Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 71

Chapter 71 Marry Your Wife

On Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan felt the energy fluctuations of one after another terrifying and said, “It seems that they all came back from Dimensional Battlefield. .”

“This Human World is not peaceful anymore.” Li Qingshan could think in the next second what kind of impact these former experts would bring to this Human World.

“I hope it won’t affect Xiao Jiu’s ascension door.” Li Qingshan muttered.


In fact, on this day, many experts returned from Dimensional Battlefield, which opened the chaotic prelude.

There is a powerhouse coming back. I am full of scars and exhausted. I just want to go back to the mountain village when I was a child, live in peace, and relieve the anxiety of the past three thousand years.

This type of powerhouse has a peaceful mind, but is very tired, so come back to rest.

But it’s a minority after all.

Most of the experts were in Dimensional Battlefield, apprehensive and frightened, cautiously saving their lives, returning to Human World, thinking about never going to Dimensional Battlefield again, and spending the rest of their lives here.

They know that they don’t have the life to become an immortal, and the fight in Dimensional Battlefield makes them afraid, so they take the next step, return to the Human World, reign as their ancestors, and live their lives in style, isn’t it beautiful?

On this day, a powerhouse returned to its former sect and saw the ruins. After a little inquiries, I found that it had been destroyed long ago.

The powerhouse was furious immediately, rushed into the sector, wanted to slaughter, vented his anger, then occupied the mountain gate with martial power and restored the former sector.

On this day, the killings were endless, the sects were destroyed one by one, and the former sects were restored, bringing the Human World cultivator, which had a great impact.

At one point, people were alarmed.

Ascension doors as well.

Bad news came from all directions, some familiar sects were changed, some familiar sects disappeared completely.

The pattern of cultivation world is completely shuffled.

Fortunately, the mountain gate of the Ascension Gate belongs to the Heavenly Dao Sect, a sect established three thousand years ago, and no one has come back to restore it.

But it doesn’t mean that no one is eyeing the new mountain gate of the ascension gate.

The new mountain gate has a huge geographical advantage. When counting the best mountain gates in this world, some experts who do not have Sect inheritance and want to be the roost, naturally set their sights on the ascension gate.

It’s not a single person who has set his sights on the ascension door.

So they kept each other in check, but they didn’t immediately rush into the ascension door and forcibly occupy it.

“This Ascension Sect has been around for three thousand years, and it hasn’t gone extinct yet, so it has a long life.” A lean old man said.

“It’s a pity that it is no longer as strong as it used to be.” An expressionless middle age person said.

“Three thousand years ago, the Ascension gate was number one Sect, and there were quite a few Worldly Immortals inside the gate. Three thousand years later, there will be only one Immeasurable realm. Isn’t this too bad?” said a monk.

“But even in bad times, they also occupy the best mountain gate. These ninety-nine great formations affect ninety-nine Dragon Vein, guard the ascension gate, and the perfect mountain gate location.” A Daoist said.

“Why, you all want this Ascension Mountain Gate?” The lean old man frowned.

“Naturally, Old Daoist my sect, standing here, just right.” Daoist said without the slightest hesitation.

“The monk also wants to shape the golden body of Bodhisattva here.” The monk followed closely from behind.

“I want to turn this place into my mansion and establish my family here, inheritance Bandai, so please change the place for the three of you.” said the middle age person with no expression.

“That’s not possible. My old man also wants to open up my own sector here and become an Old Ancestor Fang.” The lean old man immediately shook his head.

The four of them were thinking about it in their hearts, staring at the Ascension Mountain Gate and not letting go.

“I just came back, let’s learn about the world three thousand years later. What if others also look at this Ascension Gate?” Daoist said.

The expressions of the other three were condensed. This is a good statement. Ascension Mountain Gate is located in a favorable location. If they like it, others will naturally like it.

“Three, we can make an agreement, join hands, let others give up the fight for this place, and we will decide the winner and loser within ourselves, how about it?” The lean old man said immediately.

“Okay!” The expressionless middle age person nodded decisively.

“The old monk agrees.” The monk nodded.

β€œPoor Daoist agrees.” Daoist agrees.

The four people joined forces to block the Ascension Mountain Gate because of their interests. One person and one side, while learning about the Human World three thousand years later, are also warning others that this Ascension Mountain Gate, they are interested.

The White Dragon King, who has been silently observing, is nodded with satisfaction.

“The four powerhouses who touched the Worldly Immortal realm are going to steal the Ascension Mountain Gate, what will you do?” White Dragon King looked towards Li Qingshan’s direction, sneered.

He wasn’t at all worried that Li Qingshan wouldn’t shoot.

Because the Headmaster of the Ascension Gate is his younger sister.

Once shot, he can pick it up.

White Dragon King likes to do that, when the sandpiper and the clam fight each other, it’s the fisherman who benefits.


Inside the ascension gate, Xiao Jiu also noticed these returning powerhouses.

It’s not how powerful her Divine Soul sense is, but the four swaggering, undisguised, pointing fingers at the Ascension Mountain Gate, and even the monk Daoist came in for a walk, very satisfied.

Inside the ascension gate, the Disciple people were alarmed, and everyone was worried, would the ascension gate change its ways and change the gate like other sectors?

Xiao Jiu has been struggling for the past few days, should I go to the big brother?

“These are all experts who came back from Dimensional Battlefield. They’re not Worldly Immortal. They’re not much different. They’re still four. Can the big brother beat them?” Xiao Jiu thought in distress.

Xiao Jiu is worried about this, after all, the opponent is an expert who has been fighting for three thousand years in the Dimensional Battlefield.

Xiao Jiu was afraid that Li Qingshan would not be his opponent, so he dared not tell Li Qingshan what happened here.

But this Tian Yi was early, Xiao Jiu got up and saw a middle-aged man with facial paralysis on the center island.

β€œWho are you?” Xiao Jiu asked nervously.

“Situ Jin, are you the Headmaster of the Ascension Gate?” The facially paralyzed middle-aged man looked at Xiao Jiu with admiration.

“Why are you coming to my ascension door?” Xiao Jiu asked nervously.

β€œYour innate talent is good. You have reached the Immeasurable realm at a young age. You are also the Headmaster of the Ascension Gate. Xiao Jiu, with a fiery look in his eyes, is very satisfied.

Xiao Jiu complexion ashen, his silver teeth gritted secretly: “This is the ascension gate, we do not welcome you.”

“There will be no ascension gate in the future, so prepare for it, seven days later, I have married you, this Ascension Mountain Gate, will be the scope of my Situ Family in the future, you are the Mistress of my Situ Family, you have given birth to more than a dozen children for me, inheriting our fine genes, for my Situ Family. Jin said.

Xiao Jiu was very angry, and said indignantly: “Do I agree? You are wishful thinking!”

“Your opinion is not important, I am better than you, this is Enough is enough, remember, seven days later, I will marry you.” Situ Jin said domineeringly, then turned and left, disappeared like a ghost.

Xiao Jiu’s face was very ugly, which was too annoying.

“If you want to marry me, ask my big brother first.” Xiao Jiu made up his mind, left the ascension door, and went to Li Qingshan.

Alas, there is an epidemic in Wuhu, and they are divided into communities, so they have to queue up for nucleic acid testing.

I can’t grab food but others, cry! ! !

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