Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 89


Chapter 89 I killed him! (Please subscribe)

The setting sun is setting in the west, and the setting sun is like blood.

Li Qingshan looked at the central battlefield, overwhelmed by emotions, and felt pity for Sacred Buddha and those experts who had followed one after another.

They are one step away from success.

The Sacred Buddha by the strength of oneself dragged the twelve immortals and fought a shocking battle. The Inextinguishable Golden Body’s terrifying and shaking the old illuminating the new made Immortals jealous.

If one more person goes to help Sacred Buddha share some of the burden, the ending will probably be rewritten.

Li Qingshan sighed: “Five thousand years, the blue sea turned into mulberry fields, everything disappeared with the wind, and now the people of Dimensional Battlefield, who don’t know all that back then, called the Sacred Buddha, He has also become a Buddhist scum.”

At this moment, Li Qingshan thought a lot.

For example, Dimensional Battlefield now expressly states that Human World is not allowed to become immortal.

This should be after the war. Immortals was afraid that another Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha would appear in the Dimensional Battlefield, so they directly stipulated that the Human World was not allowed to become immortal, and those who violated it would be punished and imprisoned in the Boiling Water Prison.

Hundreds of years ago, Hua Yun wanted to become an immortal in the Human World and gathered a group of like-minded people.

Unfortunately, it was suppressed in the end.

Hua Yun and younger sister were also separated, for hundreds of years, they never got together again.

“I think the Human World must be stronger than the Sacred Buddha in order to become an immortal.” Li Qingshan’s eyes are firm. If he wants to inherit the legacy of the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha, he needs to continue to become stronger.

“Start the retreat, absorb these 6,435 inheritances, and I will definitely become very strong!” Li Qingshan did not leave, he was in the col where these stone tablets were, and stopped. under cultivation.

These stone tablets stand here, and there must be some people who know about them, but they don’t have the max-level comprehension of Li Qingshan, and seeing the stone tablets, it’s nothing.

Moreover, five thousand years have passed, and the stone tablet is still there, which means that those immortals don’t care and let the stone tablet fall here.

Li Qingshan looked at inheritance and learned a secret.

The experts who followed the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha back then knew that the trip was bode ill rather than well, and they all set up stone tablets for themselves. Even if they died, they had a single thought.

Here, only the girl holding the giant sword did not stand.

She has a beautiful face, sloping bangs, a cold and proud smile, and she is extremely confident: “I won’t die!”

In the mountain pass, Li Qingshan punched a cave with his fists for himself to realize cultivation. .

He doesn’t go out anymore, he doesn’t pay any attention to the outside world, he cultivates wholeheartedly, and takes a serious look at the inheritance he gets.

Each inheritance, a short picture, represents the life of others.

There was a young man who had just married, with majestic hair, proud and arrogant, who wanted to compete with the gods, and said to his wife: “Wait when I come back, and watch me open a new way to Immortal World for you. There is no danger or oppression on that road, I will take you into the Immortal World and see the scenery of Nine Heavens and Ten Earths together!” Holding him, reluctant to let go, he choked and said, “I’ll wait for you to come back!”

The young man finally broke his promise.

He fought to the end, after the fall of the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha, the young man burst out with great strength, sublimated to the utmost, and fought against the wounded immortal without falling behind, he dazzling, a lone hero, and finally persevered. Ideal, to be the last person to die in battle.

At the moment of his death, the young man looked towards his wife, with infinite nostalgia and guilt in his eyes.

His heroic soul rests here forever.

All the winds and frosts come to an end.

The fight in the central battlefield is over, the immortal of Dimensional Battlefield declares victory, saying that Dimensional Battlefield will never be defeated.

In the distant horizon, a woman looks in the distance, waiting for Husband’s return, but there is no news.

Her Husband is Shi Cheng!

I have already met the realm of the immortal, and I am only one step away from becoming an immortal in Human World.

He was also the one who fought to the end.

Li Qingshan checked Shi Cheng’s inheritance, and at the end, heard a faint “I’m sorry!”

Li Qingshan knew it was for Shi Cheng’s wife.

Li Qingshan sighed. Five thousand years later, Shi Cheng’s wife was not good at innate talent, just because she knew Shi Cheng since childhood, took care of Shi Cheng when she was a child, protected Shi Cheng, and was a pioneer in Shi Cheng cultivation. time to take care of his mother.

Shi Cheng vowed to marry her.

Later, Shi Cheng did it. He has outstanding talent, immortal aptitude, and is favored by countless women, but Shi Cheng finally married his elder sister when he was a child.

In addition, he found various medicine pills to help the elder sister improve her realm and prolong her lifespan.

But if you prolong your lifespan, you will not be able to live to five thousand years.

This is the reason why Li Qingshan sighed. I’m sorry, he has no way to repeat it.

Every time Li Qingshan receives an inheritance, what Li Qingshan sees is a person who is flesh and blood, with struggle, ideals and blood.

It is not a cold cultivation technique, not a rational Grand Dao, but a firm inheritance, an immortal hope.

Li Qingshan became more and more determined to continue the ideals of these people.

He watched carefully, silently cultivated, comprehend Grand Dao, and let himself continuously improve.

Time, minutes and seconds have passed.

Li Qingshan is in the core area of the central battlefield, dressed in sackcloth and sackcloth, accompanied by the breeze, and made friends with the bright moon.

In just half a year, Li Qingshan directly broke through Free and Unfettered Roaming and entered Longevity Embryo.

That’s the power of inheritance.

“Longevity Embryo is to warmly nurture the Spiritual God, and in each acupoint, raise a Spiritual God to provide battle strength.”

“The average person will raise dozens of them, and a few will raise them. A person can raise more than one hundred, a true expert can raise three hundred and sixty-five, which coincides with the number of the week.”

“Then start furnacing a hundred scriptures, integrating all cultivation techniques, Accumulate strength and break through Heaven Canopy Lord realm.”

Li Qingshan was in the mountains, dressed in sackcloth and sackcloth, but he couldn’t cover up the heroic spirit of the youth and the vigor of the youth.

He nurtured Spiritual God in the acupuncture point, and opened the acupuncture point with the help of Spiritual Qi of Dimensional Battlefield.

He cultivated Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, he cultivated Inextinguishable Golden Body Great Ascension, he comprehend Grand Dao, he comprehended Human World Dao.

For Li Qingshan, this kind of life that no one cares about is a kind of tempering, polishing him to be more rounded and very full.

The youth’s sword, pointing into the distance, is ready to go!

The external situation changes, the central battlefield remains the same, especially the core area, where the pressure is huge and no one comes.

Time is like water, white horses are passing through the gap, the world is white clouds and grey dogs, Li Qingshan ten years are like one day!

In ten years, it disappeared in a flash.

In the past ten years, Li Qingshan has comprehended all 6,435 inheritances.

He read every inheritance carefully.

Some are playful and cute, some are young and intelligent, some are ambitious ten thousand zhang…

Without exception, they are all young, they are like the rising morning sun, full of power , full of ideals.

It’s just that power, buried in that afternoon five thousand years ago.

After ten years, Li Qingshan’s strength, deep and unmeasurable!

He didn’t know how powerful he was.

Because as early as five years ago, Li Qingshan suddenly had a thought, opened up the acupoints in the body to warm the Spiritual God into a Smaller Thousand Worlds, let the Spiritual God live in it, become the World Lord, and will provide him with How much power?

As soon as the idea came out, Li Qingshan was very excited. He just comprehended Space Grand Dao again and started directly.

He created three hundred and sixty-five Smaller Thousand Worlds, and let Spiritual God live in them.

Since then, Li Qingshan has gone on a crazy journey of becoming stronger.

In just three months, Li Qingshan broke through Heaven Canopy Lord, skipped furnacing a hundred scriptures, and continued to grow stronger every day.

It’s been five years now, and Li Qingshan really doesn’t know how powerful he is.

He only knew that he was strong…strong…strong.

But not enough!

“I haven’t become an immortal in the Human World. If I can’t become an immortal in the Human World, don’t go out and sway. There are many Dimensional Battlefields and immortals. If I want to open up a new path, I must continue to become stronger.” Li Qingshan reminded himself not to get carried away, must endure loneliness, and only after Human World becomes immortal can he proceed to the next step.

For ten years, no one has come to the core area of the central battlefield.

When he had finished all the inherited memories, he left the col and swayed in the core area of the central battlefield.

The pressure that made him feel uncomfortable before is gone now. Li Qingshan’s body is surging with energy, which can directly dispel the pressure.

“These pressures all come from that giant sword!” Li Qingshan only realized ten years later that the pressure in the core area of the central battlefield came from that giant sword.

It only covers the core area, the general Heaven Canopy Lord realm, if you want to go through the central battlefield and find the fairy road, you can completely detour.

I don’t know if it’s because of the pressure on the central battlefield. Li Qingshan broke through Heaven Canopy Lord realm. There is no such thing as Immortal Bei Chen said. There will be people from Dimensional Battlefield to urge to enter the fairy road as soon as possible.

He’s here, at ease.

“I’ve been to Dimensional Battlefield for ten years, and I haven’t been to the giant sword yet. Let’s take a look in the past.” Li Qingshan took a step and moved towards the distance.

Walking calmly, walking in the core area of the central battlefield, Li Qingshan came under the giant sword.

The area where the giant sword is located, all around is flat and endless, only this giant sword, inserted deep into the earth, and then straight into the sky, is extremely huge.

Li Qingshan used Divine Consciousness to spy on this giant sword to see if it was a real immortal sword.

But as soon as they touched it, the immortal sword bounced out a terrifying energy, turned into a sword qi, slashed down from top to bottom, and smashed Li Qingshan’s Divine Consciousness with a bang.

Li Qingshan groaned, behind him, a huge golden body flashed past, bursting out terrifying energy, and stabilized Li Qingshan’s Divine Soul.

The next second, Li Qingshan activated the magic in his body, directly repairing his broken Divine Soul.

Divine Soul damage, was repaired in a flash, Li Qingshan took a step back and watched with a serious face.

“If it weren’t for furnacing a hundred scriptures, this Divine Soul injury would give me a headache for a while.” Li Qingshan muttered.

Other people’s furnacing a hundred scriptures started in the Longevity Embryo realm, nourished the scriptures, and broke through Heaven Canopy Lord.

But Li Qingshan only started furnacing a hundred scriptures when he entered Heaven Canopy Lord.

Other people’s furnacing a hundred scriptures is really a hundred scriptures, but in Li Qingshan, millions of scriptures came together and started furnacing a hundred scriptures.

Li Qingshan’s early years in Thinking Cliff, he has comprehended hundreds of thousands of scriptures.

Along the way, I have experienced a lot and learned a lot of scriptures.

For example, in the Book Collection Building in Chang’an City, Li Qingshan also learned tens of thousands of cultivation techniques in half a year.

In the central battlefield, there are 6,435 inheritances, each inheritance is a Heaven Canopy Lord, and their whole life is passed on to Li Qingshan without reservation.

How many cultivation techniques does Li Qingshan know?

This is known only by the forest-like roots.

Every root bone has now grown into a towering tree, extremely huge, supporting Li Qingshan, rampaging on the cultivation path.

These root bones are covered with fruits, which can be said to be fruitful, and the root bones are bent over.

As Li Qingshan started furnacing a hundred scriptures, the root bones like a forest got rid of these cultivation techniques and grew rapidly, absorbing Spiritual Qi crazily and supplying them to Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan’s progress in the past ten years is also a huge credit to his roots.

Furnacing a hundred scriptures, raised for several years, has not yielded results, but the only good thing is that Li Qingshan will get better soon after being injured.

Like the Divine Soul injury just now, Li Qingshan needs at least three months to recover.

Now, in a flash, it is fixed.

Li Qingshan doesn’t know what furnacing a hundred scriptures will produce, but he knows that everything is fine so far.

Abandoning the messy thoughts, Li Qingshan carefully checked the giant sword.

The appearance of a giant sword, surrounded by solid stones, contains terrifying energy, which is suppressed and others cannot approach.

Li Qingshan wanted to see if he could dig down and find the woman holding the giant sword.

Do whatever you want.

Li Qingshan began to dig down.

It went well, this time giant sword did not hack Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan’s speed was very fast, and he hollowed out a large area of land, extending down along the giant sword.

Li Qingshan didn’t see a coffin until he dug a deep and unmeasurable hole with hundreds of hundreds.

“The giant sword is really suppressing a person. I don’t know if it’s the owner of the giant sword. If so, it’s very miserable.” Li Qingshan shook his head, sighed, and began to put the giant sword and the coffin. separate.

The giant sword suppresses the coffin, but there is no Formation, it is simply suppression.

In the past five thousand years, no one has been able to withstand the pressure to come here.

The immortal can come, but it is impossible for them to dig out the coffin.

So when Li Qingshan took out the coffin, the giant sword slammed and slammed down for a while, causing the ground to tremble a few times.

Li Qingshan carried the coffin and flew to the ground, and then cautiously opened the coffin.

The coffin was opened, and a beautiful, lifelike corpse of a woman came into Li Qingshan’s eyes.

The woman was dressed in battle clothes and lay quietly, as if she was asleep.

“It’s not easy for a body to be preserved so well after five thousand years.” Li Qingshan sighed with emotion.

“You don’t have to be suppressed in the future. I’ll take you to find your former companions and stay with them.” Li Qingshan carried the coffin and walked back.

Li Qingshan didn’t go to investigate the giant sword behind him. It was because the giant sword was very fierce. It cut off Li Qingshan’s Divine Soul at the first meeting. Li Qingshan didn’t want to provoke it.

Carrying the coffin all the way back to the mountain, Li Qingshan put the coffin down and said to the 6,435 stone tablet: “Your companion, I found her, and death is the greatest death. You shouldn’t be tortured.”

Li Qingshan dug a pit and buried the coffin together.

But before burial, Li Qingshan carefully checked the woman’s breathing and heartbeat, Life Aura, to make sure she wasn’t alive.

In the end, Li Qingshan determined that the person was dead.

He buried the coffin, then set up the stone tablet and wanted to write on the stone tablet, but seeing that everyone else was empty, Li Qingshan gave up the idea.

“The Qingshan buried the loyal bones, the horse leather wrapped the body back, there are too many painful things in the world.” Li Qingshan sighed.

After all this, Li Qingshan started cultivation.

His main cultivation Inextinguishable Golden Body Great Ascension, as well as Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, various Grand Dao comprehensions, and furnacing a hundred scriptures.

Li Qingshan has been comprehending Time Grand Dao for the past ten years, and has accumulated a lot. Unfortunately, there is still a lack of opportunity to realize Time Grand Dao.

He is not discouraged, he continues to accumulate and grind his kung fu. Sooner or later, he will comprehend Time Grand Dao.

Under the moonlight and the stars, Li Qingshan is practicing boxing and comprehending the way of time.

At the end, Li Qingshan let out a long sigh and muttered: “It’s been twelve years since I entered Dimensional Battlefield, I don’t know what happened to Xiao Jiu, Small Fox, Awei, and Five Ghosts of Human World.”


Li Qingshan originally planned to go back ten years later, but didn’t expect so many things happened during this period, he can’t leave Dimensional Battlefield now.

“When I break through and become an immortal in this world, when the time comes to open up a new path, I can return to the Human World. This time is not too far away.” Li Qingshan said firmly.

He could feel that the moment was not far away.

Perhaps, maybe even tomorrow.


Dimensional Battlefield somewhere.

The entire group marched forward in a group, five huge, fierce, fierce, strong men like ghosts, protecting two women, and a teenager ahead of them.

They moved towards the center of the Dimensional Battlefield.

This entire group is Five Ghosts, Xiao Jiu, Small Fox, and Awei.

A decade later, their strengths have all entered the Worldly Immortal realm.

“We have already stood at the top of Human World, there is no room for improvement, I am going to find big brother.” Xiao Jiu firmly said.

Small Fox resolutely supported it.

Five Ghosts and Awei were both nodded after serious consideration.

In this way, at the moment when Dimensional Battlefield opened, a few people took care of everything and came to Dimensional Battlefield.

Then they huddled together to keep warm and never separated. After spending more than a year together in Dimensional Battlefield, their strength improved a lot and they gained a lot of points.

For more than a year, the killing nature of Five Ghosts has completely exploded, and anyone who targets them will be torn apart by Five Ghosts.

Even the Ascension Immortals were pressed and beaten when they encountered Five Ghosts.

Don’t look at the Five Ghosts only Worldly Immortal realm, but they join forces, under the suppression of Five Elements Formation, can definitely tear the ascension fairy.

“After more than a year, I haven’t heard any news about the big brother except the officer named Long Tao in Wei City.” Xiao Jiu sighed as he looked at the mountains and valleys road.

“Don’t worry, Mr. is very strong. According to his character, he might be in a quiet cultivation somewhere, retreat, and ignore external affairs.” Awei comforted.

“Yes, big brother is such a person.” Xiao Jiu nodded and said.

They have a good grasp of Li Qingshan’s character.

“We are going to Chang’an now. There are more opportunities there, which are very helpful for our cultivation. It will be much easier to find Mr.’s news.” Awei looked into the distance and said firmly.

“I heard that the Dimensional Battlefield central area is very uneasy recently.” Small Fox said, lying in Xiao Jiu’s arms.

“It’s not calm, it’s a mess over there. Do you still remember that old man named Xia Wuji when the Immortal Dao Gold List came and selected the Human World expert more than ten years ago?” Awei asked.

“Remember, he is very powerful and has Fighter Bloodline!” Xiao Jiu nodded.

“I heard that Xia Wuji seems to have an immortal inheritance and was discovered by Dimensional Battlefield, that immortal is a taboo in Dimensional Battlefield, so Xia Wuji became the target of everyone’s pursuit, the whole Dimensional Battlefield The expert, all went to kill him.” Awei said solemnly.

“He alone can kill the experts of the entire Dimensional Battlefield?” Xiao Jiu said in surprise.

“The current Xia Wuji is definitely not simple. He is extremely powerful. A few days ago, he was outside Chang’an city and killed several Longevity Embryo realm. Finally, Heaven came here. The Canopy Lord was startled, fled deeper, and hid, so now the experts of Dimensional Battlefield have gathered in the central area, and we will also go to see the excitement.” Awei said, he went to investigate it himself.

“Then let’s hurry up, maybe we can find out about the big brother.” Xiao Jiu said immediately.

“Okay!” Awei hurried on his way, and several people hurried to follow.


Dimensional Battlefield, central battlefield!

Xia Wuji stood on the edge of the central battlefield, took out a dry cigarette, and was smoking with a grim expression.

He has injuries all over his body. Half a month in the past, he fought in turns without stopping, starting from Longevity Embryo realm to Heaven Canopy Lord realm.

Xia Wuji killed a lot of him, and was seriously injured by a lot of people. Every time he escaped by relying on the Form Displacement Shadow of the stone gate.

But the stone gate has run out of energy, and Xia Wuji can no longer count on the stone gate.

“Damn it, that group of immortals, how do you know that I have the inheritance of Kunlun Immortal?” Xia Wuji was puzzled.

Stone gate updated text: “It was discovered by immortal, your strength is getting stronger and stronger, the Kunlun immortal art imposing manner of cultivation is deeper, and immortal has discovered it, you can’t hide.”

“I’m a peasant, have what skills and abilities, and let immortal give orders to hunt me down?” Xia Wuji bitterly laughed.

“Now you’re exposed, the experts in the entire Dimensional Battlefield are chasing you, I’ve lost my energy again, and now it’s a dead end!” Stone Gate updated the text, looking desperate.

Xia Wuji laughed, knowing that it was a dead end, but he was not afraid.

Sitting quietly like this, Xia Wuji suddenly asked: “stone gate, do you regret choosing me now?”

stone gate was silent for a while before updating the text: “Why? So?”

“Back then, Li Qingshan and I were in front of you and asked you to choose one of the two. You said you chose me in order to get revenge on me. After ten years, my progress has been very slow until now. I have only broken through Longevity Embryo, and it is still far from Heaven Canopy Lord. If it were my brother Li Qingshan, he would definitely be able to break through Heaven Canopy Lord under your guidance.” Xia Wuji smiled bitterly and said.

Stone Gate said: “Even if he breaks through the Heaven Canopy Lord realm, he can’t do anything in the face of the world’s pursuit!”

“That’s not necessarily, my brother is the Divinity of Human World.” Xia Wuji retorted.

“You know what? I didn’t choose you for revenge, but after careful consideration, I chose you.” Stone Gate revealed a story.

Xia Wuji mocked said with a smile: “Then you mustn’t have imagined how embarrassed I am now.”

“This is an irresistible thing, don’t think it’s your fault, you It’s good to be able to kill the enemy all the way, and today, I can tell you a lot of things.” Stone Gate quickly updated the text.

“You and Li Qingshan, I will definitely choose you!”

“Li Qingshan is too smart. He just watched silently and penetrated everything.” Stone Gate said .

“Isn’t it smart? I admire my brother for being smart.” Xia Wuji said.

“It’s good to be smart. After spending some time with him, I know that his innate talent is very terrifying. Even the immortal reincarnated Beichen is still not enough to see in front of him.” Stone Gate said.

Xia Wuji proudly said: “My brother is better than immortal reincarnation, and my face is bright.”

“Such a person has unlimited future, even if he gets Kunlun Immortal He is not the kind of person who can be controlled by others,” Stone Gate said.

“So, you chose me because I’m in control?” Xia Wuji asked.

“It’s because you need my guidance, you need the inheritance of Kunlun Immortal, Li Qingshan doesn’t need it, he can reach that realm by himself.” Stone Gate replied.

Xia Wuji thought about it and shook her head with a wry smile. It was true.

“I feel a lot better after hearing what you said.” Xia Wuji took a deep breath, stood up, and walked towards the central battlefield.

“I’m not dead yet, it’s just the pursuit of the entire Dimensional Battlefield, I have to do the last struggle.”

“I said that back then, people die and birds face the sky, Absolutely years of immortality.”

“Whether it’s a horse leather corpse or die without a whole corpse, even if I die, I, Xia Wuji, will drag a lot of people.” Xia Wuji said firmly.

“What are you going to do?” stone gate asked.

“In the central battlefield, there is a giant sword. If I knock down the giant sword, I will definitely kill those bastards who are chasing me.” Xia Wuji said angrily.

The stone gate is silent.

“Don’t worry, I will hide you before I die. When the time comes you go to find a new successor, just treat our meeting as a mistake.” Xia Wuji said to stone gate .

“It’s nowhere near that far!” Stone Gate said.


But in the next second, in the distant sky, a huge sonic boom came, and a dozen brilliant rays of light cut through the sky and landed directly in the central battlefield. Surround Xia Wuji.




terrifying imposing manner smashed down, raising boundless dust, shocking people.

Stone gate updated text: “It’s over!”

These people showed their faces, making Xia Wuji sucked in a breath of cold air.

“The thirteen Heaven Canopy Lords, come and kill me together, I, Xia Wuji, have a real face.” Xia Wuji sneered. He didn’t know twelve people, but only one.

This person is the Vice-City Lord of Chang’an City, Zhou Yinzu.

Ten years ago, he was Longevity Embryo Peak, and ten years later, he broke through to Heaven Canopy Lord realm.

β€œXia Wuji, Kunlun Immortal is a heinous crime, you are his descendant, you can’t escape today.”

β€œXia Wuji, hand over the inheritance of Kunlun Immortal, we I’ll leave you with a whole corpse.”

“Why leave a whole corpse, everything related to Kunlun Immortal will be destroyed, and Xia Wuji’s relatives and friends will be destroyed.”

“Xia Wuji, you have escaped half a month, this time, we are dispatched together, you will never escape.”

“To make the thirteen Heaven Canopy Lords chase you together, this is the Your honor is also your misfortune.”

The thirteen Heaven Canopy Lords, one by one, scolded Xia Wuji, aloof and remote. In their eyes, Xia Wuji is already a dead person.

“Xia Wuji, what else do you have to say?” Zhou Yinzu coldly shouted.

Xia Wuji was surrounded by a group of people, he looked at it rebelliously, and said, “I want to say… fuck your mother!”

I’m going to die anyway, don’t scold it for nothing scold.

In an instant, the faces of the thirteen Heaven Canopy Lords turned black, all of them were furious, and even the Heaven Canopy Lord showed a savage smile: “I will cramp your skin, light the sky lantern, and torture you for a thousand years! ”

Xia Wuji was fearless at this moment, the bloodline in his body was burning wildly, and his whole body was on fire.


Xia Wuji took the initiative to fight the Heaven Canopy Lord who was going to torture him for a thousand years.

Xia Wuji performed Kunlun Immortal’s Kunlun immortal technique, his eyes were terrifying, he strode forward, forced to come over, condescending, and revealed his murderous intention.

But the Heaven Canopy Lord was not afraid, but sneered and said: “Overestimate one’s capabilities, even a seriously injured body dare to shoot at me?”

The next second, he directly I went up to it, pierced the sky with one hand, and collided with the Kunlun immortal technique.


Kunlun immortal technique directly ignited Xia Wuji’s bloodline, and a blow, a loud sound, hit the Heaven Canopy Lord’s arm, and in an instant Golden blood splattered, and the Heaven Canopy Lord’s arm was all split up and in pieces, smashed to the ground.

“How courageous, how dare you burn bloodline?” The Heaven Canopy Lord was furious. He noticed that Xia Wuji was strong from the outside and worked on the inside. bloodline, before delivering the strongest blow, shattered his arm out of reach.

This Heaven Canopy Lord a long whistle, in an instant, was reborn from the severed limb, turned into a golden light, and slashed at Xia Wuji’s chest with one palm.


Xia Wuji spewed blood from the mouth, and her body was like fluff, she smashed and flew several hundred meters away, and fell heavily to the ground.

The other Heaven Canopy Lords watched indifferently.

“Unable to withstand a single blow, Kunlun Immortal chose you as his successor, really blind.” Heaven Canopy Lord sneered shot.

Xia Wuji reluctantly got up, the corners of his eyes blurred, he saw the mountains in the distance, and there were many people, all looking at him.

Xia Wuji thought it was an illusion, and it was not an illusion. At this moment, many people came to watch.

The thirteen Heaven Canopy Lords shot together, which is a rare picture.

For a time, the big mountain near the central battlefield, the vast crowd, did not know how many people were watching.

Among them, there is Xiao Jiu entire group.


“Where is the inheritance of Kunlun Immortal?” Zhou Yinzu came over and asked Xia Wuji coldly.

Xia Wuji hehe smiled and spat out the blood in his mouth. He was not stupid, he had already thrown the stone gate out during the battle just now.

No one noticed, everyone focused on the battle.

“Want to know, who killed the two Insect sons who died in your mansion?” Xia Wuji laughed, stood up weakly, looked at Zhou Yinzu, his face was full of blood, as if he was crawling out of Hell.

Zhou Yinzu pupils shrank, he almost forgot about this matter. With Xia Wuji’s reminder, he remembered again, said solemnly: “You killed it?”

“Yes , was killed by your grandfather Xia Wuji, who hit you in the face, sorry, so you haven’t found the murderer for so many years.” Xia Wuji smiled nervously.

“Then I’m going to kill you and avenge my face!” Zhou Yinzu raised his hand, and between his palms, there was Extreme Yang True Fire, which was very terrifying and could burn Xia Wuji clean.

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