Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Cleaning

This is a Secret Sect monk.

Li Qingshan’s memories contain news of such monks.

They were born in the Western Territory countries, where the countries stand in great numbers, sect fighting, and chaos, so the monks are naturally hostile, different from the Central Plain monks.

The angry eyes Vajra King said in the Buddhist scriptures, they are, if they don’t agree, they will kill you to see.

Li Qingshan secretly observed that this is a monk from the Grandmaster Realm. He already has the Grandmaster Peak. He has opened the Grandmaster domain to the maximum, a distance of a full kilometer, and monitors all around.

Li Qingshan stepped on his domain, and he couldn’t find it even at a distance of 100 meters. This was because the realm gap was too large.

Although they are both Grandmasters, there are differences between Grandmaster Realm.

The monk looked at the Monument Forest in front of him with a happy expression and muttered to himself.

“Amitabha, didn’t expect the Thinking Cliff to enter the gate of ascension so easily.”

“Three thousand years ago, the Western Territory Buddhism Great Saint rebelled in the Central Plain and defeated countless The righteous path Great Sect was rampant for a time, and traveled thousands of miles to provoke the Ascension Sect.”

β€œBut the Ascension Sect at that time was the first in the righteous path, with great strength, and the Headmaster was just a sword to overwhelm the Buddhist Great Sect. Saint, imprisoned him in a stone tablet, and left him in Thinking Cliff.”

“Then the war broke out, the whole culture world was in chaos, and the Buddhaism Great Saint was gradually forgotten.”

“But no one knows that the Buddhist Great Saint was trapped in a stone tablet and took away the most important Buddhist scriptures in the Western Territory.”

“Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture!”

“Without the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, the Secret Sect of the Western Territory has been sinking for a long time. This time I followed the Master to visit the ascension gate. I must find the stone tablet in the dark and understand the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture. “

“It is our duty to recast the glory of Secret Sect!”

The monk is very happy, he didn’t expect to come to Thinking Cliff so easily.

It can be seen that the people in the ascension gate do not know the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture.

He was looking for Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture in the huge Monument Forest like a sea.


Li Qingshan watched from behind, the monk quickly looking for the stone tablet, continuously going deep.

He didn’t bother the other party.

β€œThree Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture?”

β€œIs this the Secret Sect Supreme cultivation technique?”

β€œLooking at the monk so nervous, it should be a A powerful cultivation technique.”

Li Qingshan didn’t bother the monk and let the monk figure it out for himself.

This is the middle of the night.

The monk is very hardworking, persevering and always looking for.

Of course, over time, the anger of not being able to find him also started to rise, just trying to keep it down.

He was in a hurry. If he was found during the day, he would be dead end.

Sneak to Thinking Cliff and be discovered by the ascension door, it must be a thunder method.

Fortunately, in the second half of the night, he didn’t know how far into the Monument Forest, and finally saw the stone tablet engraved with the three statues of Buddha Ancestor.

“This is the Secret Sect Supreme method, the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture. It’s here, abandoned like a piece of shit, nobody cares about it, it’s just reckless waste of natural resources.”

The monk trembled with excitement, exploded with joy, and said tremblingly.

“As long as I comprehend the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, I am the contemporary Buddha Ancestor, when the time comes to unify the Western Territory, recast the Secret Sect glory, lead a large army, counterattack Central Plain, just around the corner!”


“Those who look down on me, those Central Plain people who are aloof and remote, I will use their flesh and blood to forge my prestige!”

The monk stretched out his hand and continuously stroked Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture stone tablet, full of excitement, looking forward to the future.

Li Qingshan listened from behind, frowned.

β€œcough cough!”

He coughed.

“Who?” The monk was startled and turned around immediately, sullen, surprised and angry.

“The person who guards the monument!” Li Qingshan said in a tranquil voice, stepping out of the moonlight.

“The person who guards the monument, you are the elder disciple of the previous ascension gate, the prince of the Great Yan Dynasty whose cultivation base and roots were abolished?” The monk recognized Li Qingshan and put a heart in his stomach. Inside, he smiled and looked at Li Qingshan with great disdain.

“It’s me.” Li Qingshan nodded.

“Since you found me, I’m sorry. I’m going to cut off your head. I can’t let others know about this. If you want to blame me, I’m going to blame you for meddling with your business.” The monk stared fiercely. Li Qingshan.

“Even if you cut off my head, you can’t take Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture with you.” Li Qingshan was not angry, but said with a slight smile.

“What did you say?” The monk widened his eyes, furiously shouted.

“Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture is engraved on a stone tablet, but can you comprehend it?” Li Qingshan disdainful smile.

Monument Keeper Old Man But said, comprehend the cultivation technique on the stone tablet, will be sucked away spirituality, which is perception.

The stronger the cultivation technique, the more spirituality is absorbed.

Since the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture is so important, how much spirituality needs to be absorbed?

This monk must not have max-level comprehension, so Li Qingshan asserts that he cannot comprehend the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture.

“I can’t comprehend it? You yourself put the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture here, ripping off the gods and saying that I don’t understand?” The monk didn’t believe Li Qingshan’s words at all, and smiled sarcastically.

“You can give it a try.” Li Qingshan raised his hand.

The monk stared at Li Qingshan, then at the stone tablet, suspicious.

“I’m a waste anyway, what are you afraid of? Give it a try.” Li Qingshan smiled slightly and said.

The monk looked towards the stone tablet and understood it seriously. He believed that he could understand it.

But reality hits the face.

He realized it earnestly and gradually got better, but suddenly he felt a pain in his head, as if something was being sucked out, he screamed, covered his head, and hurriedly backed away.

Li Qingshan watched Qingqing Chuchu from the side.

This is perception, also known as spirituality, assimilated by Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture.

The monk’s cultivation speed will be greatly reduced in the future.

Of course, he also has a future.

“It’s impossible, this stone tablet can actually suck spirituality?” The monk looked surprised and angry in disbelief.

“I said you couldn’t understand it.” Li Qingshan said aside.

“I’ll kill you!” The monk was extremely angry, he vented all his anger on Li Qingshan, stepped out in one step, grasped with five fingers, and spurted out the surging True Qi.

Secret Sect Heart Destroying Claw!

The monk’s brain hurts a lot. He doesn’t want to listen to Li Qingshan. He just wants to kill people and vent his anger and pain.

The extremely angry monk didn’t notice that Li Qingshan, who was smiling just now, looked indifferent at the moment, looking at him like he was looking at a dead man.

He didn’t do it himself.

In his shadow, Five Ghosts suddenly sprang out, with a huge body of two or three meters, and a hideous face, like Rakshasa taking his life.


Five Ghosts have been cleaning since they were created by Li Qingshan. They are eager to kill. Now that they can get their wish, they are naturally full of strength.

And absorbed the Five Ghosts of five emperors Great Demonic God, all of them have Grandmaster level strength.

The five Rakshasa charged ahead together, and with a bang, the monk from Secret Sect was torn apart in an instant.

No resistance at all.

Blood and minced meat all over the place.

Li Qingshan walked over, shook his head in disgust, looked at the Five Ghosts, frowned, and said, “The people you kill are responsible for cleaning up this place so that no one can find it.”

Five Ghosts is dumbfounded.

If they said they would clean up earlier, they wouldn’t do it all over the place.

They looked at Li Qingshan pleadingly.

Li Qingshan ignored it and walked directly to the stone tablet of the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, earnestly comprehending it.

(End of this chapter)

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