Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 75


Chapter 75 Worldly Buddha, Worldly Immortal

Buddhahall of Great Thunder Sound Temple, Li Qingshan meditating cross-legged, reciting Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture.

Behind him, the Power of Faith poured into the body, followed the muscles and veins into the Sea of Consciousness, and finally poured into the Three Lifetimes Buddha.

Li Qingshan keeps comprehending Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture.

He always felt that Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture had infinite potential to be tapped, which did not belong to the cultivation technique of Human World. In the past, people’s cultivation was only scratching the surface.

[You recite carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture Profound Truth. ]

As expected, as Li Qingshan continuously cultivated and recited, a line of words appeared in front of his eyes.

The max-level comprehension starts again.

The Profound Truth of Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture emerged in Li Qingshan’s mind.

In Li Qingshan’s mind, there is a volume of scriptures.

The middle of the golden inscription is a golden Buddha, sitting in the void, surrounded by countless Sun, Moon, and Stars, all of which bless this golden Buddha.

This golden Buddha has three faces, all with eyes closed slightly. At first glance, the three faces are the same, but if you look closely, you will find that the three faces are not the same.

The subtleties reveal changes.

Li Qingshan has a feeling that this Buddha is the origin of his thousands of lives.

“Is this Buddha the Profound Truth of Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture?” Li Qingshan was slightly puzzled.

He continued to observe the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture.

The Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture was combined when Profound Truth was not realized before.

At that time, he cultivated Three Lifetimes Buddha, which are three incarnations, past, present, and future.

Now after comprehending the Profound Truth, the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture is like a picture scroll, spread out in his Sea of Consciousness, and the three incarnations have also turned into the Three Lifetimes Buddha.

The past, present, and future are one, standing still in Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture.

“No, there is something on the back of this Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture!” Li Qingshan suddenly realized that something was wrong. After Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture was spread out, all the scriptures were written on the front, and it was the scriptures he read. .

But on the back of the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, there are pictures with lifelike characters, environments, and the symmetry of the scriptures on the front.

“When I was reading Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, there were no such pictures.” Li Qingshan was refreshed, he seemed to have noticed the Profound Truth of Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, which was from the back of the scripture pattern.

Li Qingshan turned the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture upside down.

The Buddha also turned around.

“The back of the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture is actually Asura Hell?” Li Qingshan looked at it in shock.

The verse on the front is enormous, expounding the Profound Truth of Time and Space.

The reverse verse even depicts Asura Hell, terrifyingly.

Li Qingshan looks at the 1st painting, which depicts a Yaksha King.

This Yaksha King is terrifying, holding a steel fork, ferocious-looking, with endless baleful aura, glaring at Li Qingshan.

The second picture is Raksha King, holding a giant wheel, Three Heads Six Arms, blood red eyes.

The 3rd picture is Asura King, hiding in the shadows, holding a lance, extremely tall.

The 4th is painted as King Vajra, with a huge body, like a wild beast, with a ferocious complexion, and his five fingers are like a mountain, and he is captured.

The fifth painting is Wisdom King, with a shaved head, six dots on his head, and a string of rosary beads around his neck, but its beads are strung with human skulls, which is very scary.

Li Qingshan watched and suddenly felt a movement in front of him. These five devils seemed to jump out of the painting, hiding the sky and covering the earth, with foul wind and bloody rain that made people vomit. , moved towards him swept up, directly turning his Sea of Consciousness into a dripping sea of blood.

“Not good, watching too much, actually inspired the invasion of the Heart Demon.” Li Qingshan felt bad, this is his Sea of Consciousness, and such a demon was born, a little strange Shenna was signed to eternal damnation.

β€œso I have heard!!”

At this moment, the Three Lifetimes Buddha, who was turned over by Li Qingshan, made a grand sound, resounding through the Sea of Consciousness.

ten thousand zhang Buddha light illuminating everything down.

The Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture flipped again, and the Buddha sat in the void with infinite power to suppress it, dispelling the five evil demons from Hell, and also dispelling the sea of blood.

Li Qingshan felt completely clean and clean.

Looking at the Three Lifetimes Buddha again, you will find that from around the Sea of Consciousness, strands of Buddha-nature brilliance spread to it.

Power of Faith from the Western Desert.

The Power of Faith that had accumulated for three thousand years poured into Li Qingshan’s body and turned into an Immeasurable light, almost penetrating his whole body.

The Power of Faith turned into a rain of light, sprinkled down his Dead Sea with an immortal power, very holy and holy, absorbed by the Three Lifetimes Buddha.

The Buddha’s radiance emanating from the Three Lifetimes Buddha, formed by the thoughts of all beings, illuminates Li Qingshan’s Sea of Consciousness, ten thousand zhang, and dispels all demons and monsters.

Li Qingshan has benefited enormously in this brief moment.

He was in the Nirvana realm, and it should have been bumpy and difficult to move forward, but the Three Lifetimes Buddha absorbed the mind power of all beings and opened a grand Dao for him.

Li Qingshan ran fast along this road without turning back and worrying about falling.

In a Buddhahall in the Great Thunder Sound Temple, Li Qingshan absorbed the Buddha’s Power of Faith here, and did not leave, but expanded the scope to the entire Great Thunder Sound Temple, all Buddhist halls, all The statue, all the Bodhisattva Arhat, the Power of Faith on him was absorbed by him.

bang bang bang!

Also in this brief moment. A huge golden statue of Buddha Ancestor rose above the Great Thunder Sound Temple, the size of five hundreds of zhangs. When the golden statue of Buddha Ancestor reached out and pressed it, with a bang, the Great Thunder Sound Temple was buckled from top to bottom.

The birds don’t enter, and the fireflies don’t.

The Great Thunder Sound Temple started the Formation that was once left by the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha.

The White Dragon King, who had been waiting for a while, saw this scene, the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and he said: “Everyone, the Great Thunder Sound Temple has been completely blocked, and that person can’t escape, now it’s your turn. Shot.”

Although White Wolf King gathered so many people and vowed to kill Li Qingshan, he would not shoot.

He recruited fifteen Peak experts, but why did Li Qingshan do it himself?

You must know that White Dragon King has paid a lot for these fifteen Peak experts.

If it weren’t for his deep accumulation three thousand years ago, no one would be able to invite him now.

These fifteen people, all Nirvana Peak, returned from Dimensional Battlefield.

Although they were in Dimensional Battlefield, but back in Human World, they instantly stood in the Peak of cultivation world.

“White Dragon King, who asked you to invite us to fight with you?” asked a white-haired old man.

“You said he’s not Worldly Immortal, that’s Nirvana realm, but is a Nirvana worth 15 of us shooting together?” Someone else asked.

“White Dragon King, you’ve lost so much money for a Nirvana realm.” There was a fat belly who laughed heartily.

White Dragon King looked at them and smiled slightly: “As long as this person is dead, it’s not a loss, you are all my former friends, I ask you to spare no effort to kill this time. After him, the follow-up promises to you will be fulfilled immediately.”

Three thousand years ago, the White Dragon King suspended his death, and then started a war.

But these people had already entered the Dimensional Battlefield at that time, and they didn’t know the news of White Dragon King’s suspended animation.

Their impression of White Dragon King is still three thousand years ago, morality reaching up to the clouds.

So this time when the White Dragon King came to visit and promised a huge profit, they agreed without the slightest hesitation.

“Let’s go, I sensed that person, just in a Buddhahall in the distance.” An old man turned and left.

Other Nirvana experts are also followed closely from behind.

Although I feel that White Dragon King is making a big fuss, but since I received a gift, I have to work seriously.

At one time, fifteen Peak’s Nirvana experts surrounded the Buddhist temple where Li Qingshan was located.

The atmosphere suddenly solidified in this brief moment.

Buddhahall’s Li Qingshan is now aware of what’s going on outside, even though his perception has become dull due to his dedication to cultivation.

But his expression remained unchanged, completely ignoring the fifteen Nirvana Peak experts, and earnestly absorbing the Power of Faith synthesized by the thoughts of all sentient beings.

“That boy from Buddha, come out.” An old Nirvana stood in front of the Buddhist hall, frowning and shouting.

I don’t really want to destroy the Great Thunder Sound Temple building, so I want Li Qingshan to come out by himself.

In the house, Li Qingshan ignored it.

“Boy, you can’t escape, now the Great Thunder Sound Temple is just a fly, don’t even want to fly out, come out obediently surrender.” Another Nirvana Peak shouted.

“We don’t want to destroy the Great Thunder Sound Temple. Every brick here has been inherited for a long time. We don’t want to destroy it. Please come out yourself.” The fat belly shouted.

But there was still no movement in the house.

Li Qingshan is still silently absorbing the Power of Faith synthesized by sentient beings.

“Boy, what’s the use of you hiding in there and can’t come out?”

“Don’t talk nonsense with him, just go in and join forces to suppress him, a Nirvana realm, can’t make waves .” Someone said arrogantly, striding forward.

The other 14 Nirvana experts also agreed with this plan and went in together, wanting to join forces to suppress Li Qingshan in an imposing manner and make him unable to move.

This again completes the White Dragon King’s requirements without damaging the Great Thunder Sound Temple.

But when they pushed open the door of the Buddhist hall, an indifferent voice sounded.

“A group of noisy insects, chirping, go!” Li Qingshan, who was still comprehend with closed eyes, frowned and said coldly.

Accompanying his words. The originally peaceful Buddhist hall suddenly banged, and all the statues of Buddha Ancestor and Bodhisattva Arhat came to life and roared in unison.

“get lost! !!!”

Under this angry roar, the spirits of the fifteen Peak Nirvana experts were suddenly shocked, as if they had suffered a thunder blow, and their bodies involuntarily flew out. , gushed blood, looked pale, and was shocked.

This scene happened to be seen by the monks of the White Dragon King and the Great Thunder Sound Temple.

The White Dragon King looked shocked and looked incredulously.

Fifteen Nirvana Peak experts.

Fifteen experts who survived the Dimensional Battlefield.

Fifteen he spent all the experts invited by treasure.

Is it so easy to be defeated?

With a roar, the fifteen Nirvana flew backwards like broken kites.

White Dragon King had angina, he panicked, he was scared, he wanted to run away.

But after the great formation of the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha opened, he had nowhere to run.

The eminent monks of the Great Thunder Sound Temple saw this scene, and they all knelt down in unison, shouting the appearance of Buddha Ancestor.

If it wasn’t for Buddha Ancestor’s apparition, how come all the Bodhisattva Arhat, Buddha Ancestor statues all awakened?

“Don’t fucking kneel, it’s an evil demon, it’s controlled by him, not some kind of Buddha Ancestor’s manifestation!” The White Dragon King was very upset and roared when he saw this scene.

The monks of the Great Thunder Sound Temple were skeptical, and one by one they took a fancy to the center of the Buddhist temple.

There is a youngster there, sitting in it, closing his eyes slightly, tapping the futon under him with his hands, and sneering softly.

“So you’ve already woken up, White Dragon King.”

“Maybe you should be called secret mastermind, right?”

White Dragon King With a gloomy and uncertain face, he looked at Li Qingshan, who was sitting with his back to himself, sitting in the center of the Buddhist hall, breathing quickly.

He didn’t answer.

He was very upset.

Why can there be such a big change in a situation that seems to be foolproof?

“This benefactor, your grievances and grievances can be settled by yourself, but in the Buddhist temple, the Buddha Ancestor Bodhisattva cannot be defiled.” The abbot of the Great Thunder Sound Temple summoned his courage and said to Li Qingshan.

Seeing that Buddha Ancestor, the statue of Bodhisattva Arhat, became disgusting, the host’s heart was bleeding.

“Not to be defiled?”

“Monk, do you think you understand the Buddha or I understand the Buddha?” Li Qingshan still closed his eyes and asked playfully.

“The old monk has studied Buddhist scriptures for thousands of years, and he doesn’t dare to say much, but at least he knows a little better than the donor.” The abbot of the Great Thunder Sound Temple said firmly.

Li Qingshan raised the corner of his mouth and said, “Really?”

“I think I understand Buddha better than you.” Li Qingshan said softly.

“Donor, I can’t compare with your cultivation base, but in the domain of Dharma, there is nothing like an old monk.” The abbot of Great Thunder Sound Temple said firmly.

“Monk, did you know that the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha once said that he wanted the Human World to become an immortal?” Li Qingshan asked.

The host showed a startled look and took two steps back, as if he was overwhelmed.

How does this youngster know what the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha said?

The fifteen Peak experts who had just vomited blood by strikes, plus the White Dragon King were all watching silently, with different expressions.

β€œHow did the donor know?” the host asked.

“Monk, listen carefully.” Li Qingshan’s tone was light, but the next second he looked serious and opened his mouth to say.

β€œso I have heard!!”

The sound is like thunder, piercing the Great Thunder Sound Temple.

The reverberation is lingering, and on the top of the Great Thunder Sound Temple, it exudes a vast expanse, such as a big river flooding all the surrounding areas.

dong! !

Just behind Li Qingshan, in the Buddhist hall.

A golden Buddha Ancestor suddenly appeared.

This Buddha Ancestor has three faces, with lowered eyebrows and lowered eyes, with his feet on top of his thighs, his feet facing the sky, and he sits in meditation.

At this moment, all the statues of Buddha Ancestor in the Great Forest Temple are worshipped.

The Three Lifetimes Buddha is the Worldly Buddha.

Li Qingshan is Worldly Immortal.

Three Lifetimes Buddha held the Dharma seal in his hand and patted it lightly.

Seeing this scene, the host of the Great Thunder Sound Temple and a group of monks all fell to their knees.

This palm went down, calm and silent, but the White Dragon King and the fifteen Peak experts he invited couldn’t bear such arrogant spirit strength, and in an instant their Essence, Qi, and Spirit was burned, and after a few breaths of rapid decadence, the whole person was all white eyebrows, and the skin was wrinkled and old.

“You…you broke through Worldly Immortal…to deprive us of our lifespan?” The White Dragon King trembled in horror.

Li Qingshan got up and walked out of the Buddhist hall. The noon sun shone on his body, printing a radiance and interacting with the Three Lifetimes Buddha behind him.

Li Qingshan at this moment is Worldly Buddha and Worldly Immortal.

(End of this chapter)

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