Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 83


Chapter 83 Ascension Immortal

The courtyard where Li Qingshan lives has a loft, and outside the loft there is a small garden with flowers growing in it , there are some varieties that Li Qingshan has never seen before.

The yard is not big, ordinary people.

A year’s rent costs 2,000 points, which is an exorbitant price for ordinary people.

So the people living in the Dimensional Battlefield Reserve, except for the soldiers’ families, are all rich.

Back in the yard, Li Qingshan put aside all the Dao records he bought, and took out his jade token. The eight thousand recorded above has now become one thousand.

“I saw with my own eyes that I spent 7,000 points. Those who originally regarded this point as their own are probably feeling uncomfortable.” Li Qingshan smiled slightly.

Anyway, the points are rewarded by Immortal Dao Gold List. For Li Qingshan, it belongs to reap without sowing.

And the points bought him a year. He also bought more than 100 Dao records, which recorded all kinds of Grand Dao left by the senior experts.

Li Qingshan had a quiet year in the grand Dao rich environment of Dimensional Battlefield.

He is very satisfied.

And doing so will disgust those who are greedy, so why not do it?

Even now, Li Qingshan is still keenly aware that those people are still staring at him.

They will never be reconciled.

After all, Li Qingshan still has one thousand points, twenty books of immortal dao cultivation technique, and five pieces of Immortal Artifact.

“Everything will take your time. I will first understand the Grand Dao in Dao record, and then I will play with you.” Li Qingshan didn’t pay attention to the peeping eyes outside, anyway, he couldn’t. To start, he put away all the Dao records, then sat on the chair in front of the garden, silently looking at the Dao records in his hands.

The Dao records he bought were of different sizes and prices.

There will be more Grand Dao recorded in the big Dao record, and it will be easier to comprehend.

The small Dao record will be much cheaper, but the Grand Dao inside is broken and obscure.

But in Li Qingshan, none of this matters.

He has max-level comprehension, he has roots like a forest.

He absorbs Spiritual Qi extremely fast, and he understands Grand Dao very sharply.

In this courtyard, Li Qingshan began to slowly comprehend the Grand Dao in the Dao record he bought.

“This Dao record records sword dao, which is suitable for me.” Li Qingshan held a broken sword in his hand, which had lost its edge and was covered with rust.

Even though the sharp Divine Weapon used to be, after years of devastation, it has now become a waste product that no one cares about.

In the eyes of ordinary people, this is just an ordinary Broken Sword.

In the eyes of Peak expert, you can feel the sword dao left by the owner of this sword.

So it is not the same as normal Broken Sword.

It allows others to comprehend the sword dao. Although it is extremely difficult, it has its own name.

Dao record.

Li Qingshan Divine Consciousness constantly scans this Broken Sword and can feel the fierce sword intent contained in the Broken Sword.

It’s like a beast with broken claws, trapped in it, very crazy.

You can’t spy on the proven mystery in it.

That’s why Dao record sells cheap.

It is very difficult to understand.

But Li Qingshan didn’t think so. He used Divine Consciousness to constantly scan the Broken Sword to communicate with the sword qi in the Broken Sword.

gradually, he was addicted to it.

[You scan carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend Quick Kill Sword Dao. ]

A line of words appeared in front of Li Qingshan’s eyes.

“Quick Kill Sword Dao, like my Fast-Slow Sword Dao, is a branch below the sword dao, which belongs to the basic Human World Dao.” Li Qingshan understood instantly.

He didn’t dislike it.

The basic Human World Dao is the basic Human World Dao.

Some people have comprehension, and they have their own cultivation.

The accumulation of sand becomes a tower.

Li Qingshan decisively cultivated Quick Kill Sword Dao.

The Fast-Slow Sword Dao he learned before is that after the sword is out, you can’t judge whether the sword is fast or slow, so there is no way to deal with it.

Especially after the fusion of Fast-Slow Sword Dao, the Divinity is even more unpredictable, increasing Li Qingshan’s battle strength several times out of thin air.

Now comprehend’s Quick Kill Sword Dao is also the ultimate attack method for Li Qingshan. With a single sword, with the blessing of Quick Kill Sword Dao, the formidable power is doubled, and he can quickly kill the enemy. people.

If Quick Kill Sword Dao comprehend to proven, the formidable power will be doubled, even dozens of times.

For Li Qingshan, he comprehend Quick Kill Sword Dao, which can also be combined with Fast-Slow Sword Dao.

When the time comes, a sword is slashed out, the formidable power is multiplied, and with the unpredictable speed of Divinity, it is almost impossible to escape from this sword.

For seven days, Li Qingshan silently comprehend Quick Kill Sword Dao in the small courtyard.

If you don’t go out the door, you can’t walk through the second door.

He takes the palm of his hand as the world, condensed various sword qi, attacked each other, and evolved their respective sword dao to comprehend.

Every day, he has a different harvest.

Every day, he learns something new about Quick Kill Sword Dao.

He enjoyed it.

But those who stared at Li Qingshan couldn’t have fun. For seven days, they stared at Li Qingshan’s small courtyard and found that Li Qingshan really didn’t come out.

There is quite a kind of attitude of “hiding in a small building and becoming a unified person, taking care of his winter, summer and spring and autumn”.

This can make them scratch their ears and cheeks with discomfort, like thousands of ants crawling on their bodies.

I can’t wait to rush into the small courtyard, find Li Qingshan, and throw him outside the city to start a robbery.

Seven days later, everyone stared at Li Qingshan’s yard, bored.

“This guy isn’t really going to come out, is he?”

“He still has a lot of things on him. If he doesn’t have that, who would want to stare at him here?”

“He knew we were following him, so he spent all the points, rented a yard, and planned to hide until we let our guard down.”

“Without the points, There are also five Immortal Artifacts, which can sell a lot of points, how can I let him go?” Someone coldly snorted.

“There are more than a dozen companies that are eyeing him now, Dimensional Battlefield tangled and complicated, not just a kid who can play around.”

“I What if he doesn’t come out this year?”

“Then wait a year, I don’t believe it, this kid still has points to rent a house after a year.”


“Why doesn’t he want to go out to earn points and then compete for the chance to become immortal?”

“Maybe he is not confident in his own strength.”

“Isn’t he number one on the Immortal Dao Gold List?”

“The Immortal Dao Gold List, the Immortal Dao Gold List reformed at this time, who knows if it’s accurate?”

“Yeah, after all, this is the first evaluation of the Immortal Dao Gold List after the reform.”

“tmd, when I catch this kid, I must make him look good.”

Outside the courtyard, on several streets, people staring at Li Qingshan were discussing each other.

In the yard, Li Qingshan did not ask about the spring and autumn, but practised meditation and enlightenment.

After seven days, Quick Kill Sword Dao was in his hands, he spread his palm, True Qi erupted, revealing a faintly discernible world.

In this world, there are many swordsmen.

They have only practiced swords all their lives, evolving Li Qingshan’s Sword Art one after another from the beginning of cultivation to today.

This is a sword dao world.

This is a world of sword qi vertical and horizontal.

Li Qingshan condensed Quick Kill Sword Dao in it, and injected everything he understood about Quick Kill Sword Dao into it.

Then I saw the man who realized Quick Kill Sword Dao and started killing in this miniature world.

Other sword dao cannot withstand a single blow in front of Quick Kill Sword Dao.

To the end, only Fast-Slow Sword Dao can match it.

Li Qingshan saw this scene, stretched out his hand and shook it, and with a sound of ka-cha, this miniature world disappeared.

However, Fast-Slow Sword Dao and Quick Kill Sword Dao are understood by him.

“Next, you can try to integrate it.” Li Qingshan faintly muttered to oneself, thinking about how to integrate, he needs to find an entry point to combine the two sword dao.

This is a long process.

Li Qingshan thought so seriously that he forgot the time.

A month has passed from the outside world.

In the past month, his palms have been continuously spread out, and the miniature world has been continuously condensed. There are only three sword dao in it.

Fast-Slow Sword Dao, Quick Kill Sword Dao.

The Fast-Slow Sword Dao itself is fused, they can fight individually or fuse together.

Quick Kill Sword Dao does not.

Li Qingshan kept trying to fuse them together, but was opposed by both sides.

Quick Fusion Sword Dao and Quick Kill Sword Dao are extremely repelling each other.

After a month, I still don’t have much clue.

Li Qingshan also has nodded pain.

But this month is not without harvest.

He completely comprehended Quick Kill Sword Dao, and the sword dao obtained from Broken Sword was completely controlled by Li Qingshan.

This is the only good news in a month of failure.

On this day, Li Qingshan opened his eyes. Between his palms, the miniature world slowly collapsed, and the three sword qi slowly faded away.

“Like the enemies of life and death, once they are merged, there will be a hundred percent resistance, and the heart will be tired.” Li Qingshan sighed then said.

He keeps trying and keeps failing.

It’s like three rebellious children who can’t get together.

Li Qingshan is in a depressed mood. Even if he has max-level comprehension, he cannot do as one pleases in the fusion of Grand Dao.

“This time it’s been a long time in retreat. Let’s go out and have a look, stroll around Wei City and relax.” Li Qingshan got up, took a brief bath, changed clothes, and tied his long hair in Behind the head, walk the yard clean and refreshing.


One month and seven days passed.

The people monitoring Li Qingshan outside the small courtyard have changed from a dozen people at the beginning to two or three people now.

I really can’t afford to spend time with Li Qingshan. They hide in the small courtyard every day and can’t come out. They look through the autumn water outside.

So after seven days, they removed most of them, leaving only two or three people watching.

These two or three people stared at Li Qingshan’s yard every day, chatting boringly.

Until they saw Li Qingshan come out.

Several people were instantly excited and immediately wanted to follow Li Qingshan to see if he was going out of town.

“After hiding for a month, I finally came out.”

“A month in a small courtyard, alone, isn’t it lonely?”

“Come out. That’s good, I thought he could hide for a year.”

The people under surveillance were almost in tears, and it took a month of perseverance to see Li Qingshan once, and he had never been so serious about chasing girls. .

Li Qingshan walked out of the small courtyard and immediately noticed these people.

“The only cultivation base is Paragon Realm, which should be the families of those immortal soldiers. The people who stared at me that day were all Peak experts. In the past month, a few small fish and shrimp came to stare at me. ?” Li Qingshan laughed inwardly, he knew that the other party couldn’t bear the loneliness.

Compete with him for time and patience, Li Qingshan can kill them.

After all, he’s the guy who’s been in Thinking Cliff for several decades and doesn’t want to go out, and if it weren’t for the Immortal Dao Gold List, he’s still wiping stone tablets on Thinking Cliff.

Li Qingshan ignored these people and wandered leisurely in Wei City.

Wei City is huge.

Black is the mainstay, city walls, streets, and houses are built straight and uniform, which is the gospel of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Wei City is divided into rest area, trading area and City Lord area.

The rest area is where the families of immortal soldiers, as well as people with good money like Li Qingshan, live.

The trading area is where nearby experts come to exchange treasure, or sell treasure for points.

The City Lord area is an office area, which is inaccessible to ordinary people. The City Lord of Wei City is there.

Li Qingshan wandered around and came to the trading area from the rest area.

The trading area is very large, with tens of thousands of shops. Everyone who wants to trade here needs to pay a point and buy the right to use a shop.

There are many cultivators in the trading area.

Most people from around Wei City came here to buy something.

Cultivators wandering outside enter Wei City without charge as long as they don’t stay overnight.

Saw many things in the trading area Li Qingshan.

Some are selling medicine pills, some are selling equipment, some are selling herbal medicines, some are selling monster beast fur, or skeletons…

This is normal .

Some people are selling themselves, selling themselves as commodities.

Some are selling information, some content that others don’t know about.

All kinds of strange things are eye-opening.

Li Qingshan was walking around and didn’t see anything he was interested in. Just when he was about to go back, he found an acquaintance.

Long Tao.

The whole Wei City Li Qingshan is familiar with him.

Long Tao saw Li Qingshan and was surprised: “You came out of the small courtyard?”

“You also know that I closed in the small courtyard for a month?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Those forces staring at you, see you hiding in the small courtyard and can’t come out, but flustered and exasperated.” Long Tao laughed.

β€œWho are they all?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“There are soldiers and bandits.” Long Tao shook his head and said ambiguously.

Li Qingshan understands and doesn’t ask any further. His decision is right. He will stay in Wei City for a year and talk about it later.

“Big Brother Long Tao, I wonder if I’d be lucky enough to invite you for a drink?” Li Qingshan invited Long Tao.

He has some questions for Long Tao.

I just don’t know if Long Tao will agree?

Long Tao thought for a while and said, “Do you have something to ask me? You don’t have to eat rice, I will answer you if I can answer you, just ask. “

Li Qingshan and Long Tao stepped aside, no one’s corner.

“Some news about Dimensional Battlefield, where should I ask? Li Qingshan asked.

When he came to Dimensional Battlefield, he didn’t know anything except asking Hua Yun to get some news.

“The Dimensional Battlefield center is not here, Wei City can only be regarded as a remote place. If you want to know the accurate information in Dimensional Battlefield, you should go to the core area after a year. “Long Tao said.

“Is Wei City considered a remote place? Li Qingshan was taken aback for a moment, he didn’t expect to see the very prosperous Wei City, but it was still a remote place.

“There are many Safety Sectors in Dimensional Battlefield, and Wei City can’t be ranked at all. With the Transmission Formation here, the information you get is delayed, you don’t think of Dimensional Battlefield as a small battlefield, you think of it as a vast world, even wider than when you were in Human World , Wei City is a small place. “Long Tao explained.

“Where should it go?” “Li Qingshan asked.

“Go to Chang’an, Chang’an has heroes, that’s where the meeting of the wind and clouds is, Spiritual Qi and Grand Dao on Chang’an side are thicker than our side , go to Chang’an there may be able to capture the chance to become immortal. “Long Tao said to Li Qingshan.

“Chang’an…” Li Qingshan was lost in thought.

“Chang’an has many heroes. Since ancient times, Chang’an is the center of Dimensional Battlefield, where breakthrough ascension fairies, and even Red Dust Immortal, abound, you’re the No. 1 Immortal Dao Gold List review, you should go to Chang’an. “Long Tao encouraged Li Qingshan.

“It seems that I stayed in Wei City for a year, I made the wrong choice? “Li Qingshan chuckled.

“The choice to stay in Wei City is not wrong. You are only Worldly Immortal realm now. If you leave Wei City, these officials and bandits will collude and kill you halfway, although you are very Strong, but it is estimated that it will not survive, because the shot is the Ascension Immortal. “Long Tao said seriously.

“So give yourself a year to work hard to improve. After a year, you will go to the center of Dimensional Battlefield again. I look forward to your making a name for yourself. “Long Tao patted Li Qingshan’s shoulder, turned around and left after saying these words.

Li Qingshan looked at Long Tao’s back, muttered: “The center of Dimensional Battlefield, Chang’an!” “

After chatting with Long Tao, Li Qingshan went straight back to the yard, spread out his palms, and the world in his palms reappeared.

Inside the sword qi vertical and horizontal, three sword qi, Disagreeing with each other.

Li Qingshan is cold and no longer accustomed to them.

No matter how unruly temperament is, he will also mix them together.

If it fails once, it will be ten times.

If it fails ten times, it will be a hundred times.

Li Qingshan is not afraid of failure.

He wants to understand Grand Dao and then leave Wei City, go to Chang’an.

Watching Li Qingshan enter the small courtyard seclusion culture again, and the few people who were ordered to stare at him suddenly lost their temper.

They know that next time If I want to see Li Qingshan, it will be at least 1 month later.

A few people are considering, should I go back and apply for another job?


3 months later.

Li Qingshan opened his palm, and between his palms, three sword qi mingled with each other.

Fast-Slow Sword Dao and Quick Kill Sword Dao, In the three months of Li Qingshan’s constant beating, they finally fuse together.

In the past three months, Li Qingshan has been non-stop day and night, just to force them to fuse.

It doesn’t matter if it fails , and start again immediately.

It doesn’t matter if you are unruly or unwilling to integrate, Li Qingshan is like boiling an eagle, and the temper of the three sword dao is gone.

The last three Dao swords and qi blended together, and Li Qingshan accomplished a feat.

He fuses together the three basic Human World Dao, and the burst of formidable power is not one plus one plus one equals three Effect.

Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit, also because of the fusion of three ordinary Human World Dao, instantly skyrocketed, adding one third.

His realm came to Worldly Immortal’s Peak.

It’s too late There is a feeling of breakthrough.

Li Qingshan is not in a hurry and waits slowly.

He now owns two fusion Grand Dao.

One is the basic Human World Dao, Fast Sword Dao, Slow Sword Dao, Quick Kill Sword Dao, three fusions.

One is mysterious Human World Dao, Space Imprisonment, Space Fragmentation, two fusions, space storm.

The rest are comprehended furs, such as Buddhaism, speed, thunder, and time these four Grand Dao.

“It’s only four months in a year, and there are still eight months left for me to understand, take it slow.” Li Qingshan was not in a hurry and continued to take out the Dao record he bought. comprehend.

Some Dao records can comprehend Grand Dao, and some Dao records are too damaged to comprehend at all.

It’s like opening a blind box.

Li Qingshan didn’t give up, concentrated attention completely, every Dao record he bought was seriously comprehend.

Time passes slowly again.

Since the last time Li Qingshan went out, Li Qingshan has not stepped out of the small courtyard once.

Immersed in the beauty of cultivation, you cannot extricate yourself.

Li Qingshan understood the more than 100 Dao records he bought.

Some are useful, some are not.

[You earnestly comprehend, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend Thunder Strike! ]

[You earnestly comprehend, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend Buddhist Golden Body! ]

[You earnestly comprehend, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend Extreme Speed Grand Dao. ]


Li Qingshan is tireless and diligent in understanding.

He comprehended Extreme Speed Grand Dao on the basic Human World Dao, and added Extreme Speed Grand Dao into Kunpeng Treasure Art, Li Qingshan’s speed has been greatly improved.

Such a year has passed.

The two or three spies who had been guarding the entrance of the small courtyard at the time were none of them at the moment.

After a year, Li Qingshan doesn’t come out, and others don’t stare at the door all the time.

As long as they guard the exit of Wei City, they will know when Li Qingshan goes out.

This year, Li Qingshan has made great progress. On the way to Grand Dao, he has made great efforts to achieve unimaginable success.

Although his cultivation base is still Worldly Immortal Peak, it is incomparable with Li Qingshan a year ago.

On this day, Li Qingshan woke up from the retreat and looked at the sky.

“One year is about to expire. I should also go and see the scenery of Dimensional Battlefield. I can’t stay in Wei City all the time.” Li Qingshan got up, his bearing was indifferent, and his whole body was haunted by mysterious The breath, that is that he has understood enough Grand Dao to set off him more and more mysterious.

Li Qingshan took a shower, removed the dust from his body, changed into a white clothed, black hair tied with a rope and tied behind him, in his body, the five immortal swords have been warmed for a year. He also had a weak connection with him.

These five immortal swords do not have names, maybe they once had, but in the hands of Li Qingshan, they have been kept in the hands of dantian and cultivated some kind of special connection between them. They were not renamed.

After all, Li Qingshan has not made a single shot this year.

The sword is hidden in its sheath, waiting for the person to die.

Li Qingshan packed his things and pushed open the door of the small courtyard.

For the second time in a year, I stepped out of this small courtyard.

Li Qingshan didn’t notice someone was following him nearby, he calmly walked towards the city gate of Wei City.

He’s going out.

Go to Chang’an.

At the Wei City city gate, Li Qingshan’s friend Long Tao was on duty. After seeing Li Qingshan, Long Tao suddenly realized: “One year is up.”

Li Qingshan nominee: “One year is up, I’m going to the Chang’an you said.”

“Go ahead, be careful along the way.” Long Tao looked at Li Qingshan and said in a slightly serious tone.

“Okay, I got it.” Li Qingshan agreed and walked out of the city gate.

After he stepped out of the city gate, he suddenly turned his head and looked towards Long Tao, and asked with a smile, “You don’t care about killing people outside, right?”

Long Tao was stunned. Stop, looking at Li Qingshan’s smile, why do I feel like I have one’s hair stand on end.

“It’s not our turn to take care of everything outside.” Long Tao came back to his senses and answered immediately.

p> Li Qingshan gently nodded.” He turned around and walked out of the city gate, and the voice came over: “In this case…I’m relieved

<>Long Tao blinked when he heard this. Blinking his eyes, looking at Li Qingshan’s leaving back, he whispered incredulously: “You don’t want to catch everything in one go?”

Just after Long Tao finished speaking, more than a dozen Dao Body shadows appeared at the city gate. , get out of town quickly.

Following Li Qingshan.

Long Tao let out a long breath, muttered: “I hope you…have a smooth journey.”

Let’s go out of Wei City, Li Qingshan didn’t how far to go.

Beyond Wei City, there is a big river with turbulent waves called Wei River.

Wei City got its name from this.

Beside the Weihe River, with green grass and a strange rock, Li Qingshan sat on it, watching the rushing Weishui, and his mood was calm.

After a while, a dozen people chased after him.

There are old and young.

Without exception, they all looked at Li Qingshan badly.

Especially headed by several ascension cents.

“You made us wait for a year.” An old man of ascension said, with a bit of gnashing teeth, and looked at Li Qingshan with cold eyes.

That day he watched Li Qingshan with his own eyes and spent 7,000 points out of the 8,000 points.

He was in pain.

Because as long as Li Qingshan is out of town, the points are theirs.

Li Qingshan is spending their points.

“It’s been a year, and you are still waiting, so be patient.” Li Qingshan said in a tranquil voice.

“Although you only have one thousand points, you still have twenty copies of immortal dao cultivation technique and five pieces of Immortal Artifact.” Ascension Immortal Elder Shouted.

The others stared at Li Qingshan with greedy eyes.

Li Qingshan opened his hand, and a long sword appeared in the palm of his hand, flowing with pale-gold brilliance. Mysterious and powerful, it attracted everyone’s attention as soon as it appeared.

immortal sword!

“Give it to me.” Ascension Immortal Elder looked greedy.

“Want it? Come and get it yourself.” Li Qingshan said casually.

“You’re just a Worldly Immortal, you can’t see enough in front of an old man, who gave you the confidence?” The old man ascension sneered, snort disdainfully at Li Qingshan’s words, strode over and grabbed it. .


A dazzling blade of light was revealed, all around Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi evaporated and disappeared, to directly defeat Li Qingshan and snatch the immortal sword.

ascension Immortal’s attack is very powerful.

But Li Qingshan was still calm, facing the snatch of the Ascension Immortal Elder, he just waved his long sword.

Buzz!Buzz!Buzz! !

The immortal sword trembled and brought rays of light, which was very ordinary, not as imposing as the Ascension Immortal Elder.

However, when the two sides met, the rays of light driven by the immortal sword directly cut off the attack of the Ascension Immortal Elder, and then, seemingly slowly, fell on the Ascension Immortal Elder’s neck in an instant.


This sword directly took away the vitality of the Ascension Immortal Elder.


ascension The elder immortal hurriedly covered his neck with his hands and kept retreating, causing the ground to vibrate when he stepped on it.

both of his hands covered his neck with force, but blood still slowly seeped out, his pupils dilated, and he looked at Li Qingshan with horror on his face.

Others were stunned by the scene.

How did the situation become like this in a flash?

The old man is an ascension fairy realm, a great realm higher than Worldly Immortal.

However, in the fight against Li Qingshan, he was defeated in one move, his neck was cut off, and his vitality was cut off.

How is this possible?

“You… this is… what sword dao?” The old man squeezed out a few words in his throat, and his face quickly turned from ruddy to pale.

“Fusion Sword Dao, this is my confidence.”

“You are the first person to die under this Fusion Sword Dao, you should feel lucky.”

Ascension Immortal old man really wanted to fight hard before dying, but Li Qingshan not only took away his life, but also seemed to cut off his strength after the sword slashed just now. Can’t get any power.

Under everyone’s astonished gaze, the Ascension Immortal Elder fell to the ground with a plop and fell silent.

The blood was slowly flowing all over the place.

The presence of absolute silence.

I was still full of confidence just now, thinking that they could win five Immortal Artifacts and dozens of immortal dao cultivation techniques. At this moment, they were terrified.

They looked at Li Qingshan, suck in a breath of cold air.

Li Qingshan, who saw this moment, got up and walked towards them with an immortal sword.

In the team of more than a dozen people, there are three Ascension Immortals, who just thought they were going to win, and impossible waves appeared.

But now, looking at the old Ascension Immortal who turned into a corpse on the ground, someone immediately retreated.

“Since I’m here, don’t leave, lest people in the world say I’m not being kind to guests.” Li Qingshan said indifferently, the next second, the immortal sword was raised, and the others were nowhere to be seen.

Kunpeng Treasure Art and Extreme Speed Grand Dao make it impossible for these people to capture Li Qingshan’s silhouette.


Among the dozen or so people, only the sword light flickered. In less than a second, Li Qingshan appeared on the spot, put away the immortal sword, and left without looking back.

He just cast a fusion of Fast-Slow Sword Dao and Quick Kill Sword Dao.

With the combination of the three Grand Dao, Li Qingshan can easily kill the Ascension Immortal.

Of course, the three Ascension Immortals that were chased out were not powerful characters either.

When the Li Qingshan silhouette disappeared in the Weishui, Long Tao walked out with people, looked at the dozen people who were standing there, stretched out his hand and pushed it.


A dozen people disintegrated, broken into hundreds of pieces, without blood, they were all solidified by sword light, watching Long Tao’s eyelids jump.

“Li Qingshan…is so strong?” Longtang sighed inwardly. Fortunately, he chose to be friends with Li Qingshan.

Otherwise, he is still lying here.

“Keep the corpse in good condition and take it back. If someone asks, give the corpse to them.” Long Tao took a few deep breaths, calmed down his excitement, and then instructed his opponent.

Waiting for his subordinates to collect all the corpse fragments and leave here, Long Tao turned his head and looked towards Weishui.

There is no silhouette of Li Qingshan in the Wei River.

“As expected of the first place on the Immortal Dao Gold List, a peerless evildoer.” Long Tao sighed again, and then entered Wei City with his chest out.


One and two widths.

After Li Qingshan killed all the people he chased, he left and walked in the direction of Chang’an that Long Tao said.

“It’s a miscalculation, I just pretend to be expert, I haven’t got the jade token on them.” Li Qingshan was far away from the Weishui River, and he recalled that he had missed a fortune.

He shook his head, taking this as a lesson, telling himself that he can’t be so extravagant next time.

Those dozen or so people are Worldly Immortals, and there are three Ascension Immortals, so there must be a lot of points on them.

“Fortunately, I have 1,000 points, which should be enough for me to go to Chang’an. I hope ther

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