Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 70

Chapter 70 The Remnant Party Three Thousand Years Ago

Thinking Cliff, after Xiao Jiu left, Li Qingshan continued to enlighten.

He is not far from the Nirvana realm.

After Nirvana, Worldly Immortal.

Hua Yun said that for Worldly Immortal to enter the Dimensional Battlefield, it is difficult for Human World to achieve Worldly Immortal.

But Li Qingshan doesn’t believe it.

Without him, the words of the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha still echo in my ears.

The Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha became an immortal in the Human World back then, and I don’t know where it went.

Li Qingshan once asked Awei to investigate the news about the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha, but unfortunately, the Great Thunder Sound Temple is far away in the Western Desert, there is no communication with the Central Plain, and there is no specific information there, so Awei did not investigate. what.

Li Qingshan plans to wait until he enters the Nirvana realm, then go to the Western Desert to explore the Great Thunder Sound Temple.

Li Qingshan doesn’t know much about the Great Thunder Sound Temple, or the cultivators in the Central Plain area. They live in seclusion in the Western Desert, develop independently, and do not participate in the Central Plain battle, so gradually forgotten by the world.

Li Qingshan’s daily life is very regular.

Wipe the stone tablet, comprehend the Tao, practice boxing, merge Heaven and Earth, be friends with the sun and the moon, chat with the breeze and white clouds, and learn more about Heaven and Earth Grand Dao.

Gradually, the feeling of his breakthrough came.

Introspect yourself, introspect yourself, Li Qingshan Paragon Realm, already Perfection, the next step is breakthrough Nirvana.

Nirvana, like Phoenix Nirvana, walks hard on the cultivation path, washes away his past, and walks out of a new self in wind and rain and suffering.

This is a tough realm.

Many cultivators couldn’t get out of the wind and rain and suffering, and in the end they set fire to everything.

Li Qingshan has been adjusting himself. When the sun and the moon are just right, he burns incense to bathe, washes the dirt on his fleshy body, goes to the flowerbed, and sits down among the flowers.

In the flowerbed, deep purples and brilliant reds are full of floral fragrance.

In the sky, the moonlight hangs high, and the moonlight is condensed and sprinkled down, making people feel like they are wearing a layer of mysterious robes.

Li Qingshan’s body, the energy boils, gathers and collides in the dantian, like opening up a new world.

In that new world, there will be a new Li Qingshan.

Inheriting the past and opening up the future.

Li Qingshan is transforming!

The moonlight draped over the body, and the next second it turned into a boundless fire, burning Li Qingshan’s fleshy body from the inside out.

At first is a small fire that burns in his body.

Then there was a fire that instantly enveloped the whole body.

Finally, the torch, lit all the flowers.

Flowers and people, burn together, Nirvana together.

Li Qingshan suffered countless tortures during the fire.

The fire burns the body, and the suffering tortures the soul.

In this suffering, he saw the tragedy of Human World.

He has seen blood flowing into a river, he has seen Yi Zi eat, he has seen displacement, broken mountains and rivers, wind and rain swaying.

Innumerable images finally converged into a terrifying nightmare, tormenting Li Qingshan’s soul.

The things he cares about, the people he loves all suffer, Li Qingshan is powerless.

Everything he didn’t want to happen was happening right before his eyes.

So real, so terrifying, that Li Qingshan’s fleshy body trembled, his soul shook, and blood and tears fell.

In the end, the fire burned Li Qingshan’s body.

In the end, suffering devoured Li Qingshan’s soul.

In that raging flame, Li Qingshan’s body was disappeared, leaving only a sharp sword qi.

The sword qi is quenched, making a buzzing sound.

In the distance, Small Fox’s eyes were red, he looked worried, very scared, and didn’t dare to disturb him.

Five Ghosts

In that flame, a voice suddenly came.

β€œI’ve already known along the way that the road of cultivation doesn’t start with flowers and applause.”

β€œIn fact, there is never a single thing that only has flowers and applause. .”

“All I can do is to keep warm in the cold night and bloom in the misery.”

“When the rainstorm came, I thought the world was going to collapse, and the sky was full of fog. It has fallen off the cliff.”

“But when the lightning pierces the sky and the thunder rumbles through the fields, when you raise your head and open your eyes, you will be surprised to see that the black clouds are dispersing.”

The soft voice echoed, in the flames, the words were like gold.


At this moment, behind Li Qingshan, three golden statues of Buddha Ancestor, dazzling, ten feet in size, spy on Li Qingshan from the past, present, and future.

Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture forged Li Qingshan’s soul.

In the flowerbed where only a sword qi was burned by the flames, a person slowly walked out.

This silhouette at first is very virtual, he walked step by step in the ashes of flowers.

With his steps, the ashes of the flowers were reborn, one by one, and with Li Qingshan’s steps, they returned to their previous appearance.

β€œTime Rewind!”

Li Qingshan went from the past to the present, he stretched out his hand to hold the sword qi.

The sword qi entered the body like flowing water, and the three Buddhas were the same, merging into Li Qingshan’s body.


This Dao Body shadow absorbs all the flames, standing in the flowerbed, elegantly young official.

The breeze, the bright moon, the fragrance of flowers, the handsome young official.

The flickering lights in the flowerbed elongated his shadow, reflecting his new body.

Nirvana realm!

Also the Nirvana realm of comprehended Time Rewind.

The next second, Small Fox turned into a white light and rushed directly to Li Qingshan, holding Li Qingshan tightly, weeping, happy and crying.

“It scared me to death.” Small Fox sobbed and looked at Li Qingshan, weeping beauty.

“It’s okay, everything is fine.” Li Qingshan stroked Small Fox gently.

But the next second, Li Qingshan looked seriously at the place where Heaven and Earth meet.

In a very distant land.

Human World, a powerhouse is coming.


Ice Plain.

The White Dragon King, who cleaned the whole mountain, watched excitedly, muttered: “Mutter the water before you can fish in troubled waters.”

The whole mountain is full of It is a huge Transmission Formation, the White Dragon King stands in the formation eye, raises his hand, and drops his palm down.

bang! ! !

With all his strength, he hit the formation eye, and the Formation he arranged with his own hands, ka-cha, split directly.

The next second, before the Transmission Formation starts, the White Dragon King turns into a stream of light, disappeared without a trace.

dong dong dong!

The Transmission Formation carved from the entire mountain lights up the snowy area.

There were countless excited voices.

“Human World, it’s the breath of Human World, it’s been three thousand years.”

“wΕ« wΕ« wΕ« wΕ«, I finally sensed Human World, my homeland, I’m back.”

“My Hu Hansan is back!!!”

“Human World, your emperor is back!”

“Dimensional Battlefield is too dangerous, Or the Human World, and in the future, in the Human World, set up a great Great Sect and become the ancestor, wouldn’t it be beautiful?”

One after another excited voice echoed over the snowy area.

bang bang bang!

The next second, the Transmission Formation starts, and hundreds of terrifying breaths collide, returning to Human World.

Among these people, there are old and young, some weep with excitement, some roar with excitement, some are laughed heartily, and some leave quickly to find their homeland…

Later, there will be a return from the Transmission Formation.

Their return has brought huge waves to this peaceful world.

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(End of this chapter)

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