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Chapter 92 Hua Xiangrong’s news (please subscribe)

central battlefield, corpses everywhere across the field, Peak expert of Dimensional Battlefield, in In this battle, it was completely destroyed.

There are corpses everywhere.

There are immortal, there is Heaven Canopy Lord, there is Longevity Embryo…

I used to be all-powerful in Dimensional Battlefield, managing major Safety Sectors, aloof and remote, formulating Rules, Overlooking Human World.

Now their bodies are placed here, motionless, even if bitten by wild dogs, no one cares.

The grace is just a passing scene and dissipates quickly.

The group of youngsters 5,000 years ago seized the opportunity given by Li Qingshan and saw victory in the short time of Time Rewind.

Although they couldn’t take a glimpse of New World, they saw the dawn of victory.

So Li Qingshan repaid these people and gave him all the inheritance, and he lived up to it.

What those people didn’t do in those days, Li Qingshan has done it today.

It’s just that his mood is slightly rippling.

The central battlefield, time returns to normal, from five thousand years ago to the present.

In the vast central battlefield, only Li Qingshan stood alone.

In the center of countless corpses, Li Qingshan’s tall and straight body, like a mountain, is full of vast power, making the world excited for a while.

The person in front of them is this world, only one immortal!

And he is not immortal from Immortal World.

He became an immortal in Human World, a native immortal, which is why everyone is excited.

After the battle was over, the people of the world were reluctant to leave and continued to watch, even if they only looked at Li Qingshan’s back, they were willing.

This is immortal.

I don’t know how many people work hard all their lives, but they can’t see the immortal side.

And now, Li Qingshan is right in front of you. Although it is a distance away, it is real.

The world is overwhelmed by emotions, and Li Qingshan is also a little overwhelmed by emotions.

He stretched out his hand to touch his lips, the soft touch just now made Li Qingshan reminisce.

This is Li Qingshan’s first kiss. She was single in her past life, and she is not close to women in this life. The only thing Li Qingshan liked was Hua Yun, but Li Qingshan never met Hua Yun, he just liked it. Hua Yun’s voice.

In two lifetimes, Li Qingshan is seventy-eight years old and tastes a woman’s kiss for the first time.

“Qingqing!” Li Qingshan knew that he would never forget this woman in his life.

Qingqing’s kiss was very green, and it was her first time.

Li Qingshan didn’t expect that he had a momentary heartbeat with a woman who had died for 5,000 years.

However, this heartbeat will never follow.

Qingqing is no longer in this world, Li Qingshan took a deep breath, suppressed this heartbeat, regained his composure, looked all around, corpses everywhere, and looked towards the distant world, temperament Cold, like the pines and cypresses under the moon, standing tall and straight, he said: “Immortal is dead, Dimensional Battlefield is not executing killings, just like Human World, this is a cultivation world, everyone wants to establish the sect, want to build the Aristocratic Family, and want to start a mountain. You can build a city and reproduce if you want.”

“From today, Dimensional Battlefield will no longer be under the jurisdiction of Immortal!”

“Immortal Ascension Road will be permanently banned, I will find Find a new way out, let the powerful people go to Immortal World!”

“Let’s go away, don’t stop watching.”

Li Qingshan waved his hand and told the world to leave .

The world gradually dispersed, hearing this, and secretly looking forward to it.

Immortal Ascension Road To be honest, most people don’t want to go.

Thinking about heaven and thinking about Hell, no one with strength wants to win that half of the chance.

Since Li Qingshan made a promise in public, it will definitely be fulfilled, otherwise the immortal majesty will be damaged.

As the world left, Xiao Jiu was the first to rush to Li Qingshan.

She couldn’t wait any longer. She looked at big brother all the time, and she was full of thoughts. She hadn’t seen her for more than ten years. Now, seeing big brother slaughter all sides, she was so excited that she would die. If it wasn’t for the fear of disturbing Li Qingshan, Xiao Jiu ran out long ago.

Now that the matter is over, Xiao Jiu can’t hold it any longer and immediately flies over.

Ruyan threw herself into Li Qingshan’s arms and shouted excitedly: “big brother, you are too powerful, you are killing immortals in Human World.”

Li Qingshan smiled when he saw Xiao Jiu, reached out to catch her, and said indulgently: “Why are you here?”

While he was speaking, Small Fox also threw himself at Li Qingshan’s He sniffed Li Qingshan lightly on his body and showed a comfortable expression. After not seeing him for more than ten years, Small Fox had long wanted to die of Li Qingshan.

“Sir!” Awei came over and met in Disciple.

“Master!” Five Ghosts came, and in front of Li Qingshan, restrained all imposing manners and acted as a good baby.

“You’re all here?” Li Qingshan said in surprise

“That Human World lacks big brother, it doesn’t make any sense at all, the strength is too weak, and the big brother is still wonderful, If we didn’t come, wouldn’t we be able to see such a wonderful performance from the big brother?” Xiao Jiu hugged Li Qingshan’s arm, with a playful face, she is a girl and has been taken care of by Li Qingshan. Well, she didn’t experience much danger, she just took over the headmaster of the ascension door in the past, she must be steady.

Now that she has stepped down as the Headmaster of the Ascension Sect and passed it on to others, she has come to the Dimensional Battlefield by herself. Naturally, she does not need to suppress her character, and she is the purest girl and a good younger sister of the big brother.

“I miss you.” Small Fox is not as happy and lively as Xiao Jiu, she pours out her thoughts, tells her thoughts, and is very dependent.

This time separation is the longest separation since she was born. She has lived with Li Qingshan for several decades and has never been separated. These ten years have made her feel very difficult.

Li Qingshan felt Small Fox’s dependence, reached out and hugged her in his arms, and gently stroked her to ease her loneliness for more than ten years.

Small Fox squinted comfortably and curled up in Li Qingshan’s arms, a feeling she hadn’t felt in more than ten years.

At this moment, Xia Wuji, Heavenly Emperor and Immortal Bei Chen all came.

The three of them were very excited and looked at Li Qingshan with admiration in their eyes. Even the arrogant Immortal Bei Chen was convinced by Li Qingshan.

“Fuck, brother, you are too powerful.” Xia Wuji said excitedly, rubbing his hands in excitement, he thought he was going to die, but didn’t expect, because his death involved so much An exciting battle.

Not only did he not die, but he also saw three best friends.

Xia Wuji was really happy, he looked towards a few people around Li Qingshan, and said, “Your relatives are here, let’s find a place, have a big meal, and chat while drinking, I’ll do it, I cook delicious food.”

Today’s matter is because of him, Xia Wuji is very grateful, pulling Li Qingshan entire group, away from the killing, just on a cliff , make a fire to cook.

Xia Wuji worked very hard. He hunted down an elk, quickly dealt with it, grilled it, and used the seasonings brought from Human World.

Because of the presence of Five Ghosts, Xia Wuji was worried that they would eat a lot and roasted several heads in a row.

Five Ghosts are familiar with cooking. They have helped Li Qingshan cook for several decades, so they helped Xia Wuji, and they were very busy.

On the other side, on the cliff, the evening breeze is breezy, the moonlight is sublime, and the bonfire is also lit, which makes people very comfortable.

Xiao Jiu pulled Heavenly Emperor, whispering girl’s whispers, laughed heartily from time to time, very happy, two women who didn’t know one hour, became good girlfriends.

Li Qingshan was holding Small Fox and walking on the cliff with Immortal Bei Chen, watching the breeze and the bright moon, and the two talked about something.

Awei followed behind, following every step of the way, listening silently. This was allowed by Li Qingshan. Awei was his Disciple, so he naturally had to take care of it.

β€œHow do you feel about breaking through the Immortal Realm world?” Immortal Bei Chen asked.

Li Qingshan said: “The sense angle seems to touch the New World. At the moment of breakthrough, my Sea of Consciousness and soul have been sublimated and washed clean.”

Immortal Bei Chen nods and says, “Mortals eat meat, Qi Refinement, do you know what immortal practices?”

Li Qingshan thought about it and said, “Dao!”

“It’s half right!” Immortal Bei Chen hands behind ones back, and Li Qingshan came to the highest point of the cliff, looking at the moon above the sky, as if it could be picked up with a hand.

Li Qingshan looked towards Immortal Bei Chen, he is the reincarnation of immortal, although it is said that the memory will be awakened continuously with the breakthrough of the cultivation base, but he is now Heaven Canopy Lord realm, for the Immortal Realm world, you should also know A lot of things, not half-understood.

“Immortal cultivation is Dao and Spirit!” said Immortal Bei Chen.

“Dao and Spirit?” Li Qingshan raised his eyebrows, he vaguely understood.

“What you comprehend in the mortal world is Human World Dao, which is the Tao of the mortal world. When you enter the Immortal Realm world, you need to comprehend Divine Immortal Dao, so you need to transform the Tao you comprehend.”

“In addition, immortal practice requires spirit refinement!”

“Cultivation is for Insights Heaven and Earth, to improve realm. Spirit refinement is to strengthen oneself and make oneself stronger. , with a terrifying Primordial Spirit, it will be much easier to control the Grand Dao.”

β€œIf there is no Grand Dao, you will be weak in the Immortal Realm world, but if there is only Grand Dao, the Primordial Divine Strength is not enough. , you can’t control it, the Grand Dao backlash will engulf you.”

“So, enlightenment and spirit refinement need to be carried out simultaneously.”

Immortal Bei Chen slowly said , These are some knowledge in the Immortal Realm world. If there is a sect, you can know it from the Sect Elder, and there will be no detours.

But if you are a loose cultivator, enter the Immortal Realm world, don’t pay attention to spirit refinement, and get crazy, the more you understand, the more you will hurt yourself.

Li Qingshan slowly nodded, taking this word to heart.

“Those immortals you kill during the day are just people who don’t understand spirit refinement, that’s why they come to this Dimensional Battlefield and be a guardian.” Immortal Bei Chen said.

“What force in Immortal World is the immortal of Dimensional Battlefield?” Li Qingshan asked seriously, he needs to ask clearly, this is not a trivial matter.

He has already killed everyone, destroyed the opponent’s layout in the Human World, and formed a grudge. Li Qingshan needs to find out the opponent’s confidence.

“I don’t know.” Immortal Bei Chen shook his head and said, “My memory has not recovered to that point, but I vaguely remember that the Immortal World is vast and boundless, very huge, where all races stand in Great numbers, with a population of 100 million absolute, the dimensions of control are unknown, and Great Influence is disdainful of Human World.”

“Only those small forces, or some Aristocratic Family, will focus on Human World, they can’t develop upward, they can only dig deep to the bottom and take Human World as a part.”

“Although it is a small force, to Human World, it is a huge monster, not a dimensional thing at all. .”

“But don’t worry too much, Immortal World people want to lower realms, it’s very difficult and needs to pay a lot of money, so generally they don’t let the immortal down easily.”

“The battle of Central Battlefield 5,000 years ago, the damaged immortals, only 20 of them have been put in these years, and the previous ones are also counted.”

“From now on, immortal thinks It is very difficult to go to the lower realm and come to the Human World, unless you are reincarnated and come to the Human World like me.”

Immortal Bei Chen explained to Li Qingshan, let Li Qingshan not worry, Immortal World to Human The world’s attention, in fact, is not as much as the world thinks.

Li Qingshan listened attentively and said, “If I say this, I want to open Heavenly Gate, won’t I disturb the top?”

Immortal Bei Chen shivered and looked at Li Qingshan , surprised: “Do you want to open Heavenly Gate?”

“No wonder you closed Xianlu before, you wanted to do it.” Immortal Bei Chen said in surprise.

“Is that possible?” Li Qingshan asked humbly. Immortal Bei Chen came from Immortal World. He must know a lot. Li Qingshan must figure it out.

“It’s definitely possible, but you have opened the Immortal Gate and made the Human World connect with the Immortal World. In the future, in this vast Human World, it will be easy to enter the Immortal World, but you will completely offend that person. Organization, because you have arranged the situation, completely broken.” Immortal Bei Chen said.

Li Qingshan corner of the mouth raised, said: “You said just now, Immortal World is vast, after I enter Immortal World, hide, they can still find me?”

Immortal Bei Chen thinks so, it is true.

“Since you have decided, then I will definitely support you. After opening the Immortal Gate, I can also enter the Immortal World without exposing myself, which is better.” Immortal Bei Chen said.

Li Qingshan is nominee, keep this matter in mind.

He continued to ask: “Before in Dimensional Battlefield, someone violated the rules of Dimensional Battlefield and was imprisoned in Boiling Water Prison. What force is Boiling Water Prison in Immortal World?”

“Boiling Water Prison?” Immortal Bei Chen frowned and thought about it carefully. After a while, he shook his head and said bitterly, “What organization does Boiling Water Prison belong to in Immortal World, this involves my blind spot of knowledge, and my cultivation base has no breakthrough. immortal, the memory can’t be opened.”

“It’s fine.” Li Qingshan doesn’t care, just don’t know.

“Boiling Water Prison belongs to Immortal Court’s prison. It is a Level 4 prison where ordinary immortal criminals are held.” Heavenly Emperor’s voice came from behind, and she walked over with Xiao Jiu with a beautiful face , with a slender neck and snow-white skin, all seem to be glowing in the moonlight.

Immortal Bei Chen said in surprise: “How did you know?”

The Heavenly Emperor said gracefully: “I got an immortal inheritance, my Profound Valley gate is Immortal Artifact, the main body is in Immortal World, I just summon illusory shadow in Human World.”

“Is Immortal Court the Immortal World manager?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Forget it, Immortal World is vast and boundless, Immortal Court is just one of the regional management organizations, it is very old, Immortal Court has Level 4 prisons, and they take care of people from different cultivation bases, Boiling Water Prison. It’s Level 4.” Heavenly Emperor spoke eloquently.

“You just said that the people behind the Dimensional Battlefield can put those who break the rules in the Boiling Water Prison, which only means that the people behind the Dimensional Battlefield are a member of the Immortal Court.” Heavenly Emperor analyzed.

“Yes, only in this way can people who break the rules be sent to the Boiling Water Prison.” Immortal Bei Chen nods.

“So that’s how it is, will Immortal Court care about Human World?” Li Qingshan frowned.

“No, Immortal Court is an ancient organization, they have a long history, they don’t care about Human World experts, it must be someone who arbitrarily changed the ascension channel of Human World. “Heavenly Emperor said firmly, she seemed to know something about Immortal Court.

“In this case, I will reopen Immortal Gate for Human World, so I have no worries.” Li Qingshan smiled.

“If you can reopen the Immortal Gate, that is really a blessing to the Human World, and you are worthy of the title of Divinity of Human World!” Heavenly Emperor looked at Li Qingshan with admiration.

“However, do you know where the Immortal Gate is?” Immortal Bei Chen asked suspiciously: “After all, the Immortal Gate has disappeared for a long time.”

Li Qingshan shook his head: “I don’t. I know where it is.”

“But it doesn’t matter, I will definitely find it, I will find it when I go through the ends of the earth!” Li Qingshan said firmly.

At this time, Xia Wuji shouted: “Hey, come down to eat and drink.”

Several people laughed.

“Xia Wuji is ready, go down and taste his craft.” Immortal Bei Chen smiled.

“He also walked from Gates of Hell today. If it wasn’t for you guys in time, I would be in a closed state. If I couldn’t sense it, he would have died.” Li Qingshan said.

“As I said, I don’t have many friends, so I cherish each one. Xia Wuji is a very good friend.” Heavenly Emperor smiled and said.

“Yes, I don’t have any friends in Immortal World, didn’t expect to come to Human World and meet a few.” Immortal Bei Chen said with emotion.

Li Qingshan smiled mildly, went down first, and saw roasted elk, roasted rabbit, roasted whole lamb…

The aroma, attractive color, various seasonings, and sesame seeds, Li Qingshan looked at it in surprise and asked, “You even brought these things when you entered Dimensional Battlefield?”

Xia Wuji smiled complacently: “You all come from famous families, or you don’t eat Human World fireworks, right? These are naturally insensitive, but I am different. I was born in a rural area and my mother ate three meals a day, so I like to cook.”

Xia Wuji arranged for everyone to sit down, then cut the meat, Cut side said: “When I entered Dimensional Battlefield, I didn’t bring anything else, dry tobacco, old wine, seasoning, it was full.”

“You have a taste.” Xia Wuji looked at everyone , pass the meat over.

Li Qingshan grabbed a piece, put it in his mouth and chewed it, his eyes lit up, and he gave a thumbs up.

Everyone else gave a thumbs up and said it was delicious.

Xia Wuji was relieved, he ate it himself, and raised his glass: “Everyone, for this first glass of wine, I, Old Xia, to you, thank you very much, for removing me from the Gates of Hell. Pull it back.”

Xia Wuji drank it all in one gulp.

Li Qingshan They all drank and showed their pride.

The moon is bright, hanging high, like a white jade plate.

Li Qingshan They are constantly talking, happy laughter and cheerful voices, and they are very happy.

In the second half of the night, a few talents were enjoying themselves.

“Everyone, what’s your plan next?” Li Qingshan asked.

“I’m going to find a good place to live in seclusion for a period of time, cultivate my sentiments, cultivate my self-cultivation, and think about how to become an immortal in the Human World!” Heavenly Emperor said, and the night wind blew her hair. , Because of drinking, her little face was bright red, her eyes were slightly blurred, and she looked very cute.

Mature lady style, Heavenly Emperor of a strong woman, rarely showing the attitude of a child.

A group of people are all experts. They basically drink a thousand drinks without getting drunk, but they didn’t use True Qi to hangover tonight, so they were a little drunk.

It seems that Xia Wuji, who drank the most and was excited, is now drunk over there, hu hu sleeping.

“It’s just right, I also want to find a place to retreat.” Immortal Bei Chen said.

“Li Qingshan, what are you planning. Otherwise, let’s find a place to hide together, and we can help you find the Immortal Gate.” Immortal Bei Chen suggested.

Li Qingshan said indifferently: “Okay, I agree!”

“Find a place with birdsong and fragrant flowers, beautiful scenery, and settle down.” Li Qingshan added.

“I’ll look for the place, I’ll find it tomorrow.” Heavenly Emperor immediately patted his chest and said.

There was a wave.

Li Qingshan looked steadily forward, pointed to Five Ghosts and said: “Let them build the house and make a mess of the environment. This is their specialty.”

Five Ghosts: “…”

They would like to say that their specialty is killing people.

But in the face of Li Qingshan, they had no heart to resist, and immediately nodded when they heard the order.

It’s only half a day’s work, they’ve all done it for several decades, and they’re already used to it.

The matter was settled like this, including Xia Wuji, he didn’t know it, and still slept in hu hu.

After experiencing the stimulation of life and death, Xia Wuji hu hu fell asleep, everyone can understand.

He was also under a lot of psychological pressure, after all he was beaten so miserably.

“By the way, does anyone know a woman named Hua Xiangrong?” Li Qingshan asked at the end.

This is what he promised Hua Yun. After entering Dimensional Battlefield, he will try his best to find her younger sister.

For this reason, Hua Yun told the secrets of herself and her younger sister.

Immortal Bei Chen and Heavenly Emperor immediately shook their heads, expressing that they didn’t know and had never heard of it.

Li Qingshan was a little disappointed and thought they had some news.

At this time, Awei, who had been listening silently, raised his hand.

β€œSir, I know a man named Hua Xiangrong,” Awei said.

Li Qingshan looked at Awei in surprise: “You know?”

“After I came to Dimensional Battlefield, I was always running around, investigating all kinds of information, In the process of investigating the information, I heard about a woman named Hua Xiangrong.” Awei said truthfully.

“Tell me!” Li Qingshan asked, interested.

Everyone looked towards Awei.

“The information I collected, this woman named Hua Xiangrong, often haunts the seaside, every time she looks at the sea in a daze, but doesn’t do anything.”

“Someone Ask her, why do you keep looking at the sea?”

“She replied: There is something hidden in the ocean!”

“When everyone asked what it was, she kept her mouth shut and kept saying it. Look.”

“Over time, everyone thought she was mentally ill.”

“Until one day, the sea overturned and the waves were so surging that they would drown the nearby million li, that place The people in the Safety Sector watched worriedly, the whole sea was angry, and they let the Ascension Immortal stand up, but to no avail.”

“The collapse of that city will happen at the next time, and the people inside will I ran away and didn’t want to stay.”

“But at the last moment, Hua Xiangrong threw himself into the sea and turned into a splendid light, suppressing the huge waves and saving the city.”

“In order to thank her, the people there built a temple for her. As time went by, a hundred years later, these things were also regarded as legends.”

“It was my interest at the time. , I heard about it.”

Awei explained.

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