Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 93


Chapter 93 One Sword Opens Heavenly Gate (Subscribe)

Chapter 92 Waiting Twenty Years

Li Listening to what Awei said, Qingshan was quite interested and asked, “Where is the location?”

“Sir, I want to go and see, the students lead the way!” Awei said immediately.

“Okay, you’ll take me there tomorrow. It just so happens that Heavenly Emperor, you guys can find a good place to live in seclusion and build a house.” Li Qingshan agreed.

“No problem, then let’s disperse tonight, everyone has a good rest.” Heavenly Emperor agreed, walking to the bonfire, watching the roaring bonfire, and meditating cross-legged.

Immortal Bei Chen also went to the quiet cultivation aside.

Xiao Jiu rested on Li Qingshan’s thigh and fell asleep peacefully.

Small Fox yawned in Li Qingshan’s arms.

Li Qingshan looked at Xiao Jiu and Small Fox on his body, smiled warmly, pinned down Xiao Jiu’s falling hair, then closed his eyes for cultivation, and looked at the giant sword inside his body.

Before Qingqing disappeared, he gave this giant sword to Li Qingshan.

The giant sword has spirit, because it was given by Qingqing, it was put away by Li Qingshan very calmly.

But it didn’t communicate with Li Qingshan and got in touch.

The giant sword was very difficult to deal with before. Li Qingshan cut off the Divine Soul when he peeped at it, and was almost injured.

Now it is in Li Qingshan’s dantian, completely motionless, quietly suspended.

Li Qingshan used True Qi to control it, and it was also controlled by Li Qingshan, but it just didn’t have any sexual response.

Li Qingshan sighed then said: “You don’t want to interact with me, and I’m not reluctant, but we will be together for a long time in the future, I hope I can trust my life to you.”

Li Qingshan sighed then said: p>

Upon hearing Li Qingshan’s words, the giant sword shivered for a while, and it was a response.

Li Qingshan didn’t force it, smiled gently, and continued to use True Qi to sacrifice it.

This is not the first time he has experienced this kind of thing. He has long been used to it. When Small Fox was born, how much hatred for humans was he? How much do you reject Li Qingshan?

After all these years, now?

Li Qingshan looked down at Small Fox, who was curled up in his arms, sleeping peacefully, and smiled dotingly.

My eyes are on him now. After more than ten years of separation, I can’t bear to leave Li Qingshan’s arms.

The giant sword is cold now, and Li Qingshan is not worried at all.

If you have something in your own hands, are you afraid that you won’t be able to warm its heart?


Second day, everyone said goodbye, Li Qingshan and Awei said goodbye to everyone.

They are looking for Hua Xiangrong’s whereabouts.

Others go to pick a paradise, build a house, and live in seclusion together.

Small Fox was very reluctant to part with Li Qingshan.

But Li Qingshan told her softly that Xiao Jiu would be very lonely here alone, so let her accompany him and he will come back soon.

Small Fox pouted and was reluctantly embraced by Xiao Jiu.

Li Qingshan then left with Awei and headed to the seaside of Dimensional Battlefield.

Dimensional Battlefield is a real world. In the past, this was the place where the top experts of Human World communicated. Later, it was transformed into Dimensional Battlefield. After a long time, everyone forgot the original meaning of Dimensional Battlefield. .

So Dimensional Battlefield has the sea, and the sea is endless. Awei brought Li Qingshan and came here.

This is a remote area, even a bit more remote than the original Wei City.

Because it is close to the sea and surrounded by majestic mountains, which block the sea breeze, a Safety Sector is built in the mountains, few outsiders come here, and there is no World-level Transmission Formation here, so it looks very calm.

The killing atmosphere here is not as strong as the outside world. Those who can live in such a small place are people who don’t have much thoughts and just want to live a peaceful life.

So when Li Qingshan set foot here, the first impression was that in Dimensional Battlefield, there is such a quiet place, which is rare.

“Sir, the people here are very calm. When we came here before, we also felt that the place is quiet and peaceful, isolated from the world, and they don’t know the news from the outside world for a while.” Awei said.

The cultivation bases of the people here are generally Nirvana realm, Worldly Immortal realm, and occasionally a few ascension immortals. The population is not large, only more than a thousand people, living in a small town.

Li Qingshan and Awei strolled around the city, nothing special except for the peace and quiet.

β€œTake me to Hua Xiangrong’s temple,” Li Qingshan said.

More than a hundred years ago, Hua Xiangrong solved the huge wave and saved the city, so everyone built a temple to thank her.

Li Qingshan was still thinking before, they are all Worldly Immortal, ascension fairy realm, can they still be afraid of big waves?

But when he came here, he realized he was wrong.

The mountains here can block the sea breeze, one can imagine how tall they are, but at that time the huge waves could break through the obstacles of the mountains and drown the city.

That must be unimaginably big.

Worldly Immortal, the ascension can’t stand it.

That’s why these Peak experts thanked Hua Xiangrong for setting up a temple.

“No wonder the people from Dimensional Battlefield couldn’t catch Hua Xiangrong. They hid in such a remote place. Only if they can find a ghost.” Li Qingshan secretly said.

Hua Xiangrong is happier than Hua Yun, at least she escaped.

But after she disappeared into the sea, no one knows what happened.

Awei brought Li Qingshan to Hua Xiangrong’s temple.

The temple is not big, and it enshrines a clay statue of a woman.

This temple is already full of spider webs, some places are leaking, it has been in disrepair and has been abandoned.

The woman in the clay sculpture had a piece dropped from her body, and no one came to repair it. The desk had long been covered with dust, and there was no tribute.

Obviously, the temple of Hua Xiangrong was erected back then, but after the passage of time, everyone stopped coming, and the new children didn’t know, it was forgotten here.

Li Qingshan looked inside and found nothing. This temple is on the verge of collapse. It is a miracle that it did not collapse. In about a year, it will definitely collapse. At that time, Hua Everything Xiangrong did, over time, was all disappeared.

“Have you asked the person who witnessed that night more than a hundred years ago?” Li Qingshan asked Awei.

“I asked, but I don’t know much. Many people fled that night because they were afraid that the sea would destroy everything, and the huge waves would destroy all the mountain range. Only a few people saw it. I was one after Another came to visit. Those few people said that that night they saw Hua Xiangrong walk into the sea, and the sea extended a step to pick her up, like the queen of the sea, after she walked into the sea, the wind and waves calmed down and everything returned to normal, then Hua Xiangrong became so famous after a few people hyped it up,” Awei said.

“The sea stretches out a step?” Li Qingshan walked out of the temple, looking towards the sea in the distance, brows slightly wrinkle.

“Yes, that’s what those people said,” Awei said.

“You wait here, I’ll go under the sea to see.” Li Qingshan said to Awei, he planned to go to seabed to explore.

With the strength of Li Qingshan immortal, the huge Primordial Spirit Power, spread Heaven and Earth, you can quickly explore the seabed world.

Awei was immediately nodded and very obedient.

Li Qingshan flew directly into the sea, and the energy in his body wrapped himself, forming a protective shield, and flew in the seabed world.

His Divine Consciousness spread, covering the seabed for 30,000 miles, probing every inch to find Hua Xiangrong’s trail.

The depths of the sea are dark and silent, and the pressure is huge. Most people can’t come here at all, but Li Qingshan doesn’t care. He has seen many pictures that he has never seen before.

Seabed 30,000 miles, Li Qingshan moved continuously, his Divine Soul searched up and down, especially the big cracks in the deep sea, canyons, and some seabed lava, and bottomless black holes.

In the world outside, it is boiling and noisy!

In the seabed world, silent horror, dark!

Li Qingshan saw that there are no creatures in the deep sea, there are only mayflies, microorganisms, and various seabed volcanoes, mountain ranges, and rocks.

Above Li Qingshan’s head, there are often huge whales swimming past, and some sea monsters in the deep sea, they will not go deep into the sea and feel the pressure of terrifying.

Li Qingshan continued to look for it. He was very persistent. Since it is said that Hua Xiangrong entered the sea, if it is true, there will definitely be some clues left.

He’s very fast, and the seabed is fast, and the seabed has no sea monster that can stop him, which is very convenient for Li Qingshan.

During the search process, Li Qingshan also found some sunken ships, but they were all small and he was not interested.

So, one day has passed.

The sea is as wide as the stars. Li Qingshan has searched for a long time, but he has not finished his exploration yet. In the process, he found a lot of treasures.

There’s shipwrecks, there’s sea monster inheritance, and some treasure troves, all kinds.

Li Qingshan didn’t pay attention to these. He kept searching, and his heart gradually sank.

The sea is big, but it is boundless. Li Qingshan galloped at an immortal speed. Even if it took some time to search, he could finish the search after a day.

A long time passed and there was no clue at all, Li Qingshan couldn’t help but start to worry.

Suddenly, a sunken ship caught Li Qingshan’s attention.

This wreck is not an ordinary ship, but a large magical treasure ship, very gorgeous, lying deep in the seabed.

Li Qingshan also saw a lot of boats in front of him, but he was not interested, so he left the boat alone and told Li Qingshan to stop and watch it seriously.

This ship is huge, it spans a huge canyon, the metal color is washed away in the seabed for a long time, never fade, quiet, like a sleeping beauty.

“This shipwreck is well preserved and has not been eroded by time. It seems to be of high rank.” Li Qingshan approached and muttered to himself.

He flew to the sunken ship and saw why the huge ship sank.

The center keel was directly cut off by someone, and this big ship would sink.

Li Qingshan carefully identified and determined that the keel was cut off by a sharp weapon such as a sword.

“This boat is not of Mortal Grade. Looking at the workmanship inside and the Formation of carvings, it looks very unusual. The material of this keel is not from Human World.” Li Qingshan pondered.

This big ship is an Immortal Artifact!

Li Qingshan is very sure, the minimum is also Immortal Artifact.

This is why, for a long time, the big ship is still lifelike and not corroded.

“Why is it just such a big Immortal Artifact sinking in the depths of the seabed?” Li Qingshan was puzzled.

He watched carefully in the big boat, making sure that there was no one in the big boat and there was no treasure.

“This ship was discovered, and the treasure inside was taken away!” Li Qingshan affirmed.

In the Immortal Artifact ship, Li Qingshan didn’t find any treasure, which is very unusual.

And, based on some rummaged books, Li Qingshan was sure that someone came before him.

Li Qingshan picked up a book that had fallen on the ground and opened it gently. In the sea, the text on the book was still lifelike.

The paper used for this book is also unusual.

The book records the development history of a family. Each generation is recorded, and some major events are also recorded.

“This is similar to a genealogy. It is a representative of a family inheritance.” Li Qingshan said in surprise.

He saw from this book that this family is from Immortal World and is in the transportation industry. This Immortal Artifact ship is theirs. It can hold countless treasures. Philip.

This family is running around in Immortal World, and the people on board are all part of the family, no outsiders.

β€œCo-authoring is a family business!” Li Qingshan chuckled.

Looking to the end of the book, a line of words appeared in front of Li Qingshan’s eyes.

[You watch carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and perceive World In Book! ]

“This book even has a World In Book!” Li Qingshan was surprised, but then overjoyed, this was the most direct way for him to understand the whole sequence of events of this ship.

He immediately enters this World In Book.

The world shook like a dream, the two worlds overlapped, and Li Qingshan saw the Immortal World.

Yes, Immortal World! & lt;/p>

Immortal Qi floats up and down, grandiose, Heaven and Earth Grand Dao are very rich, which makes Li Qingshan envious.

It is painful to see but not to absorb.

He could only keep his eyes on the big boat.

This time, this transportation family took a big order, made half the world’s cargo, and filled the big ship with huge space.

They rejoiced and started shipping.

During this process, the captain accidentally got a cyan bead. After research, they thought it was treasure, so they stayed and planned to sell it at the destination.

However, during the subsequent flight, the cyan beads suddenly trembled, bursting with powerful energy, imprisoning everyone on board, and then manipulating the spaceship, moving towards Human World and flying directly.

Li Qingshan kept staring at the bead, and only then did he understand that this is how the big ship came to Human World.

Immortal-Mortal Barrier is not a real Peak expert and cannot be beaten.

The beads were easily pierced, and the spaceship quietly came to Human World.

Then the people on the boat can move, all kinds of busy, research, distress, and find a way back.

They knew there was a fairy road in Dimensional Battlefield, so they moved towards the fairy road and flew over.

On the way, the captain just wrote these in the genealogy, and the next second, far above the sky, silently dropped a sword qi, cutting the keel of this big ship into two.

sword qi is silent and terrifying, cutting open the keel of an Immortal Artifact ship like cutting tofu.

No, it’s even easier than cutting tofu.

Li Qingshan suck in a breath of cold air, this must be an Immortal World Peak expert.

The immortal cut off the keel of the big ship, and the big ship fell directly into the sea, and all the people on board died without exception.

A big hand appeared, looking around on the big boat, trying to find the cyan bead.

But in the end, he got nothing and left.

But Li Qingshan could see clearly that the cyan bead concealed all the breath, fell into the sea, and did not appear at all.

The big hand could not be found and left, Immortal Artifact magical treasure fell into the sea, directly causing unprecedented waves.


It’s like the sea is angry, roaring Heaven and Earth, the huge waves are not enough to describe, Li Qingshan has seen such terrifying waves for the first time in his life.

I am afraid that even the Ascension Immortals will not dare to resist this big wave.

After all, it was smashed by a terrifying Immortal Artifact, and the formidable power can be imagined.

“Wait… the huge waves, even the ascension immortals can’t resist, isn’t this what Hua Xiangrong encountered that time?” Li Qingshan suddenly remembered that this incident was related to Hua Xiangrong .

As expected, following Li Qingshan’s thoughts, the picture continued to change. The giant ship that fell into the sea shook violently and pushed the cyan bead to the shore.

Cyan beads drift with the flow and are met by a woman.

After the woman picked up the cyan beads, the beads melted directly into her body.

The next second, the woman has the ability to calm the sea.

She entered the sea alone, and the sea actually piled up stairs and let the woman walk in. The huge waves caused by the falling of the big ship were also calmed down.

Li Qingshan laughed bitterly when he saw this scene. He searched for a long time in the depths of the sea, and it turned out that it was like this.

The scene of the woman entering the sea alone was seen by several people. They were shocked and hyped it up, and later generations thanked them for building a temple.

All of this corresponds to it.

The woman is Hua Xiangrong, she got the beads that escaped from Immortal World by chance, and then solved the huge wave.

Then she must come to this giant ship and carefully scrape it, that vast world-like treasure must have been taken away by Hua Xiangrong.

Li Qingshan continued.

As expected, everything was right.

Hua Xiangrong came to the giant ship, took the treasure, and then flew to Immortal World with the help of cyan beads. Since then, there is no such person in Dimensional Battlefield.


Li Qingshan woke up from World In Book and looked at the broken ship. He didn’t stop at all and flew out without looking back.

Hua Xiangrong left Dimensional Battlefield, she entered Immortal World with the help of cyan beads, Li Qingshan impossible to find her.

There is no need to waste time.

Li Qingshan used the Kunpeng Treasure Art, coupled with the rapid Grand Dao, and returned directly to the shore.

Awei, who had been waiting on the shore for a long time, saw Li Qingshan come back, and immediately asked: “Sir, have you found someone?”

Li Qingshan shook his head: “I can’t find it, we Go back, I’ll have a good retreat.”

Awei didn’t dare to ask why, so he had to contact Xiao Jiu and the others to determine the location, and then go back.

But halfway through, Li Qingshan suddenly remembered that no matter what happened, he would have to talk to Hua Yun elder sister.

“You go back first, I’ll go to Human World once to deal with some things.” Li Qingshan said to Awei.

Awei immediately agreed and watched Li Qingshan leave before going to Xiao Jiu himself.

Li Qingshan goes directly to Wei City, outside Wei City, there is a World Transmission Formation that can go back to Human World.

Li Qingshan hasn’t gone back for more than ten years. He doesn’t have many memories of Human World. If it weren’t for Hua Yun and the need to reinforce the Formation, Li Qingshan would go to retreat now.

Although he broke through the Immortal Realm world, he did not replace the Human World Dao he had comprehended with Divine Immortal Dao. Li Qingshan needs to improve, there are still many places, and he needs a lot of time.

But Hua Yun had already agreed, and now that he found the news about Hua Xiangrong, Li Qingshan felt that it was necessary to tell Hua Yun.

After all, be honest.

He definitely didn’t want to meet Hua Yun.

Coming to Wei City, Li Qingshan did not alarm anyone, and went directly to the World-level Transmission Formation.

He directly reversed the World-level Transmission Formation and returned to the Human World without anyone else’s operation.

Li Qingshan himself is an Array Grandmaster, and before max-level comprehension he also comprehended the fur of World-level Transmission Formation. He has a good understanding of Transmission Formation. It is easy to reverse the Formation and return to Human World.

Returning to Human World from Dimensional Battlefield, Li Qingshan appeared in Ice Plain, looking at the ice-cold land for thousands of miles, he didn’t stop at all, he left Ice Plain quickly and went to the ascension gate.

The current ascension gate has a new Headmaster, a new mountain gate, and a new Disciple. Everything has become very unfamiliar, and it is completely different from what Li Qingshan knew.

He didn’t alert anyone and came to the Array Space under the central lake.

Here Li Qingshan opened the Array Space and went straight in.

In the Array Space, everything is solid and there is no problem at all. Li Qingshan looked at it carefully. With his current realm and the previous Formation, there are still many shortcomings.

But not in a hurry to revise, Li Qingshan came to the black hole, where he whispered: “Good elder sister!”

There was no response from the black hole.

Li Qingshan is not disappointed, after all, after more than ten years away, others will not stay in one place forever.

“Good elder sister!” Li Qingshan continued to shout.

The black hole still didn’t respond.

Li Qingshan was not discouraged and continued to shout.

This time, an impatient and lazy voice came, a sultry voice, immersed in my heart, and made Li Qingshan’s ears comfortable.

A good sound will make people’s ears comfortable, so that the soul is comfortable and the whole body is relaxed.

Hua Yun’s voice, that’s it.

Li Qingshan has never heard a woman’s voice reach Hua Yun’s level.

“younger brother, I haven’t seen you for more than ten years. You have disturbed the elder sister’s beauty sleep since then. You have to compensate the elder sister.” Hua Yun said lazily, as if she really woke up, in a sleeping beauty state.

Li Qingshan smiled lightly and said, “Good elder sister, I haven’t seen you for more than ten years. I thought you were executed by the Boiling Water Prison.”

“pei pei pei. “Hua Yun angrily said: “little brother, you hope the elder sister will be well. The elder sister is so peerless grace and elegance. If you are executed, it will definitely be a loss to the younger brother.”

Li Qingshan watched Hua Yun, dare not continue flirting with her, this woman is not something he can control as a virgin.

“Elder sister, what you told me back then is clear.” Li Qingshan said the business directly.

“Really?” Hua Yun suddenly became excited, and the happiness in her voice seemed to overflow, turning into a lark surrounding Li Qingshan.

“Really!” Li Qingshan nodded.

“How is my younger sister doing now?” Hua Yun asked hesitantly, with nervousness in her voice.

She was afraid to hear some bad news.

Li Qingshan hands behind ones back, standing in front of the black hole, and said: “I didn’t see Hua Xiangrong!”

Hua Yun asked suspiciously: “Then what did you find? ?”

Li Qingshan calmly told Hua Yun everything he knew, there was nothing to hide, there was no need for him to deceive Hua Yun.

Hua Yun listened and felt incredible, everything seemed to be fake.

However, Li Qingshan didn’t have to make up such outrageous things to deceive her.

“Are you telling the truth?” Hua Yun asked suspiciously when she heard the end.

She couldn’t tell if it was real or fake.

If it’s fake, Li Qingshan doesn’t need to lie to her.

If it’s true, that’s too lucky, right?

“The elder sister and I have never met. How can I deceive the elder sister?” Li Qingshan said softly.

Hua Yun believed it now, and said happily: “Good younger brother, elder sister just asked, now I believe it, thank you for the information.”

Li Qingshan shook his head and asked: “elder sister, when you were in Dimensional Battlefield, why did you violate the rules of Dimensional Battlefield and were detained in Boiling Water Prison?”

Hua Yun sighed: “Young We are always very confident, proud of one’s success, horseshoe disease, do not believe in the separation of Human World, and think that we can do everything.”

“We don’t want to go through the fairy road of Dimensional Battlefield, we want Human World became immortal, and some of us almost did it.”

“Unfortunately, it fell short in the end. Everyone was chased and fled in a panic. Younger sister and I were separated from this, and it has been hundreds of years.”

“Later I found out that at some inadvertent time, I met many people for the last time, and now I look back and look down on the past, only to realize how wrong I was back then.”

“I lost my younger sister.”

Hua Yun spoke with deep self-blame, her voice became weaker, like a wounded sparrow, drenched again Rain, very weak, pitiful, helpless.

Li Qingshan said gently: “elder sister, you are actually doing the right thing, Human World is right!”

Hua Yun smiled bitterly, not wanting to speak.

“elder sister, did you know? Immortal Ascension Road has been closed by me.” Li Qingshan said seriously.

Hua Yun was shocked: “What did you say?”

Li Qingshan smiled, very happy, and said, “I just told you about your younger sister, but now I don’t know about the elder sister. Would you like to listen to the younger brother?”

“You said, the elder sister is listening.” Hua Yun said anxiously, urging Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan sat down in front of the black hole, leaning against the black hole, his face was set off by the usual Formation texture of lava, peerless grace and elegance young official, but unfortunately Hua Yun couldn’t see it.

She was listening silently, Li Qingshan’s story was even more outrageous than Hua Xiangrong.

Hua Yun didn’t think it was fake this time. She knew Li Qingshan’s personality and would not make up such a lie to deceive her.

“Younger brother, do you think you are the real immortal now?” Hua Yun’s voice trembled slightly, and his heart was very shocked. Li Qingshan>” and said: “Human World becomes immortal!”

“Younger brother, do you really want to open the portal gate? Hua Yun took a deep breath and suppressed his shock. , asked.

“Elder sister, I’m definitely going to open the Immortal Gate!” Li Qingshan said firmly.

“The younger brother, what are your plans next?” Hua Yun asked.

“Let the elder sister out!” Li Qingshan said softly. Ever since she met Hua Yun, she has been begging Li Qingshan to let her out, but Li Qingshan has never agreed, because her scruples will affect Human. World .

But now he doesn’t worry anymore, he is invincible in the Human World and can suppress all enemies, so he can let Hua Yun out.

Hua Yun did not speak.

The black hole was silent.

Li Qingshan said with a smile: “You are so happy?”

He really wanted to see what the elder sister with such a nice voice looks like.

“Younger brother, it’s not suitable for you to let me out now.” Hua Yun said bitterly after a while.

“What’s the matter?” Li Qingshan asked calmly, without any mood swings, he knew that what Hua Yun said must have happened.

“The Boiling Water Prison is under strict investigation recently. If you let me out, it will definitely alert the people above. You have made such a big incident in Human World, and you have to open Heavenly Gate with your sword. I can’t delay you. “Hua Yun faintly said.

Li Qingshan raised his eyebrows: “elder sister, do you want to come up with it?”

“Forget it, for the sake of calling me elder sister for so many years, elder sister is not harmful. You, don’t let me go out, I only have a thousand years to serve, hundreds of years have passed, and it will be over after a while.” Hua Yun rejected Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan took a deep breath and said: “elder sister, can you wait for me for twenty years?”

Hua Yun said in surprise: “What do you want to do?”


“Twenty years later, I will be in Immortal World, picking up the elder sister from Boiling Water Prison!” Li Qingshan said firmly.

“Younger brother, no need to…” Hua Yun’s voice was shaking, her heart was beating thumpingly, and at this moment, she was actually touched by a little boy, and her voice became sore.

Hua Yun knows that Li Qingshan is not someone who is aimless.

“elder sister, I will be very busy next time, I want to open Heavenly Gate with my sword, and I have to enter Immortal World, and work hard for cultivation!”

“I don’t have time or opportunity to come over again to accompany me. The elder sister has spoken.”

“When the elder sister is alone, she thinks of me. I will definitely go in twenty years.”

Li Qingshan’s tone was firm. road.

“Besides, it is Li Qingshan’s luck to know the elder sister. This luck is given by the elder sister. I will definitely keep my promise.” Li Qingshan said in a gentle voice, with a faint smile on his face, the fiery red lava texture against him.

The boy blushed!

Hua Yun was confused.

I didn’t know what to say for a while, and my mind hadn’t made up my mind, but my mouth couldn’t wait: “elder sister is waiting for you!”

As soon as these words came out, Hua Yun’s mind A blank, the whole person is stupid.

Is she possessed?

Why did she say this, for the first time in her life, she said she would wait for a man.

Li Qingshan raised his head and smiled happily upon hearing this. He just smiled without saying a word.

His smile made Hua Yun annoyed and said, “What are you grinning for?”

Li Qingshan said happily: “I just want to laugh, elder sister doesn’t want to laugh?”

Hua Yun sneered: “I don’t want to laugh.”

But as soon as the words landed, Hua Yun let out a chuckle, her voice was clear, big beads and small beads falling out of jade The plate splashed into Li Qingshan’s heart.

“Okay, okay, don’t laugh anymore, hurry up and reinforce this all around, if you don’t come again, you can’t leave a gap.” Hua Yun urged Li in embarrassment and sweetness Qingshan.

“As you bid!” Li Qingshan got up and quickly reinforced the Formation. With his current immortal-level strength, the local prisoner of Boiling Water Prison, don’t even think about going out from here.

When the reinforcement was completed, Li Qingshan stood in front of the black hole and said, “elder sister, I’m leaving, I’ll be in retreat for a while, and then I’ll go to Immortal World to improve myself. Twenty years later, Let’s see you again.”

“Younger brother, be careful, don’t let the elder sister wait in vain.” Hua Yun couldn’t help saying when parting.

Li Qingshan nods, turned around and left, breaking his heart that he wanted to stay.

He now found another reason for himself to work hard.

In the past, Li Qingshan only wanted to go to the last peak to see the world.

Now, there is an elder sister.

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Much needed.

(End of this chapter)

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