Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 79


Chapter 79 Inventory of Human World expert 2

When the screen of Xia Wuji ends, all the Human World, all the people They were all discussing excitedly.

It’s just that the things shown in the picture just now are too wonderful.

Everyone watched Xia Wuji hit Paragon Realm all the way from a young child, and watched him go all the way without failure, overwhelmed by emotions.

But in the end, when Xia Wuji went to the most powerful sect in their Human World with Paragon Realm, everyone’s heart was lifted.

After all, that’s a sect with three Worldly Immortal realms.

They were extremely arrogant, and they protected the person who caused Xia Wuji’s tragic experience back then, completely angering Xia Wuji.

He who has awakened Fighter Bloodline, the more fights the more brave is, is a violent temper, plus he is young and energetic, can’t stand it, and rushes directly.

That scene stunned everyone.

A Paragon Realm dares to fight against three Worldly Immortals, is this a brain-breaker?

Seeing that scene, no one thought he could win.

Even Li Qingshan is slightly frowned.

Can he fight Worldly Immortal while thinking about his Paragon Realm?

Li Qingshan finally came to a conclusion that he was not good at that time.

At that time, he had not yet grasped the speed of the Fusion Sword Dao, the Space Grand Dao, and the incomparable strength he is now.

Although Li Qingshan has roots like a forest, he needs to grow slowly. He doesn’t have the Fighter Bloodline that Xia Wuji was born with.

In the battle in the sect, the fight was extremely tragic. Xia Wuji exchanged injuries for injuries, and the more she fought, the more courageous she became, directly activating all bloodline, overdrawing part of her power, and turning her whole body into a little fireman, forcibly. Desperately killed three Worldly Immortals to avenge their parents.

In the end, the moment he walked out of the sect dragging his wounded body, he won the cheers of the whole world.

Even Zhao Minghuang, who was not angry at first, was silent.

He didn’t dare the Paragon Realm and faced the three Worldly Immortals alone.

On Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan entire group watched Xia Wuji’s life and was filled with emotion.

“Dawei, do you think Xia Wuji is great?” Li Qingshan asked Dawei.

Dawei is also a genius. He has a spirituality that is unattainable for ordinary people. He even died because of it in his childhood. If it hadn’t been for Li Qingshan to help him resolve it, I’m afraid Dawei would no longer be here at this moment.

And Dawei, who resolved the crisis, with his super spirituality, the road to cultivation is also very smooth.

He’s not too far from the Worldly Immortal realm.

But Dawei knows how big the gap between himself and Xia Wuji is, so big that he doesn’t even dare to compare with Xia Wuji, only Mr. Na and Xia Wuji.

“Sir, Xia Wuji is a peerless genius. His bloodline is very terrifying. The more he fights, the stronger he gets. As long as he doesn’t kill him in an instant, it will be a headache.” Dawei said sharply. .

To deal with Xia Wuji, you can only kill him in a flash, and you can’t fight him for a long time.

Li Qingshan is not afraid of Xia Wuji, and his Space Grand Dao will defeat the opponent to the death.

“It’s a pity that Small Fox was born too short. If you give her another 40 years, with the bloodline of Nine Tailed Monster Fox, she should be able to make the list.” Small Fox, who was stroked by Li Qingshan, said regretfully. .

Small Fox disagreed and said: “I just want to stay by your side, I don’t like fighting and killing, and I want to show all my life on the list. If I am on the list, you let everyone In the world, do all the people see how you have been held in your arms for several decades?”

Li Qingshan hearing this laughed heartily.


If Small Fox was on the list, she probably spent most of her life in Li Qingshan’s arms.

“Let’s see what kind of rewards Immortal Dao Gold List will give to Xia Wuji.” Li Qingshan said expectantly.

Small Fox Dawei and Five Ghosts are looking forward to it.

The tenth place, Zhao Minghuang, gave 500 points of Dimensional Battlefield and a copy of immortal dao cultivation technique.

Ninth place Xia Wuji should get a little more than him.

Not only Li Qingshan is looking forward to it, but all the people of Human World are looking forward to it.

I saw a line of words appear on the Immortal Dao Gold List.

[Human World expert Xia Wuji, unparalleled fighting, full of fighting intent, ranked ninth on the list, rewarded with 800 points, an immortal dao cultivation technique, and a Half-Immortal Artifact! ]

As soon as this reward came out, everyone was excited.

Even if it’s not their own, everyone is very happy to see that a righteous person like Xia Wuji is rewarded more than an evil person like Zhao Minghuang.

“didn’t expect the ninth place rewarded a Half-Immortal Artifact, I’m so envious.”

“Xia Wuji has been awarded the highest award along the way. Well deserved, as long as I have more than Zhao Minghuang, I’m happy.”

“Indeed, Zhao Minghuang is not worthy at all.”

“Xia Wuji can get such a reward, presumably after entering Dimensional Battlefield , it should be able to shine.”

“That’s for sure, the top ten on the Immortal Dao Gold List are the top ten among all experts in Human World, and they can’t be big in Dimensional Battlefield. Luminous, do we still need to go in?โ€

โ€œI suddenly thought that if Zhao Minghuang and Xia Wuji entered the Dimensional Battlefield together, if the two met, would Xia Wuji directly Beat Zhao Minghuang to death?”

“hahahahaha, I think it’s very possible.”

“I also think it’s possible, after all, looking at Xia Wuji’s life, he is a pretty decent guy. People can’t get along with Zhao Minghuang.”

The people of Human World discussed spiritedly, swept away the haze that just appeared because of Zhao Minghuang.

People are praising Xia Wuji and belittling Zhao Minghuang by the way.

Human World, where Zhao Minghuang is located, also has such a voice.

Zhao Minghuang complexion ashen sitting in the great hall of the top of the cloud like this, clenching the demonic blade, his aura is cold.

Especially when Xia Wuji was rewarded with a few hundred more points than him, a Half-Immortal Artifact, Zhao Minghuang was very angry.

It’s only a little short, but your reward is so much richer than mine.

I haven’t beaten him, how do you know I can’t beat him?

Zhao Minghuang is very angry.

He felt that Immortal Dao Gold List was unfair.

But Immortal Dao Gold List ignored him and continued to announce the rest.

Between Heaven and Earth, the Immortal Dao Gold List is changing again.

The endless golden light sprinkled down, making the world pay attention to the Immortal Dao Gold List, and a line of words appeared on it.

ใ€Human World expert No. 8, Beirong! ]

Seeing this name, Li Qingshan knew that it was not from their Human World.

Small Fox asked: “Guess whether this eighth place is good or bad?”

Dawei shook his head directly: “No guessing, how can we people in this world guess, It’s either good or bad anyway.”

“Why is it either a good person or a bad person? Can’t he be the middle part?” Li Qingshan said slowly.

“Anyway, as long as it’s not as bad as Zhao Minghuang.” Small Fox doesn’t care, she only has this one request, and Zhao Minghuang is really angry.

Dawei nods, agreeing with Small Fox’s statement.

Li Qingshan smiled gently and continued to watch the Immortal Dao Gold List in the sky, waiting for the follow-up.

In another world, another Human World, the phrase Immortal Dao Gold List has aroused the curiosity of countless people.

โ€œThe eighth place on the Immortal Dao Gold List is Beirong, is he the Great Emperor Beirong of this world?โ€

โ€œGreat Emperor Beirong, the founder of the Beirong Empire, is also the Beirong Beirong. The pillar of the Rong Empire, he is actually on the list?”

“The Beirong Empire is located in the northwest, with strong folk customs and strong culture winds. The legend of Emperor Beirong is not conspicuous.”

“Yes, Great Emperor Beirong is very low-key. If it weren’t for the title of Immortal Dao Gold List, I would never have imagined that he was so strong.”

There is a lot of talk at this moment, many people know Great Emperor Beirong, after all, he created a huge empire.

At this moment, Beirong Empire, the Imperial Family forbidden area.

An old man raised his head, his face wrinkled but his eyes were clear, looking at the Immortal Dao Gold List in the sky, frowning.

“The last time Immortal Dao Gold List came, it was just to take stock of the experts in this Human World. At that time, I used the ancient method to shield my cultivation base and was not brought into the Dimensional Battlefield. This time I also used the ancient method. I blocked my own cultivation base, but the effect is ineffective?” The old man’s eyes were full of doubts.

“Not good, all the people on the list must publish their lives, and my life cannot be published.” Great Emperor Beirong complexion greatly changed.

He immediately contacts someone.

In the south of this continent, there is a kingdom called the Great Emperor Xia. The opener of the Great Emperor Xia is called Emperor Xia, from the same place as the Great Emperor Beirong.

“Emperor Xia, I’m on the list.” Great Emperor Beirong sound transmission in a low tone.

On a Nine-Storey Pagoda in the building, there is a middle age person who is also looking at the Immortal Dao Gold List in the sky, just about to answer the Great Emperor Beirong, but he sees Immortal Another line of words appeared on the Dao Gold List.

ใ€Human World expert seventh place, Emperor Xia! ]

Seeing this line of words, Emperor Xia’s face was extremely ugly in an instant.

“Beirong, you leaked our news?” Emperor Xia couldn’t help asking.

“Put your mother’s fart, I’m tired of living, I don’t want to court death myself?” Great Emperor Beirong responded in the air.

“We know our affairs, you know me, we have been using ancient methods to cover up our breath all these years, and we have never been found by the Immortal Dao Gold List. Why this time you and I are together Listed?” Emperor Xia gritted his teeth and said angrily.

“How do I know about you, once my affairs are exposed, it will be a bolt from the blue for us. Even if we enter the Dimensional Battlefield, we will have a hard time.” Great Emperor Beirong roared in a low voice, emotionally It’s messy and I don’t know what to do.

“I have to stop the Immortal Dao Gold List and not expose our life.” Emperor Xia said anxiously.

โ€œHow to stop it?โ€ Great Emperor Beirong asked rhetorically.

Emperor Xia fell silent.

Yeah, how to stop it?

This is the Immortal Dao Gold List, which represents the power behind it, not something they can compete with.

Emperor Xia looked at the sky in despair, a heart drooping continuously.

While Emperor Xia was arguing with the Great Emperor Beirong, countless people in the Human World were shocked when they saw this scene.

“Does the eighth and seventh appear together?”

“Yeah, didn’t it all appear one by one before?”

” Could it be that there is a connection between the eighth and seventh place, so they appear together?”

“I’m so excited, two top experts from Human World appear together, there is definitely a big difference. Secret.”

All the Human World experts stared intently at the Immortal Dao Gold List, wondering what to do next.

On Thinking Cliff, Small Fox was also surprised: “Yeah, these two people appeared together, guess what is their relationship?”

Dawei shook his head: “I don’t know. “

Small Fox frowned, disliked him very much, and looked at Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan shook his head slightly, showing a smile, and said, “I don’t know either.”

“It’s okay, let’s wait for the Immortal Dao Gold List to be announced.” Small Fox said softly .

Attitude and just dislike Awei incomparable.

Awei is used to this.

For Small Fox, everything Li Qingshan said was right, and everything he said was wrong.

Li Qingshan looked at the sky and noticed that the Immortal Dao Gold List was updated with new content.

[Eighth and seventh, because of the same thing on the list together. ]

[The reason for the list is smuggling, killing hundreds of thousands of pregnant women over a thousand years. ]

As soon as this news appeared, it immediately made the human world and countless people stare with rage.

“Killing hundreds of thousands of pregnant women within a thousand years?”

“What kind of devil operation is this?”

“Beasts, pregnant women and children are One body, that means they two rubbish killed millions of mother and child together?”

“Wait, they are still smuggling, what’s the situation?”

“Smuggling? I don’t understand, I’m shocked.”

“No wonder these two founders have been keeping a low profile. Whatever they do, whether it’s the righteous path, the demonic path, or the Monster Race, will always be the case. Hunt them down.”

“Yeah, pregnant women and children are vulnerable groups. As the Peak powerhouse, they go to kill them. Is there a serious illness in their hearts?”

The world is outraged.

Whether it is the righteous path, the demonic path, or the Monster Race, seeing hundreds of thousands of people killed, the blood pressure of pregnant women will suddenly rise.

Pregnant women and children are vulnerable groups, and children are the hope for the future of the world. No organization will kill children and pregnant women indiscriminately.

What Beirong and Emperor Xia did was instantly cast aside by all the people.

As for doubts?

This is announced by Immortal Dao Gold List, and their lives will be shown next, no one doubts.

Believe in Immortal Dao Gold List.

ย โ€ฆ

Beirong Empire.

Beirong saw the text published by Gold List first, and sat down on the chair with a soft body, his face a little flustered.

โ€œEmperor Xia, what should I do now?โ€ Beirong contacted Emperor Xia in a panic.

The things they did get published on the Immortal Dao Gold List, and that’s bad for them next.

And Emperor Xia, who was standing on the ninth layer high-rise, had a gloomy face and messy thoughts.

“Wait a minute and see the follow-up development. If it is really impossible, let’s go. Although Human World is very comfortable, we can’t go to Dimensional Battlefield and lose our life.” Emperor Xia replied Beirong .

“Okay.” Beirong agreed immediately, but after thinking about it, his face twitched and his flesh ached, and he couldn’t bear to live comfortably now.

But there is no way, the Immortal Dao Gold List has changed, and they are directly pulled out.

In between their conversations, Immortal Dao Gold List updated the text again.

ใ€The life of the eighth and seventh place is about to be shown. ]

This time everyone is looking forward to it, waiting.

They looked angrily.


The next second, Heaven and Earth are dimmed.

The sky was clear just now, blue sky and white clouds, but now it has suddenly turned into a dark and boundless world.

But everyone is already familiar with it, staring at the sky, they want to see what the origins of these two innumerable sinners are.

The story of Beirong and Emperor Xia begins in the sky.

The story begins a thousand years ago.

Human World is not the only one, there are many Human Worlds under Immortal World.

However, there are other worlds besides Immortal World.

But because each world has a protective cover of One Layer Heaven, it can ensure that other worlds cannot be violated.

This shield is called the world barrier.

Seeing the world barrier, everyone understands why Beirong and Emperor Xia are smuggled here.

Li Qingshan was shocked when he saw this scene: “It turns out that the two of them are not from the Human World, but they were smuggled from the outside world.”

“This world barrier is watching Very strong, how did Beirong and Emperor Xia sneak in?” Li Qingshan wondered in his heart.

His doubts were quickly answered.

In the sky, everyone saw two animals that looked like caterpillars emerge from the world barrier.

They have a very low cultivation base, far from reaching the Worldly Immortal realm.

But they are eating the world barrier.

Like worms gnawing on green leaves, these two larvae gnawed at the world barrier.

Very hard to gnaw a small hole and let them get in.

The world barrier repairs itself, so after they gnaw, the hole closes, and they can only move forward, not back.

The two larvae struggled in succession, and it took a hundred years to bite through the world barrier and come to Human World.

But at that time they had the sun set behind the western hills, time is limited.

After coming to Human World, they should have exhausted their efforts to die, but a pregnant woman passed by, and the two larvae were attracted by the Innate Qi of the pregnant woman and the baby, exhausted their last strength, they drilled It entered the body of the pregnant woman, swallowed the baby, and absorbed all the energy of the pregnant woman.

They lived on.

Then they seemed to have discovered the way to survive, and they began to work together to trap pregnant women. They succeeded again and again, and they became stronger and stronger.

Until the end, two larvae Human Transformation.

Beirong and Emperor Xia.

This process alone has killed tens of thousands of pregnant women.

The viewers were so angry that they scolded them, especially when they saw the sacrifices of those pregnant women and babies in exchange for the transformation of two alien insects, they were trembling with anger.

Some Peak experts shouted: “Beirong, Emperor Xia, damn you.”

righteous path, demonic path, Monster Race, all the experts are furious.

All the voices came together into one sentence.

Beirong, Emperor Xia, damn it! ! !

Li Qingshan watched this scene with a cold face. If Beirong and Emperor Xia were in front of him now, he would definitely kill them on the spot.

Unfortunately, they belong to different Human Worlds.

The picture in the sky continues to play.

Beirong and Emperor Xia separated after Human Transformation, one went to the south and the other went to the north.

They laid down large tracts of land and formed a country at the same time.

Then, secretly continued to devour pregnant women.

Of course, they do it more secretly.

However, after thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of pregnant women have been killed.

At the end, when the scene in the sky came to an abrupt end, both Beirong and Emperor Xia were resigned.

In the past, they could dig through the world barrier to Human World, and now they can dig through the world barrier and return to their homeland.

They don’t want to go to Dimensional Battlefield.

But the next second, a line of words appeared on the Immortal Dao Gold List.

ใ€Beirong and Emperor Xia are not allowed to leave! ]

[Rewards will be issued soon. ]

[The eighth and seventh place will be rewarded with one thousand points, two immortal dao cultivation technique and two Half-Immortal Artifact. ]

Immortal Dao Gold List After updating these words, Beirong and Emperor Xia felt their bodies froze.

They were targeted by the Immortal Dao Gold List and have no chance to escape the Human World.

Must go to Dimensional Battlefield.

And seeing this text updated by Immortal Dao Gold List, the top experts of Human World were immediately excited.

For example, Li Qingshan, he said with a cold face: “When I set foot in Dimensional Battlefield, it will be your doomsday.”

And Ranked 9th Xia Wuji, is also gearing up, fiercely Said: “Old man’s fist for several decades has never hit anyone, you two small insects mutilate women and babies. When I go to Dimensional Battlefield, see how I crush you two.”

Xia of several decades of self-cultivation Wuji felt that his mentality was calm enough, but he was still incensed by Beirong and Emperor Xia. Not killing him was not enough to vent his anger.

Just when everyone was outraged, the reappeared change on the Immortal Dao Gold List.

[Human World expert sixth place, Li Xunxian. ]

[The reason for the list is that a boy seeking immortals died twice and became an immortal three times. ]

The people in the world who saw this scene were stunned in place.

Even the indignation towards Beirong and Emperor Xia just now was shocked by this news.

A boy seeking immortals, died twice and became immortals three times.

How is this possible?

Innumerable people were talking frantically.

Even on Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan looked at it in amazement and said, “There are so many hidden experts in this Human World.”

Just by reading this paragraph, Li Qingshan knew that this expert from his own family had the same idea as the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha, that he wanted to become an immortal in the world.

But Li Qingshan is more curious, he can be resurrected again after two deaths, this ability is great.

“It’s your Old Li family.” Small Fox exclaimed.

Li Qingshan raised his chin, but did not speak.

“Sir, I used to think that I was very powerful, and I became a Nirvana realm when I was less than a few dozen years old, but now Tian Yi sees this Human World true expert and feels like he was viewing the sky from the bottom of a well.” Awei said with emotion.

“It’s good to have this kind of awareness. Never feel that you are truly invincible. You must know that a Master must always have the heart of an apprentice.” Li Qingshan said.

Awei seriously nodded and took the words to heart.

Li Qingshan continued to watch the Immortal Dao Gold List in the sky.

He wanted to know the life of this Li Xunxian.

In another Human World, a huge immortal mountain, a youngster looked at the Immortal Dao Gold List calmly, without saying a word, neither joy nor sorrow.

“Have you been found?” Li Xunxian said softly after a while.

He did nothing, quietly waiting for the Immortal Dao Gold List to continue to be updated.


The next second, the world is completely dark.

As the world knows, this is the beginning of the life of Li Xunxian.

Everyone is looking forward to it.

Want to see the life of this genius who died twice and became immortal in the Human World three times.

In a fairy mountain, Li Xunxian looked at the darkened sky and fell into memory.

“Can I really recreate the life of my previous two lives?” Li Xunxian asked softly.

He was not impatient or angry, but calmly accepted all this.

Although he didn’t want to expose himself, he felt that he didn’t really achieve immortality.

He doesn’t want to enter Dimensional Battlefield.

But since it has been discovered, the matter has come to this point, so I can only accept it calmly.

To be honest, Li Xunxian really wanted to see the past.

It’s not about missing the past, it’s just remembering the people who used to be.

The former partners, relatives, friends, and lovers who have long since disappeared from his life…

As he continuously pursues the world and becomes immortal, these relatives have not been there for a long time. again in his life.

He didn’t even dream about midnight.

So now he stares at the sky and wants to see the past.

He wanted to remember the things he cared about.

He didn’t want to forget.

Forgetting the past is tantamount to betrayal.

A person who has no past, no matter how persistently pursues the realm of immortals, it is only in vain.

Ten seconds later, the sky becomes the stage.

With the sky as the curtain, play a past event that no one knows about.

The world is watching and thinking differently.

Some of them are watching the drama, some are nervous, some are relaxed, some are curious…

After experiencing the extremely disgusting Beirong and Emperor Xia just now, everyone is very tolerant towards Li Xunxian Spend.

As long as he doesn’t do evil.

In the picture, there is a boy herding cows. He was grazing in the wild, but accidentally fell into a deep valley and encountered a treasure.

In this treasure, he saw many magnificent spells, powerful methods of cultivation, and the word that accompanied him throughout his life.


The teen clenched the [Immortal], and then based on other cultivation techniques, began to rise.

In this process, the innate talent and wisdom displayed by the teenagers are far beyond the world’s cognition.

The teenager is a peerless genius.

His meteoric rise, Insights Heaven and Earth, met many people and things.

In this story, I watched Li Xunxian in a daze, that was what he looked like in his first life.

The people who appeared on the scene while watching the lanterns were all the people he cared about.

Li Xunxian tried hard to remember the appearance of these people and engraved it in the depths of his memory.

Later, he gave up this life, chose a new life, and started a new story.

When the screen is played here, many people feel strange in their hearts, isn’t this the rise of a genius?

Get the chance, then innate talent is outstanding, and then rise against the sky.

Is this different from what Immortal Dao Gold List said?

But the next scene made the world see something different.

The teenager encountered a great monster, a goshawk, Worldly Immortal realm. The two fought, and after exhaustion, they fell heavily off a cliff, seriously injured and dying.

The young boy survived, but the goshawk died of serious injuries.

But the boy didn’t have much time left, and his body was exhausted.

During times of crisis, the young man remembered a Divine Soul Great Art he had learned. In the deserted within the valley, he designed the body of the first generation and integrated it into the body of the goshawk.

Then, as Monster Race, he rose against the sky again.

The teenager became a Monster Race, and he has been alone, silently cultivating, comprehending the cultivation trajectory that is different from others, and his strength is getting stronger and stronger.

Because he is now a goshawk, he is not suitable for Human Race, so he occasionally saved Monster Race and was praised by Monster Race.

But as he gets stronger, Monster Race sees him as a core, but Human Race expert sees him as a scourge.

At a certain time, on a large seashore, nine Worldly Immortal experts of Human Race, surrounded him and imprisoned him, could not let Monster Race’s power grow again.

Li Xunxian talked to them, but couldn’t change the ending.

A battle begins.

Li Xunxian fought bloody battles. He fought against nine Human Race experts by himself, and killed eight of them with the body of Monster Race. In the end, internal injuries were all over the place. Kill the last one.

In the end, he fell into the sea and sank into the seabed.

The Monster Race body is also eaten by seabed fish.

Fortunately, a remnant of his soul escaped and was possessed by a dying boy.

And then this life, it only took him less than fifty years to set foot on the Worldly Immortal realm again.

Having absorbed the experience of the previous two times, Li Xunxian at this time chose to keep a low profile, live in seclusion in the mountains, and silently comprehend immortal strength.

He fuses the strength of the three worlds together and reaches a new high, which is why he was able to make the list, Ranked 6th.

When the last time the picture was dim, the people in the world gently put out a breath and were amazed by what happened to Li Xunxian.

Die twice, become immortal three times, and finally the three become one, possessing invincible power.

The way he walks can be admired by the world as Qingqing is dignified and upright, just like Xia Wuji.

Li Qingshan also read the life of Li Xunxian, his familymate, and sighed: “There are still many experts, and there is never a shortage of geniuses.”

Small Fox and Awei both Nodding, agreeing that Li Xunxian is a genius.

Ever since the Immortal Dao Gold List came, neither of them have ever called themselves geniuses.

It’s really being beaten by the people above.

Whether it is a righteous path, an evil demon, or just innate talent, the people on the list are indeed invincible.

[Human World expert Li Xunxian, died twice, became immortal three times, ranked sixth on the list, rewarded 150 points, three immortal dao cultivation technique, three Half-Immortal Artifact . ]

Immortal Dao Gold List is updated again.

The rewards are so rich that many people are envious of drooling.

For example, Zhao Minghuang, the tenth on the list.

He was crazy with jealousy.

After the end of Li Xunxian, the spirits of the world were lifted and they looked forward to the Immortal Dao Gold List.

Next are fifth to first.

We have experienced five peerless geniuses including Zhao Minghuang, Xia Wuji, Beirong and Emperor Xia, and Li Xunxian.

The world has witnessed their strength and wisdom.

I also saw their wickedness and became mad.

Looking forward to 5th to 1st place more.

After all, Li Xunxian, who has become an immortal in three generations, can only be ranked sixth.

Beirong and Emperor Xia, who do evil things, can only be ranked seventh and eighth.

Xia Wuji with Fighter Bloodline, and Zhao Minghuang, who has annihilated his true heart and killed him, can only be ranked ninth and tenth.

How powerful are the first five?

Everyone is looking forward to it.

Even Zhao Minghuang, Xia Wuji, Beirong and Emperor Xia, and Li Xunxian are looking forward to it.

They also want to know, what is the ability of the people still above them?

Immortal Dao Gold List without much delay.

After a short break, let all the people calm down, Immortal Dao Gold List has announced new content.

[Human World expert fifth place, Daoist Abundant Treasures! ]

Li Qingshan raised his brows when he saw this. Could this fifth place be a Daoist?

He is not the only one who has this idea. After seeing the name Daoist Abundant Treasures, the first thought is the same as Li Qingshan, who thinks he is a Taoist.

But the next update to the Gold List is beyond everyone’s expectations.

[The reason for Daoist Abundant Treasures on the list is that an incomplete magical treasure gave birth to its own spirituality, became a new lifeform, took root in the Human World, and counted as an expert in the Human World. ]

This reason surprised everyone.

Everyone is guessing that Daoist Abundant Treasures is the expert of Daoist, didn’t expect an instant, Immortal Dao Gold List updated these contents.

The Daoist Abundant Treasures turned out to be a mutilated magical treasure.

This is incredible.

(End of this chapter)

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