Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 78


Chapter 78 Inventory Human World expert

bang bang bang!

The sky rang The rumbling thunder, accompanied by the golden light, dyed the blue sky with a clear sky into a golden ocean.

All the people in Human World raised their heads and looked towards the sky. Many people looked confused and didn’t know what it was.

Only the Peak experts who came back from Dimensional Battlefield know what this scene means.

An old man from Worldly Immortal realm saw this scene, trembling with tears, and said miserably: “The old man just came back from Dimensional Battlefield, and the days of cessation have not passed for a few years, why? The Immortal Dao Gold List is here again?”

He had reason to cry.

Immortal Dao Gold List is coming, which will filter the top experts in Human World.

He is the Worldly Immortal realm, already at the peak in this Human World, this time must be summon into Dimensional Battlefield.

After 3,000 years of humiliation and humiliation in Dimensional Battlefield, I thought I would return to Human World to enjoy my old age, but who would have thought that I would meet Immortal Dao Gold List again.

The old man couldn’t help crying.

And the rest of the Worldly Immortal expert in this brief moment turned pale.

Nirvana Peak expert may be able to escape, but Worldly Immortal realm is impossible to escape in this Human World.

The moment I saw Immortal Dao Gold List, some people cried, some went crazy, some were silent, some raised their hands and wished to abolish their dantian.

But none of these people can change the fact that the Immortal Dao Gold List has come.

On Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan held Small Fox in his arms, caressed gently, and looked at Immortal Dao Gold List with a calm expression.

A few days ago, he sensed a breath.

Calculating the time is similar to what Hua Yun said.

The Immortal Dao Gold List is coming, and Human World can’t stop it.

If you really don’t want to go, you should abandon the cultivation base, but Li Qingshan estimates that no one will do this.

I finally got on the Worldly Immortal realm and gained a long life. If I knocked down the realm myself, the loss is not as simple as lifespan.

No matter how tough Dimensional Battlefield is, it is better for them to endure a period of time cautiously after entering, than to abolish their own cultivation base.

Immortal Dao Gold List, slowly descending.

It descended from the depths of the sky to Human World, bringing huge energy, grandiose spread out a golden sea of clouds above the sky.

Immortal Dao Gold List is floating in the sea of clouds.

With the advent of the Gold List, everyone in the Human World was attracted, even weeping bitter tears, even the Worldly Immortal, who was beating his chest and feet, watched nervously.

“Immortal Dao Gold List is coming, and Human World experts will be checked. In this Human World, is there a shortage of experts?” On Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan looked at the Immortal Dao Gold List and pondered silently.

Hua Yun said that Immortal Dao Gold List will take inventory of Human World experts.

But in this Human World in the past three thousand years, there is no expert.

It is only an opportunity for development in the last twenty or thirty years.

Even the Worldly Immortal experts in this Human World, except Li Qingshan, all came back from Dimensional Battlefield.

What’s in store for this?

Li Qingshan watched calmly, complaining in his heart.

Under everyone’s attention, the Immortal Dao Gold List descended to a certain level and slowly opened.

Like an ink painting, after spreading it out, golden light burst out, and a large line of characters appeared on the Immortal Dao Gold List.

ใ€Immortal Dao Gold List, take stock of Human World expert! ]

[Human World is so big that there are countless talents. Featured on this list, all those on the list will go to Dimensional Battlefield, no rejection! ใ€‘

ใ€Immortal Dao Gold List only counts the top ten Human World experts! ]

[Everyone on the list is amazing and can be rewarded. ]

[The higher the ranking, the better the reward. ]

[Rewards will be issued after you enter Dimensional Battlefield! ]

Many people were stunned when they looked at the large characters above.

Those cultivators who have not experienced the Immortal Dao Gold List are all excited, thinking if they are on the list.

Only those who have experienced Immortal Dao Gold List, the bitter shock the head.

This list is not good.

Li Qingshan looked at the text introduction on the Immortal Dao Gold List and was very interested.

There are only ten people on the list, and rewards are also issued.

What exactly is a reward?

Li Qingshan watched silently.

The Immortal Dao Gold List changed after a quarter of an hour.

ใ€Immortal Dao Gold List is officially open! ]

[The tenth ranking of Human World expert will be announced soon…]

[Zhao Minghuang! ]

In an instant, Immortal Dao Gold List was announced, and everyone was stunned.

The tenth is a man named Zhao Minghuang.

Who is he?

The entire Human World expert looked at each other in blank dismay , no one knew.

Li Qingshan is also slightly frowned. All the Peak experts in this Human World are aware of him, but there is no one named Zhao Minghuang.

โ€œWho is Zhao Minghuang?โ€

โ€œWhose Old Ancestor is Zhao Minghuang?โ€

โ€œI know a lot of Human World experts, but not One is called Zhao Minghuang.”

“Old Zhao, is this your ancestor?”

“It’s my ancestor, I’m dying of laughter now.”

“Is the Immortal Dao Gold List mistaken?”

“Yes, there is no one named Zhao Minghuang in the expert since ancient times of Human World.”

Some Peak The experts communicated with each other and finally came to the conclusion that there is no Zhao Minghuang in Human World.

Li Qingshan also confirmed that there is no Zhao Minghuang in Human World, he looked towards Immortal Dao Gold List, browses slightly wrinkle, is it really wrong?

Just when everyone was suspicious, the text on the Immortal Dao Gold List changed again.

ใ€Kill your brother, kill your mother, devour 15,000 powerhouses, and create the invincible road of Worldly Immortal. ]

There is only this sentence on the list, but it scares the entire world.

Countless people are dumbfounded after seeing this. What’s the situation?

Human World doesn’t have Zhao Minghuang, but Immortal Dao Gold List says he killed his brother and killed his mother?

“Who the hell is this?”

“Killing my brother and mother, this is something that people can do?”

“Yes , and devoured 15,000 powerhouses, forging the invincible Worldly Immortal road, there are no 15,000 powerhouses in this entire Human World, right?”

A group of cultivators shook their heads wildly, not believing that this was real.

Even those who had seen Immortal Dao Gold List frowned.

“What the hell is going on here?” asked a Worldly Immortal incredulously.

“The last time we saw the Immortal Dao Gold List was 3,000 years ago. After 3,000 years, is the Immortal Dao Gold List still the same?” Some Worldly Immortal asked.

The question instantly silenced all Worldly Immortal.

They gradually realized that something was wrong.

This Immortal Dao Gold List doesn’t seem to be a matter of taking stock of their Human World.

On Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan also understands.

Kill your brother and mother, devour 15,000 powerhouses, and forge the invincible Worldly Immortal road.

Li Qingshan knew something was wrong as soon as this sentence came out.

Because Human World has gone through 3,000 years of blankness, there are not as many as 15,000 experts now.

So this list takes stock of the entire Human World, not limited to their this world.

Immortal Dao Gold List’s top 10 Peak experts cover all the Human World.

Li Qingshan knew early on that there are countless Human Worlds under Immortal World, not just theirs.

Hua Yun told him before that Immortal Dao Gold List counts people from their respective worlds.

But Hua Yun has been imprisoned in the Boiling Water Prison for hundreds of years.

For hundreds of years, some changes to the Immortal Dao Gold List are also as it should be by rights.

Having figured this out, Li Qingshan was instantly interested.

This Zhao Minghuang is definitely a powerhouse in countless Human Worlds. His ability to be on the list shows that his strength is recognized by Immortal Dao Gold List.

Li Qingshan really wants to see how strong he is, and how big is the gap between him and him?


Another Human World, a huge mountain, standing on the top of the mountain like a sword, there is a great hall, in the center of the great hall, there are countless Formations, seals With a demon blade.

The demonic blade is too strong to be destroyed, Zhao Minghuang suppressed it in his Dao temple, and it is easy to leave the mountain and stay here to guard the demonic blade.

In this Human World, Zhao Minghuang is known as the Great Emperor Minghuang, is the most powerful house, the leader of the righteous path, and is selfless.

But the world doesn’t know that there is a Great Demon hidden under this mask.

Because he suppressed the demonic blade with his own body, he did not easily get out of the mountains and did not intervene in the affairs of the world.

This declaration made the world worship the Great Emperor Minghuang even more.

So the name of the leader of his righteous path was not negotiated by everyone, but was imposed on him by the nations.

At this moment, on Minghuang Mountain.

The demonic blade, which was said by the world to be brutal and tyrannical, was so obediently allowed to be stroked by the Great Emperor Minghuang, revealing a jet-black luster.

But at the moment, the Great Emperor Minghuang is not happy, he sits cross-legged, his whole body is ups and downs in imposing manner, like Sun, Moon, and Stars Chen. Gathered into insoluble black, and gathered into the demon blade.

“Immortal Dao Gold List…” Great Emperor Minghuang looked at the golden list with deep eyes.

Outside, this Human World is very excited because Great Emperor Minghuang is on the list, and they are all looking forward to it.

But with the words of killing brothers, killing mothers, and swallowing 15,000 powerhouses, this Human World has become absolute silence.

The leader of the righteous path in their eyes, the invincible Great Emperor Minghuang of Human World, actually did such a dehumanizing thing?

Everyone is waiting for the follow-up explanation from Immortal Dao Gold List.

The Great Emperor Minghuang frowned: “Is the Immortal Dao Gold List really that powerful?”

What he did was extremely secret, and no one knew about it.

The demon blade that is respected by the world is what he feeds step by step.

“Immortal Dao Gold List has never been like this before, this time actually shakes out what I’ve done before?” Great Emperor Minghuang frowned deeply, he was very angry, but there was nothing he could do.

Can only continue to watch.

Each Human World has an Immortal Dao Gold List, and the content on the Gold List is the same.

Everyone knows Zhao Minghuang who is in tenth place.

Everyone is waiting for the follow-up.

Suddenly, Heaven and Earth boiled, and the Grand Dao rolled over, with the sky as the curtain.

ใ€Zhao Minghuang’s life will be projected in Heaven and Earth. ]

The list changed again, showing such a sentence.

Everyone was surprised when they saw this scene. Is this to manifest the life of this Zhao Minghuang?

Li Qingshan stood on the Thinking Cliff and watched with interest.

“Interesting, the changes in the Immortal Dao Gold List are really interesting. Hua Yun never imagined that the current Immortal Dao Gold List can still be like this.” Li Qingshan hehe smiled, calm and collected.

Anyway, he doesn’t manifest his life, and it’s good to see how others have become stronger.

The vastness of Heaven and Earth is now transformed into a stage.

It’s like putting on a movie.

Countless Human World experts are the audience.

Everyone looked up and looked towards the sky above their heads.

And on Minghuang Mountain, the Great Emperor Minghuang on the verge of collapse, looked pale, his fists clenched, and there is nowhere to send hate.

His life was captured by Immortal Dao Gold List.

He stared at the sky, clenching his teeth.

His deceitful plan.

His step by step, breakthrough Worldly Immortal, the process of rising.

He buried the truth with his own hands.

It will be revealed in this piece in the sky.

Dazed, the sky suddenly darkened.

The next second, a pair of brothers with similar faces appeared.

The faces of the older and younger brothers were immature.

But at the moment, the younger brother was seriously injured and looked at the big brother in front of him with a face full of confidence.

Everyone can see the face of the younger brother, but only the back of the big brother.

Many people were shocked.

The next second, the big brother’s face appeared on the sky stage.

โ€œGreat Emperor Minghuang!!!โ€

In the Human World where Zhao Minghuang is located, countless people blurted out and were shocked.

They are the strongest in this world!

Even the Great Emperor Minghuang in his childhood was still very immature, but everyone knew that this was the Great Emperor Minghuang.

The leader of the righteous path.

The idol of countless people.

The object of admiration in the hearts of thousands of girls.

He is killing his younger brother with his own hands.

The world was silent.

Even the iron fans who support the Great Emperor Minghuang are now dumbfounded.

The iron-clad fact just appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

Minghuang Mountain, great hall above Golden Peak.

Zhao Minghuang went crazy looking at his younger brother’s face.

“You’ve been dead for three hundred years, why did you reappear?”

“You pressed me down hard back then, and now you want to destroy me?”

The Great Emperor Minghuang was completely enchanted, as if crazy, he couldn’t accept this reality at all.

But no amount of resentment from the Great Emperor Minghuang could prevent the sky screen from continuing to play.

In the other world, everyone is watching with great interest. Immortal Dao Gold List is right, this Zhao Minghuang really killed his younger brother with his own hands.

In the picture, there is no amiability between the older and younger brothers, no brotherly respect, just jealous words and cold killing intent.

The Great Emperor Minghuang, the big brother, looked at the younger brother coldly.

“Did you know?”

“Through childhood you were a genius in everyone’s eyes and the hope of the family. I was born earlier than you, but I was not as good as you in every way.”

“You are known as a rare genius in the family for thousands of years, and you are the hope of the future. You have excellent innate talent and immortal hope.”

“I have nothing, innate talent is not as good as you, Your looks are not as good as yours, and even the woman I like has admiration for you.”

“Younger brother, do you know how jealous the big brother is?”

In the picture, Zhao Minghuang gnashing teeth says this remark.

The younger brother was shocked: “So you tricked me out and made me seriously hurt, you think you can kill me?”

“If you die, I can Devouring your innate talent, devouring your physique, I am the family’s only hope, so that I can get the woman I like.” Zhao Minghuang said coldly.

younger brother bitterly laughed: “big brother, do you know how these people tricked me out?”

“I don’t know, I asked them anonymously, they It has been killed by you now, as long as you die, then both sides suffer, no one knows that I did it.” Zhao Minghuang said proudly.

“They lied to me and said they kidnapped you. If I don’t come, they will tear up the ticket and make me lose my big brother.” The younger brother smiled bitterly, and he came without the slightest hesitation.

Zhao Minghuang was silent.

The people watching this scene were also silent.


But the next second, Zhao Minghuang inserted his hand into the younger brother’s chest.

The younger brother looked desperately at Zhao Minghuang’s expressionless face.

“Your death is the greatest help to the big brother. Since you care about me so much, let’s fuse together.” Zhao Minghuang said coldly.

Then, [Devouring Heaven And Eating Earth Dafa] is activated.

Everything about younger brother makes big brother.

The picture comes to an abrupt end.

The world is boiling.

Especially the Human World where Zhao Minghuang is located, the people are angry.

“The Great Emperor Minghuang is really hidden very deeply.”

“This is the leader of the righteous path, can he be able to kill his younger brother?”

“Great Emperor Minghuang, you have let down my love for you.”

“I want to cry, the younger brother was deceived because he was worried about the safety of the big brother, but in the end he was handed by the big brother himself. Killed, how desperate should he be?”

“Younger brother is the real genius, he has immortal aptitude, but unfortunately he was killed by the big brother he cared about.”

The people were filled with righteous indignation and were thoroughly enraged, especially after the young brother was pierced through his chest, his pitiful appearance hit everyone.

At this moment, all the Human World are condemning Zhao Minghuang.

On Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan saw this scene and browsed tightly frowns.

What he values most is family affection, Zhao Minghuang’s behavior violated his taboo.

Li Qingshan continued to stare at the sky with a cold face.

After a brief silence, the screen continues to change.

This time is in a mansion, as the mother has telepathy to her son, when everyone thinks the younger brother is perish with others, she finds Zhao Minghuang.

The mother looks warm and lovely, and is a typical good wife and mother. At this moment, she looks at Zhao Minghuang sadly and asks: “You killed the younger brother, right?”

Mother and son are in the same heart, how could she not know the temperament of her eldest son, but she never thought, Zhao Minghuang really dared?

Zhao Minghuang was silent.

“How could you kill him? He is your younger brother, and always respects your younger brother.” The mother was so angry that she reached out to hit Zhao Minghuang.

Zhao Minghuang is expressionless and motionless.

“I’m going to tell the master about this, you will be punished by the family.” The mother looked at Zhao Minghuang sadly and desperately, turned and left.


The next second, Zhao Minghuang slapped his mother to death.

He didn’t show any expression during the whole process.

โ€œNo one can stop my way.โ€ Zhao Minghuang said indifferently.


This time, even some Demon Sect people sucked in a breath of cold air.

Zhao Minghuang is too ruthless.

The general public just kept spurning him, filled with righteous indignation and burning with anger.

Murder brother and mother.

This is a beast.

Human World where Zhao Minghuang is located, his reputation is completely stinky.

Sitting in the great hall, reaching out and stroking the demonic blade, Zhao Minghuang was not hysterical or looked pale, and he returned to normal.

“Since everything has been exposed, there is no need to continue to live under the mask of hypocrisy. I, Zhao Minghuang, have been doing things all my life, so why should I explain it to others?” Zhao Minghuang sneered, completely ignoring the voices criticizing him.

In the sky, the picture keeps changing.

There is a picture of Zhao Minghuang all the way to kill the enemy and devour the enemy.

There is also Zhao Minghuang who deliberately befriends others and waits until the other party relaxes his vigilance and secretly kills them.

These images are constantly changing, showing Zhao Minghuang both powerful and dark in all aspects.

In the eyes of outsiders, Zhao Minghuang, who is just and selfless, is secretly a murderer.

Until the end, Zhao Minghuang broke through Nirvana Peak, laid out for ten years, cast a demon blade, and attracted visitors from all directions with the demon path as a guide.

And then on that rainy night, under the torrential rain and thunder and lightning, he killed fifteen thousand people and devoured their entire cultivation base physique.

Becoming Worldly Immortal.

Second day, after the rain passed, Zhao Minghuang swaggered in, suppressed the demonic blade, and set an example by sealing the demonic blade on Minghuang Mountain. After that, he would suppress the demonic blade and would not go out easily.

These pictures are extremely bloody, even crueler than the people in the demon path. Seeing that everyone is silent, Zhao Minghuang is afraid.

“Zhao Minghuang is too terrifying, this is a complete hypocrite, born with a demon.”

“The most terrifying thing about him is that along the way, there are many corpses behind him, but It’s terrifying to gain the reputation of a righteous leader.”

“The righteous leader is not as open as my Demon Sect. I have already said that these righteous path people are full of male thieves and female prostitutes.”

“terrifying, too terrifying, if there is no Immortal Dao Gold List to announce these things, no one will know about it.”

“Zhao Minghuang, damn you!!”

All kinds of comments poured in, and all the people of Human World were pissed off by Zhao Minghuang’s actions.

In the Human World where Zhao Minghuang is located, the people are also filled with righteous indignation, and all the people respond.

Zhao Minghuang, who is sitting on the steps of Golden Peak of Netherworld Sovereign Mountain at this moment, is righteous before sweeping away, his face is extremely evil, and he bows his head and smiles.

“Since it’s all exposed, let’s expose it.”

“I’m going to Dimensional Battlefield anyway, and no one can stop me from getting stronger.”

“The cries of the ants in the Human World are too loud.”

“Ordinary people talk about immortal, can’t courting death?”

Zhao Minghuang raised his head, his eyes were red, It’s full of bitter killing intents.

With the demonic blade in hand, with a bang, the void exploded directly, and a black blade glow penetrated Heaven and Earth, causing the void to rise and fall.

Here in the world, those who were filled with righteous indignation fell silent when they felt Zhao Minghuang’s sublimated imposing manner and the terrifying power of that demon blade.

Zhao Minghuang coldly snorted, rebellious: “What if it’s exposed, as long as I keep getting stronger, the ants can only look up.”

in the sky, Immortal Dao Gold List , which continues to change.

[Human World expert Zhao Minghuang, who hides from the sky and kills, ranks tenth on the list, rewarded with 500 points, an immortal dao cultivation technique. ใ€‘

Zhao Minghuang saw this scene, laughed heartily, very excited.

“Even the Immortal Dao Gold List rewarded me, and you mortals dare to talk about it?” Zhao Minghuang said excitedly.

Many Human Worlds, all the people were silent when they saw this scene.

On Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan saw this scene, brows slightly wrinkle: “Immortal Dao Gold List seems to be impartial, just manifesting his life, without punishing, because Zhao Minghuang is ranked the tenth expert in Human World, rewarded with points and immortal dao cultivation technique.โ€

It can be seen from this that Zhao Minghuang’s strength is still very terrifying.

There are countless Human Worlds under Immortal World. Each Human World has a cultivator, and the cultivator realm is high and low, but there is always a group of Peaks in each world.

These Peaks together form a huge group.

Zhao Minghuang can stand out from it, ranking 10th on the Immortal Dao Gold List, which is enough to see the terrifying of his strength.

“The tenth place Zhao Minghuang devoured more than 15,000 people and achieved Worldly Immortal. It’s already terrifying. How powerful are the first nine?” Li Qingshan murmured to himself.

He has always been confident in himself, but he has no confidence in whether he can make it to this list.

After all, Li Qingshan doesn’t know how the Immortal Dao Gold List ranks Human World experts.

“Don’t worry, keep watching, you are so strong, I feel sure you have a place.” Small Fox comforted Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan smiled slightly, said in a tranquil voice: “I’m not worried, they have all cultivated for hundreds of years, I’m only fifty years old, I still have a good time to go to cultivation, and I’m on this The list is about to announce my life, and it will be seen by all the people of Human World, which is not in line with my low-key character.”


Between Heaven and Earth, the Immortal Dao Gold List has changed again.

[Human World expert ninth place, Xia Wuji! ]

When Li Qingshan saw this name, he knew instantly that he was not from this world.

It’s impossible to think about it, after all, this Human World has been missing for three thousand years.

“We are just spectators, come and see the life of the ninth place.” Li Qingshan hugged Small Fox and sat down by the seaside of the bamboo forest.

Five Ghosts immediately brought the tea set, lit the incense, and sat there silently, watching the in the sky with Li Qingshan.

Awei made tea for Li Qingshan and occasionally looked at the sky.

It was fun.

At this moment, countless Human Worlds, countless mortals and top experts are looking at the sky.

Xia Wuji.

Who is this person?

Even Zhao Minghuang, who had just received the Immortal Dao Gold List award, was no longer excited at the moment, holding the demon blade he personally trained, and browsed tightly frowns.

“Who is this person who is above my head?” Zhao Minghuang stared at the sky with a gloomy face.

He thinks that his strength has been extraordinary and refined in Worldly Immortal realm, didn’t expect to only be in the top ten in the entire Human World ranking.

Zhao Minghuang was unwilling, coldly snorted and said: “I want to see how good the top nine are.”

Everyone is waiting for the Immortal Dao Gold List Introduce the situation of Xia Wuji.

Just like the introduction of the tenth Zhao Minghuang just now.

[Xia Wuji, born with a variant body, flowing with the bloodline of ancient warriors, was born only eighty years ago, set foot in the Worldly Immortal realm, and never failed in her life. ]

Another line of text appeared on the Immortal Dao Gold List.

This presentation is not as shocking as Zhao Minghuang just now.

After all, Zhao Minghuang has done something that people and gods are indignant about. Xia Wuji is just a genius self-introduction.

But the latter sentence, born 80 years ago, set foot in the Worldly Immortal realm, and never failed in his life, is still quite shocking.

You have to know the tenth place Zhao Minghuang, but it took three hundred years to set foot in the Worldly Immortal realm.

The ninth place, Xia Wuji, only took eighty years.

And never fail in life.

This presentation is incredible.

The tenth place Zhao Minghuang frowned when he saw it, he clenched his demonic blade and shook his head in disbelief: “The process from debut to breaking through Worldly Immortal has never failed. However, I don’t believe that someone can do it.”

Even if you are invincible at the same level, even if you can kill the enemy at a higher level, you cannot challenge Paragon Realm at Saint Realm.

Many worlds and many cultivators have the same idea as Zhao Minghuang.

But they can’t challenge it.

Because this is the Immortal Dao Gold List rating.

They can only wait silently, Immortal Dao Gold List will then briefly broadcast Xia Wuji’s life.

[Xia Wuji’s life is about to manifest between Heaven and Earth. ]

This time everyone is looking forward to it, waiting.


The next second, Heaven and Earth are dark.

The sky was clear just now, blue sky and white clouds, and now it has suddenly turned into a dark and boundless world.

But no one panicked, everyone knew that the Immortal Dao Gold List began to announce the life of the ninth human world expert.

The sky is the curtain.

Play a real event from the past.

Uncover the secrets of a dusty history.

On Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan, dressed in Tsing Yi, sat on a chair, holding a cup of tea, looking at the sky with great interest.

The story begins, in a farmhouse with smoke curling up, there is a baby just born, growing up carefree.

When he was four years old, two Peak experts suddenly flew in the sky to fight, and the war spread, directly destroying the village, and also affecting the children’s parents and close relatives.

Afterwards, one person wins and kills the other.

Then indifferently looked at the farmland of the village they destroyed, and flew away without looking back.

Only a four-year-old child crawled out of the ruins alone.

The flames of anger burned through him.

It is a real flame, born from the bloodline of infants and young children. This war made the young child witness the death of close relatives and friends. Under extreme anger, he awakened the ancient bloodline.

He has a variant body, but it doesn’t help much in cultivation, but it helps a lot in combat.

Those who saw this scene couldn’t help but sigh, two top cultivators aloof and remote, the aftermath of the battle destroyed the originally happy family.

It also creates a terrifying enemy.

Xia Wuji.

The child left his hometown and started to look for the enemy. He didn’t remember who the enemy was or where he came from, but he remembered the clothes he was wearing and the pictures and texts on the clothes.

Such a young man crossed the mountains and rivers, and went through suspended untold hardships along the way. From his First Stage fight to the time he finally found the enemy’s sect, he went through a thousand battles during this period.

Through a thousand battles, a Paragon Peak Realm was created.

The enemy of the juvenile is the Top Sect in their world, expert as clouds, friends all tell him to wait, break through Nirvana realm, and take revenge.

The boy said: “The hatred of parents, hatred of friends, hatred of relatives, can’t wait for a moment!” .

Then, a battle that lasted ten days and ten nights began.

A teenager singles out a Sect. In this Sect, there are three who own the Worldly Immortal realm.

The battle was fierce and the world thought he was an impossible success.

But ten days later, the young man with all the scars on his body walked out of this section slowly. Under the shocked eyes of countless Disciples, he did not start killing, but only killed the first evil.

There are also three Worldly Immortal experts who came to fight.

At Paragon Realm, they were all killed by one against three without losing their way.

The bravery of the young man has amazed many people.

Afterwards, he returned to his homeland, built the house he remembered, p

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