Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 84


Chapter 84 The Descendant of Kunlun Immortal (please subscribe)

Xia Wuji fights with others and bumps into Li Qingshan’s arrangement Formation to expose him.

“didn’t expect a surprise, an Ascension Immortal who just broke through, there must be a lot of treasure on him, are you obediently handing it over yourself, or are we going to let you hand it over?” A gang of more than a dozen people , The leading ascension Xian looked at Li Qingshan and said with a sneer.

“Are you specifically hunting other people?” Li Qingshan walked out of the cave without fear and asked.

“Want to know our names, and then drag out an ignoble existence to take revenge?” The leading Ascension Xian sneered, not wanting to tell Li Qingshan their names.

“No, I’m just afraid that if you don’t say anything, I went to Yellow Springs Road, I don’t know who killed you.” Li Qingshan shook his head, said in deadly earnest.

“Sure enough, it’s youngster. He just broke through. He’s full of energy and shamelessly.” In the gang of more than a dozen people, someone smiled disdainfully.

“Thinking that you can say something cruel after breaking through the Ascension Immortal? Tell you, we have seven Ascension Immortals here.” The Ascension Immortal headed it dismissively and said loudly.

“Divinity of Human World, I’ll cover you, go away, this matter has nothing to do with you, I’ll burn the bloodline, activate the battle strength, and you can escape while the chaos.” At this time, Xia Wuji, who was vomiting blood The sound transmission was sent to Li Qingshan, and he stated his plan in a firm tone, not wanting to drag Li Qingshan down.

This is his trouble and should be solved by himself. He accidentally bumped Li Qingshan’s Formation and exposed him to these people. It was already his fault. Xia Wuji didn’t want Li Qingshan because kill himself.

After he said that, the bloodline was going to burn.

Li Qingshan interrupted him immediately, seeing that he was in a hurry to burn the bloodline, shouted: “You don’t need to burn the bloodline, let me have a look, I am the Divinity of Human World, these people hugging together for warmth. I don’t care about the trash at all.”

Preventing Xia Wuji from burning the bloodline, Li Qingshan reached out and beckoned, and an immortal sword appeared in the palm of his hand.

“Seven ascension immortals, they have to hug together to keep warm, and they will live on dogs at their age.” Li Qingshan said rudely.

Then he mobilized the power he had just broken through, and the three Grand Dao in his body fused rapidly, condensing on the immortal sword.

Li Qingshan’s face was cold, standing on the broken stone, moving towards the sky is a sword.


A sword qi rushed into the sky and turned into a True Dragon with a bang.

This real dragon body has three colors, intertwined, terrifying, and swoops down directly.

The gang of more than a dozen people, facing the Flood Dragon who rushed down, shot together and resisted together.

But the next second True Dragon disappeared into the sky and appeared in front of them in a flash.



bang! !

An extremely terrifying explosion resounded through the forest, True Dragon breathed out, and spewed out endless sword qi, instantly killing seven Ascension Immortals on the spot.

As for the rest of Worldly Immortal.

Incidentally, the sword qi took their lives.

Feeling that there is no opponent, True Dragon roars towards the sky and vents his anger.

In the next second, it disappeared directly into the sky, leaving only three strands of sword qi, which slowly flowed by.

Xia Wuji, who saw this scene, swallowed saliva and said.

He instantly lost the idea of burning the bloodline.

“No wonder Immortal Dao Gold List rated you as Divinity of Human World, which is too terrifying.” Xia Wuji looked at Li Xingshan and said from the heart.

Li Qingshan put away the immortal sword, not surprised by the situation in front of him.

When he was a Worldly Immortal realm, it was very easy to kill an ascension.

Not to mention his breakthrough ascension fairy realm, he has improved his strength in all directions.

These ascension immortals who need to huddle together to keep warm, in front of Li Qingshan, clay chickens and pottery dogs are average, unable to withstand a single blow.

They are bullying Xia Wuji without a breakthrough ascension fairy, lack of experience in Dimensional Battlefield, using accumulated experience and teamwork to push Xia Wuji into danger.

But even so, they had no choice but to grind Xia Wuji slowly.

Of course, Xia Wuji would have been crushed to death if not for Li Qingshan.

“many thanks to the life-saving grace of Divinity of Human World.” Xia Wuji came over from the waterfall and thanked Li Qingshan.

“No, no effort at all. After all, we are all newcomers, and because of the Immortal Dao Gold List, we also have a passion for incense.” Li Qingshan waved his hand, and did not put this piece at all. Things are taking seriously.

“Divinity of Human World, after you entered Dimensional Battlefield, have you been in cultivation this year?” Xia Wuji asked curiously.

“Can you stop calling me Divinity of Human World?” Li Qingshan felt a little ashamed, so couldn’t he call me by his real name?

Xia Wuji said embarrassedly: “I forgot what your name is. When I watched Immortal Dao Gold List, I paid attention to the Divinity of Human World evaluation behind it.”

Li Xinshan Silent, took a deep breath, and said calmly: “My name is Li Qingshan, remember, don’t call me Divinity of Human World.”

“Okay, Li Qingshan, I remember.” Xia Wuji nodded, keeping the name in her heart.

β€œWhy are you being targeted by them?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

Xia Wuji sighed: “I found a treasure, and I ran into them after I came out. They asked me to hand over my points and treasure. I didn’t agree, so we started fighting.”


When Li Qingshan saw this, he stopped asking.

He immediately went over and collected the corpses of the dozen or so people who had been bombed.

The people who killed near Wei City before did not scrape their bodies and suffered heavy losses. Li Qingshan learned a lesson.

This time, he remembered to scrape the corpse.

These more than a dozen people are a gang, and they are looking for people who are single everywhere to start, and their points must be very strong.

They never imagined that the team with seven Ascension Immortals was wiped out by a sword.

People like them live a life of licking blood with the tip of a knife. Naturally, they will not put their treasure points elsewhere, and will definitely carry them with them.

As expected, Li Qingshan carefully scraped it, found more than a dozen jade tokens, and saw the above points.

The least one has more than 1,000 points.

The maximum is 6,000 points.

There are countless other treasures.

Li Qingshan put all other treasures into the storage space, and then transferred all the jade token points to his jade token.

In an instant, he had more than 30,000 points.

“It’s true that horses can’t get fat, grass can’t get fat, and people can’t get rich without windfall.” Li Qingshan couldn’t help sighing when he saw his jade token’s more than five-digit points.

Immortal Dao Gold List came, he won the first place, and only awarded 8,000 points.

Now he has more than 30,000 points in one stroke.

If those people in Wei City saw this, their eyes would be red again.

But Li Qingshan didn’t care much about the points. After turning around, he put away the jade token, looked into the distance, and prepared to leave.

He turned around and wanted to say goodbye to Xia Wuji, but didn’t expect Xia Wuji to say: “Li Qingshan, you saved my life, I can’t repay it, I just found a treasure, you and I I’ll go with you, 90% of the treasure inside is yours.”

Li Qingshan shook his head and refused: “The treasure you found yourself, just go get it yourself, it’s just a matter of saving you, we After all, because of the Immortal Dao Gold List acquaintance, don’t take it seriously.”

Facing the treasure, Li Qingshan had a slight heartbeat.

But on second thought, since Xia Wuji can discover this treasure, surely others can too.

Then, this treasure will definitely cause a fight. If there is nothing in the treasure, Li Qingshan feels that it will not be worth it.

He’s not a guy who likes to fight.

He likes to silently cultivate, improve himself, and then directly kill the enemy.

Seeing Li Qingshan’s rejection, Xia Wuji hurriedly said: “This treasure of mine belongs to a fallen immortal, and there are many good things in it. At present, the news has not spread, so we hurry up and put it inside. Search again, maybe there will be information about becoming an immortal.”

Li Qingshan’s expression was a little hesitant.

A message of immortality?

It was a little tempting for him.

β€œWhere is the treasure?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Beyond a thousand li, deep in a big mountain, it is rumored that there was a battle there a long time ago, a sword qi cut off hundreds of peaks, very terrifying, some people say that there was a burial there immortal, there may be immortal treasures, these are what I heard from some friends.” Xia Wuji said quickly.

β€œHow did you find out?” Li Qingshan looked at Xia Wuji.

“Not long ago, when I was passing there, a mountain suddenly collapsed, and a vacuum appeared. Deep underground, there was an immortal stone gate. At that time, I was the only one in the vicinity, no one. I saw other people, so I immediately used the technique of moving the mountain to move the collapsed mountain out, blocking the immortal stone gate to make sure no one found it.”

“Just as I was about to go in and explore When I was in the gang, I was targeted by this group of gangs, and then called all the way, you know what happened next.” Xia Wuji said sincerely.

His injuries seem to be serious, but as he talks to Li Qingshan, the blood in his body is beating like boiled water, frantically irritating his wounds, whether it is Trauma, internal injury or Divine Consciousness injury, quickly recover completely.

This is the Fighter Bloodline, and it’s all about it.

“According to what you said, you can now explore it yourself,” Li Qingshan said.

“You are my life saving benefactor, I am willing to share this treasure with you, the ninth layer stuff in it belongs to you, I only need a little.” Xia Wuji said sincerely.

Afraid that Li Qingshan would not believe him, he swore to God.

Li Qingshan stopped him and said: “There’s no need to do this, it’s useless to swear to God or something, if you want to harm me, just be careful with your own life, since you are willing to share this treasure , we have five or five points, and I will help you in case of danger, and we will work together.”

Li Qingshan was still moved.

Not for immortal treasure, but for immortal information.

There should be a lot of books in the immortal stone gate, and Li Qingshan needs this information very much.

After entering the Ascension Immortal, he clearly felt that the Ascension Immortal was different from Worldly Immortal.

Worldly Immortal is a great realm, which does not distinguish other things, it is very general, so it will appear very clear in strength and weakness.

ascension is not so.

Ascension has layers on it, Li Qingshan can clearly feel that he still has room for improvement.

Therefore, Li Qingshan thought about the immortal treasure mentioned by Xia Wuji and decided to explore it.

Xia Wuji was very happy when Li Qingshan agreed, and immediately led the way.

The speed of the two of them is very fast, thousands of miles away, in the blink of an eye.

Across the mountains, it is still one heavy after another.

Pine and cypress green, lush and green, Li Qingshan and Xia Wuji are very careful, imposing manner, observe all around, make sure no one is there.

Xia Wuji just descended on that mountain.

“It was this mountain that collapsed and fell down before, which alarmed a lot of wild beasts in the mountain. Fortunately, I was the only one who passed by, and it was quickly filled up after some exploration. Other people flew over it. They don’t care at all, they never thought that there will be an immortal stone gate under this mountain.” Xia Wuji pointed to the mountain under his feet, laughed.

Li Qingshan’s Divine Consciousness spreads, penetrates under the mountain, continues to extend, and then encounters a barrier.

This barrier is very strong. Li Qingshan’s Divine Soul increases a lot when he realizes Grand Dao, and doubles when he breaks through ascension, but in front of this barrier, it still looks the same. Small.

“immortal stone gate!” Li Qingshan can confirm that there is an immortal stone gate under the mountain, and Xia Wuji is not lying.

“Shall we go down now?” Xia Wuji asked Li Qingshan.

“Don’t worry, I’ll put some Concealment Arrays all around first to make sure that what happens in the underground won’t spread to the outside world and won’t attract other people.” Li Qingshan said calmly , he was not carried away by the immortal stone gate.

β€œYou still have Formation?” Xia Wuji looked at Li Qingshan in surprise.

Li Qingshan didn’t explain. He used Heaven and Earth as the array plate and Dragon Vein as the guide, so that all mountains and rivers can be deployed.

After the addition of a Formation is completed, the mountain looks ordinary to the outside world. Even if it is noisy inside, it will not be heard outside, unless it comes close to the mountain.

But there are thousands of mountains and valleys all around, not to mention 10,000, continuous hills, at least thousands of peaks.

Who cares about an ordinary mountain?

When everything was arranged, Li Qingshan said to Xia Wuji: “We can go down and have a look now.”

Xia Wuji gave a thumbs up and said with admiration: ” This is called professionalism!”

Li Qingshan’s indifferent expression, this is his character, he is cautious, does not want to take big risks, and always leaves a way out for himself.

β€œWhere is the entrance?” Li Qingshan asked Xia Wuji.

“Follow me.” Xia Wuji took Li Qingshan to a crevice in the mountains, and walked down the crevice, and soon saw a stone gate, very simple.

“I came here last time and didn’t push the stone gate rashly.” Xia Wuji said to Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan silently observed the stone gate.

The material of the stone gate is not much different from the material of this mountain. It can be seen that this immortal used a nearby stone to shape a stone gate as his tombstone before his death.

Li Qingshan stepped forward, making sure there was no danger, and reached out to dust off the stone gate.

As expected, there are words on it.

It’s just because the time is too long, the dust accumulates and the words are covered up.

“There are words on it?” Xia Wuji approached in surprise and looked.

The last time he panicked, he didn’t find it.

β€œThe tomb of Kunlun Immortal! Kunlun Immortal stands.”

Li Qingshan read the biggest characters first.

“This Kunlun Immortal, build a monument for yourself.” Xia Wuji approached, looked at it seriously, and suddenly asked curiously: “Since you have built a monument for yourself, that one piece is enough, why make it a door? ?”

“Maybe it’s a door compared to a monument, and it looks imposing?” Li Qingshan speculated irresponsibly.

He squatted down, continued to wipe the dust, and saw a line of small words under the stone tablet.

“What’s this written about?” Xia Wuji asked.

Li Qingshan stroked lightly and read it again and again.

“Whoever sees this word, kneels down and kowtows a hundred times, and shouts “Master” three times, will get my inheritance.”

After the practice, Li Qingshan’s expression changed. weird.

Xia Wuji did the same, muttering: “This sentence should be untrustworthy, right?”

Li Qingshan got up and looked at the stone gate.

“You push and push and see if you can push it away. If you can push it away, ignore this line of words.” Li Qingshan said to Xia Wuji.

Xia Wuji was very obedient and immediately started to push the stone gate.

He was injured before, and now he has a few bits and pieces, and after one hour, it is estimated that he will be as good as ever.

Fighter Bloodline, really scary.

Xia Wuji used all one’s strength, tense muscles all over her body, gritted her teeth, and pushed the stone gate.

The stone gate is completely motionless.

He tried three times with the same result.

Xia Wuji wants to try it for the fourth time.

This time Li Qingshan, together with him, used all his strength.

The stone gate is still completely motionless.

“I can’t push it open, I can’t get in.” Li Qingshan shook his head, looking at the line of text under the stone gate with a strange expression.

He also tried to watch carefully just now, trying to activate the max-level comprehension.

I don’t know if his strength is too low, or the stone gate itself is not worth comprehend.

No max-level comprehension is fired.

Standing in front of the stone gate, Xia Wuji said with a strange expression: “Isn’t it really going to kowtow to him a hundred times?”

Li Qingshan shook his head slightly.

He certainly won’t do it.

“I’ll come.” Xia Wuji clenched the teeth and knelt down directly.

peng~ peng~ peng~ peng~ bang.

The sound of kowtow echoed.

Li Qingshan stepped back a little, distanced himself, not wanting to disturb Xia Wuji.

Xia Wuji kowtowed very fast, knocking down a hundred heads, each blow with great force, his forehead was just a little dusty, not red and swollen.

Copper Skin & Iron Bones.

After kowtowing, Xia Wuji shouted Master three times.

He then stared at the stone gate with Li Qingshan to see if anything had changed.

Thirty seconds.

One minute.

3 minutes.

Until five minutes passed, Xia Wuji gnashing teeth scolded: “tmd, fooled.”

A hundred heads were slapped in vain.

Li Qingshan stood aside, not knowing how to comfort him, but his sharp eyes saw a change in the line below the stone gate.

“Xia Wuji, look.” Li Qingshan reminded the angry Xia Wuji.

Xia Wuji immediately leaned over and read while reading: “Hahaha, a big fool, can you believe this?”

This sentence directly made Xia Wuji furious. .

“I smashed your broken stone gate.” Xia Wuji flew with a kick, and with a thud, kicked the stone gate, making a heavy sound and dust splashing everywhere.

The stone gate is still the same stone gate.

β€œThe word has changed again.” Li Qingshan reminded Xia Wuji, who has been observing.

The angry Xia Wuji could only crouch down and continue watching.

Read while watching.

“What kind of hero is kicking the door? For your sincerity’s sake, give me a hundred head kowtows and a hundred shouts of Master, and I will take you in as a disciple.”


Xia Wuji immediately stood up and yelled: “Your grandma’s dead ghost immortal, you played me once, do you want to play me a second time?”


“There is no door.”


Li Qingshan looked at Xia Wuji, who was becoming increasingly irritable, with a trace of thought in his eyes, and said, “Xia Wuji, you Don’t you think this stone gate is alive?”

Xia Wuji was stunned, looked towards Li Qingshan, surprisedly said: “You mean this stone gate is alive?”

Li Qingshan said in a tranquil voice: “This is just my guess.”

He felt that Kunlun Immortal had been dead for at least a thousand years. Qingshan and Xia Wuji arrive.

And the words he left, the changes, are all based on Xia Wuji’s emotions.

How can Kunlun Immortal calculate that, after a thousand years, Xia Wuji will kick the stone gate?

If you are someone else, you won’t necessarily kick the stone gate.

That’s why Li Qingshan said that this stone gate is alive.

“I believe you, since you said the stone gate is alive, it was just playing me, his grandma’s, now it’s my turn to play him.” Xia Wuji laughed.

“What do you want to do?” Li Qingshan didn’t know, so you can’t push the stone gate, you can’t split it, how can you play it?

“You step back first, I’m afraid you’ll feel inferior, sorry.” Xia Wuji’s rogue temperament was exposed, he untied his belt, took off his pants, and walked to the stone gate, ready to Open the gate to release the water.

Li Qingshan didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

He chose to step back a bit, but in the process he kept staring at the words on the stone tablet.

He wants to see if Xia Wuji is acting like a hooligan, will the text on the stone tablet change?

Xia Wuji had already taken off his pants, he hummed a little tune, and pulled out the parts that could not be described.

The next second, Li Qingshan saw that the text on the stone gate had changed.

“Okay, the stone gate has spoken.” Li Qingshan interrupted Xia Wuji’s opening the gate and said with a smile.

Xia Wuji immediately stuffed her things back, lifted her pants, and laughed: “Sure enough, your stone gate is alive, let me see what you say?”

Xia Wuji Squat down, look at the line of small characters, and read aloud.

“Don’t hold your little tadpole at me!”

After reading this sentence, Xia Wuji’s face was like black coal, from top to bottom, the whole People are on fire.

He didn’t say a word, took off his pants, faced the stone gate, and opened the gate to let the water out.


This time it took quite a long time to open the gate and pour the water directly under the stone gate.

At that time, Li Qingshan had already discovered that the stone gate had updated the text.

But he didn’t remind Xia Wuji.

He also dislikes the playful attitude of stone gate, so let Xia Wuji give him some nutrition.

It took two minutes for Xia Wuji to shivered and lift his pants comfortably.

“Let me see, what did you say?” Xia Wuji squatted down to read the line.

“I’m sick to death.”

Xia Wuji read this sentence, the whole person was laughed heartily, all the anger dissipated in an instant, and the whole body felt at ease.

Li Qingshan stepped forward at this time and said, “Stone gate, I know you have your own thoughts. If nothing else, Kunlun Immortal should have shaped you before his death.”

When Li Qingshan spoke, Xia Wuji shut up and stood aside looking at the stone gate.

The stone gate also seems to be listening.

“Kunlun Immortal created you, there must be his purpose. In fact, what you said at the beginning was right. Kunlun Immortal is looking for a successor, but it is not a 100-head kowtow. It needs to get you. Approval, right?” Li Qingshan calmly analyzed.

Xia Wuji gave a thumbs up and looked at Li Qingshan with admiration.

The stone gate updated a text.

β€œYou’re right.”

Li Qingshan continued, β€œAfter Kunlun Immortal died, were we the first people to come here?”

The stone gate answered Li Qingshan’s words: “Yes.”

“Then have you seen one of the two of us?” Li Qingshan asked directly.

Xia Wuji covered her mouth and said in a low voice, “He should have chosen you. I humiliated him so much just now that he wanted to kill me.”

Li Qingshan didn’t answer. , but looking at the stone gate.

Stone gate updated a text: “Why do I have to choose between you two?”

Xia Wuji responded and whispered: “It’s true, it doesn’t have to be Choose us.”

Li Qingshan smiled coldly: “You don’t choose us two, do you think you will meet the third one?”

stone gate updated text: “I don’t If you choose you, you can’t do anything about me.”

“This thing there is no stronghold one cannot overcome, it is very troublesome to push and push.” Xia Wuji said in Li Qingshan’s ear.

“We have no way to hold you, we can’t push you, and we can’t hurt you, but can I dig up this large area, you are still you, I don’t move you, I Dig up the entire ley lines and keep them all the time, so that you will never see a third person for the rest of your life.” Li Qingshan’s face was slightly cold, but his words were casually a deadly threat.

Xia Wuji immediately clapped her hands and said loudly, “Yes, that’s right, you can only choose one of the two of us, otherwise you’ll never want to see a third person in your life.”


Stone gate updated text: “…”

It cannot refute Li Qingshan’s words.

It took a while for it to speak: “I can choose one of you two.”

Xia Wuji said excitedly: “It compromised, it must be you, Kunlun Immortal The inheritance will fall on you.”

Xia Wuji has self-knowledge and knows that it will not fall on her, so she is not lost at all.

After all, he urinated pretty cool.

Li Qingshan asked calmly: “Then you can choose one.”

Stone gate fell into thinking, really choosing carefully, and then he updated a paragraph of text.

Xia Wuji read it out immediately.

“I choose…Xia Wuji.”

Xia Wuji was stunned and asked dumbly, “Why did you choose me?”

Li Qingshan also looked at the stone gate curiously.

He also thought that there was a high probability that it would be himself. After all, Xia Wuji opened the gate on the stone gate to release the water, and it took two minutes to release it.

Stone gate updated text: “Because, I want to take revenge on you.”

Xia Wuji is confused: “You still choose me to take revenge on me? You are the inheritance of Kunlun Immortal. Give it to me?”

The stone gate responded: “Give you the inheritance of Kunlun Immortal is the best way to get revenge.”

Xia Wuji looked at Li Qingshan, puzzled. “What does it mean? I don’t understand.”

Li Qingshan looked at the stone gate and asked: “The inheritance of the ancestors of Kunlun, or the Kunlun Immortal itself, is huge. trouble.”

stone gate replied to Li Qingshan: “You are very smart, much smarter than this stupid big fellow. If it wasn’t for revenge on him, I would have chosen you.”

Li Qingshan shook his head. Before, he was really moved by Mr. Kunlun’s inheritance. Now that he knew it was a big trouble, Li Qingshan wasn’t moved at all.

He was afraid of trouble.

Even with immortal inheritance, he is still afraid of trouble.

“No, since you said it’s a big trouble, can’t I?” Xia Wuji said.

Stone gate updated text: “You asked me to choose just now, and now I have chosen, you don’t want it, are you a capricious villain?”

Xia Wuji Unable to hold back his face, he looked towards Li Qingshan.

He knew that Li Qingshan was smarter than himself and was observant, and wanted Li Qingshan to analyze the situation.

Li Qingshan sorted out his thoughts, and then asked: “I just said that Kunlun Immortal’s inheritance is a big trouble, how big is this trouble? At the same time, my friend, how much can he get? Reward? When you tell others about the risks, tell the benefits too, so they don’t scare you off.”

Stone gate responded: “In Dimensional Battlefield, the news of Kunlun Immortal if Knowing that, it will definitely attract countless immortal fights. Once you become a descendant of Kunlun Immortal and enter the Immortal World in the future, there will be thousands and countless enemies who will pursue you irreconcilable. “

“So terrifying?” Xia Wuji took out the dry cigarette from the storage space, smoking it, and got into a tangle.

Stone Gate continued to respond: “There are dangers and opportunities, becoming a descendant of Kunlun Immortal, becoming immortal is just a trivial matter for you, once you digest all the knowledge of Kunlun Immortal, it is the whole Immortal World you. You can also come and go freely.”

“Since ancient times, crisis and opportunity have been two grasshoppers on the same rope. How to choose is up to you.” Stone gate finally handed over the initiative to Xia Wuji.

Xia Wuji was smoking a dry cigarette, his old face full of tangle, he didn’t know how to choose.

Give it up, don’t bear it.

It feels dangerous to not give up.

Xia Wuji, who gathered for a while, looked towards Li Qingshan.

He wanted an answer from Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan said in a tranquil voice: “When you are old, there is not much lifespan, sitting on a rocking chair and recalling the past, at that time, you will regret that you did not choose to accept the inheritance of Kunlun Immortal today. Is it?”

Xia Wuji followed Li Qingshan’s words and made an association.

When he was old, senile, his eyebrows were downcast, his strength had faded so much, and he had little left to live, so he could only sit in a rocking chair, look at the dim lights, and reminisce about the past.

Just today, he does not accept the inheritance of Kunlun Immortal and continues to live his life.

Xia Wuji thought about this, shivered her whole body, opened her eyes immediately, and said without the slightest hesitation, “I accept the inheritance of Kunlun Immortal.”

“People The dead bird is in the sky, and the absolute year is immortal. Rather than living an ordinary life, it is better to fight with great waves.”

“As the saying goes, all the green mountains are the same, where you die, you will be buried there, Mr. Kunlun The inheritance, I have to make a decision, even if it is an enemy of the entire world, I have no regrets.”

“At least I know that there is still a brother.” Xia Wuji pointed at Li Qingshan, said proudly.

In his heart, he has regarded Li Qingshan as the best brother.

Li Qingshan looked at Xia Wuji, smiled, and said, “Congratulations.”

The opportunity is right in front of you. If you don’t grasp it because of fear, you can only do it for a lifetime. mortal.

Put yourself in the shoes of Li Qingshan himself, and the final answer is probably the same as Xia Wuji.

Stone gate updated text: “The few words just now are still decent, with the meaning of Kunlun Immortal Inheritor. In the days to come, with me assisting you, I will slowly introduce Kunlun. Immortal inheritance, delivered to you.”

“Then don’t I want to stay here forever?” Xia Wuji asked.

The stone gate responded: “You don’t need to keep going, I will guide you on cultivation next, you can just wait for your breakthrough ascension fairy realm, use the secret technique to make me smaller and carry it with you, when the time comes Above the Heavens and Under the Earth, you can go anywhere.”

Li Qingshan said: “In other words, the inheritance of the ancestors of Kunlun is in your hands, and you are just a stone gate here, Nothing behind the stone gate?”

“Right,” admitted the stone gate.

Li Qingshan smiled helplessly, this trip was a waste.

Xia Wuji looked at Li Qingshan guiltily on the side, and agreed that he would get 19 percent of the treasure. Now all the treasures belong to him, and Li Qingshan didn’t get anything.

He felt sorry for Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan didn’t care, and continued to ask: “How did Kunlun Immortal die in Dimensional Battlefield? According to what you said, Kunlun Immortal has a lot of enemies in Immortal World, so he should be very powerful, How did someone so powerful fall?”

“I don’t know.” Stone Gate replied.

As if afraid of Li Qingshan’s disbelief, he added another paragraph: “I was created by Kunlun Immortal before he died. I don’t know anything about what happened to him before. Later, Kunlun Immortal will inherit inheritance, I It was only by snooping a little that I realized how powerful he was, and at the same time he wa

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