Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 69

Chapter 69 New Plan

On Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan frowned, Divine Soul hiding the sky and covering the earth swept across the Ascension Mountain Gate, trying to find that person .

Someone was spying on him just now, and if it wasn’t for his Divine Soul being strong enough, he wouldn’t have noticed.

But it’s a pity that the opponent disappeared with one sword.

Li Qingshan can feel that the opponent is also very strong, at least Paragon Peak, or even… surpassing Paragon.

Li Qingshan, who couldn’t find the other person, continued to retreat at Thinking Cliff, continued to comprehend cultivation techniques, and continued to improve himself.

As long as he is strong enough, all the demons and monsters are not enough.

Away from the Ascension Mountain Gate beyond a thousand li , the White Dragon King had a gloomy expression on his face, holding the severed arm in his hand, butting it to his own wound.

The fusion of granulation to granulation is very fast. In less than ten minutes, one arm is connected, and there are only faint scars.

For the White Dragon King, with his realm, as long as the amputated limb is still there, the rebirth of flesh and blood is very simple.

The entire White Dragon King’s expression did not change, as if the severed limb was not his own.

“I’m too careless, that sword is too weird, the speed changes, it’s unpredictable, and it’s a Fusion Sword Dao, which is very tricky.” The White Dragon King sat on a stone, overlooking the distant mountains , mind floating.

Although he was in the Nirvana realm, he broke his arm and fought against that mysterious powerhouse on Thinking Cliff.

And he is extremely afraid of the opponent’s sword dao. Divinity is unpredictable and difficult to resist. If he misses, the consequences will be disastrous.

The White Dragon King has always been determined not to do such a risky thing.

“Those who can comprehend that kind of weird sword dao and break through my ancient formation can also understand.”

“The layout three thousand years ago has fallen short, and I am now a loner. , now is not my time.” White Dragon King’s face was full of suffocation, he felt resentment in his heart, he thought he was winning, but who knew that when he woke up, everything had changed.

“But it’s already the case, let’s make the water a little more turbid, this world needs more changes.” White Dragon King suddenly sneered, he looked towards Ascension Mountain Gate with a playful smile .

“The Human World in the world today is number one. I wonder if it can win against the remnants of the old world three thousand years ago?” White Dragon King murmured.

He’s going to have a major event.

Welcome home the losers of the once Dimensional Battlefield!

Three thousand years ago, Dimensional Battlefield was still open normally, and every once in a while, some people entered it, trying to become immortals.

Fighting in the Dimensional Battlefield, some people earn enough points to enter the Immortal World, some people fail one after another, survive by luck, and finally can only return to the Human World sadly.

But three thousand years ago, the White Dragon King surreptitiously closed the Dimensional Battlefield back to Human World’s Transmission Formation.

And then he planned that war.

Those who entered the Dimensional Battlefield, who did not die in battle, did not become immortals, could not return, and could only suffer.

The White Dragon King is now going to pick them up and sit behind the scenes.

“The remnants of the old era 3,000 years ago, the duel against Human World number one expert 3,000 years later, must be very exciting.” White Dragon King showed a mysterious smile.

“I was able to stir up the storm three thousand years ago, plot against the experts who died at that time, and I can pull the storm again in this era.” The White Dragon King got up and strode away, he was going to Ice Plain .

In the depths of Ice Plain, there is a World-level Transmission Formation, covered in heavy snow, where there are few people and no flying birds. When the Great Venerable realm goes in, it can be frozen into a popsicle, so that for three thousand years, there is no people found.

Compared to fighting and winning, White Dragon King still likes to hide behind the scenes and plot against others, which makes him feel more fulfilled.


Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan has been using Divine Soul to observe all around Ascension Mountain Gate, but found nothing.

Just as Xiao Jiu came, Li Qingshan stopped and received Xiao Jiu.

β€œBig brother, how have you been recently?” Xiao Jiu said happily.

Li Qingshan said calmly and gently: “Everything is fine, how are you doing?”

“I am also fine, the Ascension gate is thriving now, I don’t have to be so busy Now, I can come here more big brother in the future.” Xiao Jiu sat beside Li Qingshan and smiled lightly.

β€œNo strange things happened recently in the ascension door, right?” Li Qingshan asked.

This is because Li Qingshan only asked because that mysterious person peeped at him just now.

“No, everything is fine inside the ascension gate, and the Array Space, which the big brother told us to pay attention to, is also fine.” Xiao Jiu shook his head.

“Array Space, I know there is no problem.” Li Qingshan arranged a disturbance Formation at the entrance of Array Space, and he would immediately sense if someone touched it.

“Big brother, what realm are you now? Why do I feel that you are becoming more and more immortal, and your temperament is more ethereal, like the mist between the mountains, ethereal and frightening, you can’t see through it at all already.” Xiao Jiu curiously asked.


β€œPrepare to break through Nirvana realm.” Li Qingshan said truthfully.

With his comprehended Fast-Slow Sword Dao, and after fusion, he sensed a breakthrough opportunity.

“Big brother, don’t you want to break through Worldly Immortal later?” Xiao Jiu said happily.

Li Qingshan looked at Xiao Jiu and said, “Do you still know Worldly Immortal?”

“With many people breaking through Saint, they are all digging up information from thousands of years ago, no The few people also dug up the ancestral graves and found the follow-up cultivation realm, the realm of Worldly Immortal, and it spread.” Xiao Jiu explained.

Li Qingshan blinked his eyes and said, “What a good descendant.”

Old Ancestor’s grave had been removed before he knew this.

When White Dragon King destroyed these, he would never have thought of picking up other people’s ancestral graves.

“Big brother, I seem to have heard that there is a place called Dimensional Battlefield, is that true?” Xiao Jiu asked.

“It’s true.” Li Qingshan brother Ji nodded and said, “But it has nothing to do with you, everything has to do with it.”

Xiaou smiled happily and picked up the man next to him. Small Fox, rubbing happily.

Small Fox resisted, broke free of her, and fled into Li Qingshan’s arms, staring at Xiao Jiu with a bad expression.

Xiao Jiu laughed heartily, and Li Qingshan also smiled gently.


Ice Plain.

It was snow-covered and the ice was so thick that the mountains were frozen.

The cold wind is like a knife, and it hurts people’s skin.

There are few people here, the birds don’t poop, the wind is blowing all year round, and the temperature is absolutely freezing all year round.

The White Dragon King is probably the first person to visit this place for three thousand years.

He came to a majestic mountain and stopped, his face flushed and his breath like fog.

“Damn it, it’s really cold enough.” White Dragon King scolded, True Qi burns in his body to provide heat to resist the cold.

β€œThe Transmission Formation is covered in ice and snow and turned into this big mountain. I will clean it first and then light the Transmission Formation.” White Dragon King said.

Suddenly, he turned his head to look, his eyes seemed to go to the end of the world, and he saw Li Qingshan on the Thinking Cliff in the Ascension Mountain Gate.

“Human World number one expert, can you accept this great gift?”

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(End of this chapter)

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