Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 94


Chapter 94 Heavenly Gate 2 with a sword (please subscribe)

Reinforce the Formation and leave with a promise, Li Qingshan feels himself With more motivation, he has to work hard.

He didn’t stop at Human World, but went straight through World-level Transmission Formation and returned to Dimensional Battlefield.

The entire Dimensional Battlefield has started a new development. Without immortal pressing on it, without immortal’s guarantee, the points collapsed overnight. People don’t have to snatch and kill for points. Yes, the cultivation world is hard currency.

Such as Lingshi, spiritual medicine, priceless and unique rare treasure, etc.

These changes have allowed Dimensional Battlefield to start a new development, some people establish the sect, some people establish the Aristocratic Family, some people start a country, some people become the new City Lord…

The entire Dimensional Battlefield is entering a period of chaos, and it’s time for a turf.

The new pattern will not emerge until the chaotic period is over.

But these have nothing to do with Li Qingshan.

After he came back from Human World, he went straight to the place where Xiao Jiu and their seclusion lived.

Li Qingshan doesn’t want to participate in the Human World. He just wants to silently cultivate, improve his strength, and then open the Heavenly Gate and enter the Immortal World.

After confirming the location with Awei, Li Qingshan came immediately and found that Xiao Jiu and Heavenly Emperor were well chosen.

Between the two mountains, there is a field full of flowers and everything. Walking along the flowers, you will see a ten-mile peach forest.

The ten-mile peach forest is full of pink and fragrant flowers. When Li Qingshan came, the peach blossoms were flying all over the sky, and it was very beautiful.

“big brother, how is this place, I chose a good one.” Xiao Jiu happily asked for credit.

Small Fox immediately threw himself into Li Qingshan’s arms and looked at him with a smile.

Heavenly Emperor and Immortal Bei Chen and Xia Wuji all came over.

“Brother, your five subordinates are really capable. They have repaired everything in this village, even the roads, filled with stones, very beautiful, how can they be so skilled? “Xia Wuji said with admiration.

Li Qingshan looked at Five Ghosts who looked a little embarrassed, smiled lightly, and said, “Although they look fierce, their hearts are still beautiful, and they are fine with some small things.”

Five Ghosts looked at Li Qingshan and was a little moved. This seemed to be the first time Li Qingshan praised them.

It’s not easy, I finally got the owner’s approval.

How could Five Ghosts not get excited.

“Brother Qingshan, you went looking for someone, did you find it?” Immortal Bei Chen asked.

“No, they have been disappeared, and I am also entrusted by others to be loyal, and there is nothing I can do if I can’t find it.” Li Qingshan shook his head.

“Are you still going out after that?” Heavenly Emperor Pass asked heartily.

“If you don’t go out, in this paradise, I will start to retreat, adjust my state, and improve myself. Everyone should work hard for cultivation. It’s better to become an immortal in the Human World, rather than enter the Immortal World and become an immortal. Immortal.” Li Qingshan said.

“I’m about to break through!” Immortal Bei Chen said cheerfully.

“I’m about to break through too.” Heavenly Emperor followed closely from behind.

Xia Wuji looked at Immortal Bei Chen and Heaven and Earth like this, without the slightest hesitation: “I’m going to break through too.”


Everyone looked at him with strange eyes.

“You were beaten until bloody nose and swollen face, now you are going to break through Immortal Realm?” Xiao Jiu wrinkled his nose and said.

“Who said I want to break through Immortal Realm, I can’t break through Heaven Canopy Lord realm.” Xia Wuji folded his arms and said sternly: “Why, breakthrough immortal is breakthrough, breakthrough Heaven Canopy Lord is just Isn’t it a breakthrough?”

Xia Wuji, who was beaten badly, the bloodline concentration did not decrease but increased, and once again felt the breath of breakthrough.

Not surprisingly, he will soon be the Heaven Canopy Lord realm.

Of course, it is incomparable with Heavenly Emperor and Immortal Bei Chen, both of whom want to break through the Immortal Realm world and become immortals in this world.

Li Qingshan said with a smile: “It’s all right, Xia Wuji, I’ll give you sparring to train your bloodline. I found that after you were beaten, the bloodline concentration increased rapidly. Every day from now on, we’ll take turns beating you. Take a bite, beat to death, and see if your bloodline evolution is faster.”

Xia Wu complexion changed, looked at Li Qingshan in disbelief, and trembled: “In your warm mouth, How can you say such cold words?”

Immortal Bei Chen looked thoughtful and said, “I think Qingshan is right, after you were beaten, the improvement was obvious.”

The Heavenly Emperor said nothing, moved his delicate fist, and said to Xia Wuji gently with a smile: “Don’t worry, when I beat you, I will be very gentle.”

Xia Wuji The whole person is stupid.

Li Qingshan laughed heartily, went straight into Shili Peach Blossom, and saw one after another, independent houses, as well as cleaned grounds, fences, babbling brooks, and houses with flowing water.

He is satisfied with the nodded, Five Ghosts aesthetic, which has always followed Li Qingshan, which is very much in line with the expectations of Li Qingshan’s secluded place.

“We have all chosen, and there are a few left, you choose one.” Xiao Jiu said.

Li Qingshan indifferently stretched out his hand and said, “That’s all I have, I’m going to retreat next, you guys play, don’t disturb me if you have nothing to do.”

Li Qingshan put the Small Fox handed it to Xiao Jiu, he couldn’t take her with him when he was in retreat.

Small Fox also knew that Li Qingshan’s retreat was very important, so he followed Xiao Jiu obediently.

“Brother, how long have you been in retreat this time?” Xia Wuji walked in and asked.

“I don’t know, but I’ll remember to train you, start with me, take turns.” Li Qingshan smiled slightly at Xia Wuji, then flicked his finger.


A sword qi burst out, turned into thousands of pear flowers, and smashed down in an instant, the terrifying energy directly impacted Xia Wuji, making him gush out blood and rush out After entering the village, he crashed into a mountain wall.

The huge impact caused the entire mountain wall to crack. Xia Wuji fell with a bleak breath, and said incredulously: “Are you really playing?”

Li Qingshan’s fingers snapped. waved, severely wounding him.

Xia Wuji felt that his bloodline was burning, trying his best to repair his injury.

This made him complexion stiffened, his face changed wildly, and he said in shock: “Am I going to be beaten to become stronger in the future?”

Li Qingshan looked at him and said: “Of course it is true. , if you don’t work hard, you will never catch up with us.”

Li Qingshan looked towards Heavenly Emperor again, saying: “Tomorrow is your turn, torture yourself, as long as you don’t die, everything else is fine. .”

“The day after tomorrow it will be me.” Immortal Bei Chen raised his eyebrows, his hands itching.

“I will do my best.” The Heavenly Emperor smiled gracefully. To Xia Wuji in the distance, this was the devil’s smile.

Li Qingshan ignored these and entered the wood house. After bathing, he lit the incense, and the aroma lingered in the room.

These are arranged by Five Ghosts, who have followed Li Qingshan for several decades, and they know exactly what Li Qingshan likes.

Li Qingshan was writing in front of the desk, and after writing a few quiet words in a row, he calmed down and carefully examined himself.

“I’m excited for spring.”

Li Qingshan knows that he is not the same as before.

At the end of the central battlefield, Qingqing girl kissed Li Qingshan abruptly. From that moment on, he was excited.

But the Qingqing girl has passed away, and Li Qingshan didn’t plan to suppress her, so she told Hua Yun to wait for him for 20 years this remark.

This is to give myself a motivation, to give Hua Yun a hope, and also to let myself cut off all thoughts in the past 20 years, because there is a promise, I can’t have a new heart.

In this way, he can focus all his energy on the matter of twenty years.

“The feeling of love between men and women is a basic human emotion. It cannot be suppressed. If suppressed too deeply, it will have the opposite effect. Just let it go.” Li Qingshan said softly.

With a promise to calm down the restless heart, Li Qingshan needs to work hard to improve himself and fulfill his promise.

He calmed himself down and started cultivation.

The first step is to convert Grand Dao.

In Human World, what everyone comprehends is Human World Dao, but what immortal comprehends is Divine Immortal Dao.

Human World Dao and Divine Immortal Dao are both Grand Dao in essence, the only difference is that there are a lot of proven.

Now that Li Qingshan has become a human world immortal, all he needs to do is to elevate the Human World Dao he comprehends to Divine Immortal Dao.

Now Li Qingshan retreats for this.

By replacing Human World Dao with Divine Immortal Dao, Li Qingshan’s strength will be improved by a big step.

In the wood house, the undisturbed Li Qingshan started the conversion process.

He has made plans for a long time. This conversion is not a simple matter. It takes a lot of time to convert one by one.

But when Li Qingshan converted his first Human World Dao, a line of words appeared in front of him.

[You earnestly convert, stimulate max-level comprehension, Extreme Speed Grand Dao is promoted to Divine Immortal Dao. ]

Li Qingshan was stunned, then overjoyed: “max-level comprehension surprised me again.”

In this way, he will save a lot of time to do other things thing.

Li Qingshan, who quickly converted one, suppressed his joy and continued to convert.

His max-level comprehension keeps firing.

【You convert seriously, stimulate max-level comprehension, Fast Sword Dao is promoted to Divine Immortal Dao. 】

【You comprehend seriously, stimulate max-level comprehension, Slow Sword Dao is promoted to Divine Immortal Dao. 】

【You earnestly comprehend, stimulate max-level comprehension, Quick Kill Sword Dao is promoted to Divine Immortal Dao! ]


These tips kept appearing in front of Li Qingshan’s eyes. He was surrounded by Divine Immortal Dao, and his strength improved rapidly.

In the ten-mile peach forest, in the past few days, except for Xia Wuji’s voice, everyone else is working hard on cultivation.

Xia Wuji was seriously injured by Li Qingshan yesterday. Fighter Bloodline helped him repair it after a night of struggle. The second Tian Yi woke up early in the morning when he saw the Heavenly Emperor walking towards him. .

The Heavenly Emperor was swaying, graceful and graceful, walking on a catwalk, making Xia Wuji complexion changed, and hurriedly said: “Don’t, you’re a girl, don’t be so violent, don’t listen to Li Qingshan, I Not a masochist.”

Heavenly Emperor smiled charmingly, beautiful and moving, then stretched out his hand lightly, with a bang, a hundred thousand violent forces rushed out, directly knocking Xia Wuji into the sky, fell hard.

Xia Wuji looked unlovable, watching the back of Heavenly Emperor leaving, shedding tears: “The most poisonous woman’s heart.”

Small Fox and Xiao Jiu watched Xia Wuji shook her head with a miserable look.

On the third day, it was Immortal Bei Chen’s turn, without the slightest hesitation, he shot straight and beat Xia Wuji to half death.

These three days, Xia Wuji was very miserable.

But everyone can see that after he fell asleep, his injuries completely recovered.

The recovery ability of Fighter Bloodline has been improved to a higher level. Compared with before, the current Xia Wuji is the real evildoer. He can recover quickly from any injury.

Xia Wuji woke up on the fourth morning, startled, and said in surprise, “I actually broke through?”

He found that he was no longer Longevity Embryo realm, but entered the Heaven Canopy Lord.

“I feel a breakthrough, but it should only be possible after a few months of penance.” Xia Wuji touched her body in disbelief.

The next second, he raised his head, and infinite incredible rays of light burst into his eyes.

He hurried to Li Qingshan’s wood house and shouted: “Good brother, you keep hitting me.”

Inside the house, Li Qingshan continued to comprehend Divine Immortal Dao, yes Xia Wuji ignored it, but inadvertently a ray of energy escaped, and with a bang, Xia Wuji collapsed and flew out.

Xia Wuji let out a scream, and then came back with her body wounded. Not only did she not get angry, but when she saw Heavenly Emperor and Immortal Bei Chen, she laughed and said: “You hit me now, that’s for me to increase.

Strength, I have already broken through the Heaven Canopy Lord realm, at this speed, your time to break through immortal is probably not as fast as me, when the time comes, see how I laugh at you two.”

Heavenly Emperor and Immortal Bei Chen stared blankly, witnessing Xia Wuji who went back to heal after showing off.

They don’t want to be overtaken by Xia Wuji.

According to the speed at which Xia Wuji was beaten and became stronger, he may really be the latecomer.

Heavenly Emperor and Immortal Bei Chen didn’t want to be left behind, they felt pressure and crazy cultivation.

In this way, Xiao Jiu and Small Fox everyday all can see a strange scene.

Xia Wuji from the very beginning was reluctant, and now she took the initiative to find Immortal Bei Chen and Heavenly Emperor, and let them beat her.

The elated of Immortal Bei Chen and Heavenly Emperor from the very beginning, until now reluctantly, closed the door immediately after the fight and started cultivation.

Between a few people, the unfathomable mystery rolled up like this.

Xiao Jiu and Small Fox looked at each other in blank dismay in this scene, I don’t know why.

“Is that why they got stronger? All the time?” Xiao Jiu muttered.

“Let’s work hard, otherwise, when the big brother ascends to Immortal World, we can only stay in Dimensional Battlefield, with an interval of hundreds of years.” Xiao Jiu said to Small Fox.

Small Fox felt a sense of crisis, she didn’t want to be separated from Li Qingshan for hundreds of years.

For a time, even Xiao Jiu and Small Fox, who like to play the most, worked hard, and the whole atmosphere changed.

Awei and Five Ghosts were forced to get involved. They had been silently cultivating, but after seeing everyone working so hard, they were still following the steps, so they were naturally involved and could not extricate themselves.

Ten miles of peach blossoms swayed to the ground, pink petals turned into spring mud, Li Qingshan didn’t know the introverted atmosphere outside, he was silently upgrading the Dao he realized to Divine Immortal Dao.

In a few days, these Human World Dao have become Divine Immortal Dao, Li Qingshan’s progress is very obvious.

He was comprehending Grand Dao in the past few days except for crossing Xia Wuji once every three days.

So when Human World Dao became Divine Immortal Dao, Li Qingshan felt more calm. He pushed open the door and walked out. What he saw was a splendid peach blossom, but he didn’t see a single person.

“Did you work so hard?” Li Qingshan said softly, looking towards other wood houses.

Every wood house is working hard on cultivation, including Xia Wuji.

In the past few days, Xia Wuji seems to be addicted. Every time he asks for a heavier hand, he can no longer be beaten to death.

The masochistic tendency is getting more and more serious, and Li Qingshan regrets letting him cultivate like this.

The latecomers exerted their strength, and he caught up with the progress of Heavenly Emperor and Immortal Bei Chen, standing on the same starting line.

This change, even the stone gate left by Kunlun Immortal is stunned. I have never heard of such a cultivation.

Xia Wuji broke with tradition and blazed an unprecedented path.

If his ancestors knew that Xia Wuji took the Fighter Bloodline and did such a thing, they would definitely beat him up.

Li Qingshan walked into the ten-mile peach blossom forest, sat on a chair, thought silently, and then shouted.

“Immortal Bei Chen, come out and talk.”

Immortal Bei Chen in retreat opened his eyes, heard Li Qingshan’s call, pushed out the door, and came to Taolin inside.

“Qingshan, have you turned Human World Dao into Divine Immortal Dao?” Immortal Bei Chen looked at Li Qingshan’s more ethereal temperament and asked in shock. Li Qingshan>less, said: “I have successfully converted.”

“It’s only been a few days…” Iortal Bei Chen was bitter, speech, I really felt it, The enormous pressure of being with a monster.

Fortunately, his mentality is very good, stable in time, not twisted, not jealous, curiously asked: “Then why did you call me out?”

“I want to know , How is the Immortal Realm world divided?” Li Qingshan asked.

After he entered the Immortal Realm world, he didn’t understand the realm division very well. Just when Immortal Bei Chen was here, Li Qingshan asked.

β€œMy awakening memory tells me that the Immortal Realm world is at first divided by Sky, Earth, and Human.” Immortal Bei Chen said.

β€œSky, Earth, and Human?” Li Qingshan raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, Human Immortal, Earth Immortal, Heavenly Immortal!” Immortal Bei Chen said.

β€œHuman Immortal is the realm you are in now. This realm means that you entered the Immortal Realm world from a human cultivator. You are invincible in the Human World, but in the Immortal World, it is very common.”

“Earth Immortal, is comprehended at least ten Grand Dao, and after mastering these Grand Dao proficiently, and then integrating, can break through and enter Heavenly Immortal.”

“Heavenly Immortal Realm, you can feel Heart of Heaven and Earth, Insights Heaven and Earth will, use Heaven and Earth will plus Divine Immortal Dao you comprehend, to kill the enemy, very powerful.”

Immortal Bei Chen eloquently said , tell what he knows.

Li Qingshan’s face was calm, and he muttered: “Human Immortal, Earth Immortal, Heavenly Immortal…”

“Where are the three realms?” Li Qingshan asked.

“I don’t know yet, my cultivation base is not so much awakened, but I know that in Immortal World, there are 60 or 70 adults in these three realms, this is Immortal World’s The basic normal.” Immortal Bei Chen said.

Li Qingshan>p

nominated: “In any world, in any society, there must be the most people at the bottom. It is difficult for Peak to exist, and it is even more difficult to squeeze in.”


“You have now converted Human World Dao into Divine Immortal Dao, what do you want to do next?” Immortal Bei Chen asked curiously.

“I’m going to find the legendary Immortal Gate!” Li Qingshan took a deep breath and said firmly.

He is already invincible in Human World. If he wants to ascend to Immortal World, he can do it now.

But Li Qingshan always remembers that he promised the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha to open up a way for the Human World and no longer be restrained by the Dimensional Battlefield.

He must open the Immortal Gate with a sword.

“Then you know, where is the Immortal Gate?” Immortal Bei Chen asked.

Li Qingshan shook his head and said, “Actually, the Immortal Gate has disappeared since the Dimensional Battlefield began to be laid out. Up to now, it has been tens of thousands of years, and the Immortal Gate has not appeared.”


This question, not only Li Qingshan has no answer, but the entire world has no answer.

Immortal Bei Chen saw Li Qingshan’s distressed appearance and said, “I’ll give you an idea.”

“Please speak.” Li Qingshan listened attentively.

“Immortal Gate is a passage between immortals and mortals, and it can never be destroyed, because it was originally established by Immortal World, not only Immortal Gate, but also the World-level Transmission Formation of various Human Worlds. Immortal World was established together at the beginning, the purpose is to let Human World’s cultivator have a rising channel, so that it will not be completely cut off.” Immortal Bei Chen said. Li Qingshan nods, that’s right, Immortal Gate and World-level Transmission Formation obviously couldn’t be arranged by Human World.

“People with ulterior motives behind the Immortal Gate have hidden the Immortal Gate and changed the ascending channel of the Human World. They want to control all the Human Worlds and then provide nourishment for themselves, but they dare not destroy the Immortal Gate. Afraid of causing Thunder’s Fury. If you were this secret mastermind, what would you do?” Immortal Bei Chen asked.

One word to wake up the dreamer, Li Qingshan heard Immortal Bei Chen’s words, he suddenly realized that he has been digging the horns, and has been thinking about where the Immortal Gate will be hidden from the perspective of Human World.

He didn’t think about it from the perspective of the secret mastermind of Immortal World.

Immortal Bei Chen is the reincarnation of immortal after all, and his vision is still long-term. Seeing that Li Qingshan has fallen into a blind spot of thinking, he speaks up.

“If I am secret mastermind, I don’t want Human World to enter Immortal World through Immortal Gate, and I don’t dare to persecute Immortal Gate, then it is best to hide Immortal Gate.”

“But where can something as conspicuous as Immortal Gate be hidden?”

“Above the sky, endless void is a place.”

“Under the ground , the center of the earth lava is a place.”

“Also, the endless deep sea, but this one is not there, I have searched for it before, and there is no trace at all.” Li Qingshan muttered to himself, the thoughts in his mind Thinking quickly became active, constantly thinking, conjecturing, overturning…

Immortal Bei Chen already had a clue when he saw Li Qingshan, and left quietly, not wanting to disturb Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan continued to speculate, he speculated several positions, and finally, he set his sights on Nine Heavens.

“When I was in Human World, the White Dragon King dared to imprison all the world Grand Dao and Spiritual Qi on Nine Heavens, so now Immortal Gate, is it also hidden on Nine Heavens? ?” Li Qingshan flew directly into the sky without the slightest hesitation.

The sky was unpredictable, Li Qingshan continued to go deep, and finally came to a very high place, the air was thin, and the ordinary person would freeze and die in an instant, but it had little effect on the immortal.

Li Qingshan looked around all around, probing this side World, but didn’t see Immortal Gate.

Not in the sky!

Li Qingshan quickly entered the center of the earth and probed the hot lava, which could burn Heaven Canopy Lord to death. There was no trace of Immortal Gate.

Finally, Li Qingshan of brows tightly frowns returned to the peach blossom forest, frowning and thinking.

“I have searched carefully for the sky and the center of the earth, but I didn’t find anything, so where else would it be?” Li Qingshan thought hard.

At this time, Xia Wuji came to Li Qingshan, and today it was Li Qingshan’s turn.

Li Qingshan pondered, but did not see Xia Wuji come over, flicks with the finger without saying a word, and continued to ponder.


This energy, flowing incessantly, turned into a surging sword qi, submerging Xia Wuji, hitting him until he could only breathe, dying.

Xia Wuji was lying in a reed field, muttered: “It’s still my brother who treats me so well, just give me a breath for playing so accurately, this time I will definitely improve a lot.”

Unconsciously, Xia Wuji awakened to a not-so-good habit.


Besides Human World, there is a vast world, at least billions of times that of Human World.

Immortal World!

In one part of Immortal World, there are three people discussing something.

“We’re in the immortal of Human World, all dead,” said a youngster.

“Twenty immortals. Why are they all dead?” the older man asked in confusion.

“I don’t know, but their life cards are all broken, and the immortal road has also been blocked. We can’t get in now.” Youngster said depressedly.

“It’s not easy to kill twenty Human Immortals in such a weak place as Human World,” said a gray-haired old man.

“Grandpa, what should we do now, there is no news from Human World, the Dimensional Battlefield we arranged also lost its response, and Human World lost control.” Youngster asked.

“Father, this Human World was set up as a place for keeping Gu as you said before, but now this place is lost, what should we do?” the older man asked.

“The price of entering the Human World is too high. Without the Immortal Path, we would have to pay at least dozens of times the price. Moreover, the current Human World cannot accommodate the existence of Earth Immortal and above, and can only use cultivation. It’s so uncomfortable to have base on Human Immortal,” youngster muttered.

“Do you want to control Human World?” the gray-haired old man asked.

“In the previous Human World, there were many geniuses and resources, and we gained a lot from controlling the Human World, but now the Human World is more and more turbid, and there are very few geniuses. It has happened in the past few hundred years. After several disturbances, instead of risking the threat of being discovered by Immortal Court and continuing to control Human World, it is better to let it go and let Human World die on its own. We have enough benefits to cut it.” The middle age person said calmly.

“There is no problem with cutting, I agree!” The white-haired old man nodded, with deep eyes, and said, “The current Human World is indeed not worth controlling before, and the current Immortal World is not peaceful. Immortal Court is becoming more and more fragile, like a sick tiger. It has a tiger’s power, but it is slow to show it. In the days to come, there will be waves.”

“So cutting now is the most sensible. The way, Immortal Court is a sick tiger, but he is a tiger after all, everyone is afraid that he will show his power, we don’t want Human World.” Youngster said hurriedly.

The gray-haired old man looked at his son, grandson, his eyelids drooping, and said in a cold tone: “Human World Dimensional Battlefield, I arranged it with my own hands, even if we don’t want it, it should be up to us. Abandon, instead of being snatched by others, you two give me the lower realm, enter the Human World, and kill the person who destroyed the Dimensional Battlefield I arranged.”

“Grandpa, enter the Human World, at least You need to pay 10 million immortal crystals, two people are 20 million.” Youngster said in pain.

The white-haired old man instantly looked at youngster with a blank expression on his face. The indifferent eyes made youngster’s expression freeze, and his heart froze.

“father, we’ll go to Human World right away. Kill that person, please rest assured.” The middle age person said hurriedly.

The white-haired old man closed his eyes and waved his hand indifferently: “Go.”

The middle age person pulled the youngster out and walked away quickly.

“Father, why did Grandpa have to let us enter the Human World, the Human World is really turbid, and it has to be cut off from the Human World. It doesn’t make any difference whether you kill the Human Immortal or not.” youngster said dissatisfied. .

The middle age person at a moderate pace said: “Your grandfather just took over the family back then, and the meaning of our family’s decline was very obvious. Everyone said that our family would be defeated by your grandfather.”


“But the old man refused to admit defeat and took a different approach. When everyone despised Human World, he secretly used his methods to control Human World, hide Immortal Gate, and set up Dimensional Battlefield, creating a cultivator. After scavenging the resources of Human World, the family was revitalized at once.”

β€œNow that tens of thousands of years have passed, your grandfather has retired, and our family has revived. It can be said that the Dimensional of Human World Battlefield, this is the most important masterpiece of your grandpa’s life, and he is proud of it all his life.”

“Now the situation is tense, and the Human World has been exhausted by us and has become muddy, your grandpa Agree to cut, but it doesn’t mean that your grandfather can tolerate it, someone destroys the most important masterpiece in his life.”

“We cut ourselves, that’s our business, if someone else destroys it, then we have to die, you Grandpa asked you to kill someone, why are you still not willing, are you a fool?” The middle age person said a lot, and then cursed.

Youngster suddenly realized: “If someone destroys Dimensional Battlefield, it’s like hitting grandpa in the face. He is very angry. Although he decides to cut, he still wants to kill. Father, then we will go to Human World. Well, I personally killed the other party to make grandpa happy.”

middle age person nods, but don’t forget to say: “Although I can’t bear to part with 20 million immortals, as long as your grandfather is happy, we will do it, you Now, you are not yet the next patriarch heir, and several brothers are fighting for you.” When youngster heard this, he immediately urged: “Then what are you waiting for, hurry up, don’t let grandpa and old man stay for a long time. etc.”


Human World.

Ten Mile Peach Forest.

Li Qingshan closed his eyes. Think silently.

He Up Into the Heavens, Down into the Earth, searched all over, but still no trace of Immortal Gate.

“Where is the Immortal Gate hidden?” Li Qingshan frowned.

Immortal Gate is impossible to leave Human World.

So, where would it be?

Li Qingshan thinks differently, if it were him, where would he hide the Immortal Gate?

“A place in the Human World, where can people not care about it and where it can be hidden for tens of thousands of years?” Li Qingshan stretched out his hand and pinched between his eyebrows.

It gave him a headache.

He had no idea.

At this time, Heavenly Emperor came over and said, “This is the first time I have seen Li Qingshan who is so troubled.”

Li Qingshan looked up, and everyone else came out .

“Aren’t you going to retreat?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Let’s help you think about where the Immortal Gate is,” Xiao Jiu said.

“Let’s take a break today and think about it together, you can definitely think of it.” Immortal Bei Chen said.

“Sir, I checked the ancient book and saw some records. Immortal Gate, also known as Heavenly Gate, is a passage that can connect Human World and Immortal World. According to the recorded data, the appearance of Immortal Gate is different every time.” Awei said.

Li Qingshan expression changed , this is a message.

“Brother, stone gate has some news for you.” At this time, Xia Wuji, who was on the verge of being beaten, limped back. The stone gate, handed to Li Qingshan.

The only thing left from the beating was one breath, and now he can walk with a limp. Xia Wuji’s body has moved towards an undead warrior.

Li Qingshan reached out and took over the stone gate, t

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