Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 76


Chapter 76 Greatness in the Ordinary

Worldly Buddha is also Worldly Immortal.

In the Great Thunder Sound Temple, Li Qingshan looked up and saw the banned Formation above his head. The Buddha Ancestor gold, which was as high as five hundred zhang, had a familiar feeling to him.

“Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha finally left some trump cards for the Great Thunder Sound Temple. Even if there was a fight, it was still his own mountain gate.” Li Qingshan thought silently in his heart.

All eyes were on him.

The monks of the Great Thunder Sound Temple looked at Li Qingshan’s almost Buddha-like posture, and knelt down in fear and recited the Buddhist scriptures.

Li Qingshan ignored them.

He looked towards White Dragon King.

This existence that he once regarded as the enemy of life and death is not his enemy of unity now.

I don’t know if Li Qingshan has grown up too fast, or if he doesn’t have the style of plotting against the whole world 3,000 years ago.

“long time no see, White Dragon King.” Li Qingshan smiled slightly. say hi.

The White Dragon King looked at Li Qingshan, his body trembled, this was not fear, but the involuntary trembling of old age.

The White Dragon King knew that he was a complete failure.

The fifteen Peak experts invited by him could not accept that their remaining lives were instantly evacuated, and they could only wait silently for the ending.

They were in tears, kneeling tremblingly in front of Li Qingshan and begging Li Qingshan to forgive.

After struggling in the Dimensional Battlefield for three thousand years without dying, they returned to the Human World. They wanted to tyrannically abuse power and spend the rest of their lives a good time.

Who would have known that the difference in one thought has become what it is now.

Li Qingshan ignored them. From the moment they promised the White Dragon King to deal with them, their fate was already doomed.

“I thought you would wait for a while to wake up, didn’t expect you to wake up so early.” Li Qingshan and White Dragon King were like old friends talking about Tian Yi.

White Dragon King smiled miserably at this moment, accepting the reality of failure, he knew that he was powerless, and he was only one move away from chess.

“I was supposed to wake up after a while. At that time, I would return to the Human World fairy realm, not only the Nirvana Peak Realm now.” White Dragon King said with a bit of gnashing teeth.

The time he had planned for himself was long enough for him to fully restore the Divine Soul that had been cut off and set foot on the Worldly Immortal realm.

But human’s calculation are inferior to the heavens calculation .

Who would have thought that Rushing Corpse School would come to dig his grave, wake him up from his deep sleep, and make him unable to Perfection.

“It seems that you were the one who spied on me at the old mountain gate of the ascension gate.” Li Qingshan hands behind ones back, said in a tranquil voice.

“That’s when I woke up and followed the clues to find you.” The White Dragon King nodded.

“It’s a pity that everything is counted, that is, didn’t expect you to be so terrifying, from Paragon Realm, across Nirvana realm, to Worldly Immortal in a short period of time, all the arrangements have become a joke, watch you He arrived at the Worldly Immortal realm in absolutely less than fifty years, and three thousand years ago, such a wonderful person never appeared, I am not wronged to lose to you.” The White Dragon King sighed.

“Can you tell me before you die, why did you ban Grand Dao and Spiritual Qi in this world three thousand years ago? Is it just a desire to be king in a world without any cultivator? “Li Qingshan asked curiously.

The White Dragon King looked inexplicable. He was taken out of his lifespan. Standing for a long time made him very tired, so he sat down on the spot, looked at Li Qingshan, and asked out of breath, “You go. Have you ever been to Dimensional Battlefield?”

“No.” Li Qingshan replied.

“If you haven’t been there, you naturally don’t know how cruel Dimensional Battlefield is. These fifteen people in Dimensional Battlefield are equivalent to the ants in Human World now, not worth mentioning, the reason why they didn’t Death, that’s because no one will deliberately trample a few ants to death, unless the ant blocks the way of others, it will be trampled to death.” White Dragon King pointed to the fifteen Peak experts invited by him, look indifferently said.

These fifteen Peak experts were not angry, but they were powerless to argue with White Dragon King, because what he said was the truth.

“Even if it’s an ant, you want to close the world Grand Dao and Spiritual Qi because of this?” Li Qingshan asked with a frown.

“Of course not, I just don’t want to go to Dimensional Battlefield anymore, but once the Immortal Dao Gold List of Dimensional Battlefield comes, the people on the list must go to Dimensional Battlefield, you know I’m the White Dragon King, but you don’t What I know is that I have two identities before White Dragon King.” White Dragon King said in a tranquil voice.

“I entered Dimensional Battlefield with two identities, and stayed in it for 20 years. I have benefited a lot in these 20 years, but compared with those monsters in Dimensional Battlefield, my point is Progress is nothing at all, so after returning to Human World for the second time, I knew that I can’t go to Dimensional Battlefield, but I am Worldly Immortal, Immortal Dao Gold List is coming, I will definitely be on the list, so I have to go The third time.”

“The first two times, I was exhausted physically and mentally, and I was in fear every day in Dimensional Battlefield, those people were like mad dogs robbing points and looting lives, I could only hide in a corner shiver coldly, don’t dare to go out.”

“I’m fed up with such days, Dimensional Battlefield should not exist, a long time ago, there was no Dimensional Battlefield, at that time Human World expert wanted to enter Immortal World, you need to open the Immortal-Mortal Channel with your own strength, how good, as long as you have enough strength, you can lift the sky and soar.”

“But then everything changed, I know Knowing that if I don’t make changes, I’m going to be tortured to death by Dimensional Battlefield, so I found the ancient formation, I found the Boiling Water Prison gap, and a plan came to my mind.”

“Then the story should be clear to you.”

The White Dragon King said in a succinct manner, he knew that he would die today, and he didn’t care if he could tell these things before he died.

“Then why didn’t you wait for Heavenly Dao Gold List to come and let me summon in? Are you going to kill me?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“You only had Nirvana Peak at that time, how could you be summon into Dimensional Battlefield.” White Dragon King shook his head.

“If the people from Dimensional Battlefield don’t come back, I am the number one in Human World.” Li Qingshan said.

“I don’t know when the Immortal Dao Gold List will come, you are Nirvana realm, I can kill you as long as I secretly arrange it. Let these people come back, I just want them to help me resist The roll call after the Immortal Dao Gold List comes, so I don’t have to go to Dimensional Battlefield.”

“If you wait for the Immortal Dao Gold List of Dimensional Battlefield to come, you will be on the list, and I will be on the list, too. This is the last thing I want to see.”

“I didn’t know you would improve so fast, this is the biggest mistake.” White Dragon King closed his eyes, and there was a hint of words in his words. regret.

“Thank you for clarifying my doubts, now please hit the road.” Li Qingshan looked at the White Dragon King and pointed to the sword.

“Do I need a sword to kill me?” White Dragon King sneered.

Li Qingshan said calmly: “I will kill you without a sword, but this sword was cut for a senior. He only cut half of it back then, but now I will take the half.”

White Dragon King opened his eyes diligently, dim-sighted from old age, he said forcefully: “Jiuli Qiannian’s Sword God!”

Jiuli Qiannian Sword God was a sword back then Beheaded him in half with Primordial Spirit, forcing him into a deep sleep.

Always remember this hatred of the White Dragon King.

But he couldn’t find anyone for revenge.

Because that is the sword that Jiuli Qiannian Sword God burns and cuts out.

White Dragon King didn’t expect to see this sword again after more than three thousand years.

Li Qingshan didn’t talk nonsense, and pointed to the sword, and performed the Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Technique.

clang! !

This sword qi bursts out from the bottom to the top, dazzling and dazzling, the sword light is flying, and the sword qi is like a boundless heavy rain, falling down.

At this moment, the White Dragon King, dim-sighted from old age, tried his best to open his eyes. In this sword rain, he seemed to see an old friend from three thousand years ago, walking towards him slowly.

Stay firm.

Just like the shocking and stunning young swordsman 3,000 years ago, he burned everything he had, and he had to cut that sword against him.

“Our grievances for three thousand years should also end.” The White Dragon King sighed.

At this moment, he suddenly thought that if Jiuli Qiannian Sword God slashed him directly three thousand years ago and let him fall at the most glorious time, it would be better than the current method of death.

“You really are the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed, you have been entangled with me for three thousand years, and now I will give you this life, and all the grievances will be written off here.” White Dragon King thought silently, lightly. Close your eyes lightly.

Sword qi crossed like a rainbow, carrying a smear of blood on the blue bricks in front of the Buddhist hall.

The White Dragon King fell slowly to the ground, breathless.

And the silhouette of the boy in the rain of swords, in this brief moment turned into dust, no longer exists, all kinds of sword lights are flying, flying to all directions.

The grievance between Jiuli Qiannian’s Sword God and White Dragon King was completely settled by Li Qingshan’s sword.

Li Qingshan took a fancy to the host of the Great Thunder Sound Temple: “Open this Formation, the matter is over, after these people die, save them for him and bury them on the spot.”

Li Qingshan did not kill the remaining fifteen Peak experts.

They have only a few days left of their lifespan.

To the Abbot of the Great Thunder Sound Temple.

The abbot did not dare to delay, and immediately went to relieve the Formation.

Formation starts quickly, and it takes half a day to cancel.

Li Qingshan was meditating in Buddhahall for half a day.

He is realizing his Worldly Immortal realm.

This time breakthrough is a complete surprise.

It is the Power of Faith accumulated by the Great Thunder Sound Temple for three thousand years, absorbed by Li Qingshan, deduced the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture to the next level, and then opened the way from Nirvana realm to Worldly Immortal realm.

The originally bumpy cultivation road became the Grand Dao, and Li Qingshan entered the Worldly Immortal just by running.

There are many things in it that are worth his slow taste.

Li Qingshan now just wants to go back to Thinking Cliff, quiet cultivation.

His scourge White Dragon King has been resolved. In the next time, Li Qingshan can still be an otaku, quiet cultivation, waiting for the coming of Heavenly Dao Gold List.

After half a day, the Buddha Ancestor’s golden body in the sky was disappeared and the Great Thunder Sound Temple was restored to its original state.

Li Qingshan left without disturbing anyone.

Before leaving, Li Qingshan glanced at the Western Desert.

This is a magical land.

Buddhist culture came to this land and took root. There is a Power of Faith here, because it has absorbed three thousand years of Power of Faith. Now looking at the land of Western Desert, Li Qingshan feels a sacred and peaceful atmosphere .

There is a kind of intimacy, and the difference between Heaven and Earth when I first came.

“I’ll visit again when I have a chance in the future.” Li Qingshan said softly.

In the end, he cast Kunpeng Treasure Art, turned into a huge Kunpeng, roamed Nine Heavens, and flew to Thinking Cliff.


Thinking Cliff, as always.

The bamboo forest becomes the sea, the Monument Forest is like a mountain, and the bamboo house is like the old one.

Bridges and water, flowerbeds, Five Ghosts and foxes, it’s all there.

Back to Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan felt very kind.

Has lived in this world for several decades, but has really gone to very few places, Thinking Cliff is his home.

Small Fox and the Five Ghosts also became his family.

Five Ghosts and Small Fox were thrilled when Li Qingshan returned.

β€œDo you want to work hard for cultivation in the past few days when I am not here?” Li Qingshan asked Small Fox and Five Ghosts.

“I’m working hard for cultivation. Well, you’re not here. No one will play with me. You can only cultivate silently.” Small Fox pouted and threw himself into Li Qingshan’s arms the next second. .

Li Qingshan stroked Small Fox gently and looked towards Five Ghosts.

Five Ghosts is really a special lifeform created by Li Qingshan himself.

At first, he only knew killing, and had no other feelings. Later, he cultivated five emperors Great Demonic God, Five Elements Battle Formation, and silently improved himself and evolved his thinking ability.

Now they are walking the Human World from Hell.

“Master, we have been promoted to Paragon Realm.” Five Ghosts said in unison.

Li Qingshan is satisfied with the nodded: “Yes, you are not slacking off, continue cultivation, you don’t need to comprehend other Grand Dao, just need to find a way on the three Grand Dao of Five Elements, killing and death. That’s it.”

Five Ghosts are a natural fit with Five Elements, killing, and death.

They comprehend these three kinds of Grand Dao, it’s not too easy compared to others.

Five Ghosts was born out of killing.

Five emperors Great Demonic God was cultivated later, and it was born to fit with Five Elements.

Finally, Five Ghosts are new life born from death, so they have a deep connection with death.

These three Grand Dao are enough for their comprehend for a lifetime.

Where Five Elements is the base Human World Dao.

Killing and dying is mysterious Human World Dao.

Mastering Five Elements and killing and dying is enough for Five Ghosts.

“Yes, Master.” Five Ghosts obeyed Li Qingshan and agreed.

“Clean up the bathroom and then go to rest.” Li Qingshan waved them to continue their work.

Five Ghosts swiftly started cleaning up.

After all, he has been working for several decades, and even if he was reluctant at the beginning, he is now very skilled.

Li Qingshan looked at Small Fox in his arms and said, “What kind of Grand Dao did you realize?”

Small Fox lay comfortably in Li Qingshan’s arms, and said lazily: “What I have realized is the hidden, thunder, fate Grand Dao in inherited memories.”

” You still comprehended your fate?” Li Qingshan looked at Small Fox in surprise.

In mysterious Human World Dao, fate is also one of the most mysterious.

There is a saying that there is no fate, time is king and space is respected.

Even Li Qingshan didn’t know the fate, Small Fox actually comprehended the fate of Grand Dao?

Small Fox was a little shy when Li Qingshan looked at it in surprise, and said softly, “It’s just a little bit of comprehended fur, I didn’t understand it, it was the previous generation of nine tails foxes who understood it, and then stayed.

Inherited memories, I have been cultivating and comprehend for a while, and I have been mistaken by accident.”

Li Qingshan looked at the shy Small Fox and was a little speechless.

To others, the fate of Grand Dao, which was mysterious to others, was actually deceived by her?

Speak out, others will not believe it.

“Since I got it right, let’s continue the cultivation. It’s fate that Grand Dao is very difficult to deal with.” Li Qingshan said to Small Fox.

“You’re not going out again, are you?” Small Fox asked instead of answering.

“It shouldn’t be out in a short period of time, then you only need to go to Ascension Mountain Gate once a month.” Li Qingshan replied.

“That’s right, you take me to practice boxing and enlightenment every day, and I’ll follow you.” Small Fox said happily.

“Okay, let me guide you in your cultivation, and Five Ghosts will practice with me in the future.” Li Qingshan said to Five Ghosts who were cleaning in the distance.

“Good host.” Five Ghosts replied excitedly, his voice booming.

Small Fox laughed heartily. She hadn’t seen Five Ghosts so happy in a long time. Before, she thought Five Ghosts were just a wooden stake that only knew how to clean and then stood there in a daze.

Li Qingshan smiled when he saw Five Ghosts happy and Small Fox laughed heartily.

This dull life is exactly what he seeks.

Seeing greatness in the ordinary.

Education at Human World.

Li Qingshan began to practice boxing slowly with Small Fox. After the Five Ghosts were cleaned, he immediately rushed over to practice boxing with Li Qingshan, and realized Taoism together.

If there was something they didn’t understand, Li Qingshan pointed them out on the spot.

A few days later, Awei also joined in and practiced boxing with Li Qingshan.

Time flies, Small Fox and Five Ghosts, and Awei under the guidance of Li Qingshan, the cultivation base is getting better and better.

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