Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 91


Chapter 91 Qingqing’s Kiss (Subscribe)

The Grand Dao of time flows in the central battlefield, this ancient Battlefield, and time is quickly pulled back .

In the eyes of the world, the changes in the central battlefield are incredible.

What happened 5,000 years ago was buried by dust and has long since ceased to exist, but now Li Qingshan brushed off the dust, picked up the past, and cleaned it in Time Rewind.

The world, witness a miracle.

A miracle called time.

Everyone watched in shock, even a fool could see the changes in the central battlefield.

The central battlefield is still the central battlefield.

It’s just that five thousand years have passed, and I have returned to the land that has never been broken or shattered.

The central battlefield was not what it is now.

Li Qingshan made the central battlefield look like it was originally.

The senior experts who were buried here began to recover.

The first is the woman buried by Li Qingshan.

Her fleshy body was intact, her Divine Soul was destroyed, and she was not corrupted for five thousand years. She was discovered by Li Qingshan and buried with her own hands.

Now, time is like water, brushing her fleshy body, recalling her former soul.

The woman opened her eyes and crawled out of the grave, still beautiful.

Just her face, with a hint of shock, because she saw 6,435 stone tablets!

Although there was no word on the stone tablet, the woman recognized it at a glance.

These are all her former comrades-in-arms.

The woman’s eyes gradually became sharper, looking towards the nineteen immortals.

This is the first time in five thousand years.

The nineteen immortals, most of whom were survivors of the war, looked at the woman who climbed out of the grave, their faces were extremely ugly, and they recalled the bad picture.

The woman is the first, but not the last.

Across the central battlefield, more and more people started to come back, and they went back to Peak, which was the way it was before the war.

They are high-spirited and vigorous.

They are unparalleled.

They seem to be separated from each other.

The world, Li Qingshan, including nineteen immortals, witnessed this miracle with their own eyes.

In the central battlefield, Time Rewind, suddenly went back to five thousand years ago.

The experts who once died in battle are now in good spirits.

The Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha who has been pointing Li Qingshan is also sitting on a lotus with a kind face.

The one who shouted “since ancient times, open up a new path, shed blood and sacrifice, today’s self Zhao Wuji begins!”, was nailed to this earth.

The current Zhao Wuji is handsome, tall, youthful, and envious of others.

Once He Kai, Yang Shangwen, Lin Qiong, Northern Sea King…

All appeared in the central battlefield.

Zhao Wuji said: “I seem to have had a dream for a long time, it seems like a dream, it is too real.”

“It is true and false, false and true, Don’t care, as Zhuang Zhou Dreams of a Butterfly, this time, must open a new road for Human World!” Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha whispered, his eyes fell on Li Qingshan, he saw everything.

Like a dream, Time Rewind just gave them a chance to make up for a shortcoming.

Time Rewind, not a real resurrection.

Sacred Buddha They, it is always impossible to come back.

However, Li Qingshan could go five thousand years ago and fight alongside the Sacred Buddha.

In the eyes of the world, the central battlefield resurrected these people in an instant.

“It turned out to be a success.” The beard man immortal looked at Li Qingshan in shock. They saw with their own eyes that people from 5,000 years ago reappeared. This shock, exhibit one’s feelings in one’s speech , makes every immortal feel tricky.

Li Qingshan looked at Duke Meibeard and said, “That battle that year has continued to this day, wouldn’t the experts of Dimensional Battlefield come to stop it?”

Duke Meibeard looked at Li Qingshan and suddenly laughed heartily: “Do you really think that Time Rewind, once again, can change the ending?”

“The twelve immortals of them couldn’t win and lost, this time we were ten Nine, even if you recreate the battlefield, you are just repeating what happened in the past!” Mei Yangong immortal shouted loudly.

The same goes for the other immortals, although they rocked Time Rewind, they refused to change the ending.

There is immortal at this moment, calling the expert of Dimensional Battlefield.

“Longevity Embryo, Heaven Canopy Lord, come to the central battlefield and destroy the gangsters!”

The cry of immortal spread throughout the Dimensional Battlefield and everyone heard it.

The world is watching and watching nervously. Is the battle 5,000 years ago going to reappear?

Will the ending be rewritten?


Longevity Embryo, Heaven Canopy Lord are breaking through the sky and descending on the central battlefield, they have to come, because they are the people of Dimensional Battlefield .

Immortal they must attend.

In a matter of minutes, thousands of Peak players descended on the central battlefield, basically the management of Dimensional Battlefield.

Many of these thousands of people participated in the war 5,000 years ago. Now, seeing these people who were killed in the battle recover, they are shocked and can’t believe it.

“Kill them, they were able to kill them in the past, and they can still be killed now. Tell them that the rules of Dimensional Battlefield are not something they can tear apart.” Immortal, the beard, immediately roared and shot directly, bringing these experts with him , rushed over.

β€œThe number of sand in the Ganges!”

Beauty Immortal suddenly shouting loudly, bursting out a terrifying immortal technique.

For a time, all the forces in this world have turned into the Rule of Tao, the essence of plants and trees, the essence of the scorching sun, the glimmer of stars, and the origin of the universe, all pouring down.

Beautiful Beard Immortal uses a great technique in cultivation technique. This is a secret technique in immortal technique. It is terrifying, and once the formidable power erupts, there is no way to measure it.

In this between Heaven and Earth, all Spiritual Qi, all power, turn into the Rule of Dao, turning everything into Divine Immortal Dao, the void is covered with a striped road, crossing and interweaving.

This is a very terrifying immortal technique that makes it difficult to fight like a nightmare.

In this world, there are so many Spiritual Qi and so many Grand Dao. If they are all transformed into Dao by summon, it will be endless, so there is a saying that the number of sands in the Ganges.

Between Heaven and Earth, there are dense nets everywhere, some silver, some purple…

The number of sands of the Ganges, everything in the world has turned into a net of Grand Dao, covering Falling.

The world was moved when they saw this scene, and even Immortal Bei Chen felt awe-inspiring, knowing that this immortal technique is extremely terrifying, turning World’s All Living Things as the principle, and using the power of Heaven and Earth, Kill the enemy.

Without a sound, a large net fell, covering the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha.

To capture the thief first capture the king, the beard master immortal understands this principle.

Although Li Qingshan was annoying and powerful, he was not immortal after all, and far less terrifying than the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha.

The twelve immortals that year almost killed the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha. This splendid record made Immortal Immortal shot directly to restrain him.

With the immortal shot of Mr. Meibeard, the war broke out instantly. The entire central battlefield, the energy was agitated, infinitely distributed, very terrifying, and the people outside the central battlefield were directly looked stupid.

This mighty energy did not overflow at all, because at this moment, the time of the central battlefield was five thousand years ago.

The Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha was directly surrounded by fifteen immortals, three more than the last.

The sand of the Ganges erupted and shrouded it, but the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha didn’t even look at it. His fingers turned into nothingness, and a touch of Buddha’s radiance burst out, cutting the inextricable net directly. With a bang, the beautiful bearded man immortal flew away, and then he fought with a dozen other immortals.


ten thousand zhang-sized Inextinguishable Golden Body, appearing in the void, very terrifying, like the living Buddha Ancestor, covered with big hands, immortal can only flee, avoid.

Their attack, hitting the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha, caused ripples to disperse the Buddha’s radiance a little, but that is, the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha remained completely unmoved and continued to attack them.

At this moment, the painful memories of Immortals, who had been tortured back then, came back.

The terror of the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha, rise in the mind, everyone is suffocating and fighting guerrillas to contain the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha.

“I don’t believe it anymore, this time there are a few more immortals than last time, you can still kill three more?” Some immortals gritted their teeth, indignant, and used all their strength to deal with the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha.

The battle is in full swing, and the Longevity Embryo and Heaven Canopy Lord are also fighting frantically.

Especially the woman, she let out a long, shrill scream, stretched out her hand, and shouted: “Sword come!!!”

The huge giant inserted in the core area of the central battlefield The long sword responded with excitement, and after five thousand years, it finally heard the call of its master.

ka ka ka!

The huge long sword trembled and flew out from the stone, piercing the sky, bringing a rain of swords, and it fell down, causing a lot of uproar, and fell directly into the woman’s hands.

The long sword was huge, bigger than a woman’s head, and she clenched her hands tightly and slashed hard.


The Heaven Canopy Lords in front of them were instantly knocked into the air, spewing blood and looking at the woman in horror.

This giant sword too terrifying, the woman held it, kicked it with her foot, the giant sword flew up, and with a spin, directly chopped off the heads of two or three enemies.

At this moment, it is not the man who controls the sword, but the sword that is leading the man to kill the enemy.

Some immortal saw this scene, his face was serious, he couldn’t let this woman continue to kill, he suffered a loss five thousand years ago, and now he can’t continue, he immediately abandoned the siege of Li Qingshan and went to deal with the woman.

The immortal who besieged Li Qingshan became three.

Nineteen immortals, fifteen to deal with the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha, and the remaining four to besiege Li Qingshan, putting a lot of pressure on Li Qingshan, who has been on the defensive.

Now there is an immortal to deal with the woman, Li Qingshan’s pressure drops sharply, his eyes are calm, loudly shouts: “Spiritual God all over the body!”

Li Qingshan is in Longevity Embryo realm, Spiritual God is kept in each acupuncture point to provide him with strength.

This is something everyone does.

When the Heaven Canopy Lord realm arrives, this kind of act of warming the Spiritual God will disappear, and there is no lack of that power.

But Li Qingshan did not.

In the Heaven Canopy Lord realm, he opened up every acupuncture point into Smaller Thousand Worlds.

The warm Spiritual God, like the World Lord, has enormous energy as the controller.

Li Qingshan has never used this energy, he has been saving up, even if he is fighting Immortal Mu, Li Qingshan is useless.

At this moment, facing the violent attacks of three immortals, the Spiritual God of Warming and Nurturing in Li Qingshan’s body erupted with terrifying energy.

In Li Qingshan’s body, it seems to be a Star Domain, like a dream, the Smaller Thousand Worlds opened up, like stars in a row, intertwined, lurking in Li Qingshan’s body everywhere .


Now, these Spiritual Gods in Smaller Thousand Worlds provide Li Qingshan with enormous energy, which directly makes Li Qingshan go beyond the Heaven Canopy Lord realm and touch the level of immortals .

Li Qingshan in this brief moment, holding an immortal sword, slayed with one sword.

His sword is very terrifying.




The fusion of sword dao is not one, nor two, but three.

Li Qingshan, with his current strength, used the fusion of three sword dao, definitely gods block then kill gods.

Sword Art slashed out, fast and slow, unpredictable, and the formidable power suddenly doubled several times, making it unclear.

In a flash, Li Qingshan beheaded an immortal, just like before, beheaded Immortal Mu.

As he descended with this sword, one piece after another of Grand Dao’s mighty impact, the long sword roared, hundreds of gallops competed, like a tsunami hitting the embankment, like the Milky Way hitting the lone star, bringing this immortal a piece of despair.

I can’t figure it out, I can’t see it clearly, Li Qingshan’s sword has come and gone.

An immortal corpse smashed into the central battlefield with a bang, attracting the world’s attention.

“Li Qingshan killed another immortal!”

“Under the siege of three immortals, he could kill one more, which is…too terrifying.”

“This may be what it is, a peerless evildoer!”

“He really deserves that name, Divinity of Human World!”

“Will Li Qingshan really deserve it? Kill all the immortals in this battlefield?”

“No, because he definitely won’t kill that big Buddha!”

“Yes, they are a group. “

“Li Qingshan also has that golden body, but it’s not as big as that monk, they are of common origins.”

The world discussed spiritedly, watching Li Qingshan easily kill the enemy, and This enemy is still Human World immortal, and the world is surprised and envied.

Even Immortal Bei Chen and Heavenly Emperor, at this moment, are completely convinced by Li Qingshan, and regard Li Qingshan as the backbone of everyone.

On the other side, Xiao Jiu and the others were still dancing with excitement.

In the battlefield, the rise of Li Qingshan’s killing, the Divine Immortal Dao of these immortal comprehensions, are all a single Dao, which has never been merged. Their understanding of Dao is superficial and in-depth research. No, I only know how to improve Immortal Qi strength, physical strength.

But is the physical strength comparable to the Inextinguishable Golden Body?

Is the strength of Immortal Qi comparable to the hundreds of Smaller Thousand Worlds opened by Li Qingshan?

“Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!”

“Kill you all, I will become a human world!”

Li Qingshan kill With the ability to start, holding a poor immortal sword, they can suppress the two immortals to retreat, and even Li Qingshan sword qi took the immortal who was going to deal with the woman with one move.

He’s still one-on-three!

Li Qingshan and them fought very fiercely, but because they were on guard, they knew that Li Qingshan’s sword dao was weird, so it was difficult for them to work together to deal with it.

On the other side, the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha dragged fifteen immortals and fought very fiercely. Although the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha was under a lot of pressure, the Immortals’ subordinates, the Longevity Embryo, the Heaven Canopy Lord, had even more pressure. big.

Because of the woman holding the giant sword, without the interference of immortal, she killed people. She really cut melons and vegetables. The giant sword was very powerful. Heads roll, kill some Longevity Embryo, Heaven Canopy Lord cry father and mother, cry immortal.

The immortal complexion that besieged the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha slightly changed, and they communicated instantly. They went out alone and killed the woman with the giant sword.

The remaining fourteen immortals besieged the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha together.

The immortal separated, flew over in an instant, and wanted to kill the woman holding the giant sword.

But he was targeted by Li Qingshan.

“The more I fight, the more excited I get, the blood in my body ignites. Three immortals are not enough. Come here too.” Li Qingshan directly slashed his way, blocking his path, forcing him to join the battlefield.

Li Qingshan played against four immortals by himself. Unlike the passive defense of at first, Li Qingshan is now making a strong attack. During the circulation of sword light, he is more and more excited, and the whole person is sublimating.

A sword is stronger than a sword.

One hit is more terrifying than one hit.

The pressure on the four immortals is also increasing.

“No, he’s practicing with us, this person is about to become an immortal.” Some immortal found something wrong and exclaimed, Li Qingshan’s current state has entered a critical point.

Other immortals also found something wrong, Li Qingshan was slamming it, and wanted Human World to become an immortal.

This is incredible.

To become immortal in battle, this group of immortals have never heard of it.

And now, Li Qingshan is doing just that.

“I can’t make him an immortal!” Immortal roared and the eye socket cracked. Now Li Qingshan is very difficult to deal with. Let him become an immortal, how good is it?

This cry made the central battlefield quiet.

Everyone looked towards Li Qingshan.

Seeing this, everyone’s faces changed wildly, some people were happy, some people were scared.

Especially the eighteen immortals.

“Let’s do it together!” The 14 immortals who besieged the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha immediately separated two to deal with Li Qingshan, and the remaining twelve continued to deal with the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha.

There were also twelve who dealt with the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha. For a while, there was no problem at all.

They thought very well, the six immortals here joined forces, killed Li Qingshan, and then went to deal with the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha together to solve the chaos of this time.

Unfortunately, their thoughts became fragmented in the sound of a Buddha’s horn.

β€œso I have heard!”

This huge Buddha’s name was recited by the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha. He grabbed it with a big hand, and the Buddha Kingdom in the Palm appeared and was directly imprisoned. Four square Heaven and Earth, imprisoned 14 immortal.

“You guys are very comfortable beating the old monks, why do you want to leave?” The Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha hehe smiled, then pressed his hand with a loud bang, Heaven and Earth shook, Immortals vomited blood collectively, terrified Looking at the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha.

This is a blow from the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha’s ultimate sublimation.

“Dead bald donkey, you burned dao fruit?” There was an immortal horrified back.

“Old monks are dead people, it doesn’t matter if you burn dao fruit, you and old monks burn dao fruit together, let’s have a battle for the ultimate sublimation.” Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha invited them.

Immortals turned black and looked at him resentfully.

The Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha burns dao fruit, there is no problem at all, he is a dead man, and he is alive with the help of time, so he doesn’t have to worry about the consequences of burning dao fruit.

But they can’t.

They are people in this world, burning dao fruit is tantamount to courting death.

“Since you don’t want to burn dao fruit, then go with the monk and watch your little friend become a fairy!” Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha hehe smiled, his voice like thunder, resounding in the sky.

“Monk, your dao fruit won’t last long, you will decline rapidly.” Immortal threatened.

“The monk is dead, and the little friend is still there. When he becomes immortal, none of you can run away. So, why do you need the old monk and I to fight to the death?”

“mercy, my Buddha!” The Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha chanted the Buddha’s horn, and the other immortals were in a dilemma when they saw the other immortals.

Burn dao fruit, continue to fight with the bald donkey Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha, and then have an ascension together.

Do not burn dao fruit, only watch Li Qingshan Human World become immortal, and then face a terrifying Li Qingshan.

He can kill Immortal in Heaven Canopy Lord realm, how powerful will Li Qingshan be in Immortal Realm?

Those immortals have one’s hair stand on end when they think about it.

This choice, no matter how you look at it, is a dead word.

They were in a tangle.

But Li Qingshan won’t, he the more fights the more brave is, like the woman holding the giant sword, two people slaughter all sides.

The woman holding the giant sword, killing people down below, swept the expert of the Dimensional Battlefield, the giant sword, it hurts when it touches it, and it dies when it touches it.

Seeing this scene, many people understand why the Immortals suppressed her for five thousand years.

With this speed of killing, if we don’t suppress you, who will we suppress?

Li Qingshan at the top, and the three immortals fought with the Nine Heavens fiercely. The Inextinguishable Golden Body vaguely appeared behind him, resisting the damage, so if he didn’t care, he knew how to attack and exchanged injuries for injuries.

The four immortals are hard to resist. Li Qingshan has an Inextinguishable Golden Body and is fearless, but they hurt.

During this period, Li Qingshan forcibly chopped all the five immortal swords he got.

An immortal sword was shattered, and Li Qingshan’s imposing manner rose a bit.

When the fifth immortal sword shattered. In Li Qingshan’s body, like a volcanic eruption of billions of years, the terrifying energy washed away Heaven and Earth, and the four immortals immediately spewed blood and flew out backwards, watching in horror.

Li Qingshan is going to become an immortal from Human World!

bang! ! !

This terrifying vibration made millions of eyes look towards Li Qingshan.

Everyone is looking forward to Human World becoming immortal. This may be the most shocking picture I have ever seen in my life.

Li Qingshan, who was focal point of ten thousands, exuded infinite energy from his body, surrounded him, wrapped his body like a silkworm cocoon, and began to transform.

The world can’t see Li Qingshan’s face, but can only hear his heartbeat, which is vigorous and powerful.

Boom, boom, boom.

Heaven and Earth tremble with every beat.

It beat forty-nine times. During the last beat, Li Qingshan’s cocoon burst, and Li Qingshan came out.


No heaven shaking, earth shattering.

No surprises.

There is no Heaven and Earth natural phenomenon.

Only calm breakthrough.

Li Qingshan is standing in Heaven and Earth, white clothed long gown, handsome face, rich god like jade.

At this moment, he is no longer immortal.

He is immortal.

People from five thousand years ago looked at Li Qingshan.

People from five thousand years later also looked at Li Qingshan.

Dimensional Battlefield The second human world immortal, Li Qingshan, at this moment, looked at the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha.

He knows, the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha knows everything, he sees everything.

The Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha that burned dao fruit smiled slightly, the ten thousand zhang Inextinguishable Golden Body behind him dissipated, his breath instantly weakened, and he fell directly into the Immortal Realm world.

But with a smile on his face, he looked at Li Qingshan with satisfaction.

This is the first official meeting between Li Qingshan and the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha.

They didn’t say a word, everything was in one look.

The breath of the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha continues to weaken.

At this moment, Immortals, who had been imprisoned by him, had a violent desire to kill and shot directly to kill the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha.

Li Qingshan’s eyes turned cold when he saw this scene, behind him, with a bang, ten thousand zhang’s golden body flew into the air and covered it with a slap.

bang bang bang!

Everyone watched in shock. The 14 immortals that were violently killing people exploded in an instant.

The shot is Li Qingshan, the Inextinguishable Golden Body of the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha.

At this moment, Heaven and Earth rained blood, and the fall of 14 immortal made everyone’s heart pinched, and they couldn’t say a word.

All the shocks, all the surprises before, are not as good as this time.

One slap, 14 immortal!

This is immortal.

Even if it is the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha who first became immortal in Dimensional Battlefield Human World, he cannot do this step, he can only imprison 14 immortals.

But now, in front of everyone’s eyes, Li Qingshan hit a shocking blow.

Even the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha, who was gradually weakening and becoming illusory, looked at Li Qingshan in surprise.

It took a while for the world to recover and then go crazy.

β€œDivinity of Human World!”

β€œIs this Divinity of Human World?”

β€œLord Li Qingshan, you deserve it, Immortal Dao Gold List Your evaluation is so right.”

“Man, that’s how it should be!”

“It’s too terrifying to slap 14 immortals to death.”

“Human World becomes immortal, ascension transforms, the gap between before and after is too big.”

“Yeah, before Mr. Li Qingshan became immortal, although he was very strong, he was only one enemy. Four. In the moment after the breakthrough, 14 immortals were slapped to death with a slap.”

“The same immortals, how can the gap be so big?”

“Nonsense, both human beings, Why is there such a big gap between you and Li Qingshan?”

The world’s heated discussions, without saying a few words, are unable to express their inner shock.

Even Heavenly Emperor and Immortal Bei Chen, as well as Xia Wuji, were heated discussions.

Not to mention Xiao Jiu and Small Fox, who were so excited they were about to rush into the Dimensional Battlefield.

Thanks to Awei for holding them back.

And the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha, which burned dao fruit, could not last in Time Rewind, he gradually faded, and at the end, he said, “I had a long dream.”

Li Qingshan threw Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground directly, trapping the other four immortals in a square inch, tortured to death.

The immortal of Dimensional Battlefield, Li Qingshan didn’t even look at it.

He came to the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha, dispersed all imposing manners, and said, “What did you see in the dream?”

“I saw you, at that time, you were still Very weak.”

“I seem to have told you that Human World will become immortal.” Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha said with a smile.

Li Qingshan pondered for a moment, then said: “The world is a big dream, maybe, we are living in a dream?”

Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha smiled without saying a word, and did not talk to Li Qingshan discussed metaphysical things, but looked towards the sky, there seemed to be something in the endless void.

“Open a new road, no need, just get back the Immortal Gate.” Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha said to Li Qingshan.

“Immortal Gate!” Li Qingshan nodded, he knew this, he had heard of it before.

β€œThe Immortal Gate is the oldest way to the Immortal World. It is a gate that can be passed through as long as you have the strength. There is no oppression like it is now.” Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha said.

“Okay, I remember it!” Li Qingshan said firmly: “I will open the Immortal Gate.”

Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha was satisfied when he heard this, and his body followed the wind And scattered, disappeared.

Li Qingshan is watching other people.

The prelude to the battle in the central battlefield is over.

Without immortal, Dimensional Battlefield’s expert can’t support it at all, and was killed instantly.

Zhao Wuji, who has always been committed to blazing new trails, looked up at the sky and shed tears.

“Life is all over again, we really won.” Zhao Wuji looked at all around with nostalgia, muttered: “Unfortunately, the new world, we can’t see it anymore.”

“However, future generations will see for us.” Zhao Wuji smiled, his body gradually dissipated, and his time had come.

The central battlefield, the predecessors who won this battle, one or two, began to dissipate.

The power of Time Rewind is gradually weakening and cannot be maintained.

Their life has been fixed and cannot be changed. Many people are satisfied with Time Rewind.

Shi Cheng is a little regretful, looking at New World, especially those people in the world, he is trying to find his wife.

Shi Cheng looked around, didn’t find anything, and said disappointedly: “We are all people from the old era, and the new era does not have a boat to carry us.”

In a trance, in Shi At the last moment of Cheng’s stay, he saw a girl who was smiling happily from the world. She was very cute, but she was only a teenager, pointing her fingers at the central battlefield with her family.

Shi Cheng stared blankly.

His wife reincarnated.

Suddenly, he smiled, so happy, his smile faded: “She is gone, I can leave in peace, in the next life, it’s my turn to come to you.”

Shi Cheng disappeared in the central battlefield.

Other people are also very nostalgic.

Like the Northern Sea King, who was originally a Flood Dragon in the sea, came to the Dimensional Battlefield, followed the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha, wanted to open a new path, and lost his life.

But he has no regrets, just regrets.

Looking at the green mountains and white clouds, looking at the terracotta earth, looking at the breeze, looking at the familiar people, the familiar things disappeared in front of him, he felt lost.

“How can you not let people miss you in such a country?” The Northern Sea King sighed, his body still pale.

One by one, at a time, Dimensional Battlefield dissipated a lot of people.

These people all gave the inheritance to Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan watched them leave and sighed.

At this moment, a woman with a giant sword came over.

She has a beautiful face and the appearance of a lovely woman. Just looking at her appearance, it is absolutely unthinkable that she is carrying a giant sword and slashing people.

“Thank you for burying me.” The woman opened the mouth and said, her voice was very nice, completely different from the frenzy she was fighting.

Li Qingshan shook his head: “No thanks.”

“What’s your name?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Everyone is going to die, does the name still matter?” The woman said indifferently.

“It’s very important, no one knows your name. When you die, you will be completely wiped out in this world, but as long as there is one person who remembers your name, you will live.” Li Qingshan said.

“My name is Qingqing, I have no surname. I am an orphan, and I was picked up by Master on a night with a clear breeze and bright moon, so call me Qingqing.” Qingqing said.

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