Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 81


Chapter 81 Divinity of Human World

From Immortal Dao Gold List to the present, eight Peak Humans have been counted World expert.

Regardless of their character, for better or worse, their strengths are among the pinnacles of Human World expert.

From the tenth place Zhao Minghuang to the third place Heavenly Emperor, each one amazes the world.

So everyone is very, very looking forward to the remaining two.

Who are the top two on the Immortal Dao Gold List?

Everyone is waiting.

Zhao Minghuang was in his great hall, holding the demonic blade and watching quietly.

Xia Wuji has collected all the dry tobacco in the village, enough for him to smoke for ten years, and then gear up.

Beirong and Emperor Xia couldn’t leave, they could only take one step at a time, staring closely at the Immortal Dao Gold List.

Li Xunxian, who has become an immortal for the third time, watched calmly. He was not satisfied with his ranking. He also wanted to see what kind of genius or evildoer occupied the top two on the list.

Daoist Abundant Treasures doesn’t matter, he doesn’t care about these false names, anyway, he is a magical treasure, and his path is not the same as the Human World cultivator.

It doesn’t matter Buddha-Demon Monk. He is the oldest person on the Immortal Dao Gold List.

Land of Extreme North, in the snow and ice, Heavenly Emperor watched with great interest.

She wanted to know, who was the one who pushed her to the top two?

They, like the people of Human World, are looking forward to it.


On Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan and his group are also looking forward to it.

“I’m getting more and more nervous. Are there any big brothers in the top two?” Xiao Jiu said unconsciously. She still believed in Li Qingshan’s strength and felt that Li Qingshan would definitely be on the list.

Small Fox also thought so, and said firmly: “There must be him in the top two.”

“I have seen Mr. Unpredictable words to describe it, killing Worldly Immortal across tens of thousands of miles is easy, if you can’t make the list, then there will be a problem with this Immortal Dao Gold List.” Awei said.

Five Ghosts followed nodded.

Li Qingshan shook his head and said, “Keep your mind calm, Immortal Dao Gold List, evaluate Human World expert, whether I am on the list or not will not affect my own strength, don’t get it because of someone else’s list. You have to worry about your own gains and losses, and don’t worry about fame and fortune.”

Li Qingshan has always treated him with a normal attitude, and the Immortal Dao Gold List is ultimately judged by others, and it is not up to him to decide whether to be on the list or not.

The only thing Li Qingshan can decide is his own strength. He believes that he will not be at a disadvantage against these top players, so this is enough.

If he likes fame and fortune, and likes praise, Li Qingshan will not be living a simple life in the Thinking Cliff.

“Look, Immortal Dao Gold List has been updated.” Small Fox suddenly shouted, she is not as indifferent as Li Qingshan, she just wants to see Li Qingshan on the list.

Everyone looked towards Immortal Dao Gold List immediately, no more gossiping.

After a short break, the Immortal Dao Gold List has been updated with new content.

[The second place of Human World expert, Immortal Bei Chen. ]

[Reason for the list: immortal reincarnation. ]

These two simple paragraphs caused a very powerful storm.

The world is looking forward to who the top two are, and now an update, everyone discusses spiritedly.

“The second place is the reincarnation of immortal. It’s incredible.”

“Can immortal be reincarnated in the Human World?”

“I don’t know, but since ancient times There are not many immortals reincarnated into the Human World, and it should be very restrictive.”

β€œIt is extremely difficult to reincarnate into the Human World after immortals have fallen, and one of ten thousand immortals is considered lucky. Yes.” There is an insider expert explanation.

“Then Immortal Bei Chen is really lucky. He can be reincarnated in the Human World and is ranked second on the Immortal Dao Gold List.”

“Yes. , Immortal reincarnation can only be ranked second, I started to look forward to the first.”

“Let’s take a look at Immortal Bei Chen’s life first, I hope he is not like Zhao Minghuang and Beirong and Emperor Xia. “Someone expected.

“Yes, you mustn’t be like the three damned bastards.”


The sky was suddenly dark, and everyone was staring intently.

A huge picture emerges in the sky.

Heavenly punishment appears in the picture.

Extremely terrifying.

It can’t be said to be lightning and thunder, but the whole sky turned into a kingdom of thunder.

Thunder evolved a hundred thousand heavenly soldiers, went to the Ancient Immortal Court, and smashed directly into a mysterious silhouette.

Immortal Bei Chen.

He was in the Transcending Tribulation, a very terrifying life and death catastrophe.

The thunder struck him, and he resisted with the Body of Immortal soldier forcibly, even swallowing thunder, sweeping a hundred thousand thunder heavenly soldiers.


Everyone watched Immortal Bei Chen Transcending Tribulation with great excitement.

It looks like Immortal Bei Chen is going to get through this Thunder Tribulation.

But at the crucial moment, a star pierced through the sky of the universe, directly penetrating many dimensions, and descended on Immortal Bei Chen’s thunder.

bang! ! !

Immortal Bei Chen was beaten and staggered, half of his body disappeared in an instant, the imposing manner he had accumulated disappeared in an instant, and the Primordial Spirit was about to collapse.

The next second, thunder slammed down.

Immortal Bei Chen was completely submerged in the sea of thunder and never got up again.

This change made the world stunned.

Thunder Tribulation, which I thought was a sure thing, unexpectedly happened, and a star smashed down out of nowhere, disrupting Immortal Bei Chen’s arrangement.

Buried in the sea of thunder.

The screen stops abruptly.

Innumerable people were talking frantically.

“It must have been done by the enemy, just waiting for you to hit you at the critical moment of Transcending Tribulation.”

“Yes, this opponent is too dark.”

“Sure enough, Transcending Tribulation is a very dangerous thing. It needs someone to protect the way. Immortal Bei Chen is careless.”

“But why does he want Transcending Tribulation?”

“Where is this? You know, I asked Immortal Bei Chen where to go?”

In a Human World, between the beautiful mountains and rivers, there is a water pavilion.

A handsome young man stands between the terraces and looks at the picture in the sky.

The teenager is Immortal Bei Chen.

His face was indifferent, not angry.

Immortal Bei Chen didn’t know what he was thinking when he looked at the picture he used to have.

until the sky is completely dark.

He sighed lightly: “I was exposed by Immortal Dao Gold List, and I can’t hide myself in the future. It’s a bit unfortunate.”

He didn’t want to be exposed by Gold List.

I used the immortal technique to cover up the Immortal Dao Gold List several times before.

didn’t expect this time Immortal Dao Gold List after the reform, even included all the experts from Human World.

He also made the list, coming in second.

Immortal Bei Chen put this worry aside, looked at the Immortal Dao Gold List, and asked suspiciously: “I am reincarnated with immortal thinking and immortal technique, although my current strength is only Worldly Immortal realm, can’t exert all its formidable power, but… Is there anyone in this Human World who can press my head?”

Immortal Bei Chen also compared the first few people on the list one after another , the conclusion is that he is not as powerful.

He thought he would be ranked first even if he was on the list, but didn’t expect to be second.

This is of great interest to Immortal Bei Chen.

He looked at the Immortal Dao Gold List and silently waited for the first place to appear.


After a brief period of darkness in the sky, there is light again.

This time the screen comes to Human World.

Immortal Bei Chen, who was doused by thunder, descended on Human World with a remnant soul, entered the body of a pregnant woman and became a baby.

Then descend to Human World.

Since then, Immortal Bei Chen has continued to cultivate, concealing his strength, refusing to reveal it, and slowly growing up in Human World.

He didn’t make a single shot in this Human World, but that didn’t prevent him from being second on the Immortal Dao Gold List.

Because he is immortal reincarnation.

The reincarnated Immortal Bei Chen lived a very dull life and has been working hard for cultivation until now being exposed by Immortal Dao Gold List.

The last picture stopped, and the world still hasn’t seen Immortal Bei Chen’s shot after reincarnation.

But everyone thought he was ranked second, and he deserved it.

Nothing else.

Just because at the beginning, the picture of Transcending Tribulation alone was too shocking.

Especially that thunder has manifested the terrifying existence of one hundred thousand heavenly soldier heavenly generals, far away Ancient Immortal Court, thunder dragon king.

Still defeated by Immortal Bei Chen one after another.

Immortal Bei Chen would never have appeared in Human World if he hadn’t been smitten at the end.

So he ranked second and no one complained.

Even the third-ranked Heavenly Emperor is a gently nominee and has recognized this ranking.

Now everyone is looking forward to the first place.

But before that, Immortal Dao Gold List still has rewards to be distributed.

“Ai, are you saying that Immortal Bei Chen lacks the Immortal Dao Gold List reward?” Someone asked curiously.

“For example, you are very rich now, very rich, but someone wants to send you a sum of money, free, do you want it?”

“Yes, It’s free, don’t give it for nothing.”

“That’s fine, Immortal Bei Chen came down empty after his reincarnation, so he should ask for the reward from the Immortal Dao Gold List.”

“And Immortal Bei Chen is the second place. The reward for the second place must be very rich.”

“Then I will see how rich it is.”

The world is talking.

The reward for the third place Heavenly Emperor has already made many people envious.

Immortal Bei Chen, who is now in second place, how rich is his reward?

Everyone is waiting for the update of Immortal Dao Gold List.

Even Immortal Bei Chen is waiting.

As the world discussed, he reincarnated to Human World with nothing, and now Immortal Dao Gold List wants to give him something, Immortal Bei Chen will not refuse.

“You exposed me, so consider this as a reward.” Immortal Bei Chen said softly.

Under the anticipation of everyone, the updated content of Immortal Dao Gold List.

[Human World expert Immortal Bei Chen, originally immortal reincarnation, ranked second on the list, rewarded with 5,000 points, ten immortal dao cultivation techniques, and two Immortal Artifacts. ]

When this reward came out, Zhao Minghuang couldn’t help crying immediately.

He was tenth.

But he only has five hundred points, and only one immortal dao cultivation technique.

Nothing else.

The gap between the tenth and second place is too big.

Zhao Minghuang is narrow-minded, and now he is so angry that he can’t wait to chop up the Immortal Dao Gold List with a knife.

Too contempt for people.

Immortal Bei Chen looked at the reward from the Immortal Dao Gold List, nodded it lightly, and said, “It’s not bad, I don’t have any weapons now, so these two Immortal Artifacts are barely enough.”


Among the three rewards given by Immortal Dao Gold List, Immortal Bei Chen only saw Immortal Artifact.

Points in Dimensional Battlefield are of little use to him.

As for the ten immortal dao cultivation techniques, they are even more tasteless.

He is immortal reincarnation, will he lack immortal dao cultivation technique?

And Immortal Bei Chen doesn’t believe in Dimensional Battlefield, what good immortal dao cultivation technique would give.

It is estimated that it is the level of bad street.

In the eyes of mortals, it is immortal dao cultivation technique, but in Immortal Bei Chen’s eyes, it is just a pile of garbage.

So out of the three rewards, the only ones that caught his eye were two Immortal Artifacts.

Barely used as a makeshift weapon.

“It should be the first place next. If you can push me down, I want to see how holy you are.” Immortal Bei Chen’s attention was all on the Immortal Dao Gold List. first place.

Not just him.

Everyone is looking forward to the first place on the Immortal Dao Gold List.

After the Immortal Dao Gold List distributes the rewards, everyone’s only hope is to see who the first place is.

For example, Zhao Minghuang, he just wanted to see who was the first to beat these nine talents.

“If you are unqualified, Lao Tzu will give you to ka-cha with a knife.” Zhao Minghuang coldly snorted, he has now been filled with jealousy and his mentality is completely distorted.

Such as Xia Wuji, he wanted to know who the first place was.

“The strengths ahead of me are all very strong. After entering the Dimensional Battlefield, I will challenge them one by one and fight them one by one, especially the first place, I must have a good relationship with him. Let’s fight and see how big the gap is.” Xia Wuji’s fighting intent is high, and the Fighter Bloodline in the body begins to stir.

Like Beirong and Emperor Xia, they have no idea.

“After entering Dimensional Battlefield, the only one of the eight people on the list that can communicate with is Zhao Minghuang, and the other few people should not deal with it.” Beirong clearly knows that what he and Emperor Xia have done , will definitely make the other few people on the list hate it.

So after entering the Dimensional Battlefield, must avoid them.

The Emperor Xia is heavy nodded, he wants to escape, he doesn’t want to enter the Dimensional Battlefield.

But the Immortal Dao Gold List locked them all down, with nowhere to run.

Li Xunxian, who has become an immortal for three generations, is also paying attention to the first place on the Gold List.

His ideas are very pure.

He wants to communicate with Immortal Dao Gold List first and second place about immortal dao.

Especially second place.

Beichen is the reincarnation of immortal, he must know a lot.

Daoist Abundant Treasures and Buddha-Demon Monk are just pure concern, one of them is a magical treasure, the other is to see through the world, they don’t really care about the so-called ranking, they just want to know the number Who in the end is one, and why is it on the first place?

In the northwest land of Ice Plain, Heavenly Emperor is slender, walking on the ice, wearing a skirt made of ice and snow, very beautiful.

The Heavenly Emperor is also looking forward to the first place on the Immortal Dao Gold List.

Who can push Immortal Bei Chen and her to the top?

This problem is not just for them, everyone is looking forward to it.

Countless people in every Human World are looking at the Immortal Dao Gold List.

This is the last one.

This person represents the strongest battle strength in Human World.

People are discussing spiritedly, guessing who it is.


The Human World where Li Qingshan is located.

Everyone is looking forward to it, including Xiao Jiu, Small Fox, Awei, Five Ghosts…

They are staring at the Immortal Dao Gold List for fear of missing any information.

Small Fox stood nervously on the coffee table, clenched his fists, and kept saying that the first place was Li Qingshan.

Xiao Jiu also folded his hands together and prayed silently.

Dawei and Five Ghosts are serious and don’t want to talk.

Li Qingshan was the most relaxed in the audience.

Because he never took the Immortal Dao Gold List seriously.

He didn’t think it would be a great honor to be elected number one on the Immortal Dao Gold List.

So for Immortal Dao Gold List, he feels dispensable.

After all Immortal Dao Gold List appears, or not, his life won’t be affected.

He still comprehends various Grand Dao, and then goes to Dimensional Battlefield.

Yes, without Immortal Dao Gold List, Li Qingshan would also go to Dimensional Battlefield.

Immortal Dao Gold List is coming, Li Qingshan will see it as a novelty, and there is no comparison like other people.

He looked at the Immortal Dao Gold List calmly.

Suddenly Li Qingshan said, “It should be me!”

Small Fox and Xiao Jiu instantly fell in love with Li Qingshan.

Dawei and Five Ghosts also looked towards Li Qingshan together.

The excited rays of light bloomed in their eyes, just like a man saw peerless beauty.

“Big brother, are you serious?” Xiao Jiu grabbed Li Qingshan’s arm excitedly, the corners of his mouth raised unconsciously.

Small Fox rushed into Li Qingshan’s arms and looked up at Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan said in a tranquil voice: “There is a high probability that it will be me, so don’t get too excited, just keep calm and look at it.”

This is Li Qingshan compared to others Nine experts on the list came to the conclusion.

Because in his eyes, none of the nine peerless geniuses on the list are difficult to deal with.

So the first place is likely to be him.

As expected, Li Qingshan’s voice landed, and the Immortal Dao Gold List updated the text.

[The first place in Human World expert, Li Qingshan. ]

[Reason for the list: Divinity of Human World! ]

These two simple sentences caused a huge wave in an instant.

It was like a thunderbolt on the ground, which directly exploded in everyone’s heart.

Immortal Bei Chen, who is the second place on the Immortal Dao Gold List, was instantly moved after seeing the reason for the list, grabbed the railing, and said in a complicated tone: “The reason for the list is… Divinity of Human World?”

Immortal Bei Chen thought it was incredible.

This evaluation is only four words, but its weight has overwhelmed every cultivator in Human World.

Because under these four words, no cultivator in Human World can compare to Li Qingshan.

Even the immortal reincarnated Beichen frowned and felt unconvinced in the face of this introduction.

In the extreme north of Ice Plain, Heavenly Emperor looked at the Immortal Dao Gold List in the sky with a very serious expression.

Divinity of Human World.

The reason for this list directly defeats everyone.

Too domineering.

“Are you really the Divinity of Human World?” Heavenly Emperor’s eyes were full of strong fighting intent, ten thousand zhang ice and snow behind her, trembling slightly, showing the restlessness of the owner of this land .

And when Xia Wuji in the village saw this comment, she was shocked, her spine that was slightly hunchbacked also straightened, her eyes went straight to the bullfight, she looked towards the Immortal Dao Gold List in the sky, inside her body. The blood instantly burned and boiled.

β€œDivinity of Human World.” Xia Wuji chewed on this comment, her smile gradually impudent.

“You should be very happy to play against Divinity of Human World.” Xia Wuji showed an excited smile on his face, he likes to play against powerhouse, so as to stimulate the Fighter Bloodline in his body stronger.

He can’t wait to go to the Dimensional Battlefield, to meet for a while the Three Worlds Immortal, Buddha-Demon Monk, Female Heavenly Emperor, Immortal Reincarnation, and… Divinity of Human World!

And Zhao Minghuang, along with Beirong and Emperor Xia’s response, refused to believe it.

Especially Zhao Minghuang.

He thinks he is very strong, but he only ranks 10th on the Immortal Dao Gold List, and he gets very few rewards, and his mentality is already twisted.

Seeing that the first place has such a high evaluation, Zhao Minghuang instantly roared: “Damn Divinity of Human World!!!”

He didn’t believe the so-called Divinity of Human World Human World.

If there is Divinity of Human World, it can only be Zhao Minghuang.

Not some shit Li Qingshan.


On the Thinking Cliff, there were screams.

There’s Xiao Jiu, there’s Small Fox, and there’s Awei and Five Ghosts.

They listened to Li Qingshan’s words and were skeptical.

But then when I saw the information released by Immortal Dao Gold List, I jumped up and shouted and was very happy.

Xiao Jiu hugged Li Qingshan even more, so excited that tears flowed out of her eyes.

“big brother, big brother, you are number one, you are number one on Immortal Dao Gold List, you are Divinity of Human World.” Xiao Jiu shouted excitedly.

Small Fox was also excitedly spinning around in Li Qingshan’s arms, very happy.

Awei and Five Ghosts, also abandoned all restraint at the moment, laughed heartily.

Li Qingshan was the only one in the audience, who remained calm and calm from start to finish.

But seeing the people around him so happy, Li Qingshan also showed a smile.

Although he doesn’t care about the Immortal Dao Gold List, if Xiao Jiu and the others care, getting the first place will make them happy, and Li Qingshan doesn’t mind exposing his life.

There is nothing to see about his life anyway.

Even if someone saw him wiping a stone tablet on the Thinking Cliff, they would never have imagined that he could comprehend the cultivation technique in a stone tablet.

It is also impossible for someone else to try.

Without max-level comprehension, it is impossible to comprehend the cultivation technique in the stone tablet.

So Li Qingshan doesn’t have any terrifying.

“I said, the big brother will definitely be on the list. Sure enough, he is now No. 1 on the Immortal Dao Gold List.” Xiao Jiu hugged Li Qingshan’s arm and smiled happily.

“Just watch it quietly.” Qingshan stroked Xiao Jiu’s hair to calm her down. He was so excited that his ears couldn’t bear it.

Xiao Jiu and Small Fox couldn’t keep quiet, they looked at the Immortal Dao Gold List excitedly, staring at the sky, they wanted to see the life of their big brother.

The outside world.

Human World people discuss spiritedly.

“Who is this Li Qingshan?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t heard of it.”

“That’s not our world. ”

β€œWhat are you thinking? We are so weak in this world, how could someone be on the list, or number one?”

β€œNo, Li Qingshan is my name. It seems to have an impression.” Suddenly an old man spoke in shock.

Where the crowd gathered, everyone surrounded the old man with a suspicious look.

“What’s your impression of Li Qingshan?”

“Isn’t it having the same given name and family name?”

“Yes, There are a lot of people in this world, and it’s normal to have the same given name and family name.”

Someone asked.

“A few decades ago, there was a peerless genius in the Ascension door, and his name was Li Qingshan.” The old man recalled the past and said slowly.

“What happened to Li Qingshan this time?” a youngster asked.

The old man looked embarrassed: “If I remember correctly, he made a mistake later, the cultivation base was abolished, the root bone was also abolished, and then there was no follow-up.”

The other youngsters are not interested immediately.

“The cultivation base is abolished and the root bone is abolished, how can it be possible to become the first place on the Immortal Dao Gold List? It must be having the same given name and family name.”

“But It is also a blessing for him to have the first place on the Immortal Dao Gold List having the same given name and family name.”

“I thought it was true, if it was our world, how much would it be? Good.” Someone said regretfully.

“Okay, don’t think about it, just watch it quietly, and the Immortal Dao Gold List will announce his life in a while.”

Human World experts watched closely. Looking up at the sky, they wanted to see what the life of the first place on the Immortal Dao Gold List was like.

Not only people in Li Qingshan this world are paying attention, but people in all the world are paying attention.

The top nine on the Immortal Dao Gold List are also looking at the sky.

Everyone wants to know how wonderful the life of this first place is.

The sky suddenly turned black.

With the sky as the curtain, play the life of Li Qingshan.

Everyone is looking forward to it.

It was honored as Divinity of Human World by Immortal Dao Gold List, ranked first, and is the strongest existence among all Human World cultivators.

What will his life be like?

Darkness in the sky flashed with light, and then a great hall appeared. In the great hall, there was a bound teenager kneeling there, and above it was an old man with a helpless and angry face.

“Li Qingshan, as the elder disciple of the ascendant, the Prince of the Great Yan Dynasty, was deceived and let the Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine go. Do you know the crime?”

“I I am willing to give up the identity of the elder disciple, be imprisoned in the Thinking Cliff, and wipe the Monument Forest.”

“Yes, but the cultivation base must be abolished, the root bone must be broken, and the whole life must not go out.”

The opening of in the sky is a dialogue that makes countless people feel incredible.

Li Qingshan, the first place on the Immortal Dao Gold List, was abolished at the beginning of the game, and the cultivation base shattered the root bone?

How did he become No. 1 on the Immortal Dao Gold List with this opening?

Immortal Bei Chen, the second place in the Immortal Dao Gold List, frowned when he saw this scene, and muttered to himself: “When I was a teenager, the cultivation base was abolished, and it was broken. Even if he is immortal reincarnated, he still feels incredible.

The screen continues to change.

“Eldest Senior Brother, Thinking Cliff is ahead, please come in.”

In the screen, the voice sounded again.

Everyone saw that Li Qingshan entered the Thinking Cliff at the ascension gate.

A cliff is inserted into the sky. Between the green mountains and white clouds, it is extremely huge and isolated on all sides. There are only a dozen chains across the sky, connecting the two mountains next door.

Then everyone saw Li Qingshan enter Thinking Cliff and live an ordinary life.

He just wiped the stone tablet every day, then sat in a daze in front of the stone tablet, and then came back for silent cultivation.

Simple life, in the eyes of outsiders, is very boring and boring.

But Li Qingshan is happy.

Until Thinking Cliff’s Monument Keeper Old Man passed away, Li Qingshan buried him with the female disciple whom he had adored all his life.

Then the screen turned and everyone saw Li Qingshan in cultivation.

Those with sharp eyes can see it right away.

“His root bone has recovered.”

“Not only his root bone has recovered, he seems to have undergone a transformation as a whole. His root bone is so much better.”

“What’s the matter? Isn’t his root bone broken?”

Immortal Bei Chen saw this scene, brows tightly frowns, and whispered: “Just in Thinking In Cliff, with your own efforts, you can restore the broken root bone?”

Immortal Bei Chen didn’t quite believe it.

But the facts are in sight.

Li Qingshan didn’t leave Thinking Cliff at all.

The screen is playing continuously.

Everyone only saw him on Thinking Cliff, practicing boxing silently by himself, realizing the Tao, and then on a rainy night, he met Wu Shaobai.

Then the world saw Li Qingshan draw his sword and raise his eyebrows, cutting out a stunning sword.

That sword slashed directly at Heavenly Dao Sect’s Refining Monster Tower, completely overturning the crushing tower.

Then everyone saw Wu Shaobai’s wife, with a belief, dragging her tired body, she rushed to Thinking Cliff, gave birth to a child in front of her husband’s stone tablet, and finally entrusted Small Fox to Li Qingshan, Follow Wu Shaobai by yourself.

This shemale love has brought tears to many emotional people.

It was this passage that made the Human World where Li Qingshan was, some older cultivators looked at each other in blank dismay.

They found the images familiar.

“Wait, I seem to have seen these pictures.”

“Several decades ago, on a rainy night, there was a sword qi that spanned 90,000 miles and slashed at Heavenly Dao Sect’s Refining Monster Tower will overthrow the entire Refining Monster Tower.”

“Yes, the time is right, it’s our Heavenly Dao Sect of this world.”

Some years After the old cultivator communicated, they watched in shock.




Then they all made foul language, and one or two were very excited.

“Li Qingshan, the first place in the Immortal Dao Gold List, is ours in this world.” An old man shouted excitedly.

“The ascension gate, the genius who was abolished the cultivation base and shattered the root bone, is now the first place on the Immortal Dao Gold List.”

“Fuck, still Really TM belongs to this world.”

β€œThe first place on the Immortal Dao Gold List is actually our Human World, and there is honor and honor.”

The entire Human World spread the news in an instant.

Everyone was talking excitedly, looking at the sky.

The screen is still playing continuously.

Li Qingshan on Thinking Cliff, what happened, was broadcast by Immortal Dao Gold List.

For example, Xiao Jiu came to him.

When I saw Xiao Jiu appeared, the whole Human World was boiling.

“That’s the Headmaster of Ascension Sect.”

“That’s right, she’s the younger sister of Li Qingshan.”

” Let me just say, why a First Rank woman can become the Headmaster of the Ascension Sect, it turns out that there is such a powerful big brother behind it.”

All beings looked at the sky while excited.

They saw Li Qingshan, step by step from a cripple, to rise up hard until that night.

Li Qingshan drew his sword and raised his eyebrows, moved towards the deepest part of the sky.


The Formation that imprisoned Grand Dao and the Formation that imprisoned Spiritual Qi were smashed by Li Qingshan with a sword.

Three thousand years ago, the world Grand Dao and Spiritual Qi blew to Human World.

At this moment, the cultivators of this world, the Human World, suddenly realized.

“It turns out that we were able to break through Saint Realm because of Li Qingshan.”

“Without the ancient formation of Li Qingshan, we still cannot break through Saint in this world.”

“He has done such a great thing, why doesn’t he publicize it?”

“Li Qingshan is really an indifferent hermit.”

“He is also powerful He has a good personality and is an excellent example of Husband.”

In this Human World, everyone sincerely admires Li Qingshan.

But Li Qingshan is still indifferent to fame and fortune.

In a few short shots, they were all crushing the opponent like crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

All sentient beings watched, and suddenly someone asked:

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