Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 90


Chapter 90 Time Rewind (Subscribe)

In the core area of the central battlefield, Li Qingshan was originally in the comprehend Time Grand Dao, a moment Nonstop, turning a deaf ear to everything in the outside world.

Even if Heavenly Emperor came with the gate of Profound Valley and caused a sensation in the world, Li Qingshan didn’t know.

It wasn’t until the immortal came, that the terrifying power that alerted Li Qingshan and woke up from the comprehend.

He opened his eyes to look at this world, only to realize that such a big thing happened outside the central battlefield.

Li Qingshan came out immediately. He was also eager to save people. Seeing Immortal Bei Chen was about to be captured, deprived of immortal dao fruit, he directly raised his imposing manner to Peak and stepped on the ground, but his spirit was locked in immortal. , each step stepped on his heart, making him unable to start.

When he saw that he actually affected immortal, Immortal Bei Chen was saved, Li Qingshan suddenly felt that immortal was merely this!

The next moment, his goal changed.

He wants… mortals to compete with immortals!

Li Qingshan is just Heaven Canopy Lord realm, he is not immortal.

But at this moment, his words are stronger than immortal, his eyes are fiery and hot, his fighting intent is slowly rising.

The power of self-confidence rises in Li Qingshan’s heart.


Because of Li Qingshan’s words, the onlookers were boiling, and mortals competed with immortals. How shocking.

“Who is this person and why is he so arrogant?”

“Is he arrogant?”

“Isn’t that arrogant?”

“But what he said sounds really cool. Why is it stipulated that mortals can’t compete with immortals?”

“His name is Li Qingshan, and Immortal Bei Chen, Heavenly Emperor, Xia Wuji Together, they are tied for the top ten of the first Immortal Dao Gold List!”

“Heavenly Emperor with mysterious Immortal Artifact, ranked third, Immortal Bei Chen, ranked second, Li Qingshan ranked third One!”

“Immortal Dao Gold List’s evaluation of him, Divinity of Human World!” Someone immediately spoke out about the Immortal Dao Gold List.

This time, Li Qingshan’s name has become famous all over the world, and everyone knows it.

β€œImmortal Dao Gold List is so daring, Heavenly Emperor and Immortal Bei Chen are under him.”

β€œAfter the reformation of Immortal Dao Gold List, it was with Heavenly Emperor and Earth Grand Dao, its predictions are all right!”

β€œThis Divinity of Human World is really fearless, if he succeeds, it is true, it is Divinity of Human World. Human World is over!”

The people in the world are constantly talking, looking at the battlefield in the distance, it is really overwhelmed by emotions, although they dare not challenge immortal, but seeing Li Qingshan challenge, they feel inexplicably happy .

immortal aloof and remote, enlighten all beings, day after day, year after year, the world sometimes thinks, pull immortal down, let him fall from the Nine Heavens to the earth, into the mud, covered with Filth, immortal dignity swept away.

They couldn’t do it, but now Li Qingshan did it, he challenged immortal, came out strong and brought a new storm.

Everyone wants to see that it is Immortal who keeps his dignity and continues to oppress the world and crush his opponents.

It was also Li Qingshan who succeeded in killing immortals and swept away immortal’s prestige.


On a small hill, Xiao Jiu and the others were supposed to watch it as a lively event, but this matter has nothing to do with them.

But when Li Qingshan appeared, Xiao Jiu and the others went crazy.

“Ahhh, it’s the big brother, he’s still alive, he’s so powerful, he’s friends with Xia Wuji, he’s challenged immortal.” Xiao Jiu hugged Small Fox happily, ravaged wildly, sharp Shout out, excited exhibit one’s feelings in one’s speech.

The same is true for Small Fox. She jumped up happily with Xiao Jiu and looked at Li Qingshan in the central battlefield with love in her eyes.

Awei saw all this, and his admiration for Li Qingshan became as deep as ten thousand zhang mountains: “Mr. is Mr., and after only ten years in Dimensional Battlefield, he became the strongest person in Dimensional Battlefield, Now it is even more challenging to immortal.”

For Awei, Li Qingshan is incomparable in his heart, whether it is the dependence in his youth, or the respect and worship now.

Five Ghosts Rarely laughed heartily, they are usually silent, only when they kill, they will show excitement, but now, they are happy and cheer for their master.

“Look carefully, don’t get excited anymore, big brother is going to fight that immortal.” Xiao Jiu restrained his excitement and said seriously.

Everyone immediately quieted down and watched without blinking, very nervous.

Can Li Qingshan beat immortal?

Even, kill immortal?



Immortal Mu looked indifferent, looking at Li Qingshan with disdain.

Even if he is influenced by Li Qingshan, he is not afraid.

Dignified immortal, if he is afraid of cultivators in the mortal world, then his cultivation over the years has been completely cultivated on dogs.

“Although Heaven Canopy Lord is Human World Peak, it is only Human World. Do you think you can compete with Xian for glory?” Immortal Mu mocked Li Qingshan’s overestimate one’s capabilities.

“Human, why are you fighting me?” Immortal Mu coldly shouted, contempt, extremely obvious.

Immortal pride!

“Why should I kill you?” Li Qingshan said loudly, without flinching, giving tit for tat, and strode forward. He hadn’t shot for ten years, and he didn’t know how powerful he was. .

Try immortal today.

Every time Li Qingshan took a step, a part of his imposing manner rose up.

Fortunately, Li Qingshan has True Qi condensed white clothed, and immortal is white clothed, but Immortal Mu is an old man, white clothed on his body, like a funeral garment, on Li Qingshan, But he is a handsome gentleman, a white clothed youth man.


Li Qingshan walks, with a slender figure, like an ancient War God, bright lights and vibrant colors all over his body, bright and clean, following him A superposition of imposing manners, Heaven and Earth, trembling with his footsteps.

At this moment, Li Qingshan is really imposing, not inferior to immortal.

Behind him, being beaten with bloody nose and swollen face, the limping Xia Wuji suddenly shouted: “Cut off immortal, kill this white-haired turtle, I really consider myself invincible, but It’s a defeated of Divinity of Human World.”

Influenced by Xia Wuji, or the scene in front of him was too shocking, a blush appeared on Heavenly Emperor’s white face, and he remained calm and calm for the next second. She also shouted: “Divinity of Human World, this is Human World, behead him, tell him, immortal come to Human World, and also listen to Divinity of Human World!”

Immortal Bei Chen His face flushed, he became excited, and shouted at his throat: “Li Qingshan, you beat me to be the first, you are the Divinity of Human World, I believe in you, you can definitely kill him! motherfucker! Just now I also want to smoke my immortal dao fruit, courting death can’t be done!”

The shouted sound made Immortal Mu’s face gloomy, and also made the thirteen Heaven Canopy Lords behind him furious.

But because of their normal status as aloof and remote, they couldn’t shout like that.


At this time, Li Qingshan, who was inspired, took one step at a time, like a Heavenly God, shaking the sky and the earth, imposing his whole body like boiling, he gave a big hand. Grab it, punch it straight out.

Space storm!

Li Qingshan performed the Space Grand Dao that he realized, or the Grand Dao after fusion. It was very terrifying. This was the third time he performed it.

As soon as the space storm came out, it directly crushed the heavens.

This is an astonishing display. Li Qingshan killed the enemy from a long distance before, and others couldn’t see the terrifying of the space storm.

Now is different, Li Qingshan shot out in front of the enemy, instantly giving the world an illusion, as if an eternal space Spiritual God came into the world, cleaning the Human World, killing evil spirits, covered with golden light ten thousand zhang, engulfing the world.

space is king. In Mysterious’s Human World Dao, space is also Peak’s.

Immortal Mu also shot at this moment, he coldly shouted, saying: “Human World Dao is out of date, what immortal understands is Divine Immortal Dao.”

Immortal Mu spit out A source of essence energy, using great magic power to run more than a dozen kinds of secret techniques, plus the Divine Immortal Dao he comprehended, in an instant, it was crushed like a majestic blue Tian Yi, against Li Qingshan’s space storm.

Immortal Mu’s ability to display is very terrifying, and the world is watching without blinking.

Thinking this is a giving tit for tat, maybe Li Qingshan will be at a disadvantage.

After all, the Human World Dao performed by Li Qingshan and the Divine Immortal Dao performed by Immortal Mu!

However, the scary thing is.

The original essence spit out by Immortal Mu, added many secret techniques, mixed with Divine Immortal Dao’s attack, in front of Li Qingshan’s space storm, it was all like paper, being broken again and again. break!


A blood light rushed up.

Li Qingshan’s space storm slashed out on Immortal Mu’s neck. Immortal Mu’s life was not damaged, but his neck was cut open. .

In the beginning, there was absolute silence on site.

What happened?

The mortals fought against the immortals, and Li Qingshan actually crushed dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, and almost cut off Immortal Mu’s head.

Who is the immortal and who is the Heaven Canopy Lord?

Then the world was boiling.

The world cheered and was suppressed to madness, the immortal’s power, aloof and remote, unrivaled, in this brief moment, was broken by Li Qingshan himself.

immortal, that layer of mysterious halo, completely disappeared.

People cheered when they saw that immortal was killed by Li Qingshan in one blow.

But in the next second, Immortal Mu’s head fused with flesh and blood, and the blood stopped, his expression gloomy, staring at Li Qingshan, his old face twitching.

This is a shame.

A huge shame!

He nearly got his neck cut off when he fought Heaven Canopy Lord.

The cheers of all around were so harsh, Immortal Mu turned his head and looked, a dazzling cold light burst out, making Heaven and Earth suddenly silent.

“You actually broke my Divine Immortal Dao with Human World Dao?” Immortal Mu gritted his teeth, he was careless just now and took out the Divine Immortal Dao, thinking that it would definitely suppress Li Qingshan.

But the space storm directly shattered Divine Immortal Dao, hitting Immortal Mu by surprise and humiliating madly.

“This is Human World, and Human World Dao is not as bad as you think!” Li Qingshan shouted, his face was cold, and he was not happy at all because of what happened just now, instead he paid a hundred percent of his attention , because Immortal Mu is really angry.

Human World Dao is not as good as Divine Immortal Dao, but the basic Divine Immortal Dao performed by Immortal Mu just now, and the Mysterious Human World Dao performed by Li Qingshan.

And it is also one of the most powerful in mysterious Human World Dao, Space Grand Dao.

What’s more terrifying is that Li Qingshan’s space storm still integrates Grand Dao.

These superimpositions can easily crush the basic Divine Immortal Dao, isn’t it easy?

“I’m angry!” Immortal Mu coldly said, and immediately started.

When he moved, Li Qingshan moved too.

Two people were in a flash, and they fought a move. No one could see it clearly. They only heard the next second. resounded all over the world.


After this sound, the next second, it was a huge roar.


endless void collapsed, shattered, and I don’t know how many abysses and black holes appeared, leading to the eternal unknown.

Between Heaven and Earth, there are sounds like landslides and tsunamis, and there are pictures of twinkling stars. It is the boundless universe behind Heaven and Earth after breaking Heaven and Earth.

Immortal Mu is powerful and terrifying at this moment, he stands in the void, like Heaven and Earth Supreme, his icy face remains unchanged, there is endless disillusionment in his eyes, his back is against the eternal starry sky, and his whole body is covered bright.

Divine Immortal Dao wraps around his body.

Ancient Ominous Beast appeared behind him, with dragons, tigers, blood phoenixes, poisonous pythons…

These beasts appeared one after another, occupying the starry sky, true Horror, exuding endless power, attacked Li Qingshan.

Such a terrifying picture made many people cover their mouths, for fear of screaming and disturbing Li Qingshan.

The vicious beast, the vicious beast rushed over, arrogant, Li Qingshan was unmoved, an infinite golden light appeared behind him, and then a gentle Buddha’s horn sounded.


dong! !

Behind Li Qingshan, a five-hundred zhang golden Buddha suddenly appeared, his whole body was dazzling, the fierce beast, the evil beast rushed over, slammed into the golden body, and was disappeared in an instant.

Immortal Mu was moved and said incredulously: “This is… Inextinguishable Golden Body!!!”

This was the most moving Immortal Mu ever, he looked at Li Qingshan in disbelief, Eyes full of shock.

“You are the descendant of that bald donkey?” Immortal Mu growled, his face contorted.

At that time, he was the immortal who was seriously injured by the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha.

I was almost killed by the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha.

He witnessed the terrifying of the Inextinguishable Golden Body with his own eyes, that Buddha, and everyone’s attacks hit it, useless and not hurt.

This is Immortal Mu’s nightmare.

He thought the nightmare was over with the death of the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha.

But who would have thought, five thousand years later, a youngster, with an Inextinguishable Golden Body, swept in.

And Li Qingshan at this time is more terrifying than the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha.

Li Qingshan is not immortal yet.

“You haven’t forgotten what happened five thousand years ago. You should also know about the terrifying of the Inextinguishable Golden Body!” Li Qingshan calmly said, he is now standing in the palm of the golden Buddha, looking at Immortal Mu.


The sword cry moved to the sky, Immortal Mu directly pulled out his Immortal Artifact long sword, bursting out bright radiance, very terrifying and breathtaking.

Li Qingshan also has immortal sword, but compared with Immortal Mu’s hand, it is simply the difference between a treasure and a Mortal Grade.

Immortal Mu This immortal sword is the real immortal sword!

immortal sword golden, exuding terrifying energy fluctuations, he killed again, his long silver hair stood up completely, and his eyes were as sharp as knives.

He could make Li Qingshan grow up, just like the terrifying monk who lived in five thousand years, Human World became immortal!

The golden immortal sword, enlarged in this brief moment, as thick as a mountain, reached the sky, pressed down like a mountain, and the sound was deafening, like an ocean in the sky, making people palpitate.

Li Qingshan shot with the Inextinguishable Golden Body, he raised his hand and grabbed it in the air.

The Inextinguishable Golden Body also raised its hand and grabbed the void.

The golden immortal sword was directly caught, and the terrifying energy that erupted between the two slammed all around, very terrifying, flooded, and swept the universe once again.

Rumbling, a terrifying abyss appeared in the void again, with starlight flashing in it, connected to a Star Domain.


Immortal Mu’s eyes glowed with diving light, shooting out two dazzling brilliance, pulling out his golden immortal sword with all his might, and slashing at Li Qingshan again, he cast all his energy , into the sharpest Divine Sword!

Li Qingshan was already prepared, he raised his hand and realized the Grand Dao, which he had never had the chance to perform, shrouded him.

Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground!

This is the first time that Li Qingshan has started a fusion across Grand Dao.

Speed, space, time, three kinds of Grand Dao come together to draw a piece of Heaven and Earth, trapping people inside.

Li Qingshan has not used it since he realized Tao.

Because of the formidable power, no one is worthy of Li Qingshan’s display.

Now, the Immortal Mu in front of him is a worthy opponent.

Li Qingshan’s Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground hit out, Immortal Mu swung the golden immortal sword and slashed down, to smash all obstacles.


But he didn’t know that Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground was indestructible, trapping Immortal Mu in Heaven and Earth in an instant.

There is a vast world within a square inch.

Immortal Mu slashed out with a sword, and suddenly felt that the world had changed greatly. He came to a strange world, and he could not see the way forward, nor the way to come.

“Not good, fooled!” Immortal Mu exclaimed, he knew he was in danger, and immediately charged ahead for tens of thousands of miles, trying to get out of the predicament.

In the eyes of outsiders, the wooden Daoist at this moment, in that square inch, keeps spinning, like a headless fly.

Li Qingshan calm’s drawn sword.

The sword is rewarded by entering the Dimensional Battlefield. It is an Immortal Artifact refined in the Human World. The formidable power is not large, but it is sharper and can kill people.

Immortal Bei Chen said that this sword was made by Immortal in Human World, and I don’t know if it was made by Immortal Mu.

Li Qingshan’s face was indifferent, he pulled out his long sword and gathered all his energy.

Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Technique!

This sword, to this day, Li Qingshan still remembers it, and he also improved it, perfecting the formidable power.


A sword qi rushes forward.

In Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground, Immortal Mu suddenly felt cold all over his body, has one’s hair stand on end, he was terrified inside, knew something was wrong, and screamed wildly: “Help! Help me! , I don’t want to die!!!”

Under the eyes of the world, Immortal Mu’s cry for help went straight to Nine Heavenly Layers and exploded in Heaven and Earth.

At the same time, Li Qingshan’s sword also exploded on Immortal Mu’s body.

This time, Li Qingshan beheaded Immortal Mu!

In addition, Li Qingshan also used the immortal sword to provoke Immortal Mu’s head, and then pushed hard to release True Qi, directly instilling it, destroying Immortal Mu’s immortal Primordial Spirit.

Immortal Mu, die!

Li Qingshan picked Immortal Mu’s head with his sword, looked indifferent, stood in the void, and scattered Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground.

The immortal corpse, which lacked its head, slowly landed, and with a bang, it smashed into a mountain in the distance.

This shocking scene stunned everyone.

Even Heavenly Emperor, Immortal Bei Chen, Xia Wuji opened their mouths wide and felt incredible.

“Is it so easy?” Immortal Bei Chen was upset. He used to be immortal, so he knew how terrifying Li Qingshan could do this step.

“This… Divinity of Human World, name is not in vain.” Heavenly Emperor closed his mouth, licked his red lips, and his voice became sweet, although it returned to normal in the next second, but Let Xia Wuji see it.

“My brother is amazing!” Xia Wuji said nothing, but gave a thumbs up, pun and admiration.

Those onlookers saw this scene, the initial silence, as if something was brewing now, and then it was like a volcano spraying.

“Fuck, f*ck, f*ck!”

“It really did, Human World slayer!”

“An immortal, He was killed like this, as if he changed his identity, Li Qingshan is immortal.”

“So…immortal will die too.”

“too terrifying, too terrifying It’s over.”

“There’s a major event, it’s going to turn the world upside down, and the next Dimensional Battlefield will definitely not be peaceful, it will definitely cause a heaven overflowing giant wave.”

“We just It’s good to watch the fun.”

The world is talking, some people are happy, some people are shocked, some people are sad, some people are watching the play…

Xiao Jiu and they are already very happy now. Li Qingshan’s sword pick immortal, even the calm Five Ghosts danced with excitement.

Everyone is happy, only Li Qingshan is calm.

He was still standing in the sky, the golden body behind him slowly dissipated, he took a deep breath, all the acupoints in his body were madly absorbed, swept Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi into the air, and filled up the consumption just now.

Li Qingshan then came down, came to Xia Wuji, and threw Immortal Mu’s head over, only to find that Zhou Yinzu and other thirteen Heaven Canopy Lords had already escaped. Seeing Li Qingshan killing immortals, They dare not stay.

“Your enemy.” Li Qingshan said.

Xia Wuji waved her hands and said, “We’re talking about revenge for revenge, and revenge for grievances, but we don’t want to torture corpses.”

Li Qingshan said indifferently, “Just be happy if you’re happy. .”

“I’m sure I’m happy, I haven’t seen you for ten years, how are you so powerful?” Xia Wuji asked curiously.

Li Qingshan didn’t answer this question, he turned his head with a serious face, looking towards the distance.

That distant place is behind the central battlefield, the legendary place where the fairy road is.

“What’s the matter?” Xia Wuji asked suspiciously.

Immortal Bei Chen also sensed it and said in shock, “That group of immortals is coming.”

“That group…” Xia Wuji was startled and immediately looked towards Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan’s face was calm and he didn’t know what he was thinking.

β€œHow many immortals are there in this Dimensional Battlefield now?” Heavenly Emperor asked.

“As far as I know, there are twenty!” Immortal Bei Chen said bitterly.

“Twenty?” Xia Wuji was taken aback: “This one died, there are still nineteen.”

“Let’s go.” Xia Wuji said immediately , if you can’t beat it, run away.

“Where can we sneak to?” Li Qingshan looked at Xia Wuji with a calm expression.

“Although this Dimensional Battlefield is huge, in front of immortal, there is nowhere to hide.” Li Qingshan took a deep breath, looked towards Immortal Bei Chen and Heavenly Emperor, and said, “Bring Xia Wuji with you. Go, go outside and watch, don’t come in.”

“What do you want to do?” Heavenly Emperor immediately went to pull Li Qingshan and said, “You can kill one immortal and two, so what? , this time, it’s nineteen immortals!”

nodded and said: “We stay with you, although it’s useless for me, but I have immortals, after burning, it’s still okay. Come to the Immortal Realm world for a while.”

Immortal Bei Chen did not say that after the burning was over, he would never return to the Peak Realm in his previous life.

“Although I look miserable, I have Fighter Bloodline and my recovery is very strong. Now I have recovered half of it.” Xia Wuji patted her chest and said.

Li Qingshan shook his head and said firmly: “You all go, this is the central battlefield, I have a way, you are here, but instead drag me down, go outside and watch, don’t delay anymore, there is not enough time. “

Li Qingshan drove them away, ruthless, and sat alone on a large rock in the central battlefield, eyes closed.

He had a plan in mind.

The world is puzzled.

“I’ve won this battle, beheaded immortal, why are you still sitting there?”

“Yeah, I thought it was over, what is he doing?”

β€œHeavenly Emperor, Immortal Bei Chen, Xia Wuji were all kicked out of the central battlefield by him.”

β€œSomething must have happened.”

β€œ I want to see, I’m not leaving.”

“It must be seen.”

Even Xiao Jiu and the others were puzzled, watching Li Qingshan sitting on the central battlefield , In the huge battlefield, he was the only one, bowing his head and thinking, not knowing what he was thinking.

Everyone is staring at Li Qingshan.

What is he thinking at the moment?

What is he going to do?

In Dimensional Battlefield, Li Qingshan became famous in battle, and his every move was watched by thousands of people.

He’s in cultivation!

He is enlightened!

He was opening a treasure.

Just now he succeeded in killing the immortals, Li Qingshan felt that the furnacing a hundred scriptures in his body that had been nourished for several years, when he cut out the sword, there was a sound of ka-cha at the same time.

furnacing a hundred scriptures , it worked.

He accumulated over the years, millions of scriptures, melted into one furnace, what will he get?

Open furnacing a hundred scriptures, what Li Qingshan sees is a period of time.

Yes, for a while in furnacing a hundred scriptures.

“What is this?” Li Qingshan was surprised and touched it lightly. In an instant, this period of time flowed into Li Qingshan’s body.

“This… This is actually, Time Grand Dao!” Li Qingshan said happily.

He has comprehended Time Grand Dao for many years, but still has no entry.

It was such a pleasant surprise that Li Qingshan appeared in front of him.

“Millions of scriptures, integrated into one, become Time Grand Dao, and it is also Time Rewind.” Li Qingshan checked this Time Grand Dao, which is Time Rewind under Time Grand Dao.

Recalling the past, looking back.

Li Qingshan had an idea immediately after knowing this Grand Dao.

A terrifying idea.

An unprecedented idea.

Li Qingshan knows the immortals in the immortal road, and they all come to this Dimensional Battlefield.


Just as Li Qingshan was thinking, a rumbling sound came from Heaven and Earth in the distance, and then the world vaguely saw that an immortal road was opened, and terrifying imposing manner after another descended from the immortal road.


The imposing manner of these people is no less than Immortal Mu before, even more powerful, with nineteen paths, coming Dimensional Battlefield, surging and covering the world.

When the world saw this scene, their eyes widened, and the horror inside could be seen at a glance.

“This is… all immortals are here!”

“There are twenty immortals in Dimensional Battlefield, and they are all here now.”

“They are for Li Qingshan is here.”

“They are so terrifying.”

“This is over, killing one immortal is okay, killing nineteen immortals is impossible.”


“After all, two fists are invincible to four hands.”

The world is desperate, they know that Li Qingshan is very powerful, but now is not the time for heroism.

There are too many immortals.

Heavenly Emperor, Immortal Bei Chen, and Xia Wuji all looked serious when they saw this scene.

“Damn it, if I want my brother to have an accident, I will go to accompany him. This incident is caused by me.” Xia Wuji gritted his teeth, he held the stone gate in his hand, he lost it before, but After the situation improved, he picked it up again.

“If we really fight, I will give up my life, summon is the real gate of Profound Valley.” Heavenly Emperor said firmly, staring at Li Qingshan’s back with eyes like water.

Immortal Bei Chen smiled bitterly and said: “I thought that my reincarnation in the Human World would be a gilded experience, didn’t expect, the Human World, I can’t tell.”

“I’ll burn Immortal Source when the fight really starts.” Immortal Bei Chen said firmly.

Xiao Jiu They all watched anxiously, Xiao Jiu wanted to call Li Qingshan to stop fighting, but was stopped by Awei.

“Mr. doesn’t like to be disturbed by others. What we can do now is to support him silently, don’t disturb him, keep watching and calm down.” Dawei shouted seriously.

Xiao Jiu and Small Fox were quiet then, knowing that they were emotional just now and couldn’t control it.

They watched nervously, it was really bode ill rather than well.

In the distance between the mountains, a long rainbow crossed, brought up a comet, and finally fell, walking from the junction of Heaven and Earth, as if it came from the end of the world.

One Dao Body shadow, two Dao Body shadows, three Dao Body shadows…

A total of nineteen Dao Body shadows, with powerful oppression force, swept in.

Wherever they walked, Heaven and Earth became the background board, the wind was howling, the dark clouds were bleak, and there was a feeling of a peerless Demon King.

This is because, these immortals are totally pissed.

Dimensional Battlefield, Li Qingshan sat quietly, watching them.

They came to Li Qingshan and looked at Li Qingshan indifferently across a distance of several hundred meters.

Li Qingshan, surrounded by nineteen immortals, was not afraid at all, but looked at them with interest.

“It’s incredible that you can kill immortals in Human World. It has never happened since the establishment of Dimensional Battlefield.” A handsome man immortal coldly shouted.

“Why do you have to fight against us for a genius like you?” a woman immortal regretted.

“Kill him, and then kill some of his accomplices.” There are indifferent immortal openings.

Li Qingshan looked at them, and suddenly asked: “Why did you eat me?”

As soon as he said this, all the immortals laughed.

“You think you can still struggle now?” The indifferent immortal sneered.

“I think I can do it.” Li Qingshan answered seriously.

“Arrogant!” Immortals dismissed.

“Do you know where this place is?” Li Qingshan pointed to the ground under his feet.

“central battlefield, what do you want to express?” Immortal sneered.

“Five thousand years ago, there was a group of very ideal people who wanted to open up a new path, and they almost succeeded.” Li Qingshan said.

Immortals’ face darkened.

Li Qingshan’s words reminded them of the 5,000-year war.

In that battle, they suffered heavy losses, although they killed everyone in the end.

“You avenged those people?” Immortal, Mr. Meibeard’s expression was indifferent and his tone was not good.

Li Qingshan stood up, shook the head, looked at the nineteen immortals in front of him, and said lightly: “I just think that if you go back in time and go back to that battle, the ending might be rewritten. .”

Li Qingshan’s words made Immortals frown, and they looked at Li Qingshan like a fool.

“The past can never be looked back.” The female immortal is decisive.

Li Qingshan corner of the mouth raised, said: “I think, yes!”

The voice landed, Li Qingshan stretched out his hand and patted, a terrifying wave spread in his palm , the halo flowed, attracting everyone’s attention.

“What is this?” Immortal stared.

“This seems to be… TimeGrand Dao!” Immortal, the beard man, said in shock.

“What do you want to do?” Some immortal noticed that something was wrong and immediately wanted to interrupt Li Qingshan.

However, he couldn’t touch Li Qingshan no matter what.

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