Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 82


Chapter 82 Li Qingshan who spends money

Immortal Dao Gold List gave three days, Li Qingshan spent every moment Don’t want to waste.

He came directly from Thinking Cliff to the new mountain gate of the ascension gate.

Then he entered the Array Space.

The Formation here is like a lava flame, very hot, and inextricably intertwined, outsiders feel dizzy when they come to see it.

Li Qingshan calmly shuttled through it and came to the gap of Boiling Water Prison.

dang dang dang!

Li Qingshan reached out and knocked on the Formation texture in front of the black hole, making a crisp sound, just like knocking on the door.

“Are you still there?” Li Qingshan asked towards the black hole.

There is no response inside the black hole.

Li Qingshan was not in a hurry, standing in front of the black hole with his hands behind his back, waiting quietly.

After a while, a coquettish voice came from the black hole.

“Little brother, I haven’t seen you for a while, do you miss me?” Hua Yun’s soft and sweet voice came out, very nice.

The mature lady’s voice gently washes Li Qingshan’s ears.

“To be honest, I didn’t miss the elder sister, but the voice of the elder sister.” Li Qingshan said truthfully.

“Little brother, your hobby is a bit special.” Hua Yun’s voice was full of magnetism, teasing Li Qingshan.

“I really want to listen to your voice like this for the rest of my life, without seeing your face or seeing your body.” Li Qingshan was not ashamed at all, but said seriously.

Hua Yun coldly snorted, her attitude changed, and her voice was no longer full of temptation: “If you want the old lady to talk in your ear for the rest of your life, you can turn on the Formation.”

Li Qingshan shook his head, Said: “This time I still can’t open the Formation, I’m leaving this Human World, and now I help you open the gap in the Boiling Water Prison, it will cause no end of trouble.”

Hua Yun is serious said: “Are you going to Dimensional Battlefield?”

Li Qingshanp> and said: “Yes, in three days, go to Dimensional Battlefield.”

  • Gold List Down?” Hua Yun asked.

    “It’s down, but this Immortal Dao Gold List is completely different from what you said.” Li Qingshan replied.

    “Why is it different?” Hua Yun asked in confusion.

    Li Qingshan explained the process of the Immortal Dao Gold List’s appearance to Hua Yun.

    After listening to this, Hua Yun was stunned, and it took a while to say, “Have the Immortal Dao Gold List become what it is now?”

    “As long as you If you don’t pay attention to the outside world, it will not take a hundred years, but only ten years, and everything will be different.” Li Qingshan said.

    “Then why don’t you let me out now, why are you here looking for me?” Hua Yun adjusted her mood and asked indifferently.

    “Tell me about the situation in Dimensional Battlefield, after all, this is my first time there.” Li Qingshan said.

    “I’ve been imprisoned for hundreds of years, and even the information on the Immortal Dao Gold List is wrong. Do you still believe me?” Hua Yun laughed at himself.

    “You say yours, I’ll listen to mine.”

    “As an adult, I have my own discernment, you just have to tell me what you’ve seen , let me have a bottom line.” Li Qingshan said.

    “Okay, what do you want to know about Dimensional Battlefield?” Hua Yun agreed. After all, at Boiling Water Prison, she was lonely with no one to chat with her.

    “What will happen after entering Dimensional Battlefield?” Li Qingshan asked calmly.

    Here is a person who has worked hard in Dimensional Battlefield. He naturally has to ask clearly, so as not to have a black eye and understand nothing after entering Dimensional Battlefield.

    “When you enter Dimensional Battlefield, you need to receive a jade token, which represents your identity in Dimensional Battlefield. In the jade token of the accumulated branch record you obtained, if someone else stole your jade Token is equivalent to taking away your points, so you have to cherish jade token.”

    β€œOf course, the premise is that this Rule has not been changed.” Hua Yun added.

    “What about after getting jade token?” Li Qingshan continued to ask.


    “After entering Dimensional Battlefield, the novice will appear in the protected area, the protected area will protect you for three days, and within three days you will learn The information in Dimensional Battlefield, and then you have to earn points, go to fight, or find a place to hide for cultivation.” Hua Yun said.

    “A protected area?” Li Qingshan pondered.

    “The protected area is the Safety Sector, which is directly guarded by the immortal of Immortal World. It is absolutely not allowed to do anything in it. Anyone who does it will be punished, so in the protected area, as long as you don’t do anything , there is no way for others to take you.”

    “Of course, the protected area needs to be charged. Newcomers have three days of free time. After three days, if they want to continue to stay in the protected area, they need to pay points. “

    “Points are the only hard currency in Dimensional Battlefield. As long as you have enough points, you can go deep into Dimensional Battlefield and find the legendary fairy road.” Hua Yun’s tone said strangely.

    β€œHow else can you get points besides robbing others?” Li Qingshan asked.

    “Sell magical treasure, or go to the Dimensional Battlefield to dig medicines, or hunt down the beasts in the Dimensional Battlefield, Immortal Beast, take their corpses back to the reserve, in the In the trading market of the reserve, sell these and then you can get points.” Hua Yun explained in detail.

    “Is there a trading market?” Li Qingshan said in surprise.

    “Of course, Dimensional Battlefield is not just about fighting and killing, Dimensional Battlefield is a real world, there are fighting and killing in it, but it is more sophistication, as long as you have enough points , you can buy a lot of treasures in it, such as Dao records.” Hua Yun explained to Li Qingshan.

    “Are there many people in Dimensional Battlefield?” Li Qingshan asked.

    “Of course there are many, how many Human Worlds are under Immortal World, I am afraid only people in Immortal World know that Peak experts will be born in every Human World, and after they enter Dimensional Battlefield, some people get enough More points to challenge the chance to become immortal, some people live in Dimensional Battlefield all their lives, become aboriginals inside, and reproduce, how many people do you think Dimensional Battlefield has?” Hua Yun asked Li Qingshan.

    Li Qingshan kept all these information in his mind, stretched out his hand to support his chin, and looked towards the black hole in front of him.

    β€œHow many points do you have to be rich in Dimensional Battlefield?” Li Qingshan asked a key question.

    When he introduced the Immortal Dao Gold List just now, he didn’t mention that he was the first on the Gold List.

    “How many points, of course, the more the better, but for most people, if you have two or three thousand points, you can live well in Dimensional Battlefield.” Hua Yun thought about it seriously, gives an answer.

    “Can I live well with two or three thousand points?” Li Qingshan touched his chin, looking thoughtful.

    When he enters Dimensional Battlefield, he can get 8,000 points.

    These 8,000 points make him a rich man according to Hua Yun.

    “Do you think points are easy to get? Newcomers enter Dimensional Battlefield, the initial points are only five, and the rest need to be earned, killed, and robbed by themselves. If you can accumulate a few hundred points, Very good, not to mention two or three thousand points.” Hua Yun said angrily, she felt that Li Qingshan had never been to Dimensional Battlefield and looked down on two or three thousand points.

    Actually, she felt right.

    Li Qingshan doesn’t like these two or three thousand points.

    After all, he is a rich man with eight thousand points and five Immortal Artifacts.

    Li Fuhao coughed and said to Hua Yun: “In Dimensional Battlefield, no matter what you do, will immortal intervene?”

    “As long as you don’t break the rules of Dimensional Battlefield, immortal I won’t interfere.” Hua Yun said slowly.

    Suddenly, she seemed to remember something, and her voice became charming again.

    “Little brother, do you want to try the forbidden feeling in Dimensional Battlefield?”

    This voice is charming and tender.

    But Li Qingshan remained unmoved, and asked calmly: “What do you want to do?”

    “Or, what do you want me to do?”

    Li Qingshan is very calm, Hua Yun said, there must be something for him to do.

    He didn’t immediately refuse, after all Hua Yun taught him a lot about Dimensional Battlefield.

    “Little brother, after you entered the Dimensional Battlefield, you have gained a firm footing. Can you help me to investigate someone?” Hua Yun’s voice was full of magnetism, begging Li Qingshan.

    “Investigating a person violates the taboo. This person seems not simple.” Li Qingshan said in a tranquil voice.

    Although Hua Yun made his voice charming and charming in order to beg him, Li Fuhao still remained unmoved.

    He had to ask carefully.

    Hua Yun sighed: “Back then we violated the rules set by Dimensional Battlefield together. Immortal soldiers chased and killed her. She escaped, but I didn’t escape. Now hundreds of years have passed, and I don’t know her whereabouts. Please help me investigate if you have a chance.”

    “Male and female? What’s your name?” Li Qingshan asked.

    “Her name is Hua Xiangrong. She is my younger sister. We ran away from each other back then. I was very worried about her.” Hua Yun sighed, said sadly.

    “Okay, I’ll help you find it when I have a chance, whether you can’t find it or not, you have to tell me something that only your sisters know, so that if I find her, You can gain her trust.” Li Qingshan agreed with a nod.

    Just looking for someone, nothing.

    Even if that person violates the rules in Dimensional Battlefield, Li Qingshan will get the news and not contact her, that’s fine.

    The initiative is on Li Qingshan’s side, and he is in no hurry.

    Hua Yun thought about it seriously and said, “If you find my younger sister, tell her that there is a lotus flower on her left buttock.”

    Li Qingshan’s expression is startled. .

    The secret is a little more daring.

    “Hahaha, aren’t you shy?” Hua Yun laughed when Li Qingshan didn’t answer.

    Li Qingshan asked blankly: “Apart from this, is there any other secret?”

    “Little brother, you are not honest, you are lying to me. .” Hua Yun teased Li Qingshan.

    “Forget it, what you don’t want to say, this secret is enough.” Li Qingshan shook his head and refused to discuss this topic any further.

    “If she still doesn’t believe you, tell her that there is a rose on my right ass.” Hua Yun’s voice faintly entered Li Qingshan’s ears, tugging at the heartstrings.

    Li Qingshan Motionless As Mountains, slapped the lust that rose from the bottom of his heart to death, and complained: “People who tattoo your buttocks should enjoy it.”

    Hua Yun laughed heartily: “What do you think, we sisters tattooed each other, leaving a trace, this is a secret between us, no third person knows.”

    “Okay, Now that I know, I can assure you that no fourth person knows.” Li Qingshan said firmly.

    “I believe in you.” Hua Yun replied softly.

    “Okay, while there is still time, continue to tell me some news in Dimensional Battlefield, whether it’s correct or the gossip I’ve heard, tell me, and I’ll tell the difference myself.” Li Qingshan seriously asked.

    Three days he didn’t want to waste.

    Hua Yun asked Li Qingshan, and later explained all aspects of Dimensional Battlefield to Li Qingshan very seriously.

    This lecture is three days.

    For three days, Li Qingshan carefully sorted out the Seal Formation while listening to Hua Yun’s talk about Dimensional Battlefield.

    Then, reinforce it again.

    Ensure that this Formation can last a thousand years under the supervision of the Ascension Gate.

    If there are no outsiders to destroy, this Formation can continue for another three thousand years.

    In this way, Li Qingshan was relieved.

    As the three days drew to a close, Li Qingshan said goodbye to Hua Yun and found Xiao Jiu.

    He wrote seven words to Xiao Jiu seriously.

    Just like the three words I wrote to Xiao Jiu before.

    These seven words contain all of Li Qingshan’s Essence, Qi, and Spirit, and each word contains his hard blow.

    This is the hole card for Xiao Jiu.

    Then Li Qingshan left a letter to Small Fox and Dawei.

    Although Essence, Qi, and Spirit are very expensive to write, for Li Qingshan, he is not at ease if he doesn’t write it.

    This time to Dimensional Battlefield, even if it comes out next time, it will take ten years in between.

    In ten years, Li Qingshan can’t guarantee what will happen in a flash.

    All he can do is leave as many backs as possible to help Xiao Jiu and Small Fox get through the difficult times.

    In this way, you can also cultivate at ease in Dimensional Battlefield.

    Yes, Li Qingshan went to Dimensional Battlefield, not to grab any points at all, he went for cultivation.

    When everything was arranged, Li Qingshan said goodbye to Xiao Jiu, Small Fox, Dawei and Five Ghosts.

    These people are his close relatives, and Li Qingshan cares about them most in this Human World.

    One after another After saying goodbye, Li Qingshan stopped staying, turned around and came to the extreme north Ice Plain, where there is a World-level Transmission Formation.

    Can teleport people to Dimensional Battlefield.

    It is also possible to return to Human World from Dimensional Battlefield.

    In the extreme north of Ice Plain, the wind and snow are blistering, and the cold wind is blowing on people’s faces like knives, freezing to the bone.

    This is a world of ice and snow, permanent glaciers, frozen rapids, crystal snow peaks, standing in the distance.

    Under the canopy.

    Silver’s peak is covered with snow and gleams in the sun. In the very center of the peak, there is an oval, like a Transmission Formation with a sapphire embedded in the surrounding mountains.

    There is the Transmission Formation leading to the Dimensional Battlefield.

    When Li Qingshan came here, he saw several other people.

    All are Worldly Immortal realm, a total of five people.

    They are and the others.

    et al. Li Qingshan.

    After meeting Li Qingshan, the five Worldly Immortal realms greeted Li Qingshan warmly as if they had met their idols.

    Li Qingshan looked at them and asked, “Is this time the Immortal Dao Gold List only selected six of us?”

    A Worldly Immortal said: “Because the Human World has been too weak for the past three thousand years, only six of us Worldly Immortals were selected when I saw the Gold List this time. Master Li Qingshan was the first time to enter, We just got back from Dimensional Battlefield.”

    The other four Worldly Immortal smiled wryly and shook their heads.

    Where do they want to go to Dimensional Battlefield.

    But the Immortal Dao Gold List named Worldly Immortal realm, you can’t go if you don’t.

    “Then go, you lead the way, I will follow you.” Mister Li calmly nodded, let them go first, after all, it is old acquaintance.

    The five Worldly Immortals are also welcome, step forward, output True Qi, and activate this World-level Transmission Formation.

    Li Qingshan observed the Transmission Formation on the side, and found that the Transmission Formation is extremely complicated, the Formation texture and lines inside are extremely huge, and compared to the Formation arranged by the White Dragon King, it is extremely difficult.

    Looking at it, Li Qingshan was fascinated.

    A line of words appeared before his eyes.

    [You watch carefully, activate max-level comprehension, and comprehend World-level Transmission Formation fur. 】

    Li Qingshan saw this line of characters didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

    He was just seriously studying the operation principle of this World-level Transmission Formation, but didn’t expect to activate the max-level comprehension.

    Activation is fine, but why give him a World-level Transmission Formation fur?

    Could it be that this fur is enough for him to comprehend max-level comprehension for a long time?

    Li Qingshan is thinking wildly.

    On the other side, five Worldly Immortals have completely activated this Transmission Formation.

    “Lord Li Qingshan, the Transmission Formation has been activated, let’s go to the Dimensional Battlefield.” Some Worldly Immortal called Li Qingshan.

    Li Qingshan woke up from the max-level comprehension, nodded walked over, and said, “many thanks.”

    The five Worldly Immortals were flattered and waved their hands together, expressing no thanks.

    Although they are both Worldly Immortal realm, they know the gap between themselves and Li Qingshan, just like worlds apart.


    The World-level Transmission Formation began to roar, Li Qingshan stood at the center of the Transmission Formation, felt the pulse of energy under his feet, and raised his head.

    bang! ! !

    A beam of silver white rays of light penetrated the sky and projected it directly. Then Li Qingshan felt the world in front of him flipping and changing.

    followed closely from behind is that the whole person is turned upside down and the space is broken.

    Li Qingshan looked towards the five Worldly Immortals beside him, all of them closed their eyes and clenched their fists, very uncomfortable.

    It’s not the first time they’ve traveled to Dimensional Battlefield.

    It wasn’t their first ride on the Transmission Formation either.

    But they still couldn’t resist the centrifugal feeling that space and space were stripped away in an instant.

    Li Qingshan felt nothing.

    He has comprehended Space Grand Dao, will he still care about this feeling?

    And when he was on Thinking Cliff, when he entered World in Monument, it felt similar.

    Fortunately, this feeling didn’t last long. In less than a minute, Li Qingshan felt that there was real land under his feet.

    He opened his eyes and saw a majestic city wall.

    The city wall of black goes straight to and from, horizontal and vertical, showing majesty and solemnity.

    There are two large characters written on the city wall.

    【Wei City】

    At this time, the five Worldly Immortals behind Li Qingshan also slowed down.

    “Lord Li Qingshan, this Wei City is one of the protected areas in Dimensional Battlefield. Newcomers have three days to enter Dimensional Battlefield,” said a Worldly Immortal.

    Li Qingshan actually knew the news from Hua Yun’s mouth for a long time, but he kept calm, pretended not to understand, and thanked the Worldly Immortal who spoke.

    “Lord Li Qingshan, please wait a moment. Immortal soldier will come to take us to register our identity later. When the time comes, jade token will be issued.” This Worldly Immortal is careful for Li Qingshan explain.

    As expected, after finding out that the Transmission Formation had come up, an immortal soldier in Battle Armor came to Wei City.

    This immortal soldier square-faced, with a resolute face, thick eyebrows, thick skeleton between the palms, and thick calluses, seems to be an expert in body refinement.

    The realm is not high, only Worldly Immortal.

    But status is precious.

    “Are you six from one world?” the square-faced immortal soldier asked.

    “Yes, the six of us are from the same Human World.” One Worldly Immortal replied.

    “In this case, come with me and take you to register your identities.” The square-faced immortal soldier waved his hand and turned to lead them into Wei City.

    “What is the name of this official?” Li Qingshan asked after walking behind.

    “My name is Long Tao, you can call me Chief Long, a Hundred-Men Commander in Wei City.” Square-faced Long Tao said without looking back.

    Li Qingshan didn’t ask any more questions after seeing this. He followed Long Tao to Wei City. At the entrance of the city gate, a Taoist person recorded the Heavenly Book and issued jade tokens.

    Those five Worldly Immortals were well acquainted, logged in their information, then took a jade token and walked away.

    When Li Qingshan arrived, Daoist asked, “Tell me your name.”

    “Li Qingshan.” Li Qingshan replied calmly.

    But Daoist was not calm, he raised his head in surprise and looked at Li Qingshan.

    The square-faced Long Tao was at the side carelessly, but after listening to Li Qingshan’s self-reporting, he immediately stared at him intently.

    “Are you Li Qingshan?” Long Tao and Daoist asked in unison.

    Li Qingshan saw their surprised appearance, and his heart moved slightly, knowing what must have happened, but his face remained calm and nodded: “I am Li Qingshan.”

    ” Daoist, check Li Qingshan’s appearance for me immediately.” Long Tao turned his head and instructed Daoist.

    Daoist was quick in his hands and feet, immediately activated his mana, opened the immortal book recorded, found Li Qingshan’s appearance, and tapped lightly.

    The Li Qingshan in the immortal book turned into a puff of blue smoke and floated in the air, exactly like the real Li Qingshan.

    “You are really Li Qingshan.” Long Tao looked at him in surprise, and now he believed it.

    “I seem to have become a celebrity?” Li Qingshan asked with a smile.

    “Of course, now most of the people in Dimensional Battlefield know you. The first time you enter Dimensional Battlefield, you will have 8,000 points, 5 pieces of Immortal Artifact, and 20 books of immortal dao cultivation technique. “Long Tao said.

    Li Qingshan is slightly frowned and not rich. He originally wanted to live a low-key life, but didn’t expect the news has spread.

    “You five are also familiar with Dimensional Battlefield, go do your own thing, I will take this Li Qingshan to collect the Immortal Dao Gold List reward.” Long Tao told the other five Worldly Immortal waved.

    Those five Worldly Immortals also knew that the strangers coming together by chance between themselves and Li Qingshan, so they said hello and left.

    Long Tao looked at Li Qingshan, stretched out his hand and said, “Please, I’ll take you to collect the reward.”

    Li Qingshan nods and walked into Wei City with Long Tao.

    From the outside, Wei City is majestic and magnificent.

    From the inside, it really confirmed Li Qingshan’s evaluation.

    The streets inside are straight, there are few corners, most of them are black stone bricks, solemn and solemn.

    People in Wei City love black.

    This is Li Qingshan’s first impression.

    He is still watching the people in the city.

    All are cultivator, but the cultivation base is high and low, not all Worldly Immortal.

    “A considerable part of the people in Wei City are our family members, and the rest are here to trade or seek asylum?” Long Tao found Li Qingshan observing and took the initiative to explain.

    “Dimensional Battlefield’s Spiritual Qi is much richer than Human World.” Li Qingshan’s body was absorbing like a forest, and he felt it.

    Dimensional Battlefield Spiritual Qi is approximately double the size of Human World.

    “The Grand Dao of Dimensional Battlefield is at least two to three times better than Human World. You will know when the time comes.” Long Tao said with a smile, he was very happy to find Li Qingshan .

    After a while, he took Li Qingshan to a mansion.

    Then they entered through the side door without going through the main door.

    β€œThis mansion is the residence of the City Lord in Wei City. Only the City Lord and his friends can enter and exit the gate, so don’t feel that I am neglecting you.” In a hall in the side room, Long Tao explained .

    Li Qingshan said this: “There is a rule in one place, I understand that.”

    “Your jade token has been saved, and 8,000 points have been saved. “Long Tao gave Li Qingshan a piece of land out of many jade tokens on the side.

    This jade token is only the size of two fingers, glowing with azure. Three characters are engraved on it.

    Li Qingshan.

    There is a small line of text below the three large characters.

    Eight thousand points.

    “Everything you want to buy or trade is deducted from here. Eight thousand points is enough for you to use for a long time.” Long Tao demonstrated jade token for Li Qingshan method of use.

    “Thank you.” Li Qingshan nodded his thanks.

    “These twenty immortal dao cultivation technique books are here, you can order a little yourself.” Long Tao moved another twenty immortal dao cultivation technique books from a corner.

    Li Qingshan said that it was indeed the case.

    immortal dao cultivation technique impossible Let you choose.

    Li Qingshan didn’t read it, but put away the twenty books on immortal dao cultivation technique.

    “Aren’t you going to take a look?” Long Tao asked in surprise.

    “No, I trust you.” Li Qingshan replied.

    Actually, he didn’t hold any hope for these immortal dao cultivation techniques and was too lazy to check them.

    Long Tao thought that Li Qingshan had a bit of trust in him, and said happily: “Come and have a look, I will show you five Immortal Artifacts.”

    Li Qingshan Follow Long Tao to a magical treasure room.

    Pushing open the door, the inside is full of treasures, and all kinds of brilliance bloom.

    “All Immortal Artifacts here, you pick five pieces by yourself.” Long Tao pointed to the magic treasure inside and said to Li Qingshan.

    Li Qingshan looked seriously.

    Immortal dao cultivation technique He can not care, but Immortal Artifact he has to choose carefully.

    After all, there’s a war in Dimensional Battlefield, and Immortal Artifact can still make a difference.

    In this magical treasure room, there are more than a dozen Immortal Artifacts.

    blade, spear, sword, halberd, magic treasure hydrangea, water bottle, rice bowl…

    Li Qingshan doesn’t know which one is better, but he is practicing sword of.

    So he chose five swords without saying a word.

    It just so happened that the only five immortal swords in the magical treasure room were taken away by Li Qingshan.

    “It turns out that you practice swordsmanship.” Long Tao said with a smile.

    “There are too many Immortal Artifacts, so I can’t pick them up, so I just took five immortal swords.” Li Qingshan said.

    “Very good, all your rewards have been distributed, I’ll send you out.” Long Tao said.

    Li Qingshan>nominated

    and left the mansion with Long Tao.

    Going out from the side door, Long Tao stood at the door and said goodbye to Li Qingshan.

    “You are a newcomer, you have just entered Dimensional Battlefield, and you have three days of buffer. During these three days, you can rest in the inn opened by Sir City Lord, and you will not be charged for points.” Long Tao finally told Li Qingshan This news.

    “Many thanks, sir.” Li Qingshan cup one fist in the other hand to express his gratitude, and then, under the guidance of Long Tao, came to the inn opened by Sir City Lord.

    After identifying himself, Li Qingshan was given a yard for him to rest.


    In the yard, the leaves are falling and the evening breeze is blowing.

    Li Qingshan sat on the stone bench, tapped lightly with his right hand, closed his eyes and meditated.

    He felt in danger.

    Though it’s coming to Dimensional Battlefield today, all is well.

    I met Long Tao, and under his leadership, I got points, got the immortal dao cultivation technique, and chose five Immortal Artifact swords.

    But Li Qingshan knew he was in danger.

    Because he was rich.

    Long Tao said that most of the Dimensional Battlefields now know his name as Li Qingshan.

    We all know that he has eight thousand points, twenty books of immortal dao cultivation technique, and five pieces of Immortal Artifact.

    This is a great asset.

    It was Li Qingshan, a rookie who entered Dimensional Battlefield for the first time.

    Thinking in perspective.

    Li Qingshan thinks of himself as a bad person, a person who lacks treasure and points. Will he secretly attack this kind of opportunity?

    Then he came up with an answer.


    And without the slightest hesitation.

    If it weren’t for the fact that he couldn’t do it in the protected area, I’m afraid someone would snatch him when he just left the City Lord’s mansion today.

    “Hua Yun said before that you can live well in Dimensional Battlefield with two or three thousand points. I have eight thousand here, which is enough for many people to take risks.” Li Qingshan whispered to himself.

    He was in no hurry.

    Now that you know about it, think about how to deal with it.

    For the first time, Li Qingshan is very strong, but he doesn’t want to live a bloody day.

    So, he can’t go out.

    Li Qingshan is safe in this reserve.

    Others dare not do it.

    The key now is that this inn can only stay for three days, and he will go out after three days.

    But after thinking about it, Li Qingshan corner of the mouth raised and said, “I have 8,000 points, why should I leave Wei City?”

    After three days, the station can’t Live, he can go to rent a house.

    He has 8,000 points.

    Li Qingshan wondered who was watching him secretly?

    But it doesn’t matter.

    Because as long as he is just and honourable, in front of everyone, he spends the 8,000 points.

    Then there are only immortal dao cultivation technique and five Immortal Artifacts left for others to covet his things.

    “There is no hurry, there are still three days left. I will first cultivate all five immortal swords, put them in my body, and slowly warm them up. Then I will look at the twenty immortal dao cultivation books. If there is any technique that I am interested in, I can cultivate it.”

    “With this arrangement, three days are quite enough.”

    Li Qingshan’s mouth showed a slight smile, in this courtyard , he started his own plan.

    Practice immortal sword.

    Put it in a dantian to warm up.

    Lastly read the twenty books on immortal dao cultivation technique.

    Every book Li Qingshan has read carefully, no matter whether it is suitable or not, this is an immortal dao cultivation technique, which is still a great inspiration to him.

    After reading all twenty books on immortal dao cultivation technique, Li Qingshan hung twenty books on immortal dao cultivation technique on his own root by virtue of max-level comprehension and entry into cultivation.

    For others, it may be an elective course, because 20 courses of cultivation at the same time will waste a lot of time.

    Li Qingshan doesn’t have this trouble. With max-level comprehension, he doesn’t worry about it at all.

    For three days, Li Qingshan did not step out of the yard.

    He is in silent cultivation.

    In the interval of cultivation, Li Qingshan, with his huge Primordial Spirit Power, noticed that someone was wandering outside his yard.

    Very stealthy.

    The wandering people didn’t approach. They were separated by two streets, but their eyes never left Li Qingshan’s yard, and they glanced at them from time to time.

    Change it to other Worldly Immortal realm, and it is impossible to notice it at all.

    But Li Qingshan is different. He is very sensitive and has doubts. Now he is very sure.

    In the eyes of others, he is

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