Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 77


Chapter 77 The Gold List is Coming

After dealing with the White Dragon King matter, Li Qingshan went into hiding on Thinking Cliff.

In the world changeable situation outside, the first Nirvana experts who came back from Dimensional Battlefield have all found their positions.

Some find a place where there is no one to live in silent seclusion, some return to their former homeland to build a cottage and build a house, and some occupy the former sect and become their ancestors…

The power of the entire Human World is completely reshuffled.

The best preserved is only the ascension door.

Because of the participation of Daoist, monks and old people, and Xiao Jiu announced to shorten the scope, stick to the piece of land of the Ascension Gate, not to expand to the outside world, other people are not easy to come to the Ascension Gate trouble.

In this way, after the first round of shuffling, the ascension door is preserved.

I also listen to Xiao Jiu about these Li Qingshan.

Now after breaking through the Worldly Immortal realm, he only needs to go to the ascension door once a month, talk to Hua Yun and see if the Formation is loose.

Apart from this, he lived in seclusion in Thinking Cliff, comprehend Monument Forest, and practiced boxing.

One million Monument Forest Li Qingshan has no comprehend even half, how could he be willing to leave Thinking Cliff and go to Human World to have a look.

I practice boxing with Small Fox, Five Ghosts, and Awei every morning.

Then go to wipe the stone tablet and learn the cultivation technique.

In the afternoon, Li Qingshan came back for silent cultivation, tasting tea and realizing the Tao.

At night, peruse the profound mystery in Worldly Immortal realm.

Time passes slowly like water.

Back from the Great Thunder Sound Temple, three months have passed.

Li Qingshan continued to travel through the million Monument Forest, silently wiping, silently comprehending.

[You wipe carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend Heaven and Earth in the Palm! ]

On this day, Li Qingshan came over to wipe the stone tablet after finishing his boxing practice early in the morning, and understood it carefully.

A line of words appeared in front of my eyes, and a cultivation technique appeared in my mind.

“World In The Palm, this is the method of heaven and earth that belongs to space. When combined, it creates a space in the palm of the hand, which belongs to the secret art.” Li Qingshan understood instantly.

next moment He slowly shook his palms and traced along Heaven and Earth in the Palm, and after a while, a hazy Small World appeared between his palms.

This world has no life, just an artificial space created out of thin air that can only survive dead things.

“This cultivation technique is similar to Buddha Kingdom in the Palm, but the difference is that Buddha Kingdom in the Palm is a powerful cultivation technique that extends space technique to the extreme. This Heaven and Earth in the Palm is just dabbling.” Li Qingshan is now experienced and knowledgeable, and he has some understanding of space, so the secret art of cultivation is very easy.

After successfully cultivating Heaven and Earth in the Palm in a short time, Li Qingshan continued to wipe the stone tablet.

He walked to the next stone tablet and found that the stone tablet was engraved with the Ascension door badge.

This made Li Qingshan stunned.

From the first day he came to Thinking Cliff to today, he has seen a lot of stone tablets with various patterns, but he has never seen one with an ascension door badge.

“Could this be the ancestor of the Ascension Sect?” Li Qingshan guessed silently.

He cleaned the vines, dust, and moss from the stone tablet.

Then on the quaint stone tablet, Li Qingshan confirmed that this is the ancestor of the ascension gate.

Because this stone tablet still has a few words engraved on it.

ascension fairy!

Li Qingshan once browsed the Book Collection Pavilion of the Ascension Gate, where he saw an introduction to the ancestors of the Ascension Gate.

Ascension has always said that its inheritance has never been cut off, and they are one of the oldest cultures of Human World inheritance since ancient times.

How many years has the ascension door inherited? There isn’t an exact answer.

Everyone only knows that the Sect Founder of the Ascension Gate was an Ascension Immortal, and the word Ascension of the Ascension Gate was taken from this Ascension Immortal.

He also designed the badge of the Ascension Gate, and it has been used to this day. Today, this badge is engraved on Disciples’ clothing.

Therefore, this stone tablet is engraved with a badge and three characters of “ascension”. Li Qingshan basically determined that this is the ancestor of the “ascension”.

“What’s the situation? My ancestors are hidden in the million-dollar Monument Forest, and the ascension sect doesn’t even know about it?” Li Qingshan thought it was very interesting.

He suspected the relationship between the million Monument Forest and the Ascension Gate early in the morning.

The external explanation of the ascension gate is that this Monument Forest is the enemy they once punished and the Disciple that made mistakes.

But the Ascension Gate has only been around for 10,000 years from its inception to today, even if you count the longest legend.

In ten thousand years, millions of Monument Forests have been accumulated.

At least hundreds of enemies or erroneous Disciples must be dealt with this year to accumulate such a huge Monument Forest world.

Obviously this doesn’t make sense.

Later, Li Qingshan slowly realized the cultivation technique in Monument Forest, and realized that only a few of these Monument Forests were built by the ascension gate.

Now that he has seen the ancestors of the ascension gate, Li Qingshan is more certain.

After cleaning the stone tablet, Li Jinshan sat cross-legged, watched silently, and sank into it.

He wanted to see what kind of cultivation technique the ancestors of the ascension gate left behind.

[You wipe carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend Ascension Technique! ]

Li Qingshan’s mind resounded with a grand sound of heaven, reciting a mysterious scripture.

This verse is the Ascension Technique.

Li Qingshan listened silently and felt dry mouth.

Ascension Technique is an immortal technique.

It is a powerful Great Immortal technique that surpasses the Human World cultivation technique.

Once the cultivation is successful, you can continuously inject Ascension Immortal Qi into the enemy’s body when encountering an enemy. When the Ascension Immortal Qi is filled enough, the enemy will be Dao Transformation on the spot.

Go to bliss early, ascension becomes immortal.

This is a very terrifying cultivation technique.

Li Qingshan started cultivation without the slightest hesitation, planted the seeds of Ascension Technique in his body, and hung it on one of his own root bones.

His bones are like a forest covered with fruits, each of which is a cultivation technique.

“Among all the cultivation techniques I have cultivated, the only one that can be called immortal technique is Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture.” Li Qingshan muttered to himself.

In fact, the further you go to the cultivation, the more you compete with the Tao of comprehension.

The cultivation technique drives the Grand Dao, bursting out powerful formidable power.

Therefore, Li Qingshan’s demand for cultivation techniques is far less than that for Grand Dao.

Cultivation technique He has, there are millions of Monument Forest, Li Qingshan does not lack cultivation technique.

So after the comprehended Ascension Technique, Li Qingshan was just a little happy, but not to the level of ecstasy.

Having planted the seeds of Ascension Technique in his body, Li Qingshan opened his eyes and suddenly found something hidden in the stone tablet in front of him.

“There is a world inside this stone tablet.” Li Qingshan said firmly after careful observation.

World in Monument.

He found another World in Monument.

Li Qingshan was about to leave, but he will not leave this time. He is in high spirits and earnestly explores what the World in Monument of the ancestors of the ascension sect was like?

Li Qingshan watched carefully.

The stone tablet shook slightly.

In front of his eyes, illusions are superimposed, like Zhuang Zhou Dreams of a Butterfly, another world emerges.

World in Monument.

Li Qingshan, who has experienced several times, did not panic at all, and carefully observed the world in this monument.

The setting sun is setting in the west, the setting sun is like blood.

The world is like endless loess in the northwest, and many corpses stay on the ground.

There was an old Daoist who was carrying the corpses seriously.

Daoist, wearing a dusty coat and messy hair, carried the corpses, and said with emotion: “What’s so good about this Dimensional Battlefield? I used to enjoy a good fortune in Human World, with your cultivation base , who lived for thousands of years, came to Dimensional Battlefield to be hunted by others as prey, and asked me to collect the corpses for you.”

Old Daoist transported these corpses to a place, where Here Li Qingshan saw many dead bodies of Dimensional Battlefield.

All are young.

Compared to their lives, even if they look old, he has at least a few thousand years of life left, but he came to Dimensional Battlefield and died in a foreign land, and now the corpse can only be collected by Old Daoist.

Li Qingshan also saw that in the process of collecting the corpse of Old Daoist, someone in the sky in the distance was desperately fighting for points.

After the defeated man was killed, the corpse fell.

Old Daoist went over immediately, making the corpse restrained.

The winner just walked away without looking at Old Daoist.

Li Qingshan only knew when he saw this scene that the ancestor of the Ascension Gate used to be the corpse collector of Dimensional Battlefield. He has no points and no one will deal with him.

Old Dao scripture spent a day collecting corpses, and at night, facing the corpses all over the ground, Old Daoist sighed: “According to the regulations, you should be incinerated on the spot and completely terminated, but God has the virtue of good life, The Old Daoist will set up a tablet for you.”

The ancestor of the Ascension Gate, the old Daoist, the corpse collector of Dimensional Battlefield, began to seriously set up a stone tablet for each corpse.

He used a secret technique to seal the dead body in a stone tablet.

Most of the images that follow are fleeting.

It’s all pictures of Old Daoist collecting corpses.

Until the last unknown number of years passed, with the industrious work of Old Daoist, he was able to return from Dimensional Battlefield, and the years of work brought him a reward.

Ascension Technique.

Old Daoist, who collected most of his life in Dimensional Battlefield, returned to his former Human World with Ascension Technique and millions of stone tablets.

Old Daoist broke through the realm of Ascension with the Ascension Technique.

Subsequently, he created the door of ascension.

He placed millions of stone tablets on the Thinking Cliff and banned the Thinking Cliff.

The screen stops abruptly.

The world in front of Li Qingshan’s eyes turned upside down, folded, became smaller, and disappeared.

He saw the real Human World.

Li Qingshan suddenly realized after coming out of World in Monument.

“So that’s how it is, it turns out that the million-dollar Monument Forest was brought back from the Dimensional Battlefield by the Sect Founder of the Ascension Gate, and some stone tablets added by the Ascension Gate after ten thousand years are insignificant.”

This explains a lot.

“So most of the millions of Monument Forests are those who failed in Dimensional Battlefield, then I have to seriously study their experience in Dimensional Battlefield.” Li Qingshan took a fancy to the boundless front. stone tablet, instantly became interested.

After discovering a few World in Monument, he can explore more Dimensional Battlefield information.

But it was too late today, Li Qingshan got up and returned to the bamboo house instantly.

He was lying on the rocking chair, looking at the stars in the sky, like the Milky Way, hanging upside down in the sky, feeling very comfortable.

It is also a matter of his mind to find out the origin of the millions of Monument Forests in the Thinking Cliff of the ascension gate.

Li Qingshan began to silently cultivate Ascension Technique under the irradiation of starlight.

Worldly Immortal realm and Nirvana realm are totally different.

Entering Worldly Immortal is equivalent to stepping into Immortal World from Human World.

Although Worldly Immortal is far from the real immortal, for Li Qingshan, this is already the pinnacle of the current Human World.

“I need to keep working hard on cultivation, otherwise the Immortal Dao Gold List will come, and I will be on the list. When the time comes, I don’t have enough strength to go to Dimensional Battlefield. The end will definitely be the same as the group of people who came back now. You can only hide in the corners and make compromises.” Li Qingshan closed his eyes, emptied himself, crazy cultivation.

With the breakthrough of Human World, his root bones, such as forests, have also entered a fully mature stage, and the speed of absorbing Spiritual Qi and the feeling of enlightenment have greatly improved.

The more cultivation goes on, the faster Li Qingshan’s speed is. His roots are like a forest, and he is naturally stronger than others.

In the following time, Li Qingshan everyday all kept going to Monument Forest to comprehend the cultivation technique, and then silently cultivated.

On Thinking Cliff, apart from going down the mountain once a month, Li Qingshan doesn’t care about the world. He is with the breeze, and the bright moon as a friend./p>

Xiao Jiu sometimes comes.

She brought Li Qingshan the latest news from Human World.

For example, a group of people came back from Dimensional Battlefield, and there are several Worldly Immortal realm in this group of people.

Some people come back first and want to set up a Lower Sect and pass on the dao lineage, while some Worldly Immortal are indifferent and begin to travel to the Human World.

Fortunately, the people who came back this time did not stare at the ascension door as they did last time.

But just in case, afraid that the last Situ Jin incident would happen again, Li Qingshan wrote the words Worldly Immortal with his pen.

These three words contain all of Li Qingshan’s Essence, Qi, and Spirit at the moment, and are integrated into this word.

Attacks word by word.

Worldly Immortal three big characters, contains the power of Li Qingshan’s three shots with all his strength.

Xiao Jiu returned to the ascension door and hung these three words in the boudoir.

After a few months like this, a Worldly Immortal has set his sights on the ascension door.

His real body came to the ascension door and wanted to make Xiao Jiu submit.

Xiao Jiu took out the words written by Li Qingshan and spread them out slowly.

A splendid rays of light spurted out, this is an ascension light, rushing into the body of this Worldly Immortal, hitting him repeatedly and falling out of the ascension door, half of his body Nope, spewing blood, badly wounded, and if it hadn’t gone an inch, this Worldly Immortal would have died on the spot.

Worldly Immortal, who was missing half of his body, looked incredulously.

Then, without saying a word, he frantically ran the cultivation technique to repair his body and stumbled away.

A single word will beat him to the point where he can’t fight back, this ascension door is deep and unmeasurable.

After this happened, experts who never returned from Dimensional Battlefield went to the ascension gate.

The two words after Worldly Immortal should only be used as a deterrent.

Li Qingshan sensed this scene on Thinking Cliff, smiled slightly, and continued to comprehend Monument Forest without taking seriously.

His cultivation base is improving all the time, and Li Qingshan is also progressing in an orderly manner regarding the Grand Dao perception in the Human World realm.

sword dao, Buddhism, speed, thunder.

This is the basic Human World Dao, which Li Qingshan has dabbled in.

Time, space.

This is Mysterious’s Human World Dao.

Li Qingshan has been comprehending Space Grand Dao all the time.

Since the last time I comprehended Heaven and Earth in the Palm how to involve the cultivation technique of Space Grand Dao, Li Qingshan has been comprehending Space Grand Dao tirelessly during this time.

Just like his sword dao, comprehended Fast Sword Dao, Slow Sword Dao, and Fusion Sword Dao.

The Space Grand Dao realized at this time includes Space Imprisonment and Space Fragmentation.

Hold the Space Imprisonment where the enemy is located, and then split it in detail.

The enemy was unable to move even a little bit and was killed by Li Qingshan.

As a mysterious Human World Dao, the formidable power of space is unimaginable for ordinary people.

Li Qingshan realizes silently that he intends to finally integrate Space Imprisonment and Space Fragmentation.

Of course this takes a lot of time.

Coincidentally, Li Qingshan has a lot of time.

As time flies, white horses pass by.

Time flies, and another ten years have passed.

It has been several decades since Li Qingshan came to Thinking Cliff. He has also changed from a teenage genius to a fifty-year-old half-hundred-year-old.

But the look remains the same.

The temperament remains the same.

The passage of time has left no trace on him, and he is still the boy he once was.

It’s just that the temperament is getting more and more dusty, like a fairy.

In ten years, even Small Fox and Five Ghosts and Awei have broken through to Nirvana Peak.

But when they look at Li Qingshan, they feel more and more mysterious.

Sometimes I feel that although Li Qingshan is right in front of me, it seems like a world away.

Small Fox sometimes wanted to ask Li Qingshan what realm he was in, Li Qingshan replied with a smile, still Worldly Immortal.

Neither Small Fox nor Awei nor Five Ghosts believe this answer.

Because just last year, another batch of Peak experts came back from Dimensional Battlefield, all Worldly Immortal realm.

A dozen of them have set their sights on the Ascension door, and some have set their sights on Xiao Jiu.

When Li Qingshan knew about it, he punched in the air on Thinking Cliff.

Across thousands of miles, Li Qingshan killed a dozen Worldly Immortals with one punch.

That night, Small Fox Awei and Five Ghosts were dumbfounded on the spot.

Is it still possible?

You practiced boxing on the Thinking Cliff and killed a dozen Worldly Immortals over an unknown distance of thousands of miles?

People don’t know how to die when they die.

Li Qingshan looked at their shocked eyes, smiled slightly, and said softly, “What I understand is space.”

Ten years later, both Space Imprisonment and Space Fragmentation have been destroyed by Li. Qingshan comprehended.

And he fuses them together to form a new Grand Dao.

space storm.

That night when Li Qingshan practiced boxing on Thinking Cliff, he hit a space storm.

Where the storm swept, a dozen Worldly Immortal realm fell on the spot.

Although they are in the same realm as Li Qingshan, their Grand Dao perceptions are not at the same level.

After this time, no one in Human World dared to spy on Xiao Jiu and the ascension door.

Li Qingshan is also enjoying himself.

On this day, the breeze is warm, the sky is clear, and the sun shines on people, warm.

Li Qingshan was walking on Thinking Cliff, looking up at the sky from time to time, his face slightly heavy.

“What are you looking at?” Small Fox asked curiously.

Li Qingshan said softly, “Something is about to fall from the sky.”

Small Fox looked up at the sky in confusion. The sky was clear and there was nothing. .

“What’s going to fall?” Small Fox asked in a sweet voice.

Li Qingshan stroked her gently and said, “A thing that has disappeared for thousands of years.”

“When did it fall?” Small Fox asked again.

Li Qingshan pondered for a moment, then said, “It’s now.”

bang! ! ! ! !

The voice landed, the entire Human World roared, everyone raised their heads in shock, looked into the endless void, and slowly landed a Gold List.

Those experts who came back from Dimensional Battlefield said with trembling voices when they saw this scene: “Immortal Dao Gold List has come.” Monthly pass, collection.

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