks stand in the Central Zone of Divine Province. Looking at the Formation he arranged three thousand years ago, the White Dragon King moved in his heart: “I don’t know the gap in the Boiling Water Prison, is it okay?”

He entered the ascension door without alerting anyone.

Although Peak has not been restored, the current White Dragon King also has Nirvana strength.

Among his perceptions, the most powerful in the Ascension Gate is the Immeasurable realm.

There is only one.

“It seems that the peak expert of the ascension is not here.” White Dragon King thought, he did not intend to alarm anyone, first entered the Array Space and checked the gap in the Boiling Water Prison.

In the center of the ninety-nine peaks, a huge blue lake looks like a tear from a high altitude.

Under this lake, is the Array Space.

The White Dragon King found the entrance very easily, but was blocked according to the method in his memory.

“Formation … is different.” White Dragon King expression congeals, instantly knew that his Formation had been modified.

The White Dragon King didn’t rush to break the Formation, he didn’t want to beat the grass to scare the snake, although in his senses, the ascension door had no power to stop him.

But the Peak expert who killed Heavenly Dao Sect with one sword is gone.

White Dragon King’s cautious personality keeps him very low-key.

He chose to hide in the ascension door and read the information seriously.

Slowly, he became familiar with the world after 3,000 years.

In the past few days, the White Dragon King eavesdropped on all Xiao Jiu’s conversations.

From these conversations, he heard many key messages.

ascension gate old mountain gate.

Thinking Cliff!

big brother!

These information allow the White Dragon King to speculate that the Headmaster of the current ascension gate has a big brother on the Thinking Cliff of the old mountain gate of the ascension gate.

“Thinking Cliff, I remember that was where the ascension door was before the people who died in the Dimensional Battlefield.”

“The ascension door will set up stone tablets for them and let them There is a home after death.”

“This contemporary Headmaster’s big brother should have a high status, but he lives in the Thinking Cliff and has a secret!”

The White Dragon King is very smart, Guessed it right away.

After all, he was the one who plotted against the entire world cultivator three thousand years ago.

“You have to go and see that person, find the Peak expert at the ascension gate, look at the other party’s cultivation base, and then calculate the general ledger.” The White Dragon King quietly left the ascension gate and went to old mountain gate.

The old Ascension Mountain Gate, there are not many Disciple, some elderly Elder, Disciple stays here, taking care of the former mountain gate.

The White Dragon King came here and immediately sensed two Immeasurable realms.

“It has become the old in the Sect of the pension area, and there are actually two Immeasurable experts hidden, more than the new mountain gate of the ascension gate, it is not simple!” White Dragon King observed calmly.

He didn’t reveal himself, stepped through the ascension door and went straight to Thinking Cliff.

“On Thinking Cliff, there is an Immeasurable realm’s Monster Race, the faint Monster Qi, who is a fox!” White Dragon King instantly understood just by relying on Nirvana realm’s induction.

“No, on Thinking Cliff, there are five terrifying evils that are approaching the Immeasurable realm.” White Dragon King was surprised, he sensed Five Ghosts.

“An old mountain gate of an ascension gate, how can it hide so many powerhouses?” White Dragon King frowned, he walked inside the ascension gate, near Thinking Cliff, Divine Soul spied on, cautiously.

On Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan was originally in comprehend Grand Dao, comprehend Human World Dao, suddenly opened his eyes, coldly said: “He Fang Xiaoxiao, dare to peep at me?”

Li Qingshan noticed the opponent’s trace, and immediately the Divine Soul burst out like a sword, and cut it out.

Keng clang!

This sword is exactly what Li Qingshan just comprehend, the speed Fusion Sword Dao.

In the eyes of White Dragon King, this sword is very slow, he sneered, what formidable power can such a sword have?

But before he could shoot, the sword slashed directly on his shoulder, severing half of the White Dragon King’s arm, causing him to retreat in shock, in disbelief.

“This sword actually contains three kinds of Grand Dao!” The White Dragon King was surprised. Half of his arm was broken. He could repair it, and he was reborn. He was cautious in nature and dared not continue to explore. Step back quickly.

“This powerhouse on Thinking Cliff is the one who destroyed my Formation!” White Dragon King was very sure, he looked at his broken arm with cold eyes.

The next second, the White Dragon King retreated directly without giving Li Qingshan a chance. He hadn’t recovered Peak yet, so he didn’t want to face Li Qingshan.

(End of this chapter)

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