Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 88


Chapter 88 6436!

The news of the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha made it difficult for Li Qingshan to calm down.

This is a senior he is very concerned about. Although thousands of years have passed, Li Qingshan naturally attaches great importance to the news of the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha because of his max-level comprehension and long-term friendship.

“The book says that he died in the central battlefield.”

“The central battlefield, I have learned a lot from reading the book in the past six months. It was before I entered the Immortal Ascension Road. The last place.”

“Step across the central battlefield and enter the Immortal Ascension Road!”

“There are not many records about the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha. Dare to record it?”

“In the Book Collection Building 11th-layer, there is only one sentence, and the others cannot be found. It seems that if I want to know the real answer, I have to go to the central battlefield!”

Li Qingshan watched the night fall, and the early morning was coming. He put down his books and walked downstairs, thinking.

Chang’an is not far from the central battlefield.

Li Qingshan thought silently: “It’s time to go out and do some activities after taking a break for half a year.”

Going downstairs, ignoring the girl’s eyes, Li Qingshan walked back to the hut and watched All the things around, simply pack up, put away your usual tea set, and take it away.

As soon as the sky brightened and the city gate opened, Li Qingshan went out immediately.

After paying the points, Li Qingshan dressed in white clothed, performed Kunpeng Treasure Art, coupled with Extreme Speed Grand Dao, very quickly, went directly across the mountains and seas to the central battlefield.

Having lived in Dimensional Battlefield for nearly two years, he is not a newbie who knows nothing.

Especially in the last six months of reading, he has read a lot, and his knowledge is very complicated, but he understands everything thoroughly.

As well as he knows the geography of Dimensional Battlefield.

In Dimensional Battlefield, the core area must be the fairy road.

That’s the road from Dimensional Battlefield to Immortal World, there are many immortal guards, and there is near Immortal World, Immortal Qi falls, Immortals are there, it can be very good for cultivation.

Dimensional Battlefield is one level higher than Human World though.

But in essence, it still absorbs Spiritual Qi like Human World, immortal absorbs Spiritual Qi in Human World, which is very uncomfortable. For them, Spiritual Qi is very turbid.

So immortal will not enter the Dimensional Battlefield, interfere in other things, and don’t want to sully himself.

Even the City Lord of Chang’an City, he is not in Chang’an City, but selects several Vice-City Lords to control Chang’an City for him, and one person is responsible for one area.

In front of the fairy road is the central battlefield.

It is a vast battlefield with canyons, grasslands, swamps, and abyss…

There are many dangers hidden in it. If you want to enter the Dimensional Battlefield, you must cross the central battlefield.

In the central battlefield, I don’t know how many experts are buried.

To this day, there are also many people who take risks and scrape all kinds of treasures in the central battlefield, wanting to exchange them for points.

For them, it’s also a way to make a fortune.

It’s just dangerous, this way, the mortality rate is too high.

But this is for those with a low cultivation base.

For example, Worldly Immortal realm!

Worldly Immortal, which belongs to Peak expert in Human World, is the bottom of the food chain in Dimensional Battlefield.

Li Qingshan traveled very fast. In less than a quarter of an hour, he crossed the mountains and rivers and saw the central battlefield.

Crossing over a big mountain, the eyes suddenly opened up, and an Ancient Battlefield was exposed in front of Li Qingshan’s eyes.

Chilling, quaint, deserted, baleful aura, asserts the senses.

The Ancient Battlefield is large, the land is brown, red in some places, and black in some places, all the way to the junction of Heaven and Earth.

Li Qingshan saw that in the Ancient Battlefield, there were broken weapons stuck on the ground, rotting badly, and bones everywhere that no one could clean up.

“There are still people here looking for the treasure, go and ask.” Li Qingshan’s thoughts moved, his body disappeared instantly, and he came to the edge of the central battlefield.

Li Qingshan’s sudden appearance startled the group of six.

“Who are you?” The boss headed to protect the people behind him, looked at Li Qingshan in horror, swallowing frantically.

“Are you scavengers?” Li Qingshan asked. He knows that those who clean and scavenge treasures in the central battlefield are collectively called scavengers.

“Yes, senior, we are a small gang, barely keeping enough food and clothing.” The boss saw Li Qingshan’s calm demeanor, gentle tone, slightly relaxed and replied.

“Don’t worry, I’m not robbing you, I just want to ask you, how much do you know about the central battlefield?” Li Qingshan asked.

As soon as these words came out, the members of the gang breathed a sigh of relief.

“Senior expert, you can ask, as long as we know, we will tell you everything.” The boss stood cautiously.

“How long have you been scavenging in the central battlefield?” Li Qingshan asked.

“It’s been more than ten years, and this outer circle area, we’ve almost done scavenging.” The boss stretched out his hand and swiped, pointing to the large area in front of him, replied.

“For ten years, you all know about this central battlefield?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Senior, it’s not me blowing it up, I’m a nickname, I like to gossip and gossip with people, so I know a lot.” The boss smiled modestly, but his words were not modest.

“In that case, do you know the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha?” Li Qingshan asked straight to the point seeing that he was so confident.

“Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha?” The boss frowned, thinking carefully.

The younger brothers behind him were all anxious to death, complaining that the boss was just bragging.

The boss, Not slow, Not fast, clapped his palms and said, “Whose name am I talking about, so familiar, isn’t this the Buddhist scum who opened up the central battlefield?”

“Buddhism scum?” Li Qingshan frowned, this reputation is not good.

Also, did the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha open up the central battlefield?

Where did this word come from?

Seeing Li Qingshan frowning, the boss immediately explained: “I didn’t say this, it was rumored when Dimensional Battlefield spread, and everyone else said it.”

“Take what you know. Tell me all the information, don’t hide anything, I won’t hurt you.” Li Qingshan hands behind ones back, said indifferently.

“Senior, listen to me. I was curious at the time, so I inquired a lot about the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha. It should be quite complete.” The boss said with a smile.

Li Qingshan motioned him to hurry up.

“This Dimensional Battlefield, 5,000 years ago, did not have a central battlefield.”

The first sentence made Li Qingshan’s heart skip a beat.

Sure enough, the central battlefield was created by the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha.

“From the beginning, what happened five thousand years ago?” Li Qingshan frowned.

“Senior, 5,000 years ago, this area of Dimensional Battlefield was not a battlefield at all, but later, the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha brought a group of experts and fought here to fight against immortal. The city was full of wind and rain, the Dimensional Battlefield shook, and there was a lot of noise, and finally the Dimensional Battlefield immortal was forced to descend.”

“Where did the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha come from?” Li Qingshan listened to this incident as a story .

He won’t believe it. The real thing needs him to investigate directly, instead of believing a story that has been passed down for five thousand years.

However, it’s okay to use this story as evidence.

“I don’t know about that, everyone is just interested in one of the women, she’s beautiful, she’s holding a giant broadsword, she’s very fierce, Fairy’s face, Hell’s means, in Dimensional Battlefield started killing, everyone said that she was the woman of the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha, and it was she who seduced the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha that she fell into the demonic path and went to war with the immortal.” The boss said quickly.

“What about the follow-up?” Li Qingshan listened calmly, but he didn’t believe the story in his mind.

The Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha is seduced by a woman holding a giant sword against the immortals.

In this regard, Li Qingshan can only say that when he was in the Human World, he thought about the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha who became an immortal in the Human World, and he would not be so unsteady.

If they are really together, it must be because of feelings, not such vulgar means of seduction.

But he didn’t interrupt the big brother and continued to listen.

“The follow-up is a great battle. I just listened to others, and my blood boiled. The strength of the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha is too powerful. The land has formed the current central battlefield.”

“Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha killed the immortal?” Li Qingshan raised his eyebrows, doesn’t this mean that in this version of the legend, the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha succeeded …Human World has become immortal.

How else could he tear up immortal.

“Of course, several immortals of Dimensional Battlefield fell in that World War I, and their bodies are said to be buried under the central battlefield.” The boss said decisively.

“What about the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Of course they are all dead. Immortals were killed several times. Naturally, they were also killed. Although there is still an Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha, there is only one Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha, and there is no way to return to heaven!” Shaking his head.

“What about the woman with the giant sword you mentioned just now?” Li Qingshan asked.

“She is also dead. Her giant sword is now inserted in the core area of the central battlefield. As long as you go deep, you can see it from a distance. It’s very shocking.” The boss pointed out, road.

Li Qingshan took this to heart.

“Some people also say that under the giant sword is the woman’s corpse. She was killed by the giant sword forever. This is the punishment given to her by Immortal.

Li Qingshan asked: “Have you seen that giant sword?”

“I only saw it once, but it was far away, and the one I saw was an ascension fairy leading the way. , We resisted the pressure and saw the giant sword.” The boss said.

“The giant sword is under pressure?” Li Qingshan asked intently.

“Of course, not only the giant sword, but the core of the entire central battlefield, Worldly Immortal will be instantly stunned if you step in, if you don’t drag it out, within a minute, there will be absolutely nothing. Painful death.” The boss said in fear.

He is Worldly Immortal!

He has experienced it and was rescued in time, only to save his life.

“So it is!” Li Qingshan waved his hand after listening to the story: “Let’s go, thank you for your story.”

This group of scavengers is very happy, the boss is very happy After making the decision, he firmly said: “Senior, what I said just now was inquired from the mouths of very reliable people, and has a little credibility.”

Li Qingshan smiled nodded, but did not speak. , watch them leave.

Credibility is not a matter of mouth, but Li Qingshan needs to investigate by himself.

Li Qingshan only stepped forward when the group of scavengers left, and entered the central battlefield.

He wants to see if this central battlefield was beaten like this by the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha as the boss said just now.

Walking into this central battlefield, Li Qingshan suddenly felt a strange fighting intent.


There seem to be countless people roaring in his ear, angry, unwilling, manic, desperate…

All kinds of emotions directly make Li Qingshan felt the same, very uncomfortable, like a person drowning, difficult to save, struggling and trying to survive.

So, you can only punch and roar.

This feeling only lasted for three seconds, and Li Qingshan was immersed in it, and the whole person sucked in a breath of cold air.

“If this is true, in that war, too many people died.” Li Qingshan swallowed saliva and said.

He looked towards the distance, there was a scavenger, he didn’t feel anything at all, he was looking for the treasure attentively.

Li Qingshan still has lingering rhythm, he began to go deep, through the peripheraly zone of the central battlefield.

The periphery zone was picked up very quietly by the scavengers. Li Qingshan couldn’t see anything at all. He doubted whether this place was dug three feet and searched thoroughly.

The pressure is getting bigger and bigger, the boss didn’t lie, Li Qingshan really felt the pressure.

It’s like the air is being squeezed, the space is being shrunk, the huge pressure is squeezing towards you from all directions, making it difficult for you to breathe, feeling hopeless and irresistible.

Of course, this pressure is not worth mentioning for him.

However, this is not the core area.

Li Qingshan went deeper and deeper along the battlefield, and kept going, and finally, under the pressure that Worldly Immortal could not hold, he saw between Heaven and Earth, a huge, towering boulder inserted in the central battlefield. on the heart.

If you look carefully, you can see that this huge boulder that sticks straight into the sky looks like a sword.

Li Qingshan is far away, because the giant sword is too big, so he can see, in the mist, the giant sword plunges straight down, rumors, a woman was suppressed under the sword, forever, No ** reincarnation.

Li Qingshan was not in a hurry, he moved forward steadily under the pressure that could make Worldly Immortal faint in an instant.

Here, Li Qingshan saw a lot of broken weapons, some places, and stone tablets.

Yes, Li Qingshan saw the stone tablet.

He is very sensitive to this thing, after all, he has been dealing with stone tablets for several decades.

When Li Qingshan got close, he found that there was no text on the stone tablet. It looked like a stone from a distance, but when he got closer, it was just a stone.

Li Qingshan shook his head, picked up the broken long knife, flicks with the finger, and with a ka-cha sound, the long knife shattered into slag.

“Power of Time.” Li Qingshan sighed.

He moved on.

The pressure is mounting.

Even the Ascension Immortals can’t resist and can’t move forward.

Under this pressure, Li Qingshan just frowned, looking at the giant sword that was still far away, and felt the feeling of watching Wangshan run to death.

“With so much pressure, it seems that no one can get close to that giant sword.” Li Qingshan muttered.

The giant sword seemed to be deliberately attracting people, but finally found that it was impossible to approach.

“I am a Free and Unfettered Roaming realm now, and I can keep going.” Li Qingshan moved on, he was going to investigate, the matter of the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha.

The pressure continues to build.

It has gradually reached a level that neither Free nor Unfettered Roaming realm can resist.

Li Qingshan just brows tightly frowns, but walks forward with firm steps.

He is no ordinary Free and Unfettered Roaming.

He could still persist, but looking at the distant giant sword, Li Qingshan shook his head helplessly.

It seems that it is difficult to get close.

Just when Li Qingshan was in despair, he saw a stone tablet in front of him.

Li Qingshan thought he had read it wrong, after all, he had read it wrong just now.

He watched carefully.

The next second, he opened his mouth wide, surprised and happy.

Stone tablet!

This time is not fake, and, not one piece, but many pieces, hidden in a mountain col.

“Why are there so many stone tablets here?” Li Qingshan was under pressure and approached the mountain. After walking in, he saw that there were thousands of stone tablets in the corner.

These stone tablets have no text on them, they are very simple, but one after another, they are inserted on the ground, and at a glance, it is like this underground place where thousands of people are buried.

Li Qingshan approached the first block and saw that it was covered with dust.

He couldn’t help laughing and laughed at himself: “I really have nothing to do with the stone tablet.”

Li Qingshan took out the cleaning tool from the storage space, seriously wipe.

It may be an occupational disease.

Might as well try it out to see if max-level comprehension can be activated.

Or, I just want to give respect to those who died in battle.

Li Qingshan doesn’t know which one is his true opinion.

Maybe both.

He carefully wiped the stone tablet clean.

A stone tablet without a name, wiped off the dust and made clean.

At this moment, Li Qingshan felt in a trance that he just washed his face for a senior.

He laughed, watching the max-level comprehension that wasn’t activated, and just shrugged, going to wipe the second one.

Just as he turned around.

A line of words appeared before his eyes.

【You wipe carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and get the inheritance of Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha! 】

Li Qingshan stared blankly, then turned around, looking at the clean reflective stone tablet, took a deep breath.

It turned out to be the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha’s stone tablet.

Li Qingshan couldn’t help but think, does this stone tablet stand up means that the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha is dead?

“Look at inheritance first.” Li Qingshan closed his eyes immediately, and a large memory flashed in his mind.

This memory is so huge that it directly pulls Li Qingshan into a dream.

In the dream, the clanging and clanging sound of fighting and clanging came into his ears, and Li Qingshan heard the voices of countless people.

He opened his eyes and saw a battlefield.

Countless people are fighting.

But their faces were a little blurry, and Li Qingshan couldn’t see them clearly.

He sees the best and is a golden Buddha.

This golden Buddha is now fighting against three.

Those three, exuding terrifying energy, grandiose, isolated themselves from the outside world, forming an independent world.

In that world, Immortal Qi flows.

Li Qingshan understands that this is the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha fighting one against three.

All three are immortal.

But their Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha had nothing to do.

The power of the golden body exceeded everyone’s expectations. The powerful Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha, with absolute terrifying power, chanted an Amitabha and banged an immortal.

The immortal’s blood surged, his face flushed, and a mouthful of golden blood spurted out, his face turned pale.

“Damn, those who become immortals in this Human World are all perverts!” Immortal yelled.

“Call for help, let’s take action together, and suppress this war. It’s really a big mess. If it doesn’t end well, we will be punished!” Another immortal called for support instantly.

“You can walk by yourself, why do you do such a thing?” asked immortal.

The Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha replied: “Something has to be done by someone.”

“You will succeed in doing this, impossible, and you will lose your life!” Immortal roar.

“I am not successful, and there are later ones, he will be successful!” Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha said in a tranquil voice.

“Mads, lunatics, a bunch of lunatics, all to die!!!” Immortals went completely mad, besieging the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha.

The Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha is high in the Nine Heavens, fighting with immortal, by the strength of oneself, he has dragged immortal, the Human World immortal, at this moment he is doing a great thing.

He opened the way for future generations and attracted Immortals. Those who followed him fought frantically, tried to break out of the Dimensional Battlefield, and entered the Immortal World.

Do not go through the fairy road, do not accept screening, and break into the Immortal World just like the ancients.

The Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha is a man with great ideals, but unfortunately, a man with ideals has no helpers.

Li Qingshan saw with his own eyes that the immortals that came later, plus the previous ones, made a total of twelve.

Twelve immortals, all of the Dimensional Battlefield, they fought the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha, fought the Nine Heavens to shake, Sun and Moon lost radiance, fought the immortal to vomit blood, the source collapsed, and the world was torn apart, The battlefield fell.

Breaking…the Buddha bleeds and shatters his golden body.

The Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha opened the way for those who came later, he chose to be a pioneer, and finally, seriously wounded six immortals, killed three immortals, and then fell from the clouds with a bang.

The dream came to an abrupt end.

Li Qingshan opened his eyes and found that he had woken up from a dream.

He had all the experiences of the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha in his mind, as well as the process of becoming an immortal in the Human World, and his Inextinguishable Golden Body Great Ascension method.

Li Qingshan let out a sigh of relief.

“Sacred Buddha is worthy of being a Sacred Buddha. With the strength of his Inextinguishable Golden Body, he can break out of the Dimensional Battlefield by himself, but he is willing to open a way for future generations.” Li Qingshan said with admiration.

“Sacred Buddha did not succeed, I am his latecomer!” Li Qingshan said firmly.

He accepted the inheritance of the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha, which of course fulfilled the will of the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha.

“Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha Human World becoming an immortal is the cultivation of Inextinguishable Golden Body to Peak, and then he created a new way and became the Inextinguishable Golden Body Great Ascension Law!”

“With the Inextinguishable Golden Body, the Sacred Buddha alone fought against twelve immortals, seriously wounded six, killed three, and then fell. It was already very terrifying.” Li Qingshan took a deep breath, he must put the Inextinguishable Golden Body Great Ascension method, cultivation success.

Having all the experience of Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha, Li Qingshan will double the results for half the effort.

“These thousands of stone tablets are the people who followed the Sacred Buddha.” Li Qingshan said silently, looking at the neatly arranged stone tablets.

He accepted the inheritance of the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha, and was considered a successor.

Li Qingshan started wiping the stone tablets in earnest.

“Everyone, farewell!” Li Qingshan said solemnly.

Li Qingshan already knew the result of that battle, and these people all lost.

But that’s okay, they left the tinder behind.

Li Qingshan carefully wiped thousands of stone tablets, it was troublesome to wipe, but Li Qingshan has experience and he still has time.

After wiping a stone tablet, Li Qingshan bowed to show respect, and then he was ready to replace the next one.

[You wipe carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and get Zhao Wuji’s inheritance! ]

Li Qingshan was stunned, another inheritance?

Li Qingshan checked this inheritance and found that this Zhao Wuji is Heaven Canopy Lord Peak, strong terrifying, and fought bravely to kill the enemy in battle.

“I don’t want my children and grandchildren to continue to be nurtured, kept in the dark and ignorant!”

“I must successfully open a path!”

“Even if you sacrifice, do whatever you want!”

“It is very difficult to break the old shackles, and blood must be shed.”

“Since ancient times, open up new paths, All bloodshed and sacrifice, today I start with Zhao Wuji!”

Cry out, full of strength, with a firm belief, that is to overthrow Dimensional Battlefield and open up a new path.

In the end, Zhao Wuji was exhausted and was nailed to the battlefield.

Before he died, he grabbed his son’s scarf, moving with the wind, the bright red, and he didn’t know if it was stained with blood or the original color.

After reading it, Li Qingshan had all the memories of a Heaven Canopy Lord in his mind.

His eyes were a little red, and he could only bow again and wipe the next stone tablet.

He wiped it carefully, and after wiping it, bowed and thanked him.

[You wipe carefully, activate the max-level comprehension, and get the inheritance of He Kai! ]

[You wipe carefully, activate max-level comprehension, and get Yang Shangwen’s inheritance! ]

[You wipe carefully, activate max-level comprehension, and get Lin Qiong’s inheritance! ]

[You wipe carefully, activate the max-level comprehension, and get the inheritance of the Northern Sea King! ]


Li Qingshan is no longer shocked. Every time he wipes a stone tablet and bows seriously, he will get an inheritance.

The weakest here is also the Heaven Canopy Lord realm.

Li Qingshan’s shock from the very beginning, to the calm at the back, he realized a truth.

It’s not how lucky he is, 100% motivated by max-level comprehension.

It was those who died in battle who pinned their hopes on him, and left Li Qingshan an inheritance, which was the only support.

Thousands of stone tablets, Li Qingshan wiped for a full month.

He takes every stone tablet seriously.

After wiping, Li Qingshan straightened his back, put out a breath, and said, “Six thousand four hundred and thirty-five!”

It looked like a few thousand before, but Li Qingshan doesn’t know how many thousand.

Now, this number was wiped and counted by Li Qingshan himself.

The lowest realm, Heaven Canopy Lord!

“Five thousand years ago, the Sacred Buddha with the 64314 Heaven Canopy Lord, wanted to open up a new way together.”

“What a shock, it’s a pity that they failed ”

“But seniors, the Sun and Moon Mountains and Rivers are still here, and your inheritance is also here, and I, Li Qingshan, are forever!”

“Give me time, no need to Worry, I will open up a new path for the world!”

Li Qingshan stood in front of the 6,435 stone tablets and bowed deeply.

Six thousand four hundred and thirty-five inheritances, Li Qingshan takes a while to digest.

He didn’t leave here, it’s so stressful, it’s not Longevity Embryo or Heaven Canopy Lord, it’s definitely not going to come in, it’s an excellent retreat.

Li Qingshan intends to digest all the memories, work hard for cultivation, and break through as soon as possible.

He suddenly looked towards the giant sword.

“No, it’s six thousand four hundred and thirty-six, and there is another woman who was suppressed under that giant sword.” Li Qingshan said.

In the inheritance of others, Li Qingshan knew that the woman was real.

I want a ticket, I really need it, please.

(End of this chapter)

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