Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 73


Chapter 73 Guarding the Centuries

The old man, Aba Aba, still didn’t say it.

Under the watchful eyes of Li Qingshan, they were under great pressure, especially Li Qingshan slashed Situ Jin with one sword, who is the same Nirvana expert as them.

“You want to occupy the mountain gate of the ascension gate?” Li Qingshan coldly said.

The monk, Daoist, and the old man shook their heads together with a determined expression.

“Then what are you doing here?” Li Qingshan sneered. After killing Situ Jin, his anger did not disappear completely, and he was still murderous-looking at the moment.

Monk, Daoist, old man, speechless.

β€œYou guys came back from Dimensional Battlefield, instead of self-cultivation, you are stirring up trouble everywhere and grabbing territory. Did you get hit hard in Dimensional Battlefield and return to Human World tyrannically abusing power?” Li Qingshan asked road.

“This poor monk just wants to build a Bodhisattva temple here, erect a Buddha Ancestor golden body, and write the Dharma he has learned half his life into a scripture, inheriting it.” The monk cautiously said.

“The same is true of Poor Daoist. Before I entered Dimensional Battlefield, I was a loose cultivator between Heaven and Earth. After all these years of fighting and killing in Dimensional Battlefield, my heart was already exhausted. It belongs to its own dao lineage.” Daoist also replied.

Li Qingshan looked towards the skinny old man.

The old man: “…”

The old man who was speechless suddenly said: “Me too.”

“Let’s stand Under the dao lineage, inherit what you have learned all your life, no one will stop you, but you should never let it happen Is it?” Li Qingshan baleful aura said vigorously.

Yes, monk, the old man said in unison at this moment: “We are not familiar with him, we are just nodded friends in Dimensional Battlefield, and when we return to Human World, joining hands at this moment is just to prevent others, also. Just staring at the ascension door.”

“But the fact is that the four of you bullied my younger sister together, and now he paid the price with his life, how about you?” Li Qingshan looked at the three of them and said in a bad tone. .

The old monk Daoist both swallowed saliva and said.

What should I do?

It is definitely impossible to beat it.

Is there a chance to run?

“This matter is indeed our fault. It offends your younger sister, so please tell me how to punish it.” The monk is straightforward, knowing that he can’t run away. , so ask directly.

“The three of you are all Nirvana Peak. When you return to Human World, your lifespan is quite long. Just at this Ascension Gate, let’s guard it for a hundred years.” Li Qingshan said after thinking for a while.

He still stayed on Thinking Cliff most of the time, the million Monument Forest had not yet fully comprehended, and was far away from Xiao Jiu. If something really happened, he would not be able to react immediately.

The three people in front of them, coming back from Dimensional Battlefield, have good strength and are the Human World Peak echelon.

Let Li Qingshan feel more at ease by having them guard the gate of ascension and guard Xiao Jiu for a hundred years.

Daoist, monk, the old man’s face was not very good-looking after hearing about it.

One hundred years.

It’s a little far off for them.

“You have all spent three thousand years in Dimensional Battlefield, and you must be tired of fighting and killing. During the 100 years of guarding the Ascension Gate, unless you encounter something that Xiao Jiu can’t handle. Otherwise, you are still very leisurely and can do whatever you want.” Li Qingshan said softly.

“Do we have a second option?” Daoist asked, still reluctant.

“Yes, receive my sword.” Li Qingshan nodded and said seriously.

“receive my sword, I survived, this matter is written off.” Li Qingshan reached out and held the Divine Soul Long Sword.

Daoist said immediately: “I think now I can go to the ascension gate and choose a hill to build our Dao temple, a peaceful cultivation.”

The monk decisively nodded, said: ” This poor monk’s Buddhist temple must be separated from you, by the way, can I recruit Disciple to open branches and leaves?”

Li Qingshan nods: “No more than ten.”

“Enough is enough.” The monk was satisfied.

Li Qingshan looked towards the old man: “What do you think?”

The old man opened his mouth, he hated it so much at this moment, why is his mouth so stupid?

“Me too!” In the end he could only suffocate this sentence.

Mister Li looked at them and said seriously: “I will not restrict you in the past 100 years, and I will not sign any contract with you. I only ask for one thing, to ensure Xiao Jiu’s Be safe, Xiao Jiu has an accident, and none of you three will survive.”

Daoist looked at Xiao Jiu who looked like Fairy and asked, “What if the three of us can’t stop the enemy?”

“You are all realms of Nirvana Peak, coming back from Dimensional Battlefield, and there are enemies you can’t stop?” Li Qingshan asked.

The monk mocked and said, “Everyone in the world knows that Dimensional Battlefield is powerful, so the people who come back from Dimensional Battlefield must be so powerful?”

The old man continued the words and said: “The great people will not leave Dimensional Battlefield, and those who return to Human World are not great, especially the first group of us who have returned, who have been hiding on the edge of Dimensional Battlefield, waiting for the Transmission Formation to start. For a moment, I didn’t dare to approach Dimensional Battlefield, for fear that the aftermath would destroy us.”

“About Dimensional Battlefield, you can tell me in detail.” Li Qingshan thought about it, The three just happened to come back from Dimensional Battlefield, and even if their strength is low, they can reveal something.

“What do you want to hear?” Daoist asked calmly, relieved for a while.

“What are the fights, rules, and scenes like in Dimensional Battlefield?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

In the green hills and clear water, Daoist, monk, old man, Li Qingshan siblings talking.

“There is a big world in Dimensional Battlefield. Experts from different Human Worlds compete with each other, kill each other, earn points, form alliances, or walk alone, as long as you get the last The points are high enough to get to the end,” Daoist said.

“Dimensional Battlefield enlightenment is a little easier than Human World, so many people fight in Dimensional Battlefield, break through between life and death, and then earn points, all the way triumphant progress. But after some people enter, they will At the bottom of the food chain, progress is slow, I can’t comprehend too much Human World Dao, and in the end I can’t break through for a long time, and I can only hide next to my World Transmission Formation.” The monk helplessly said.

The old man lightly sighed: “Unfortunately, we are the losers who are huddled next to the World Transmission Formation.”

Li Qingshan’s face was calm, listening to the news, thinking about Dimensional Battlefield in his mind. There is also a clear understanding.

As he said before.

Dimensional Battlefield is a place to raise Gu. From countless Human Worlds and countless experts, some Peak Gu Insects are raised and sent to Immortal World.

“We are only the first batch to come back. There should be some experts coming back in the future. They should be the realm of Worldly Immortal.” Daoist said seriously.

“So we will do our best to protect your younger sister, but we can’t guarantee it.” The monk also said solemnly.

p>The old man opened his mouth: “I am the same.”

Li Qingshan: “I know, you can do your best, and there is me behind you.”

“big brother, how far are you from Worldly Immortal?” Xiao Jiu curiously asked.

Li Qingshan didn’t answer, but looked towards the extreme west.

“The ascension gate should be low-key during this time, and don’t conflict with others. I’m going to the Western Desert, the Great Thunder Sound Temple.”

There is the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha there. There is a feeling somewhere in the past, Li Qingshan feels that there will be an opportunity for his own breakthrough.

(End of this chapter)

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