Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Monk Fanbang

Xiao Jiu came to ascension door, Li Qingshan didn’t expect.

Li Qingshan felt very warm when she heard that she was worried about herself and wanted to save herself, so she went to the Ascension Sect.

Watching Xiao Jiu leave, Li Qingshan continued to return to his home in Xiaoqiao Liushui to improve himself with peace of mind.

Xiao Jiu was apprenticed to the Headmaster of the Ascension Sect, and he was relatively relieved.

At least better than his treatment.

Since the ascension Headmaster has accepted Xiao Jiu, even if Xiao Jiu’s innate talent is not outstanding, for the sake of the Great Yan Dynasty, he will treat Xiao Jiu well.

So after Li Qingshan came back, he continued to improve himself in an orderly manner, running Eternal Art, nourishing the roots and bones like mountains and forests, and making them thrive.

On the other side, the Five Ghosts that got the pass of the five emperors Great Demonic God are also quietly transforming.

They only know killing, they don’t have much self-awareness, they are a killing machine after birth.

But now, they have learned to think, culture, and after cleaning every day, they sit quietly, like sculptures, and study the five emperors Great Demonic God.

Together with Li Qingshan, they are making rapid progress.

Time flies, Baiyun Canggou, another three months have passed.

Li Qingshan has comprehended a few stone tablets every day for the past three months, followed by serious cultivation to make the root bone grow.

In the past three months, the root bone grew a little faster.

On a rainy night, he lay still and listened to the rain, breaking through the Grandmaster Realm.

Where water flows, a canal is formed.

After all, it is like a mountain-like root bone, absorbing Spiritual Qi is simply a robber, plundering everything in a radius of a hundred miles.

Fortunately, only Li Qingshan is left in Thinking Cliff at the moment.

“Grandmaster Realm will give birth to a Grandmaster domain, the size of the domain depends on its own strength.”

“My Grandmaster domain includes the entire Thinking Cliff, and also The trend of spreading, this is my confidence.”

Li Qingshan dares to say that Grandmaster Realm is invincible!


On this day, Li Qingshan was fishing, thinking silently.

The breeze is blowing, the sun is slightly drunk, the lake is sparkling, and the fish are swimming happily in it.

Li Qingshan has a whole body of martial arts, which is beyond words. After nearly a year, he has learned countless cultivation techniques. He has studied all of these cultivation techniques carefully and hangs them on different roots.

That forest-like root bone is not yet full, Li Qingshan is not in a hurry, the time is leisurely at this moment, and breaking through the Grandmaster Realm, his lifespan will also increase to three hundred years old.

No one could have imagined that Thinking Cliff, who was unbearable in their eyes, would become a blessed place for Li Qingshan.

While Li Qingshan was fishing, the expression changed, his Grandmaster domain spread, and he noticed that someone came to Thinking Cliff.

Xiao Jiu!

She was jumping up and down, happy, and came here again after three months.

“big brother, big brother.” Before Xiao Jiu arrived, the crisp jingle sound came first.

Li Qingshan smiled and waved his hands regardless of the fish he was hooked on: “I’m here!”

Xiao Jiu was wearing a red dress, little girl five years younger than Li Qingshan , now only thirteen years old, innocent and unaffected lively.

“Big brother, I miss you so much.” Xiao Jiu flew over, hugged Li Qingshan’s back, pressed against Li Qingshan’s neck, and said with a smile.

The little girl smelled of milk, Li Qingshan let her hold her, and asked gently, “How’s the cultivation going during this time?”

He was worried that he had been suffering in Imperial Family all the time. Xiao Jiu, who is meticulously taken care of, will not adapt to the life of the ascension door.

“I am very good, the Master is also very good to me, but is very strict in cultivation, saying that I am a few years later than other Disciple cultivation time, you need to hurry up, otherwise I will be here long ago. Look at the big brother.” Xiao Jiu pouted in dissatisfaction.

“Cultivation is just good cultivation, the big brother is here and won’t run.” Li Qingshan squeezed Xiao Jiu’s soft little hands with a smile.

“Ang, I have made an agreement with the Master that as long as I break through the Grandmaster Realm within half a year, I can come to see the big brother, so I will continue to work hard when I go back this time.” Xiao Jiu firmly said.

Li Qingshan raised her eyebrows, Xiao Jiu has only entered the ascension door for three months, and she will break through the Grandmaster in the next six months, so she is equivalent to a year from contacting cultivation, all the way to breakthrough to Grandmaster.

Innate talent is very terrifying.

But Li Qingshan didn’t ask any further questions. Xiao Jiu has a good innate talent. He is happy for her. Now that we finally meet, Li Qingshan doesn’t want to put any more pressure on Xiao Jiu.

“Has anything interesting happened recently at the Ascension Gate?” Li Qingshan asked casually, brought a bench and let Xiao Jiu sit down.

After Xiao Jiu sat down, he lay on Li Qingshan’s lap, closed his eyes comfortably, and muttered: “I’ve been in cultivation all day, how can I know what’s interesting. It’s just the two ascension doors. One day there were monks from Western Territory Fanbang who came to learn Buddhist scriptures, and the Headmaster Master received them, so I came to see my big brother today.”

“The monks from Fanbang in Western Territory…” Li Qingshan helped Xiao Jiu to pierce Braids, thoughts move, don’t understand what the Western Territory’s monks have to do with the ascension gate.

“Who knows, those monks look wrong. Their eyes are very aggressive. They are completely different from the Central Plain monks. I ignored them and came to see the big brother.” Xiao Jiu said indifferently. .

“You girl.” Li Qingshan nodded Xiao Jiu between the eyebrows, smiled dotingly, and chatted with her about something else.

Xiao Jiu looks like a cold Fairy on the outside, cold as a fairy, and her beautiful face makes people feel a lot of pressure.

But by Li Qingshan’s side, she has become a lark, chirp chirp twitter twitter, talking non-stop, expressing her longing for many years.

Li Qingshan recalled how old she was when her predecessor left the Great Yan Dynasty, crying rustling sound.

Since childhood, Xiao Jiu has relied on him very much, especially after the death of mother, they are the two closest people in the world.

“Xiao Jiu, big brother here has a secret technique, you cultivate yourself, don’t say it out, or big brother will be punished.” Li Qingshan whispered in Xiao Jiu’s ear.

“Okay.” Xiao Jiu agreed immediately, she didn’t ask what secret technique, and unconditionally believed in big brother.

Li Qingshan immediately passed the Eternal Art to her, which is the secret technique of the ascension door, which can improve the cultivator’s root bone.

Even if Xiao Jiu can’t be as strong as Li Qingshan, he can improve his roots by several grades.

On the cultivation path, less thorns.

After Xiao Jiu learned Eternal Art thoroughly, it was already evening. She looked at the sky and reluctantly said, “big brother, I’ll see you next time.”

“I’ll send you off!” Li Qingshan got up and walked with Xiao Jiu to the edge of the Thinking Cliff.

Watching Xiao Jiu leave, Li Qingshan hands behind ones back, ready to go back.

Suddenly, his Grandmaster domain spreads and he senses that someone has infiltrated the Thinking Cliff.

This person completely ignored Li Qingshan, dived into Thinking Cliff, went deep into it, and started looking for something.

Li Qingshan frowned, he hid his breath, hid in the shadows, and took a closer look.

“Monk Fanbang?” Li Qingshan noticed that the man was wearing a monk’s robe, with hair growing on his head, but it was very short, and the roots were erect, as hard as steel bristles.

This is clearly what Monk Fanbang looks like.

“But, why did Monk Fanbang come to Thinking Cliff?” Li Qingshan raised his eyebrows, feeling that he had discovered a big secret.

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