Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 86


Chapter 86 The Power of Heavenly Emperor

(Last chapter mistaken Longevity Embryo realm as Nourishing Life Lord, too much writing, brain Faint, I have changed it, sorry.)

The incident started because of the Heavenly Emperor, and it fell because of the Heavenly Emperor.

Since she said she could solve it, Li Qingshan would not be brave.

On the other hand, Xia Wuji said worriedly: “I heard them say that the Gang Lord of Great River Gang is Longevity Embryo realm, can you fight?”

Heavenly Emperor’s face was calm, There was no worry or fear on her beautiful face, and she said: “Don’t worry, go back to Chang’an now, give me a little time, this matter will be resolved.”

“Let’s go, we are bound by fate. Not shallow, we went to the Immortal Dao Gold List together, entered the Dimensional Battlefield together, and now we meet here again, I invite you to drink and get together.” Xia Wuji said.

Li Qingshan has no comments. Heavenly Emperor> and everyone gathered together to chat: “Okay, let’s talk, I don’t have a friend in Dimensional Battlefield, let’s exchange cultivation experience, I have to ask Li Qingshan, the Divinity of Human World for advice. What.”

Xia Wuji nods and said: “That’s for sure, my brother Li Qingshan is absolutely super strong, although we are both Ascension Immortals, but even if I activate Bloodline, it’s not his. Your opponent.”

Heavenly Emperor looked at Li Qingshan with a faint smile and said, “Your brother will soon be no longer an Ascension Immortal.”

Just now she saw Li Qingshan and realized it. With the movement when Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground, Heavenly Emperor can infer that Li Qingshan will soon be able to break through ascension immortal and enter the next realm, Free and Unfettered Roaming.

“Okay, okay, go back early, don’t be discovered by the Great River Gang and cause trouble outside.” Li Qingshan saw that Xia Wuji wanted to ask, so he interrupted him, turned around and walked away. moved towards Chang’an.

The Heavenly Emperor immediately followed, not much slower.

Xia Wuji looked at Li Qingshan’s back in shock: “Are you going to break through ascension?”

He just entered the realm of ascension, and Li Qingshan is about to break through ascension.

Xia Wuji said with emotion: “This brother didn’t recognize him for nothing.”



Li Qingshan met in his home, sat down and talked.

There was wine in front of the three of them. It wasn’t some expensive wine. It was brought by Xia Wuji from Human World, and the grain wine brewed by the farmers.

Xia Wuji raised the glass and said happily: “I only saw you on the Immortal Dao Gold List before, didn’t expect to see the real Heavenly Emperor now, I toast you.”

Xia Wuji drank it all, Heavenly Emperor flourishing jade hand picked up the wine glass and drank it gracefully.

“Brother, I also toast you.” Xia Wuji poured another glass and raised it to Li Qingshan.

“I didn’t expect you to break through ascension so quickly, I thought it would take a few months.” Li Qingshan said while looking at Xia Wuji.

“I didn’t expect it myself, sometimes cultivation is just like that, the instant sudden enlightenment is far better than your hard cultivation, but it does not enter the ascension immortal realm immediately after the sudden enlightenment, I I’ll come to you right away.” Xia Wuji said with clapping.

In his conversation with Li Qingshan, he tacitly excluded the news of Kunlun Immortal.

After all, Kunlun Immortal represents big trouble in Dimensional Battlefield.

“Heavenly Emperor, you should have gained a lot in Dimensional Battlefield in the past year, right?” Li Qingshan looked at Heavenly Emperor and asked.

“The harvest is quite big. With some opportunities, I understand some truths and understand how to go on the next road, so I came to Chang’an and planned to live in seclusion here.” Heavenly The Emperor said.

She looked at Li Qingshan and Xia Wuji curiously and asked, “You guys have gained a lot, but after entering Dimensional Battlefield, why don’t you go and grab points?”

Li Qingshan and Xia Wuji looked at each other in blank dismay.

“Why do you want to snatch points?” Xia Wuji asked in confusion.

“Don’t you know that points can make you immortal?” Heavenly Emperor looked at Xia Wuji strangely.

Xia Wuji shook her head and said, “Before I entered Dimensional Battlefield, I was just a farmer and didn’t check any information. After Immortal Dao Gold List, I immediately entered Dimensional Battlefield and just started looking for someone to fight. I kept deactivating bloodline, and some of the gangs in the back were staring at me, fighting and killing, for a year, until I met Li Qingshan.”

The Heavenly Emperor understood. When Xia Wuji lived, everyone knew that after avenging his father’s mother friends and friends, he retired to the countryside and returned to his own village.

I have never been in contact with cultivator since, so it is understandable not to know the score of Dimensional Battlefield.

“Why don’t you go grab the points?” Heavenly Emperor looked towards Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan certainly knows the importance of Dimensional Battlefield points.

In fact, Li Qingshan also seriously asked Hua Yun about Dimensional Battlefield.

He certainly knew the importance of points.

Faced with the Heavenly Emperor’s question, Li Qingshan said indifferently: “How many points do I need to snatch up to become immortal?”

“In Dimensional Battlefield, as long as you have 100,000 points , you can go to the Immortal Road once, and once you get past it, you can become an immortal.” Heavenly Emperor said eloquently.

“Then can’t get past it?” Xia Wuji asked.

“Some people escaped, some died.” Heavenly Emperor shrugged, playful and cute.

“Isn’t that spending 100,000 points on a ticket to Hell?” Xia Wuji frowned.

“That’s right, just spend 100,000 points to buy a ticket, this ticket can take you to Hell, and can take you to Immortal World, very exciting, right?” Heavenly Emperor Liang, agree with what Xia Wuji said.

Li Qingshan turned the wine glass with his hand, listened to the conversation between Xia Wuji and Heavenly Emperor, and said, “For a mortal to become an immortal, the initiative should be in his own hands, rather than relying on a so-called so-called rule. The Immortal Path.”

The Heavenly Emperor looked at Li Qingshan and said, “Listen to what you mean, do you still think that you will become an Immortal if you don’t pass the Immortal Path?”

“Why, can’t you?” Li Qingshan frowned.

“No.” Heavenly Emperor replied directly, meeting Li Qingshan’s eyes.

Li Qingshan’s eyes are black, calm and composed, like a deep pool, he can’t see exactly what he is thinking, emotional fluctuations are brewing at the bottom of the deep pool, and will not be revealed in color.

The Heavenly Emperor couldn’t see what Li Qingshan was thinking.

She is looking at Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan is also looking at her.

Heavenly Emperor’s eyes are like deep sea ice, very beautiful, like a sapphire, with a cold and arrogant aura, breaking her face, ingenious and flawless.

“Since ancient times, cultivators all rely on themselves to become immortals, rather than relying on others. In ancient times, when the immortal road came to the Human World, it only provided a passage. At that time, the great powers, more The choice is smashing void and ascending to Immortal World, rather than entering Immortal World through immortal roads, let alone this Dimensional Battlefield.” Li Qingshan said seriously.

With the development of the times, the price of becoming an immortal is getting higher and higher.

“Are you dissatisfied with Dimensional Battlefield?” Heavenly Emperor corner of the mouth raised.

“I just want to cultivate silently in Dimensional Battlefield, and then try it out and follow the way of the ancients.” Li Qingshan said lightly.

“No way.” Heavenly Emperor answered Li Qingshan again.

“The road is right there, you tell me it won’t work?” Li Qingshan pointed, his tone intensified.

“This road, in Dimensional Battlefield, no one dares to take it.” Heavenly Emperor also increased his tone.

The conversation between the two suddenly felt like a pin against an awl. Looking at Xia Wuji on the side, she was anxious, and it seemed that the two of them could quarrel at any time.

“No one dares to leave? Why, will those who leave be arrested?” Li Qingshan knocked on the table, coldly snorted.

“Yes!” Heavenly Emperor suddenly corner of the mouth raised and said with a smile.

Li Qingshan was stunned.

Xia Wuji was also stunned.

The two of them looked at Heavenly Emperor together, brows tightly frowns, their nostrils opened, obviously getting a little angry.

“You mean, as long as someone dares to go the way of the ancients, they will be arrested?” Li Qingshan asked in a low voice.

“Which side would dare to do this?” Xia Wuji also said angrily.

The Heavenly Emperor picked up the wine cup and drank it elegantly, saying: “It’s not a single faction, it’s the rules of the entire Dimensional Battlefield. You understand that the order stipulates that it is not allowed in the Dimensional Battlefield. If you follow the way of the ancients, those who violate the rules of Dimensional Battlefield will be sent to prison.”

Li Qingshan’s hand holding the wine glass suddenly trembled, and a sip of wine spilled, he ignored it, and is thinking of a person.

Hua Yun.

Hua Yun told Li Qingshan that she broke the rules of Dimensional Battlefield and got caught in Boiling Water Prison.

But she didn’t say what rules she broke.

“Who set the bullshit rules, it’s completely inhuman, why do we have to enter the Immortal World through the immortal road, and that immortal road does not guarantee that you will be able to enter, and it will cost you 100,000 points. breakthrough. To become an immortal was originally an opportunity for every cultivator to reach a certain realm. Before becoming an immortal, everyone is equal, but now, it is Dimensional Battlefield and points, and points are used to open the road to immortality. Turning the once-equal chance of becoming an immortal into a business. In other words, the opportunity to become an immortal that all cultivators could get after reaching Peak was controlled by some people and turned into a money-making thing. “Li Qingshan was very angry, he knocked on the table with his hand and said word by word.

Li Qingshan’s face was gloomy at this moment. He had not been so angry for a long time. This was a kind of indignation from the bottom of his heart.

After the once chance to become an immortal was controlled, a path to immortality was first rolled out and screened.

Then I got another Dimensional Battlefield and started raising Gu.

Finally, put Xianlu in Dimensional Battlefield and screen the Gus raised in Dimensional Battlefield.

Heavenly Emperor looked at Li Qingshan’s angry look and sighed: “For millions of years, people have gradually adapted to this set of patterns, don’t you see? People who are new to Dimensional Battlefield will try their best to do it. Grab the points, improve yourself, and then go for that 50% chance, so I’m surprised that you two don’t go to grab the points, but stay in the Dimensional Battlefield leisurely.”

“I I will not put my fate on others, I will follow the path of the ancients.” Li Qingshan said firmly.

“I heard that some people appeared in Dimensional Battlefield hundreds of years ago, and they wanted to go the way of the ancients.” Heavenly Emperor said.

Li Qingshan expression changed, hundreds of years ago, there were some people who wanted to go the way of the ancients.

This coincides with Hua Yun’s time.

“Where are they last?” Li Qingshan asked.

“In the end, they were dead, caught, caught, and surrounded by experts from Dimensional Battlefield. I heard that only a few people escaped.” Heavenly Emperor said.

“Anyone escaped?” Li Qingshan asked in surprise.

He immediately thought of Hua Yun’s younger sister, Hua Xiangrong.

“I also heard from others, how could I know what happened hundreds of years ago, and some people say that until now, the group of people who wanted to follow the path of the ancients have not been caught.” Heavenly Emperor explained.

“Then what way do you want to go?” Li Qingshan looked directly into Heavenly Emperor’s eyes.

Xia Wuji immediately looked towards Heavenly Emperor. Like Li Qingshan, he also had to go the way of the ancients.

But he didn’t think about it himself, it was Stone Gate who told him that he must follow the way of the ancients.

Heavenly Emperor was watched by two people, smiled coquettishly, and said, “Of course I also want to follow the path of the ancients.”

“Aren’t you afraid of breaking the rules of Dimensional Battlefield?” Xia Wuji asked road.

“As long as I am strong enough, the rules of Dimensional Battlefield are a pile of broken paper.” Heavenly Emperor said domineeringly.

“Looks like we’ve reached an agreement.” Li Qingshan suppressed all his anger, raised his glass, and smiled.

“A toast to our agreement.”

Xia Wuji and Heavenly Emperor immediately raised their cups and drank them all.

After drinking, the atmosphere became lively, not as with swords drawn and bows bent as before.

Xia Wuji suddenly thought of something and asked, “Since we can meet here, have you met other people on the Gold List? Especially Beirong and Emperor Xia and Zhao Minghuang. Individual?”

“I don’t, I’ve been alone for the past year.” Heavenly Emperor shook his head.

“Neither do I. I have been living in seclusion for the past year. Besides, if I really meet Beirong Emperor Xia and Zhao Minghuang, none of them will survive.” the killing intent.

Both Beirong Emperor Xia and Zhao Minghuang have committed heinous crimes that cannot be forgiven.

“I thought you met, even if there is some news, I always wanted to kill the three of them.” Xia Wuji said disappointedly.

“I want to kill them too, they should also know that we want to kill them, so they hid.” Heavenly Emperor said softly.

“The Dimensional Battlefield is huge. They really want to hide, but they won’t be able to find it if they look for it. Let’s cultivate silently first, and when we meet by chance, don’t let them go.” Li Qingshan said.

Xia Wuji drank a glass of wine angrily and cursed angrily: “Three chops.”

“You came to Chang’an and stayed with me, usually We can also learn from each other and verify each other’s cultivation gains, and Heavenly Emperor can come here from time to time, anyway, it is a neighbor.” Li Qingshan said.

Xia Wuji nod.

“Let’s play Grand Dao.” Heavenly Emperor proposed.

Li Qingshan and Xia Wuji agreed immediately, verifying each other’s Tao, maybe they can be inspired.

For a time, three people were in Li Qingshan’s room, each expounding their own way.

By the way, they will show the Grand Dao they understand for their reference.

All three of them gained something from this exchange.


With the arrival of Xia Wuji, Li Qingshan and Xia Wuji often discussed Taoism together with him.

Outside, the Great River Gang finally realized that something was wrong with their Young Master.

The Gang Lord of Great River Gang is called Cui Dahe. He is a native of Dimensional Battlefield. His parents came to Dimensional Battlefield from Human World. Although his strength has improved later, he has never been able to reach Heaven Canopy Lord. level.

If you can’t reach Heaven Canopy Lord, don’t go to the Immortal Road.

This is an old saying in Dimensional Battlefield.

Spend 100,000 points to buy tickets, and those who are not strong enough can only send themselves to Hell.

So Cui Dahe’s parents didn’t go to the immortal road. They diligently hunted and killed others, earned points, and then gathered a group of men to start other businesses. After the accumulation, he bought a property in Chang’an City, bought the land, and became a force in Chang’an City.

And they started a gang called the Great River Gang.

Cui Dahe is the second Gang Lord of the gang.

His parents were killed by a loose cultivator for being too rampant, Cui Dahe took over the Great River Gang and started to expand the business around Chang’an city.

Until now.

Cui Dahe is already a Longevity Embryo realm. He has only given birth to one child in his life. He has been working hard to cultivate him and intends to let him take over as the Great River Gang Gang Lord.

didn’t expect to see one’s child die before oneself.

Cui Dahe couldn’t take such a blow. His son didn’t even leave his body, he was directly smashed into a puddle of mud.

Seeing that scene, Cui Dahe said nothing, trembling all over, and asked people to investigate.

He was like a wounded wild beast, licking his wounds silently, while he was ready to go.

After two days of investigation, the clues all point to Heavenly Emperor.

After all, Cui Dahe’s son has been in too much contact with Heavenly Emperor recently, every day all come, like dog skin plaster.

The suspected murderer was found, Cui Dahe didn’t act immediately, he was dealing with his son’s funeral.

At the funeral, Cui Dahe, with white hair, tremblingly covered his son with a crown, and said firmly: “You like that woman, father knows, through childhood you have never liked that much. A woman, she cannot tell good from bad, but it doesn’t matter, you wait below, the father will catch her, marry you, and send her down to see you.”

“Can become Your wife is a blessing for this woman, son, you are not alone when you have someone to accompany you on Yellow Springs Road.”

Cui Dahe’s words have one’s hair stand on end, and everyone around him feels that he has changed, His son’s death drove him crazy.

On the second day after the funeral, Cui Dahe came to the Heavenly Emperor gate.

“Three days later, my son will marry you, and the wedding party will come. You dress up and marry my son.” Cui Dahe said coldly.

He was thin, with red eyes and curly hair, like an old lion.

A lion that eats people at any time.

Inside the house, the Heavenly Emperor ignored him.

“You think you’re completely safe in the Safety Sector?” Cui Dahe sneered.

“I can buy your house, break the contract directly, drive you out, and warn all the Inns in Chang’an that they will never accept you. In the early hours of the morning, where you don’t live, you will You will be kicked out, then, how do you want to die?” Cui Dahe’s tone was very domineering.

In the next room, Li Qingshan heard this and frowned.

Xia Wuji gestured to the side.

Li Qingshan shook his head slightly, Imperial Capital didn’t speak, what were they anxious about?

“Want me to marry your son for a ghost marriage, yes, but you need to beat me.”

“Ten days later, just outside Chang’an, you and I If I fight, I will be obedient if I lose.”

In the house, Heavenly Emperor’s voice came out.

Cui Dahe shook his head: “I’m here to inform you, not to discuss with you, you are not qualified to bargain with me.”

“Then you can see, I can I can’t find a place to stay in this Chang’an city.” Heavenly Emperor’s tone Not slow, Not fast, with her beauty, in this Chang’an city, it is very easy to find a cultivation base that is not weaker than Cui Dahe.

Cui Dahe obviously took this into consideration, and his face was grim.

“In ten days, I’m going to have a ghost marriage!” Cui Dahe flicked his sleeves, turned around and left.

The Heavenly Emperor in the room remained unmoved, closing his eyes and meditating.

“Are you sure after ten days?” Li Qingshan asked Heavenly Emperor next door.

“Yes.” Heavenly Emperor replied, his tone was still Not slow, Not fast, and he didn’t take this matter seriously.

Li Qingshan was relieved and told Xia Wuji not to worry, and said, “Wait for ten days to watch the play and see what Heavenly Emperor’s cards are.”

Li Qingshan continued silent cultivation.

He is really not far from the Free and Unfettered Roaming realm.

The bet between Heavenly Emperor and Cui Dahe spread quickly in Chang’an city.

People in Chang’an City normally live a monotonous life, but suddenly there is such a hot news, it must be spread by word of mouth, and within half a day, the entire Chang’an City will know about it.

The whole sequence of events of the story is also familiar to everyone. After learning about it, everyone became interested. As long as ten days later, let’s see if it is Heavenly Emperor, the peerless beauty, who won, or Cui Dahe for him. The son has a ghost marriage.

The world is looking forward to it.

Especially with few major events happening recently, the bet between Cui Dahe and Heavenly Emperor is the most talked about thing recently.

One day, two days, three days have passed.

Every day, people’s expectations will increase. Everyone is frantically investigating the information of Heavenly Emperor. Some people turned to the Immortal Dao Gold List reformed last year, and found the information of Immortal Emperor on it. and drawings.

The Immortal Emperor’s beauty and strength spread instantly.

It directly ignited the expectations of the public.

The beauty of the Immortal Emperor was appreciated by all the people.

Everyone’s three views followed the five senses, and the overwhelming majority immediately supported the Immortal Emperor and defeated the evil Cui Dahe.

This is the tenth day.

For ten days, Heavenly Emperor didn’t go out once, and she was always in cultivation, and the aura on her body was uncertain.

Chang’an City, the city wall is full of people who want to watch.

Ten miles outside of Chang’an City, Cui Dahe, a thin, silver-haired, grim-faced Cui Dahe, is standing here waiting.

Noon is coming.

Li Qingshan and Xia Wuji also came to the city wall early and looked at Cui Dahe.

“Is this old fellow the Longevity Embryo realm?” Xia Wuji muttered.

“Although he looks very old, he is definitely not weak in fighting.” Li Qingshan said.

“Stone gate told me that Longevity Embryo realm needs furnacing a hundred scriptures to support Spiritual God.” Xia Wuji said.

β€œWhat is furnacing a hundred scriptures and feeding Spiritual God?” Li Qingshan asked.

β€œLongevity Embryo realm requires you to put all the cultivation techniques you have cultivated before in a furnace, true gold fears no fire, burn all the impurities in it, and become a new self. Then If you raise Spiritual God in the acupoints of the whole body, each time you raise a Spiritual God, your strength will become stronger, I don’t know how many Spiritual Gods this old fellow has raised.” Xia Wuji pointed to Cui Changhe, whispered.

“so that’s how it is.” Li Qingshan knows more about Longevity Embryo realm.

The next second, he sensed the Heavenly Emperor coming out.

“It’s time to start,” Li Qingshan said to Xia Wuji.

Beyond the city gate, the sun is burning, Cui Dahe looks up at the sky, it’s noon.

He just wanted to call out the Heavenly Emperor, but the next second, the Heavenly Emperor appeared in front of him.

Standing in the space, she has a slender figure, icy muscles and jade bones, her skin is like fat, and she is as white as jade.

Under the sunlight, the Heavenly Emperor at this moment is surrounded by a kind of bright radiance. In the rays of light, the stars of the Star River are reflected, setting off the imposing manner of the Heavenly Emperor.

The Heavenly Emperor’s face was indifferent, showing high coldness, azure hair was dancing behind her, she looked at Cui Dahe and said, “Now, please die!”

“You Thinking that after entering the Free and Unfettered Roaming realm, you can compete with me?” Cui Dahe’s eyes were deep, he saw through the Heavenly Emperor, and actually used these ten days to break through the ascension and enter the Free and Unfettered Roaming realm.

“And you forced the breakthrough, you will leave repercussions, but it doesn’t matter, let you defeat, and then complete the marriage, you should go down and serve my son.” Cui Dahe said coldly, He only has a single thought now, to help his son complete the ghost marriage.

Listening to Cui Dahe’s words, the onlookers were deeply saddened at the thought that such a beautiful Heavenly Emperor was going to marry a dead man.

Although they only met the Heavenly Emperor once, they have both become fans of several decades, such an amazing woman who is going to marry a dead man.

This made many people look at Cui Dahe angrily and curse in a low voice.

bang! !

Cui Dahe’s words did not move the Heavenly Emperor, she glanced coldly, and with a flick of her finger, the three thousand blue silks suddenly slashed out like a three thousand long sword.




At this moment, Heaven and Earth changed color, Heavenly Emperor showed his powerful strength , to see the onlookers trembling in fear.

“such insignificant ability, impossible to withstand a single blow.” But Cui Dahe dismissed it, and with a big hand, he directly enveloped it, trying to capture Heavenly Emperor.

At this moment, in Cui Dahe’s body, terrifying energy fluctuations came from many acupoints, and it was the Spiritual God he raised, providing him with energy.

He casts the Great Seizing Hand.

The purpose is not to hurt Heavenly Emperor’s body. This is the wife of his son who has never been through the door. He needs a complete body, so that he can keep it intact and accompany his son when he leaves the Hell after killing.

bang! !

The Great Seizing Hand took a photo, shattered the Heavenly Emperor’s three thousand blue silk, and cut half of it directly, but the Heavenly Emperor’s blue silk continued automatically in the next second.

She was unmoved, standing calmly in the void, open her hands, the energy inside her body surged, rushing out of her top of the head, and then manifested a portal in the sky.

“Profound Valley Gate!”

The illusory shadow of this portal was summoned by the Heavenly Emperor, using up all her strength, very terrifying.


The illusory shadow at the gate of the Profound Valley was summoned out, immediately exuding an extremely terrifying power, suppressing the entire battlefield, Cui Dahe wanted He made a move to resist, but his knees were instantly crushed, and he knelt on the ground. He raised his head in horror and looked at the Heavenly Emperor, who had left his hands open, and the extremely terrifying mysterious portal behind the Heavenly Emperor.

“This… This is Immortal Artifact, and it’s still an illusory shadow. An illusory shadow can’t help me stand up. How powerful would it be if it was a magical treasure body?” Cui Dahe looked at it in shock.

The world is just like Cui Dahe.

At this moment, many Free and Unfettered Roaming and Longevity Embryo realm in the crowd looked at Heavenly Emperor and the god Secret Sect behind her in shock.

What the hell is a terrifying Immortal Artifact?

An illusory shadow makes Cui Dahe unable to move even a little bit, knowing that Cui Dahe also has Immortal Artifact.

“Immortal Artifact Hidden Point Sword!” Cui Dahe decisively took out his immortal sword and wanted to fight against this illusory shadow.

But, only heard ka-cha.

The Heavenly Emperor slowly descended with this virtual Shadow Sect.

Cui Dahe’s immortal sword shattered directly, and the enormous pressure caused Cui Dahe to vomit blood and fall to the ground.


Cui Dahe shouted in horror, and raised a hand with all his might, waving a white flag.

“Surrender and lose half of the battle, the heroine spares her life.” Cui Dahe hurriedly shouted.

The Heavenly Emperor’s face was indifferent, he ignored it, and directly pressed down with the illusory shadow of the gate of the Profound Valley.

bang! !

Cui Dahe was crushed to blood on the spot, like his son, die without a whole corpse.

The Heavenly Emperor left the Profound Valley gate and said indifferently, “I’m so afraid that no one will accompany your son on Yellow Springs Road, so you should go and accompany him.”

A game where everyone thinks the strength of the two sides is very disparate will definitely be one-sided.

The final result is correct, it is one-sided.

But the process surprised everyone, Heavenly Emperor easily crushed Cui Dahe.

Just in front of one’s eyes, Summon produced a terrifying illusory shadow of Immortal Artifact, turning the tide of the battle.

Immediately someone wanted to ask Heavenly Emperor what Immortal Artifact was?

But the Heavenly Emperor didn’t give them this chance, just glanced at Li Qingshan and Xia Wuji, didn’t say anything, turned around and rushed into the sky, disappeared.

Killing Cui Dahe revealed her trump card, and she will be in trouble in Chang’an City, so she might as well leave.

Li Qingshan and Xia Wuji also understood her, and after the Heavenly Emperor disappeared, they no longer stayed and turned back.

On the way back, Li Qingshan caught a glimpse and found a familiar person.

It is said to be familiar, but in fact, I have only seen it once, or through the big screen in the sky.

“I saw Immortal Bei Chen.” Li Qingshan stopped Xia Wuji.

“Immortal Bei Chen also came to Chang’an?” Xia Wuji looked left and right in surprise.

He didn’t find it.

Li Qingshan chased after him quickly, walking on, and came to Chang’an City, the area where the official personnel lived.

Li Qingshan didn’t step into it rashly, because his experience in Wei City told him that it would be better to visit less areas where these officials live.

β€œWhere is Immortal Bei Chen?” Xia Wuji followed, looked left and right, there was still no sign of Immortal Bei Chen, and asked Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan shook his head and said, “I lost it. He seems to know that we are looking for him, so he didn’t see us on purpose.”

“I didn’t see you on purpose.” Li Qingshan’s voice landed. , a voice responded immediately.

Li Qingshan and Xia Wuji turned around in surprise and saw Immortal Bei Chen.

Immortal Bei Chen is a personable and modest gentleman. When he saw Li Qingshan Xia Wuji, he smiled: “Who am I chasing me, didn’t expect to be a friend of Human World.”

“I also didn’t expect you to appear in Chang’an city.” Li Qingshan responded.

Immortal Bei Chen said: “I came to Chang’an to kill people.”

Xia Wuji curiously asked: “Who to kill? They all went after Chang’an, What deep hatred?”

Li Qingshan also looked curiously.

Immortal Bei Chen said two names: “Beirong and Emperor Xia”

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