Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 74


Chapter 74 Great Thunder Sound Temple

After subduing the monk, Daoist, the old man, leave them to Xiao Jiu, Li Qingshan got up and went to the Western Desert.

“With the improvement of the cultivation base of those who returned from Dimensional Battlefield, Nirvana realm is no longer safe. Only by stepping foot in Worldly Immortal can we gain a firm foothold in this changeable situation.”

Li Qingshan knew very well that he had to improve his strength.

But he just broke through Nirvana realm, even if he has max-level comprehension, his roots are like a forest, and he has millions of Monument Forest and Hua Yun’s guidance, Worldly Immortal realm is not so good for breakthrough.

“I don’t know why, but I always feel that the Western Desert has something to attract me. I have a feeling that I have to go there.” Li Qingshan pondered. Anyway, he owns the Kunpeng Treasure Art. Can gallop Heaven and Earth.

The Western Desert wasn’t too far away for him.

Immediately after the ascension incident, he went to the Western Desert.

Xiao Jiu also returned to the Ascension Mountain Gate with the Daoist monk and the old man.

This is the end of a storm.

No one was hurt except Situ Jin, who died.

This made the White Dragon King, who had been hiding in the dark and silently observing, bewildered.

“He is so powerful. He just entered Nirvana realm and slashed Situ Jin on Nirvana Peak with one sword. How could it be possible?” White Dragon King muttered to himself, his face full of disbelief.

He thought it was a good opportunity to defeat Li Qingshan with the help of Situ Jin’s four-man power, and then he made a secret shot to give Li Qingshan a fatal blow.

It was well planned, but the ending was completely different from what he had imagined.

White Dragon King took a deep breath, suppressing the horror and shock in his heart.

“I underestimated the strength of this Human World number one expert, but fortunately he didn’t notice that I was behind the scenes, so there was still a chance.” White Dragon King’s eyes were deep, and he set his sights on the direction of Western Desert .

He hid far away and wrapped himself into a dead man’s state. Divine Soul didn’t move the whole time. With his keen hearing, he eavesdropped on Li Qingshan’s conversation.

He knew that Li Qingshan was going to the Western Desert to find the Great Thunder Sound Temple.

“Three thousand years ago there was a catastrophe in the Great Thunder Sound Temple, and I helped them through it, so the Great Thunder Sound Temple gave me the highest courtesy, and they gave the Relic of Buddha Ancestor to me I have one, and I can ask the Great Thunder Sound Temple to do my best.”

White Dragon King lightly said, a very unremarkable stone appeared in his palm, which represents the supreme power of the Great Thunder Sound Temple. courtesy.

Buddha Ancestor Relic.

In the Great Thunder Sound Temple, only those who really cross the Worldly Immortal and reach the realm of the ascension can be called Buddha Ancestor.

When Buddha Ancestor passes away, he will leave behind the Relic he has cultivated. If you can comprehend the cultivation technique in Relic and the Buddha Ancestor Grand Dao, you can get the inheritance of Buddha Ancestor.

This statement has been around since ancient times.

In the countless Buddhist temples in the Western Desert, there will be a soul boy.

The soul boy, some people say that it is the reincarnation of Buddha Ancestor, and some people say that it is the inheritance of Buddha Ancestor.

However, the Buddha Ancestor Relic is invaluable to Western Desert Buddhism.

“This time, I will personally go out and invite more than a dozen experts to the Western Desert together, leaving you there completely!” White Dragon King’s face was cold, and he clenched the Relic in his hand.

Li Qingshan destroyed his three-thousand-year layout, White Dragon King didn’t want to drag it on at all, he just wanted to see Li Qingshan die.

“When I kill you, I will cultivate patiently, restore to Peak state, and bring this world into my palm again in the breakthrough ascension fairy.” White Dragon King planned the future.

He did not immediately go to the Western Desert, but left near the ascension gate and began to visit the experts who came back from the Dimensional Battlefield one by one.

This time he will be foolproof and must leave Li Qingshan in the Western Desert.


Western Desert.

This place is quite mysterious for Central Plain.

Few people from Central Plain came to Western Desert, and few Buddhists from Western Desert went to Central Plain to preach.

Because the Central Plain and the Western Desert are separated by a vast expanse of desert.

In the past three thousand years, with the disappearance of the world Spiritual Qi and the Grand Dao, the cultivator could not break through Saint Realm, and it became extremely difficult to cross that desert.

So three thousand years ago, there was still a connection between the Central Plain and the Western Desert, but three thousand years later, the connection between the Central Plain and the Western Desert was basically cut off.

With the great return of Spiritual Qi’s recovery, Human World’s cultivator broke through the Saint Realm, but everyone is working hard to cultivate and want to climb the higher realm, so no one goes to the Western Desert.

Li Qingshan is Number One Person for three thousand years.

He owns the Kunpeng Treasure Art, incarnates Kunpeng, roams Nine Heavens, and flew directly across the vast desert to the far west.

He set foot in the Western Desert.

The Western Desert is an ancient land, there are too many legends in it, stories about Buddha, stories about Bodhisattva, passed down from generation to generation, Buddhists are everywhere, and people are devout. Approaching the land of the gods.

This land has endless mysterious Arhat, Bodhisattva, ancient Buddha cultivation in the mortal world, with all beings, showing signs of Divine Transformation, saving suffering, and therefore Buddhism has become more and more prosperous.

Three thousand years ago, Buddhism was the only sect in the Western Desert.

It’s just that there are different branch expressions under the same sect.

Like the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture of Li Qingshan’s cultivation, and the Buddhists from the Saibei grasslands, although they are both Buddhists, they also respect Bodhisattva Buddha Ancestor, but in essence they have the difference between Heaven in the Western Desert and Earth , and they don’t avoid killing.

Buddhism in the Western Desert is quite different.

Everyone here pays homage to the Buddha, and there are always pilgrims who are extremely devout and kowtow step by step, heading towards the Pure Land of Bliss in their hearts.

The Great Thunder Sound Temple.

It’s just that the Great Thunder Sound Temple is not known to the world. It is located on the dome and overlooks the entire Western Desert. Do not hinder their worship.

The Great Thunder Sound Temple is located on the highest mountain in the Western Desert. It is very steep. From the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, there is only one road, with more than 99,990 steps. The devout will take one step. One kowtow, go to the top of the summit to pay homage to Buddha Ancestor.

Below the Great Thunder Sound Temple, there is a crystal clear Immeasurable golden lake, in which it is rumored that Buddha Ancestor bathed in enlightenment, and the lotus blossoms inside represent Buddha Ancestor.

Li Qingshan came to this land, and when he stepped on it, he felt that there was an extremely pure power between Heaven and Earth. Thunder Sound Temple.

“This is the power of faith.” Li Qingshan looked all around.

Above this huge mountain, the towering ancient Buddhist mountains, which are full of auspicious air all year round, have attracted countless people to pilgrimage and worship.

Li Qingshan felt it when he stepped here. At the foot of the Great Thunder Sound Temple, many people spontaneously came to worship Buddha Ancestor.

They couldn’t see Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan looked at them, feeling the power between Heaven and Earth, running the cultivation technique in his body, trying to incorporate this mysterious power into himself.

But to no avail.

“This is the Buddha-nature belonging to Buddhism, and it is also called the Power of Faith in the world. It is peaceful and peaceful.” Li Qingshan stretched out his hand to hold a wisp of such energy, squeezed it gently, and felt the energy in it. Divinity, then open your hand and let it flow.

In the distance, the bells of the ancient temple are very ethereal, which can purify people’s souls and make people yearn.

Li Qingshan walks up the peak of the Great Thunder Sound Temple.

He discovered that the Great Thunder Sound Temple was not the only temple on this huge mountain.

There are countless temples in the distance from the foot of the mountain to the middle of the mountain.

These temples are not big, only a few people or one or two people.

Li Qingshan walked all the way and came to the middle of the mountain. He found an ape whose strength reached Saint Realm. He was meditating in an ancient temple.

“Saint Realm’s great monster actually converted to Buddhism, and the land of Western Desert does have its own mysterious power.” Li Qingshan sighed.

At this moment, he also understood why the Western Desert, 3,000 years ago, wanted to preach the Central Plain, but was resisted by the Central Plain cultivator.

Even other great monsters in Saint Level can convert to Buddhism, which really makes Buddhism blossom everywhere in Central Plain, and the consequences are unimaginable.

Li Qingshan finally set foot on the top of this mountain.

In front of him is the Great Thunder Sound Temple.

The highest temple in the entire Western Desert, and the temple with the most Bodhisattva Buddha Ancestor, is the Buddhist Place of Origin.

The incense burners before arriving at the Great Thunder Sound Temple are the most devout believers. They worship seriously and the smoke curls. This place is full of Buddha nature, filling the sky and the mountain range.

Li Qingshan did not enter the Great Thunder Sound Temple rashly.

He watched carefully.

The entire Great Thunder Sound Temple is not as huge as Li Qingshan imagined. In fact, it is only a place on the top of the mountain, with hundreds of temples, a dozen Buddhist halls, and only thousands of Disciples. Just people.

Comparing the Great Forest Temple with the Ascension Gate, this Great Thunder Sound Temple is far less majestic than the Ascension Gate, and the Disciple is not as much as the Ascension Gate.

But in Li Qingshan’s eyes, the temple of this Great Forest Temple is far from comparable to the Ascension Gate.

Under his observation, this quaint Great Thunder Sound Temple full of traces of time, in an instant golden light ten thousand zhang, illuminates the whole piece of Heaven and Earth, with a golden Buddha nature The light is spreading.

“Very powerful imposing manner, I just observed the Great Thunder Sound Temple carefully, it seems to have touched the Buddha Ancestor inside, Immeasurable Buddha light illuminating everything, there seems to be a great Buddha in the dark Sit upright, the sacred prestige is strict and inviolable, warn me not to offend the Great Thunder Sound Temple.”

Ordinary people can’t see anything at all, even if Saint Realm is standing here, they can’t see Li Qingshan just now seen screen.

“It was my high strength that caused the Power of Faith to appear on the statue of Buddha Ancestor in the Great Thunder Sound Temple. This is the only way to have such a picture.” Li Qingshan said to himself.


The big bell rang quietly, followed by the Buddha’s chanting, purifying the mind, making people more and more peaceful, and the whole person seemed to be sublimated.

Li Qingshan saw that the Disciples, which turned out to be the Great Thunder Sound Temple, had come to worship. Instead of staying at the door, Li Qingshan stepped into the Great Thunder Sound Temple.

No one saw him the whole time.

Even though the strength of this group of ordinary Disciples is in Saint Realm, there still seems to be a dimension between them and Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan walked slowly and watched in the Great Thunder Sound Temple.

At last he came to the shrine of the Great Thunder Sound Temple.

There are countless Buddha Ancestor, Bodhisattva, Arhat enshrined here.

Li Qingshan pushed in the door.

In an instant Buddha light illuminating everything.

Under the gaze of Li Qingshan, the Power of Faith on these sculptures is very strong. For millions of years, when Buddhism was born in the Western Desert, the believers here have been providing the beliefs until today. Today.

These Power of Faiths have accumulated enormously, and Buddhaism has not been absorbed by anyone for three thousand years, which is why Li Qingshan sees the situation.

“I wonder if I run Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, can I absorb these Buddhist beliefs?” Li Qingshan thought silently.

Before at the foot of the mountain, he wanted to absorb the power of these beliefs, but running other cultivation techniques simply wouldn’t work.

This time Li Qingshan stood in the Buddhist hall, watching these lifelike Buddha Ancestor statues, running Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture.

Buzz!Buzz!Buzz! !

The Power of Faith on these statues flows slowly, into Li Qingshan’s body, and then along the meridian skeleton into his Sea of Consciousness, wrapping around the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture.

The three Buddha Ancestors that the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture has been condensing are originally illusory shadows, but now they are slowly filled with Power of Faith and become real.

Power of Faith, absorbed by Buddha Ancestor.

Li Qingshan found the right way, and he was not in a hurry to leave. In this Buddhist hall, he sat cross-legged and silently recited the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture.

Li Qingshan has no belief in the Buddha, nor any malice.

Li Qingshan will study seriously as long as he can improve his cultivation base, make him have a little more understanding of the world, and a little more understanding of Grand Dao.

This trip to the Western Desert, he came right.


Silently absorbed the Power of Faith accumulated for three thousand years in Li Qingshan, on the other hand, White Dragon King also brought fifteen Nirvana Peak experts whom he recruited with great money, Came to the Western Desert Great Thunder Sound Temple.

The contemporary abbot of the Great Thunder Sound Temple was shocked by the arrival of the White Dragon King.

At the moment of Spiritual Qi’s revival, the cultivators of Great Thunder Sound Temple have breakthrough Saint and breakthrough Immeasurable realm.

There is no breakthrough Paragon to enter Nirvana.

The Great Thunder Sound Temple awaits the arrival of the White Dragon King and theirs.

But the tension ended instantly when the White Dragon King took out the Buddha Ancestor Relic.

The abbot of the Great Thunder Sound Temple looked at the Buddha Ancestor Relic and asked in surprise: “This donor came with the Buddha Ancestor Relic. What can we help with?”

In terms of cultivation base, any one of the sixteen people in front of me can suppress the cultivator of this Great Thunder Sound Temple.

“A Human World expert has entered the Great Thunder Sound Temple, I hope you can open the Formation once arranged by the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha, completely block the Great Thunder Sound Temple, and not a fly can fly out. ‘ said the White Dragon King.

When he knew that Li Qingshan was coming to the Western Desert and the Great Thunder Sound Temple, he had already planned everything.

When he was a young cultivator, he heard that the Great Thunder Sound Temple produced a peerless genius, who can be called the Buddha Ancestor of the present age, named Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha.

To the back Although the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha and the Great Thunder Sound Temple parted ways, he still did his best before he left to set up a huge Formation, which could ensure that the Great Thunder Sound Temple was not threatened.

Even if Worldly Immortal came here, with the Formation turned on, it would be impossible to escape.

That’s why White Dragon King recruited fifteen Peak experts to come to the Great Thunder Sound Temple together.

He knew that once this Formation was activated, Li Qingshan would never be able to escape from the Great Thunder Sound Temple, so the people he brought could kill Li Qingshan here.

The abbot of the Great Thunder Sound Temple looked at the White Dragon King, reached out and took the Relic in the hands of the White Dragon King, put his hands together, and said, “Donor, since you have the Buddha gift from my Great Thunder Sound Temple The Ancestor Relic is now fully supported by the Great Thunder Sound Temple, and after a while, the Formation will be fully opened.”

White Dragon King nominee: β€œAfter the Formation is opened, you can watch it on the sidelines. I’m really ashamed to play and kill in the land of Buddhaism, and I will visit Buddha Ancestor here every year to relieve my guilt.”

The abbot of Great Forest Temple lowered his eyebrows, lightly sighed and said nothing.

He turned to open the Formation where the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha had been left.

The corners of White Dragon King’s eyes were long and narrow, looking at the fifteen Peak experts he had invited, and smiled slightly: “Everyone wait a moment, and then I ask you all to make a move together, don’t give him any chance.”

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