Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 85


Chapter 85 Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground (Subscribe)

Come out from the Kunlun Immortal treasure and watch the mountains and valleys , lush and green, Li Qingshan set off alone and went to Chang’an.

This time to explore the treasure, did not get anything, Kunlun Immortal’s inheritance, chose Xia Wuji, Li Qingshan’s mentality is not out of balance.

“It’s not without gain. At least I know about Free and Unfettered Roaming, Longevity Embryo, Heaven Canopy Lord, so it’s not a waste of time.” Li Qingshan thought silently.

The reason why Li Qingshan can deal with immortal inheritance calmly is because Li Qingshan believes in himself that as long as he works hard on cultivation, he will definitely be comparable to Kunlun Immortal in the future.

On the road alone, Li Qingshan is not lonely, Chang’an is far away, he is with the breeze, and the bright moon is his friend. , finally saw the appearance of Chang’an city.

The more the past few days went, the more Li Qingshan could feel the richness of Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi and Grand Dao.

The central area of Dimensional Battlefield is at least three to five times richer than Spiritual Qi and Grand Dao in Wei City.

“Sure enough, there is nothing wrong, just for this Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi and Grand Dao, and also to cultivate here, the difference between remote areas and core areas is still very obvious.” Li Qingshan Standing on a peak, overlooking the city of Chang’an in the distance.

As far as the eye can see, the twilight is deep and the sky is wide.

As the evening approached, the sun had already set, and the half-black sky covered the city of Chang’an, making this majestic ancient city into Li Qingshan’s eyes.

The size of Chang’an city shocked Li Qingshan.

He thought Wei City was very big, but when he saw Chang’an City, Li Qingshan knew why Wei City was a remote area.

One Chang’an city is worth hundreds of Wei Cities.

In Li Qingshan’s field of vision, there is a vast plain in front of him. There are no rolling hills, no towering peaks, but only an endless plain.

The plain is divided into two by a wide river.

The river galloped, bringing a continuous flow to Chang’an.

The city of Chang’an is built on the river, separated on both sides, and stretched out on the plain.

The night is dark, the city of Chang’an is brightly lit.

Li Qingshan can’t see the end of Chang’an city at all, but from a long distance, you can feel the prosperity here.

After observing for a while, Li Qingshan set off and came to Chang’an city.

Chang’an City is not like Wei City, the city wall is tall, in the lights, showing warm colors, not as solemn and solemn as Wei City.

In front of the Chang’an city gate, there was an endless stream of people entering and leaving, queuing up for inspection, very orderly.

You don’t need points to enter the city, and you need to pay a point to leave the city. You only need to take out the jade token and brush it.

Li Qingshan also entered Chang’an city with the flow of people.

Entering Chang’an City, the loud noises entered his ears, and Li Qingshan really felt once, what a busy city is.

The shouting vendors along the way, the Three Doctrines and Nine Philosophies roaming the streets, and all the experts, made Li Qingshan an eye-opener.

Li Qingshan had never seen so many people when he was out on the road. He thought that the people in Dimensional Battlefield were scattered and rarely met.

But now, there are thousands of people on this street alone.

Among these people, very few cultivation bases are not Worldly Immortal realm, most of them are Worldly Immortal, and a few are ascension immortals.

It gave Li Qingshan an illusion that the worldly Immortal is not as good as a dog.

Of course Li Qingshan knows, this is because Chang’an is the center of Dimensional Battlefield, where experts come naturally.

Li Qingshan was walking around Chang’an Street empty-handed. He saw that there were many restaurants and houses row upon row on Chang’an Street. That is a restaurant.

Chang’an has the most restaurants and the second most is the Inn.

People who do not have houses in Chang’an city, when night falls, they need to leave in the early morning. If they don’t want to leave, they need to live in Inn.

As a result, Inn business is very busy.

Li Qingshan didn’t want to be chased away in the early morning, so he found several Inns, all of them were full, and finally found an vacant room in one Inn.

One night, fifty points.

This price is expensive.

Because Li Qingshan’s empty room is very small, there is only one bed and a small tea table for people to rest, apart from this and nothing else.

Just like this room, others are rushing for it.

“50 points for one night and 500 points for 10 nights, I have more than 30,000 points, and I can’t afford to stay for a long time.” If I wasn’t worried about the closure of Chang’an at night When he was kicked out, he wouldn’t live in such an expensive store.

At first he rented a house in Wei City for a year. It was still a single-family yard with a garden, and it only cost 2,000.

“I have to go out and ask tomorrow if there is any room for rent in Chang’an. I will be here for about a year, and I will silently understand Grand Dao. I must have made great progress.” Li Qingshan thought silently.

If it weren’t for the inconvenience of living outside Chang’an City, Li Qingshan would have liked to live in a hut in the wild.

He needs to be calm and undisturbed when he realizes Grand Dao.

The biggest uncertainty in the wild is not knowing when someone broke in. If it was the critical moment when he realized Grand Dao, someone broke in, disturbed Li Qingshan, and interrupted the realization of Dao. You need to start all over again, and you may not be able to comprehend it again.

That Li Qingshan was really pissed off.

So he decided to ask about the rental situation in Chang’an city tomorrow.

The city of Chang’an is very lively at night, and the streets are very crowded. On the upper floor of the Inn, Li Qingshan leaned on the railing and looked into the distance. Human World.

In the early hours of the morning, the crowd dispersed one after another, and the city of Chang’an returned to quiet.

Only patrolling soldiers, in armour, check the streets.

Once it is found that someone has not left and has no place to live, eviction and fines will be imposed.

The quiet city of Chang’an is like a resting beast, silently drawing energy.

Li Qingshan is sitting cross-legged in his hut, Breathing Technique, waiting for the day.

The night passed.

A white light appeared on the side of the day, like a fish, turned over, revealing a snow-white belly.

As dawn breaks, the city of Chang’an comes alive.

The shops selling breakfast or tea on the streets opened their doors and opened the curtain of a new day.

Li Qingshan left the Inn early in the morning. He asked people along the way, and finally found a tooth man.

In Chang’an City, the place where houses are bought and sold is called Fangya, and the person who helps you connect is called Yaren.

Li Qingshan found a man in Ya, who enthusiastically and patiently helped him introduce the house he is renting in Chang’an city.

“Are there any houses for sale in Chang’an City?” Li Qingshan asked.

He thought that if he rented for a long time, he might as well buy one himself.

Tooth man laughed, he was fat and chubby, a little naive, people looked very friendly, so his business was very good.

“Does the client want to buy a house? That’s not cheap,” said the tooth man.

β€œHow is it not cheap?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“Guest, Chang’an City is the Safety Sector, located in the Central Zone of Dimensional Battlefield. It is the most popular place in the entire Dimensional Battlefield. The housing prices here have been high, and many people have bought a house. I don’t want to sell it, I just want to rent it out, even if it does, the price is still an astronomical sum.” Yaren introduced carefully.

Li Qingshan looked odd.

He inexplicably remembered his previous life.

“The house price here is not calculated by square, right?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“In Chang’an city, a minimum of 200,000 points per square meter, a house currently for sale with a minimum of 100 square meters, comes with a small courtyard, do guests still want to ask?” Yaren Qing said softly.

Li Qingshan shook his head silently, not wanting to ask any more.

He thought he had more than 30,000 points and was already a rich man.

At least he had more than eight thousand points when he first came.

But he couldn’t even afford the cheapest house in Chang’an, one square meter.

Li Qingshan cried silently in his heart.

In his previous life, he could not afford to buy a house.

I still can’t afford a house in this life.

Li Qingshan thought of a topic.

How to compare the difference between Wei City and Chang’an?

In Wei City, Li Qingshan, who has 8,000 points, is called Li Fuhao.

In Chang’an, Li Qingshan, who has more than 30,000 points, is called Li Pingmin.

Li Qingshan, who knew that he was very poor, stopped asking about buying a house, he said rationally: “I want to rent a house for a year, the price is cheaper, even if the location is a little remote.”

I thought 30,000 points was a lot.

Now Li Qingshan thinks it’s time to save some money.

“Guest, I have a property here. It is located in the East City of Chang’an. The location is a bit out of the way, but the price is okay. It needs 35,000 points.” Yaren thought about it and introduced .

“A single house?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Yes, and if the guest wants to rent it, I can also give you a gossip.” Tooth Man raised his eyebrows at Li Qingshan.

A festive fatty raised his eyebrows at him, and Li Qingshan asked strangely, “What kind of gossip?”

“Two days ago, a peerless beauty took the guest The building next to it is rented, the guest lives in this one now, you two are neighbors, this a waterside pavilion gets the moonlight first, I promise the guest that even if the beautiful moon sees her at night, she will be ashamed of being inferior.” Tooth said aftertaste.

Li Qingshan said calmly: “I’m not interested in women’s sex.”

“Before, I also felt that I was not close to women’s sex, mainly because I didn’t meet so beautiful. “Tooth man laughed.

Li Qingshan didn’t bother to talk to him, and said directly: “Take me to see the house, if it’s suitable, rent it out today.”

Li Qingshan has 36,000 points on his body .

Among them, 35,000 belonged to the gang, and 1,000 belonged to Li Qingshan himself.

The Yaren heard this and immediately took Li Qingshan to and fro in Chang’an city.

The city of Chang’an is so huge that it is cut into two sides by a river and becomes the East and West Markets.

When Yaren brought Li Qingshan to the house, Li Qingshan realized that it was an exquisite single-family house, and the things inside were well-ordered and very elegant.

Looking at it, Li Qingshan immediately decided to rent it.

Although the location is remote, the house environment is very good.

The location is remote and quiet, Li Qingshan needs quiet.

After communicating with Yaren, I finally rented it for a year with 35,000 points.

In black and white, after the contract was signed, Li Qingshan and Yaren were very satisfied.

“Guest, I wish you a happy life, and pay more attention to the beauty next door.” Tooth said in a low voice with a smile, and then waved goodbye.

Li Qingshan ignored this sentence, he rented a house for cultivation, not for beauty.

After closing the door, there was a layer of ashes in the house. Li Qingshan cast a purification spell, and a gust of breeze blew through every corner of the house, carrying the ashes out.

Since then, Li Qingshan has been practicing closed-door cultivation in Chang’an city.

“Behind the ascension fairy realm, there are Free and Unfettered Roaming, Changshengtian, Heaven Canopy Lord, if I can comprehend more Grand Dao this year, it will be of great help to myself. .” Li Qingshan sat in the new house and thought silently.

In Chang’an City, it is much easier to understand Grand Dao than in Wei City, and fighting is strictly prohibited here, so Li Qingshan can understand Dao quietly.

He started sorting out the Grand Dao that he realized.

Li Qingshan’s most powerful Grand Dao now is sword dao and Space Grand Dao.

sword dao is the basic Human World Dao.

Space Grand Dao is mysterious Human World Dao.

Among the sword dao, Li Qingshan comprehended Fast Sword Dao, Slow Sword Dao, Quick Kill Sword Dao.

And he fuses these three together, the formidable power is very terrifying.

In Space Grand Dao, what Li Qingshan comprehends is Space Imprisonment, Space Fragmentation.

The combination of the two gave birth to space storm.

It’s just Li Qingshan’s hole card. From the beginning of his comprehension to now, he has only used it once, and his formidable power is amazingly strong.

The reason why Li Qingshan can top the Immortal Dao Gold List is because of the space storm.

In addition to these two Grand Dao, Li Qingshan actually comprehended Buddhism, speed, thunder, and time four Grand Dao.

Among the speed Grand Dao, he comprehended extreme speed.

Extreme Speed Grand Dao and Kunpeng Treasure Art have crossed thousands of miles in an instant, giving Li Qingshan strong confidence whether he is chasing or escaping.

The rest is only a little involved, but has not formed a specific Grand Dao.

“There are already three kinds of sword dao fusions, and it is very difficult to merge into one. It cannot be completed in a year.” Li Qingshan knows that he wants to complete the four sword dao’s. Integration requires years of hard work.

In Wei City, the fusion of three Grand Dao, mutually exclusive, reluctantly.

If it weren’t for Li Qingshan’s strong strength, forcibly pressing three sword dao and forcibly integrating, it would be impossible to succeed now.

Li Qingshan can hold down three kinds of sword dao, but he can’t hold down four kinds.

For each additional Grand Dao, the complexity is at least a hundred times, a thousand times more.

So Li Qingshan doesn’t plan to work on sword dao.

He also doesn’t plan to work on Space Grand Dao.

Although there are only two fusions in Space Grand Dao, these two are more difficult than the three in sword dao. The last time I was able to understand, it was also a chance to step into a certain realm, in a sudden enlightenment post fusion.

This takes time and cannot be forced.

“What is the next way to understand?” Li Qingshan thought silently.

“Buddhism, speed, thunder, time.”

“Buddhism is excluded first, I have very few Buddhism cultivation techniques, and I don’t see many Buddhist scriptures, only Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, but you can’t always use Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture to comprehend Buddhism.” Li Qingshan shook his head slightly.

β€œThunder is also excluded.”

β€œYou can only choose between speed and time.”

Li Qingshan sat in his chair, lost in thought , his fingers tapped the table unconsciously, making a da da da sound.

Speed is the basis of Human World Dao.

Time is Mysterious Human World Dao.

On formidable power, natural time is stronger.

In terms of difficulty, it also takes the most time.

“To understand speed, I already have an Extreme Speed Grand Dao, and then I understand another Grand Dao in terms of speed, and then I can start to integrate.” Li Qingshan made up his mind.

He is no longer entangled, and has determined the direction of the next cultivation, then don’t care about other things, just move forward.

In this way, in the new room, Li Qingshan seriously cultivated, increased True Qi, powerful Primordial Spirit, went to comprehend the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture from time to time, and finally comprehended the Grand Primordial about speed. Dao.

Every beginning is difficult.

Especially Li Qingshan realized the speed in the house, and the difficulty was even higher.

In the eyes of ordinary people, how can you feel the existence of speed without running?

But Li Qingshan found a new direction after three days of thinking.

He Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground.

Speed, on the one hand, represents the extreme speed in the world.

This Li Qingshan has realized.

On the other hand, Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground, which sets the enemy in place, may you have a thousand speed, but you can’t escape Li Qingshan’s cage.

This is also an interpretation of speed.

Li Qingshan has been pacing back and forth in the house for the past few days, measuring a circle with his feet. Inside this circle, there is an extreme speed in the world, but outside the circle, the speed returns to normal.

Li Qingshan got a first look.

He muses, sometimes scratching his head.

For seven days, Li Qingshan devoted himself to it, and only a line of words appeared in front of him.

[You earnestly comprehend, inspire max-level comprehension, sudden enlightenment Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground. ]

The max-level comprehension started, and finally came out to help Li Qingshan.

In this brief moment, all the obstructions and confusions about Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground were all gone in his mind.

The knowledge about Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground appeared in Li Qingshan’s Sea of Consciousness. He was reading silently, and the whole person was instantly transparent.

“Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground, so that’s how it is.”

Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground is not about imprisoning oneself, but imprisoning others.

Use the speed to slow down the enemy continuously, imprisoning a square inch, so that he can’t run out.

After Li Qingshan fully understood Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground, he muttered to himself: “Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground contains speed, space and time.”

Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground is not just about speed.

“According to the concept of the blending of all things, each Grand Dao can blend with each other. For example, Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground, you can add space and time to form a balance with speed .” Li Qingshan has new inspiration.

The current Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground is mainly based on the speed of Grand Dao, but mixed with some space and time.

Li Qingshan wondered if Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground would be more powerful if he filled space and time to be flush with speed?

Even Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground will be Li Qingshan’s first, combining the insights of three Grand Dao.

These three Grand Dao are not the kind of sword dao.

The three Grand Dao of sword dao are fast and slow and fast kill, all of which are tied to the sword Dao Body, belong to a family, close the door and merge with each other.

Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground is breaking a system.

It is the three Grand Dao in the true sense.

“If Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground is successful, then in the future, when I comprehend other Grand Dao, there is no limit, each Grand Dao can be used to merge, I will Gathering thousands of Grand Dao in one body.” Li Qingshan became more and more excited as he thought about it. He clapped his hands excitedly, and jumped up and down in the room.

After the excitement, Li Qingshan calmed down and warned himself: “Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground is very difficult, just have an idea, don’t be complacent.”

Retreat Seven days later, when the thoughts were sorted out, Li Qingshan relaxed, opened the door, and walked out.

Breathe in the fresh air outside, relax and relax, and combine work and rest.

Just after Li Qingshan opened the door, he saw many people standing in front of the next door, dressed in uniform, surrounded by a gorgeously dressed pampered young master.

The Young Master’s appearance is not ugly, the cultivation base is worthy of breaking through Human World realm, holding a bouquet of flowers in his hand, shouting to the next door: “Girl, I am sincere, I want to Marry you as my wife and be the young grandmother of my Great River Gang.”

Li Qingshan just remembered that when he was buying a house, Yaren said that there was a peerless beauty living next door to him.

Seven days of enlightenment made Li Qingshan forget about it.

didn’t expect someone came to propose.

β€œYoung Master of the Great River Gang?” Li Qingshan watched with interest.

To establish a gang in an extremely expensive land like Chang’an City, this Young Master’s father must be very powerful.

Li Qingshan wants to take a look. Will my beautiful neighbor agree?

Unfortunately, the Young Master of Great River Gang shouted for ten minutes, but there was no response in the house.

Chang’an City is the Safety Sector. The Young Master of the Great River Gang did not dare to break into the house without permission, so he could only wait silently.

Li Qingshan shook the head, stopped watching this story of a dog chasing love, went out for a walk, and relaxed his eyes.

After Li Qingshan came back from shopping, it was almost evening, the Young Master of the Great River Gang. He could only put the flowers at the door, and then said, “Beauty, I’ll come back tomorrow.”

After saying this, a voice came from the house, which was crisp and sweet, very pleasant.

“Don’t come again, I don’t look down on you, no matter how many days you come, the result is the same, don’t make fun of yourself, being cheeky will only make me more annoying.”

The Young Master of the Great River Gang gritted his teeth, his face was ugly, and he was obviously overwhelmed by this sentence.

The younger brother behind him whispered, “Master Young, do you want to do something?”

“Let’s go back and talk about it later.” The Young Master of Great River Gang gritted his teeth. , turn around and leave.

Before leaving, perhaps aware of his humiliating appearance, being surrounded by Li Qingshan, the Young Master of the Great River Gang gave Li Qingshan a fierce look.

Li Qingshan resisted the urge to shoot, why is this guy staring at him?

It’s not that he called each other a licking dog.

Li Qingshan opened the door of his house and said suspiciously, “But the voice next door sounds a little familiar. I seem to have heard it somewhere before?”

The woman Li Qingshan has seen in his life has also Not much, the best voice is Hua Yun, it is a pure mature lady voice, tickling his heartstrings.

Followed by Xiao Jiu and Small Fox.

It doesn’t sound like this.

Li Qingshan couldn’t think of who it was, so he hooked the head and stopped thinking about it.

When he was about to close the door, suddenly the distant sky, the evening glow, exploded directly.

bang! !

Heaven shaking, a loud noise of earth shattering, outside Chang’an city, under the sunset, there is a very terrifying scene.

The world was split open.


Between Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi spread out, and after this loud noise, quickly doubled to a terrifying level.

“With this loud noise, Spiritual Qi quickly doubled tenfold.” Li Qingshan looked at it in surprise and walked out of the house to find that many people were moving towards the city gate.

These people are going out of town to see.

Someone shouted that treasure was born.

Someone is emotionally trying to get a head start.

Li Qingshan also wanted to go out to see the city.

At this moment, the door of the house next door opened, and a figure came out.

Li Qingshan had a surprised look on his face when he saw her: “You are the Heavenly Emperor?”

Yes, Li Qingshan would not admit it wrong.

The peerless beauty who lived next door to him turned out to be the Heavenly Emperor.

It’s no wonder that her voice is a bit familiar. Li Qingshan had heard her voice and seen her face when Immortal Dao Gold List projected the sky.

The Heavenly Emperor’s skin is snow-white, beautiful and alluring, and some white clothed long dresses can’t compare to the Fairy who descended to earth.

At this moment, she also looked at Li Qingshan in surprise, and her red lips said in surprise, “Divinity of Human World!”

Li Qingshan was speechless, why did everyone say Divinity of Human World when they saw him ?

β€œWhy are you here?” Heavenly Emperor asked curiously.

Li Qingshan pointed his finger behind his back and said, “I rent a house here.”

The Heavenly Emperor was even more surprised, looked at Li Qingshan, and said with a smile: “This is It’s really a coincidence.”

Li Qingshan looked at the state of Heavenly Emperor at the moment, and knew that the injuries she had suffered had recovered completely, the cultivation base was more profound, and she had stepped into the realm of Ascension Immortal.

“We’ll talk later. Now go out of the city to see what’s going on.” Li Qingshan said quickly, everyone else had already left the city, and he also wanted to go and see.

“Okay.” The Heavenly Emperor> agreed.

Li Qingshan performed Extreme Speed Grand Dao, paired with Kunpeng Treasure Art, the speed was very fast, and he came to the city gate almost in a blink of an eye.

But Heavenly Emperor is not slow, and Li Qingshan one after the other.

Li Qingshan looked at the Heavenly Emperor behind her in surprise. She also comprehend the speed of Grand Dao, otherwise she would not be able to catch up with him.

Heavenly Emperor looked at Li Qingshan with great interest, this Divinity of Human World who pressed her and the immortal reincarnation to the top, looked delicious and pretty handsome on the outside, tall and straight, waist The pole is like pine and cypress, with outstanding temperament, with a hint of calm, very extraordinary.

Li Qingshan gets a perfect score just by looking at her appearance.

However, the top priority was what happened outside the city. Heavenly Emperor and Li Qingshan one after the other left the city and saw grandiose, the men and horses in Chang’an city, rushing towards the area where the explosion occurred.

Li Qingshan is not in a hurry at the moment, so many people go, one step ahead, one step behind, there is no difference.

Follow the battallion to the place where the explosion occurred.

Here, Spiritual Qi is more intense.

The Spiritual Qi in the city has suddenly increased by more than ten times, and here it is at least thirty times.

Many people who come here let go of the acupuncture points around their bodies and absorb them like crazy.

“Spiritual Qi, which is at least 30 times, increased in an instant. So many people absorbed it together, but it didn’t dry up. What happened?”

“This Seeing that the mountain didn’t explode, Spiritual Qi didn’t come from the ground, it was more like it came down from the sky.”

“I saw the world outside the city and it was split open, and now I come here. Here, why the hole disappeared?”

“What happened? Such a large-scale loud noise, impossible and no movement.”

The world discussed spiritedly.

Everyone is talking, everyone talking at once, in a cluttered voice.

Li Qingshan didn’t get involved, he just watched silently.

When he was in the city before, when he heard a loud noise, Li Qingshan looked up and saw that there was indeed a crack in the sky.

Coming around here now, the opening seems to have been repaired.

Li Qingshan looked back at Chang’an City, which is at least 5,000 miles away, and can be affected by such a long distance. Spiritual Qi has increased tenfold. This is not an easy thing.

β€œWhat do you think happened, Divinity of Human World?” Heavenly Emperor asked behind Li Qingshan.

She didn’t know what was wrong. After she left the city, she followed Li Qingshan all the way.

Li Qingshan glanced at the Heavenly Emperor and said, “My name is Li Qingshan, not Divinity of Human World.”

Heavenly Emperor smiled and said, “I don’t think Divinity of Human World. Is World very domineering?”

“In Human World, maybe I feel domineering, but in Dimensional Battlefield, I can’t afford this title.” Li Qingshan said.

“Then Li Qingshan, what do you think of the things in front of you?” Heavenly Emperor asked again, calling his real name directly this time.

Li Qingshan shook his head: “I don’t know, it’s all too sudden, looking at your expression, you seem to know something?”

Li Qingshan noticed on Heavenly Emperor’s face calm smile.

The world is surprised, puzzled, and puzzled by the situation here.

Even Li Qingshan was looking around.

Only Heavenly Emperor, she kept looking at the sky.

The Heavenly Emperor and Li Qingshan stood side by side on a mountain peak and said softly, “I’ve seen such a scene before.”

Li Qingshan immediately listened.

“Do you know the Mirage?” Heavenly Emperor asked.

Li Qingshan nods.

“The mirage is about to appear, and the image of Immortal World is projected to the Dimensional Battlefield. You have to seize the opportunity.” Heavenly Emperor said.

Seize the opportunity?

Li Qingshan was just about to ask what opportunities to seize?

in the sky With a bang, in front of the world, the sunset sky projected an illusory scene.

The castle in the sky, the Immortal Crane soars, the immortal travels, and the palace continues.

There are immortals returning with swords in their arms.

An old man was riding a donkey backwards.

There are Fairy dancing lightly and gracefully.

There are immortal soldiers uncommon military might.

The world was amazed when they saw these pictures, and then boiled over.

“This is Immortal World!”

“Yes, Supreme’s Immortal World, it’s beautiful.”

“That pavilion, Three Famous Mountains and Five Sacred Mountains, that immortal attitude is so desirable. “

“If I can get to Immortal World, I will die without regrets.”

“What we are seeing now is a mirage, and the image of Immortal World is projected onto Dimensional Battlefield. blessing of three lifetimes.”

At this moment, everyone’s wishes for Immortal Ascension Land are even stronger.

On a mountain peak.

Li Qingshan saw this scene, at first he didn’t feel anything, it was nothing more than ordinary Immortal World life.

But the next second, he actually felt the traces of Grand Dao in the Immortal World screen that was projected.

Li Qingshan looked towards Heavenly Emperor beside him, very surprised.

At first, Heavenly Emperor knew that he could see the way of Immortal World in the mirage.

At this moment, she has been silently comprehending.

“It seems that in the past more than a year, Heavenly Emperor has gained a lot.” Li Qingshan’s mind changed, and the next second, he watched the mirage seriously.

“The essence of SH city is a mirage, just projecting the distant picture to the front, but this is the projection of the two worlds that are separated, involving Space Grand Dao.” Li Qingshan understood silently.

He instantly thought of the Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground that he only realized.

Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground, if this Spa

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