Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 80


Chapter 80 Inventory Human World expert 3

On Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan also looked at the sky in surprise.

The reason given by Immortal Dao Gold List is beyond everyone’s imagination. The fifth-ranked Human World expert turned out to be a magical treasure, which is incredible.

Many people are watching expectantly.

I especially want to know how a magical treasure has its own spirituality.

Everyone is waiting for the Immortal Dao Gold List to reveal the life of Daoist Abundant Treasures.

A Human World.

In the ten-mile peach forest, the peach blossoms are in full bloom, and there is a young man sitting under the peach blossom tree.

Daoist Abundant Treasures.

He is looking at the Immortal Dao Gold List in the sky.

It’s just that Daoist Abundant Treasures didn’t expect himself to be on the list, and he’s still at No. 5.

“I thought this Li Xunxian was amazing enough, didn’t expect me to be on the list.” Daoist Abundant Treasures laughed. Although he didn’t want to expose his life on the list, he had nothing to do. .

He couldn’t stop the Immortal Dao Gold List after all.

That can only be accepted.

Fortunately, his life is not as bad as the first two.

After ten seconds, the world suddenly turned black.

The sky is the curtain, revealing a picture of the past.

The beginning of the picture is a world-shattering battle. The battle scene is not in the Human World, but outside the Human World, in the dimension.

The aftermath of the battle was huge, and a strand of power seemed to be able to split a Human World in half, which made the world stunned and couldn’t believe it.

“What is this? It’s immortal to fight outside of Human World, in dimensions.”

“It’s indeed immortal, it’s definitely terrifying immortal.”

“Could it be that Daoist Abundant Treasures is a real immortal?”

“Impossible is immortal. If it were immortal, Daoist Abundant Treasures would never be fifth.”

The world discusses spiritedly.

And within the ten-mile radius of the peach blossoms, Daoist Abundant Treasures stared blankly.

“This is the master’s last battle.”

“The Immortal Dao Gold List even manifested this battle.”

“Then The mysterious silhouette in battle is the master.”

Daoist Abundant Treasures said in a trembling voice.

The aftermath of the battle was huge, and all kinds of immortal lights burst out, preventing others from looking towards that picture.

Everyone can’t see what the people in the picture look like.

But a dozen people can be seen beating one.

That mysterious silhouette is very powerful, with a thirty three layers pagoda on top of it, which is invincible and resists all immortal techniques.

The battle scene flies by quickly, and after more than ten seconds, the picture freezes at that moment.

While that mysterious silhouette killed more than a dozen experts, it also exhausted its source, powerless.

Before dying, he threw that thirty three layers pagoda to the Human World.

Pagoda was also badly damaged, using the last ounce of energy to smash through the barriers of the world and landed on an unnamed mountain.

The picture is frozen on this pagoda.

The eyes of the world are on this thirty three layers pagoda.

Battles in dimensions outside the Human World, this pagoda played a huge role, and everyone knew it was a very powerful Immortal Artifact.

At this moment, everyone gradually understood that Daoist Abundant Treasures probably refers to this pagoda.

So they all watched intently.

Under the manifestation of Immortal Dao Gold List, this thirty three layers pagoda began its own transformation.

Falling into the pagoda in the mountains, no one cares and no master controls it.

Time flies so slowly.

The thirty three layers pagoda is covered with years, covered with dirt, and tangled with vines.

In this Great Nameless Mountain, no one knows.

Silently absorbed Heaven and Earth Essence, Sun Moon Spiritual Qi, and started his own transformation.

Maybe 10,000 years, or maybe 50,000 years, without the control of the owner, the pagoda moved on its own.

Under the moonlight, he began to transform. The bright moonlight shone down on Pagoda. Gradually, Pagoda gave birth to his spiritual wisdom and became a teenager.

This scene stunned the world.

“What is this?”

“magical treasure transforms itself?”

“This is impossible, if you say monster beast transforms, it is Because they are also life, so are the tree transformations, but the treasure is different, they are cold magical treasures.”

“Immortal Artifacts are all refined by the great cultivators themselves, and they are powerful formidable. power, but no life.”

“Even if there is some sense of treasure, it is a mysterious and mysterious feeling born after years of running-in with the master.”

“magical treasure transforms, this is the first time in history?”

No one is not shocked, magical treasure transforms, something that has never happened in the past countless years.

After all, from the beginning of cultivation to the Immortal Realm world, it is possible to create magical treasure, which is nothing more than a distinction between strength and weakness.

But these magical treasures created by cultivators will not have life.

But…the picture in front of me broke everyone’s imagination.

Some cultivators with magical treasure looked down at their magical treasure and fell into contemplation.

Will their magical treasure become a new lifeform?

On Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan was also a little surprised.

But after he was surprised, he was relieved.

In this vast cultivation world, there are immortals, and it is not unacceptable to transform magical treasures.

“Unfortunately, I don’t practice magic treasure.” Li Qingshan sighed.

His cultivation time is still too short. Although he is invincible in his terrifying strength, there are still many aspects that he has not been involved in.

Continue looking at the sky, the picture is still playing.

The thirty three layers pagoda turned into human beings, and when they were born, they were Worldly Immortal realm, but no one knew about it.

He named himself Daoist Abundant Treasures, and he started traveling the Human World, going to some places, meeting some people, and knowing some things.

He was like an ignorant child who began to absorb energy and nutrients silently, allowing him to grow up.

He was wary.

When he understood the behavior and logic of Human World, he took action to erase some things about him.

There is no more information about him in the world.

Daoist Abundant Treasures hid himself very well. Even though Immortal Dao Gold List came, he didn’t find him. In the following years, he lived in seclusion in the ten-mile peach forest, constantly enlightened, and tried to become Human World. fairy.

The screen stops abruptly.

The life of Daoist Abundant Treasures was peaceful, even dull.

He is not as bloody as Zhao Minghuang.

He also doesn’t have the cruelty of Beirong and Emperor Xia, the brutal killing of pregnant women.

He is not as shocking and stunning as Xia Wuji and Li Xunxian.

Daoist Abundant Treasures didn’t even get a shot in his life.

But this does not prevent the world from admiring and respecting him.

After reading the life of Daoist Abundant Treasures, many people expressed their emotions.

“My magical treasure has been with me for three thousand years. It has saved me from danger several times. If possible, I want him to have his own life.” A Worldly Immortal whispered.

β€œMe too, this magical treasure has been with me since the beginning of cultivation, and now it’s my family.”

β€œDaoist Abundant Treasures is so amazing that it ranks No. 1 Five, what kind of monsters are the first four?”

“The appearance of Li Xunxian and Daoist Abundant Treasures makes this list so amazing.”

The world began to talk and express their opinions, and they were very excited.

Many people are deeply ashamed. They are also Human World creatures. They can live so wonderfully, but they can only live plainly.

[Human World expert Daoist Abundant Treasures, magical treasure is right, ranked fifth on the list, rewarded with 2,000 points, four immortal dao cultivation techniques, and four Half-Immortal Artifacts! ]

The Immortal Dao Gold List has been updated again, rewarding Daoist Abundant Treasures.

The world looked enviously.

Two thousand credits, four immortal dao cultivation techniques, and four Half-Immortal Artifacts.

This reward is getting bigger and bigger.

From the tenth to the fifth place, the rewards are constantly superimposed. Everyone is excited to guess, how rich are the rewards for the top three?

Here comes Xiao Jiu on Thinking Cliff.

“big brother, the characters on the Immortal Dao Gold List are too strong, but I think big brother will definitely be on the list.” Xiao Jiu is cute and lovable, and said confidently.

“Not necessarily.” Li Qingshan shook his head.

He’s confident in himself, but it’s not up to him to make the list.

Looking at the current top six, Li Qingshan has not found any threat to him, not even Xia Wuji who has Fighter Bloodline, Li Xunxian who has become immortal in the third world, Daoist Abundant Treasures who has obtained the magic treasure.

Li Qingshan looked at both calm and collected.

“Anyway, in my heart, the big brother is invincible.” Xiao Jiu said naively, and only in front of Li Qingshan, the Headmaster of the Ascension Sect would show the attitude of a youngest daughter.

“I feel the same way.” Small Fox agreed with Xiao Jiu and hit it off with Xiao Jiu.

Li Qingshan smiled slightly when he saw the two of them, and said, “Keep reading, there are four more ahead. I feel that these four must be very powerful.”

Xiao Jiu and Small Fox watched Immortal Dao Gold List together.

The text on the Gold List has changed again.

Under the expectations of the world, the fourth place in the Immortal Dao Gold List has been updated.

[The fourth place in Human World expert, Buddha-Demon Monk. ]

[Reason for the list: Buddha became a devil, and the incomplete Buddhist scriptures made him into a devil, but he had to walk out of the Buddhist way in the Demon Sect. For three thousand years, he has been searching for it, and he has passed the Immortal Gate nine times. Do not enter! ]

This ranking made all the Buddhist monks in Human World excited.

In the top ten miles of the Immortal Dao Gold List, there is a monk.

But then the reason for the list came up, which silenced Buddhism.

The Buddha became a demon.

What does this mean?

Li Qingshan also looked at the sky curiously. A Buddhist expert appeared in the top ten of Immortal Dao Gold List.

But it seems that this Buddhaism expert has undergone a different change.

And the most shocking is the introduction of Immortal Dao Gold List, saying that he passed the Immortal Gate nine times and did not enter.

This is a bit terrifying.


When the world was discussing spiritedly, the sky suddenly darkened, and then began to play the life of the old Buddha and Demon.

Everyone is watching.

It’s a rare opportunity to watch the life of a Peak powerhouse.

One side Human World.

There is a temple in a field, and it is not well-known. Only people from nearby villages believe that they often come to worship Buddha.

There is an old monk in the temple. He is very old. He enshrines a clay sculpture of Bodhisattva. He has no golden body and looks very rough. If you look closely, it has several points of similarity with the old monk?

This old man is Buddha-Demon Monk.

He has been in seclusion and ignored the arrival of the Immortal Dao Gold List. He has his own way of concealing his breath so that the Immortal Dao Gold List cannot be discovered.

Immortal Dao Gold List came many times before, and he avoided one after another.

So this time he used the same approach.

“Why are people calling my name?” Buddha-Demon Monk woke up from the retreat and looked up in surprise.

The Heaven and Earth Gold List hangs high in Human World.

Buddha-Demon Monk saw his name at a glance.

He didn’t expect himself to be on the list.

“Immortal Dao Gold List has been reformed. The previous method of concealing one’s breath doesn’t work now. It’s funny.” Buddha-Demon Monk hehe got up with a smile, hunched his back and squinted his eyes, wearing a patched monk robe, look at the sky.

“Does the Immortal Dao Gold List really know what I’ve done all these years?” Buddha-Demon Monk instead looked on with keen interest pleasure.

“I’ve lived too long and forgot a lot of things. I can’t remember what I cared about in those years, but I can’t remember them now. This time I can use this list to see my past.” Buddhaha -Demon Monk sighs.

After living for so many years, the only thing that supports him is to complete the Buddhist scriptures of his cultivation.


With the sky as the curtain, it will interpret an old past.

A Barbarian Desolate Era manifested in the sky, which surprised the world.

The age of Buddha-Demon Monk seems to be the furthest away from them.

At that time, Human World was still the era of tribes, and the Great Sects had not yet been born. The 100,000 tribes between Heaven and Earth fought against each other, and the savage breath assumed the senses.

People in the world have never seen that era, and they are immediately attracted to it.

But the protagonist of the story, at first, is not in the tribe.

An old monk brought a Little Monk, picked up some incomplete Buddhist scriptures, built a temple in a remote area, and began to depend on each other.

There was no Buddhism or Buddhist culture in Human World at that time. It was a wild area. In the whole between Heaven and Earth, there were only two monks, master and disciple.

Little Monk is a genius.

Being less than five years old, he was familiar with the Buddhist scriptures, and in the Buddhist scriptures he realized the method of cultivation.

But he often asked the old monk: “Why is the Buddhist scripture incomplete?”

The old monk could not answer him.

Little Monk insisted on asking questions for fifty years. Fifty years later, the old monk fell ill and told Little Monk before his death: “The Buddhist scriptures are incomplete, you have to make up your own.”

After saying this , the old monk passed away.

At this moment, Buddha-Demon Monk is already a handsome youngster. After burying the old monk, he began to want to see the world outside.

Then, in three years, he broke through to the Worldly Immortal realm.

high-spirited and vigorous.

Peerless elegance.

Weared in a crescent-white monk’s robe, in the moonlight, he looks like Buddha Ancestor.

Or in the Human World where he is.

He is Buddha Ancestor.


When the world saw this scene and talked about it, they really felt admiration, envy, and envy from the bottom of their hearts.

“Damn it, why are these people so perverted?”

“It took me three thousand years to achieve Worldly Immortal, and I was lucky enough to break through. I realized the cultivation method in a bunch of messy Buddhist scriptures. After 50 years of ignorance, and then after three years of serious cultivation, I achieved Worldly Immortal. It’s too much!”

“Successful at such a young age! Worldly Immortal, how will the next story develop?”

“I’m looking forward to it more and more.”

In the temple in the countryside, the old monk has a wrinkled face and a white beard , lost a lot of teeth, looking at the bright and handsome monk in the sky, his eyes filled with nostalgia: “You are so young.”

He remembered.

He was still very simple and weak that year.

And the Buddhist scriptures are incomplete, and there is no nodded thread.

In the sky, the picture continues to change.

Monk Qiao traveled all over the Human World and asked many people, from the Worldly Immortal to the farmers, and talked to them earnestly. There were countless harvests, but there was no specific answer.

Finally, Monk Pretty finds a place to retreat.

This retreat is three thousand years.

Three thousand years later, Monk Qiao went out and saw a brand new world.

Tribes have disappeared, city-states have begun to be established, all parties have merged and become a new nation, with the prototype of the country and the shadow of the sect.

The righteous path and Demon Sect were born at this time.

The world watched with emotion.

“For a hundred years for a mortal, this monk retreats for three thousand years at a time, which is too long.”

“This is the opening of the eyes, the world the blue sea turned into mulberry fields , the tribal era has passed, it’s amazing.”

“Have you found out that there was no Immortal Dao Gold List in the monk’s era?”

“Yeah. , he has been in retreat for three thousand years, and the Immortal Dao Gold List has not appeared once.”

“The Immortal Dao Gold List only appeared later, and the Immortal Dao Gold List at first and the current Immortal Dao Gold List It’s not the same again, so there’s no need to be surprised.”

β€œThis monk is going to enter the Demon Sect next, right?”

It is judged by the Immortal Dao Gold List in this world, Buddha first and later Demon.

This is true too.

Three thousand years of retreat, Monk Qiao has not found any answers.

After leaving the customs, Monk Qiao couldn’t see anyone in the past, and he was deeply moved. He was tired of the Buddhist scriptures.

So on a rainy night, the monk set fire to burn up the Buddhist scriptures, turned around and walked out of the Buddhist temple, entered the prosperous Human World, entered the Demon Sect, and became a devil.

However, the monk still did not learn the very ruthless decisiveness of Demon Sect.

He worked as a library manager in Demon Sect and read books every day.

The righteous path, the demonic path, the Monster Race…

The monks read all kinds of books.

β€œIf you can’t find what you want after reading so many books, you might as well just die.” The monk scolded himself.

Then someone saw that the monk had really dug a hole and buried himself.

This scene shocked everyone.

Includes people on the Immortal Dao Gold List.

and Li Qingshan on Thinking Cliff.

Small Fox said hesitantly: “This… is too willful.”

Li Qingshan recovered from his surprise and said, “Keep watching.”

In the speechless expressions of the world, the monk buried himself for five thousand years.

Yes, for five thousand years, monks died here.


In fact, he knew for a long time that he would not die, but the monk felt as if he had touched something, and it seemed that he had not touched anything.

He was confused.

He doesn’t want to go out.

Anyway, the outside world couldn’t help him answer it, but instead it was noisy. It’s better to be alone here and think quietly, without anyone disturbing.

Until one day the world shook, and there was a fierce battle outside.

The monk was shaken out.

Only when he climbed out did he see an immortal road, dazzlingly exposed in the world, and on that immortal road, there was a battle between Worldly Immortal.

This scene once again shocked everyone in the world.

“The fairy road, that’s the ancient fairy road.”

“That’s right, before the Immortal Dao Gold List and Dimensional Battlefield appeared, the expert in Human World was through Immortal Road entered Immortal World.”

“I really miss the long-lost Immortal Road.”

On Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan stood up when he saw this scene.

“Break through the path of immortality and become immortal. This is the normal logic of the original Human World. It’s just that the people from Immortal World later raised it.” Li Qingshan muttered to himself.

Everyone stared at the picture in the sky without blinking, for fear of missing something.

In the fairy road, experts from all walks of life are fighting fiercely.

Occasionally Worldly Immortals get killed and fall.

Everyone noticed, the monk, who had been confused for thousands of years, fell down after seeing the Worldly Immortal being killed, and had an epiphany.

“The so-called immortal will also fall, not eternal, so death is the next step for me to complete the Buddhist scriptures.”

The monk was very excited.

And then all the Worldly Immortals on that line he’s eyeing.

For the first time in thousands of years, monks did their work.

Heaven shaking, earth shattering.

It is only now that people in the world remember that monks have become Worldly Immortal thousands of years ago.

It’s just that he never made a move, and the world doesn’t know how powerful he is.

This time, the world saw it.

When the monk set foot on the Immortal Ascension Road, he accomplished a feat with ease.

One man broke through Immortal Ascension Road.

All the Worldly Immortal experts on this road are his defeated.

The monk walked to the door of Immortal World.

But in the next second, everyone thought he was going to enter Immortal World.

The Immortal Gate is closed.

Immortal World rejected monks.

The monk was not angry either, just looked deeply at the end of the fairy road, and then he returned to Human World.

Then people saw a very shocking scene.

In the following years, Xianlu appeared eight times in a row.

In these eight times, the monk entered the end of the fairy road and faced the Immortal World portal.

In fact, when he entered the Immortal World at the end of the fairy road for the second time, the door had already been opened for him.

But the monk refused.

The next few times, the monk wants to verify a truth.

Is his Buddhist scriptures complete?

Every once in a while, when the fairy road comes, the monk will go there once, and display his own insights and completed Buddhist scriptures to the fullest.

He used Xianlu to find the shortcomings in the Buddhist scriptures and make them up.

That’s why the Immortal Dao Gold List says that he has passed the Immortal Gate and won’t enter.

The final picture is fixed in a small temple, turning the handsome Little Monk into a sleepy old monk, writing scriptures every day, as if preparing to spend his old age in peace.

The screen stops abruptly.

The picture of the fourth Peak expert Buddha and Demon Old Man is completely over.

After reading it, the world could not be calm for a long time.

The life of Buddha-Demon Monk was magnificent.

Born in the tribal era, he rose in the city-state era. He fought on the fairy road for the last nine times, but he never set foot in the Immortal World. He continued to accumulate in the Human World to complete his Buddhist scriptures.

It took a long time for someone to digest all this.

“The Buddha-Demon Monk, who is so terrifying, is ranked fourth. What kind of monsters are the top three?”

“I don’t know, but I can’t sleep now. , I’m getting more and more energetic, and I just want to see the top three.”

“Yes, although I’m a waste, it doesn’t prevent me from cheering for these geniuses.”

“Ai, I don’t know if our Human World has an expert on the list?”

“Don’t think about it, there are only three places left, do you think someone in this world can amaze Buddha-Demon? Monk?”


The world discusses spiritedly.

In high spirits.

everyone talking at once

No one is doing anything else, all staring at the sky and admiring the unparalleled presence of the top 10 experts in Human World.

In that small temple, Buddha-Demon Monk straightened his back and said softly: “I didn’t go to Immortal World before because the Buddhist scriptures were not completed, and now that it’s almost done, go to Dimensional Battlefield and have a look. , maybe I can walk the fairy way again.”


[Human World expert Buddha-Demon Monk, who passed the Immortal Gate nine times and did not enter, ranked fourth in the list Name, reward points 3,000, five immortal dao cultivation technique, five Half-Immortal Artifact. ]

Immortal Dao Gold List updated their rewards.

The points are directly increased by one thousand, and the others are only increased by one.

On Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan drank his cup of tea in one gulp, and said with high spirits: “We will go to the top three soon, let’s see how powerful the top three are.”

Xiao Jiu and Small Fox also watched with high interest.

Awei and the Five Ghosts stare at the sky for fear of missing something.

The world is looking forward to the top three.

Immortal Dao Gold List also did not delay any further, and the text was updated immediately after 3 minutes.

[Human World expert third place, Heavenly Emperor! ]

[Reason for listing: Heavenly Emperor burial flower! ]

There are only these two paragraphs, which arouse the speculation of the world.

“Dare to call the name Heavenly Emperor is definitely a powerhouse.”

“But what’s the matter with the Heavenly Emperor’s funeral flower on the list?”

” Keep reading and you’ll know.”

“Which Human World is the Heavenly Emperor?”


A Human World.

It was extremely cold.

In the bitter cold place, the temperature is more than 100 degrees below zero for many years, everything is frozen, there is not a single animal, and the world seldom sets foot here.

There is no life, only nature.

The world has no desire to explore here. After all, Worldly Immortal once came here, leaving only one sentence.

The north wind is uninhabited, and the ice and snow are so cold.

It’s so cold here.

But no one knows that there is a woman living in this Extreme-Cold Land.

She is Heavenly Emperor.

Heavenly Emperor has been watching this Immortal Dao Gold List, she has been from tenth place to third place, she sees it with keen interest pleasure and is reluctant to give up.

After all, it was much more exciting than her bitter cold days in Ice Plain.

She was angry at Zhao Minghuang’s evil.

She was murdered for the cruelty of Beirong and Emperor Xia.

She applauded Xia Wuji and Li Xunxian for their amazing performance.

She was full of praise for Buddha-Demon Monk’s power.

So when the third place came out, she was also ready to go to the show.

But with the introduction of Heavenly Dao Gold List, she fell silent.

The third place turned out to be herself.

“I’m on the list.” Heavenly Emperor was a little happy.

“But I’m only third.” Heavenly Emperor is not very happy.

But overall she was still a little happy, maybe because she was alone for too long.

Heavenly Emperor looked at the sky, silently looking forward to his own appearance.

Heaven and Earth darkened under the expectant gaze of the world.

After ten seconds, the life of Heavenly Emperor begins.

The story at first is another world-shattering battle.

A powerhouse came to this Human World, looked at the creatures in this world, and said happily: “This is a new world. After the creatures in it are caught, they can sell a lot of fairy crystals.”


“We can package this world and sell it together. A new world, which has not been under the jurisdiction of Immortal World, is simply unremarkable and can be sold for a sum of money.”

“Then Just start taking action, it is a pleasant surprise to discover a new Human World.”

A group of Peak powerhouses, aloof and remote, pointed fingers at Human World, and wanted to sell this world.

This naturally aroused the resistance of many people.

A shocking catastrophe unfolds.

All kinds of experts appear, all kinds of people rush to fight against these alien powerhouses.

The battle was so exciting that the world watched nervously, not daring to blink.

Beyond the powerhouse invasion of the Worldly Immortal realm, a new world is to be packaged and sold, which no one didn’t expect.

Beyond the powerhouse of Worldly Immortal realm, it should be regarded as immortal.

Today’s people still have a fiery pilgrimage to immortal. In their perception, immortal is very powerful, very righteous, aloof and remote, and travels to the Northern Sea.

But the screen playing in the sky at the moment, nakedly revealed the face of immortal.

It turns out that immortal outside of Human World is not as good as everyone thinks.

The original powerhouse outside the world only regards Human World as a commodity.

It’s still this new Human World, and everyone fights back, all of them are of one mind, and all experts are besieging these immortals.

A very fierce war broke out.

These robber-like powerhouses didn’t expect the new Human World to resist so fiercely.

Heavy casualties.

The blood flows into a river.

Human World is a mess.

This new Human World is not the opponent of these robbers’ general powerhouse.

Human World A splendens is at risk.

All the people in the world watching the picture are holding a heart, waiting for the appearance of Heavenly Emperor.

The next second, a shadow appeared between Heaven and Earth.

“Send me all your energy, the Primordial Spirit.”

“I will ask them to die.”

Heavenly Emperor coldly said.

When Heavenly Emperor appeared and said this remark, I was really stunned.

The world was amazed that Heavenly Emperor turned out to be a woman.

At this moment, Heavenly Emperor stood in the sky above Human World. She was slender, with icy muscles and jade bones, her skin as thick as fat, and as white as jade. Just going there, she was enough to defeat all the vulgar fans in the world.

At this moment, the Heavenly Emperor’s eyebrows had a kind of bright radiance, reflecting the Star River, bursting out with a ray of brilliance.

This is a fighting intent.

The Heavenly Emperor was born, and she wanted to absorb the power of all living beings to fight against the Foreign Domain powerhouse.

This Human World powerhouse also knows to fight to the death.

Therefore, without the slightest hesitation, send the full power of the Primordial Spirit to the Heavenly Emperor.

Absorbing the power of all living beings, Heavenly Emperor’s face is indifferent, with aloof azure hair as smooth as satin, dazzlingly beautiful.

She’s beyond Worldly Immortal.

At this moment, whether it is an enemy or a friend, everyone has to admit that Heavenly Emperor’s temperament is super dusty, ethereal and detached.

Then, Heavenly Emperor shot.

Carrying the power of all living beings, Heavenly Emperor directly and powerfully rushed into the center of the enemy.

She fights with one enemy, not say a word, is murder.

No, it’s slaughtering immortal.

A woman, in the dozens immortal, fluttered with blue silk, completely violent.

This scene stunned everyone.

Until the end, the Heavenly Emperor beheaded the intruding powerhouse, causing countless cheers.

But the next second someone noticed the Heavenly Emperor’s body standing there, motionless.

A gap opened between her eyebrows, and blood flowed out.

Beside her, a few pure white flowers were scattered, the breeze stroked them, and the flowers stuck between Heaven

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