Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 95


Chapter 95 Enters Immortal World (Subscribe)

One Sword Splitting The Heavens, Li Qingshan really did it.

The sword he slashed into the sun was actually slashed towards Human World.

His sword cut through the Human World and brought hope to the world.

This hope is enough to make major cultivators weeping bitter tears.

Especially when this sword slashed into the sun and splashed endless lava, it was enough to burn a Human Immortal, but here in Li Qingshan, all the heat of the sun was destroyed by the giant. The sword resisted.

The giant sword is as usual, nothing has changed.

With a sword, the ten chains were as fragile as tofu, and shattered directly. Immortal Gate immediately appeared in Human World from the sun.

When it recreated Human World, many Peak experts immediately fell to their knees, weeping bitter tears with hysterical ecstasy.

Their hope is back.

The portal that Human World originally communicated with Immortal World has finally returned.

The person who is grateful, did not forget the person who held the giant sword and cut out fiercely.

“Lord Li Qingshan, long live!” At this moment, I don’t know who shouted, but soon, everyone shouted together.

β€œLord Li Qingshan, long live!”

β€œLord Li Qingshan, long live!”


Screaming loudly, Resounding through Heaven and Earth, Li Qingshan in the sky was not moved, his eyes looked towards a certain Space Node.

Just now, it seems that immortal appeared in Human World!

Li Qingshan doesn’t feel wrong about this, because now in the entire Human World, he is the only immortal.

The breath of immortal is still very obvious.

What puzzled Li Qingshan was that the two immortal auras flashed by, and after a while, they were disappeared.

“Someone is spying on me.” Li Qingshan said softly.

But he didn’t know who it was.

And, the other party has disappeared.

“In this Human World, is immortal still hidden?” Li Qingshan asked with deep suspicion.

Standing high in the sky, Li Qingshan looked at the Immortal Gate with a giant sword that had shrunk, but was still larger than a normal sword.

The Immortal Gate stands in the void, flashing Immortal Qi, and the gate is tightly closed. If someone wants to enter the Immortal World, they need to push the Immortal Gate with hard power, and then they can enter the Immortal World.

Isn’t this more powerful than that half Immortal World, half Hell fairy road?

After all, you don’t need to pay much to hit the Immortal Gate. If you fail, don’t be discouraged. Come back next time.

It has been recorded in the literature that someone attacked the Immortal Gate a hundred times and failed again and again. It was not until the hundredth time that he succeeded and entered the Immortal World.

The Immortal Gate is magnificent, with a large area in the front and back, and the fog is shrouded in it. Standing on it, you can see the texture of the Immortal Gate, with smooth lines.

Li Qingshan looked at the tightly closed Immortal Gate and wanted to extend the hand to push it away.

The world immediately watched nervously and couldn’t wait to see, is Mr. Li Qingshan going to enter Immortal World?

The hand touched the Immortal Gate, cold to the touch, Immortal Qi brushed his face, Li Qingshan took a deep breath, took a step back, and did not continue to push the Immortal Gate.

He can’t leave Human World just yet.

Wait until he has dealt with everything before leaving without any scruples.

So Li Qingshan stepped back, and then the Primordial Spirit turned into a stream of light, carrying a giant sword, and fell directly into the ten thousand zhang red dust.


Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit and giant sword together, descended from the sky and directly entered the body, producing a huge energy shock, pushing the Heavenly Emperor and the others away.


Li Qingshan opened his eyes, the Primordial Spirit body was one, he stood up, hands behind ones back, looked towards the Immortal that gradually disappeared in the sky until it was disappeared Gate.

The world can’t see it, but Peak expert can.

On that high sky, the Immortal Gate hangs forever.

As stone gate said, Immortal Gate is always on the head of all beings.

It never fell.

“Why do you see me like this?” After Li Qingshan Primordial Spirit came back, he found that the expressions of these people were all not right. He looked at him as if he was looking at the monster, and asked curiously.

“Brother, you are too fierce.” Xia Wuji sighed in shock.

“Yeah, we thought you found the Immortal Gate, and we’re slowly trying to figure out a way, didn’t expect, you come with a sword, draw your sword against the sun, and cut out the Immortal Gate, too Terrifying.” Heavenly Emperor beautiful eyes flowed on Li Qingshan, and said with a trembling voice.

“I have always overestimated you, but you always tell me with your actions that I still underestimate you.” Immortal Bei Chen sighed, looked at Li Qingshan, and said with admiration.

Li Qingshan heard this with a smile and shook his head, saying: “I think I can do it, then I will do it, and the giant sword has helped me a lot just now. Everything is stable.”

Li Qingshan finished speaking, looking towards Xiao Jiu and Small Fox.

These two are a bit dull now, with a lot of thought.

β€œWhat happened to you?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Big brother, are you leaving Human World and going to Immortal World?” Xiao Jiu asked suddenly, looking a little reluctant.

Small Fox threw himself directly into Li Qingshan’s arms and hugged Li Qingshan tightly.

Xiao Jiu’s question made everyone look condensed and looked towards Li Qingshan, only to find out that Li Qingshan can already set foot in Immortal World.

His future is not in Human World.

Small ponds can’t keep big fish after all.

“Don’t be sad, I’m just going to explore first, don’t you want to come?” Li Qingshan smiled calmly, rubbed Xiao Jiu’s head with his hands, and said.

“But Immortal Bei Chen said, Immortal World is so big, how can I find you?” Xiao Jiu said in frustration.

“After we enter the Immortal World, we should be in the Immortal Court range. After all, this Human World dimension belongs to the Immortal Court, but the Immortal Gate is random and teleported to the major Immortal Court cities, destined to be separated. ” Immortal Bei Chen said.

Everyone looked towards Immortal Bei Chen and wanted to hear him continue.

“But no matter which city, the first step to enter Immortal Court is to report to the official residence of Immortal Court, stating that you are a human world ascension, and then they will check whether you have Human World Spiritual in your body. Qi, so after entering the Immortal World, immediately don’t absorb Immortal Qi, replace Spiritual Qi in your body, you will lose something.” Immortal Bei Chen said based on his past life memory.

β€œImmortal Court will give some rewards to the cultivators who ascend from Human World?” Li Qingshan asked in surprise.

“Yes, I will give you a thousand immortal crystals, which is the hard currency of Immortal World. For Immortal Court, this is nothing, but for those who have just ascended, a thousand immortals Jing can let you live an Early-Stage life in Immortal World.” Immortal Bei Chen nods you.

These remarks were kept in mind by everyone present.

“And then what?” Xiao Jiu asked curiously.

Everyone sat down and listened to Immortal Bei Chen continue.

“After you receive the Immortal Crystals, you have two options. One is to go out on your own. Immortal Court will just record your identity and will no longer care about you.”

” The other is to enter the Immortal Court, become a part, and then they will assign you some positions, let you choose one, you choose, even if you have settled in Immortal World.”

“So, you You can start your life in Immortal World.”

Immortal Bei Chen elaborated.

Heavenly Emperor>mmortal

said: “Immortal Court has done a good job. It will greatly increase the favorability of Immortal Court so that people who are new to Immortal World will not feel restrained and unfamiliar.”

“Yes, and the Immortal Court is very strong, to be a part of the Immortal Court is like finding a big tree, and the shade under the big tree is perfect, for us Human World cultivators, this is perfect “Li Qingshan is also nodded, agrees with Immortal Court’s approach, has never been to Immortal World, but listening to Immortal Bei Chen’s remarks, his favorability to Immortal World is suddenly lifted.

“Then we can all enter the Immortal Court, so that we can find everyone in the future.” Xiao Jiu said happily.

The Heavenly Emperor rubbed Xiao Jiu’s cheek affectionately and said, “You, Awei and the Five Ghosts can all enter the Immortal Court, but the three of us can’t.”

Xiao Jiu then remembered and said: “I forgot, you all inherit, after entering the Immortal World, you will go to cultivation everywhere.”

Xia Wuji said solemnly: “Stone gate said, After we enter the Immortal World, if we want to leave, it will take me to accept the real Kunlun Immortal inheritance!”

Immortal Bei Chen also said: “I enter the Immortal World, and I want to leave, no Enter Immortal Court.”

Heavenly Emperor said: “I am going to find the body of the gate of Profound Valley, and I will not enter Immortal Court.”

Li Qingshan knows that they have their own The goal, said with a smile: “Each has its own path, I can only wish you a bright future, we will meet at the top.”

“Brother, will you enter Immortal Court?” Xia Wuji asked curiously.

Everyone has looked towards Li Qingshan.

“Yes, it’s nice to enjoy the shade under the big tree. Immortal Court is Immortal World Top Great Influence after all, according to Immortal Bei Chen. I like to cultivate silently under Great Influence.” Li Qingshan said with a smile.

Immortal World Top Great Influence, doesn’t that mean that there are many things in Immortal Court for Li Qingshan to activate max-level comprehension?

Abandoning Immortal Court and going out on their own is a very unwise choice for Li Qingshan.

“Well, we will enter Immortal World and Immortal Court in the future. When the time comes, I will inquire about the big brother.” Xiao Jiu said immediately, this can be considered in the Great Immortal world. There is a little hope.

β€œQingshan, when are you going to Immortal World?” Heavenly Emperor asked.

This question made everyone look towards Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan looked up at the sky and the Immortal Gate was there.

He pondered for a while and said, “Right now!”

“So soon?” Xiao Jiu subconsciously said.

“Go in early, stand firm early, and I can take care of you when you come up in the future.” Li Qingshan said calmly.

Xiao Jiu stopped talking.

In Li Qingshan’s arms, Small Fox hugged Li Qingshan even tighter and pressed it against Li Qingshan’s chest, listening to his heartbeat, very reluctant.

“Don’t be sad, my brother is the one who pushed the Immortal Gate first in the Human World for tens of thousands of years. This is an honor. Everyone gathers for the last time tonight to see my brother off and eat It’s delicious, let’s get together, next time I want to get together again, it’s in Immortal World, I don’t know how many years later.” Xia Wuji immediately clapped his hands, stood up and said, his injury has almost recovered, it is too much almost.

Li Qingshan saw the active atmosphere of Xia Wuji, and also said with a smile: “Tonight, everyone gets together!”

Xia Wuji immediately greeted Five Ghosts, started busy, and prepared for the evening. In everything, he has to show his housekeeping ability and practice it for his brother. I wish him a smooth journey.

Others wanted to help, but were told not to intervene.

Five Ghosts and Xia Wuji got it all straight away.

Li Qingshan They just need to watch.

During this period, Li Qingshan held Small Fox in his arms and wondered: “You are already an ascension fairy, why can’t you transform?”

This question has been bothering me all the time. Li Qingshan.

Back then, Shaobai’s wife told Li Qingshan that Small Fox only needed to absorb her energy to transform.

But later Small Fox awakened Nine Tailed Monster Fox’s innate talent, and the bloodline concentration directly suppressed the Human Race bloodline, so that she couldn’t change shape until now.

“How do I know.” Small Fox said depressedly, she also wanted to change shape, she also wanted to accompany Li Qingshan with a human body.

“Actually, the cultivation base has reached the Ascension Immortal, and it should be able to transform.” Heavenly Emperor looked at Small Fox, and the more she felt strange.

Immortal Bei Chen stared at Small Fox and said, “The problem of her transformation should not be solved in Human World, Nine Tailed Monster Fox, in Immortal World’s Fox Race, is considered Peak, so If you still can’t change shape after entering Immortal World, you have to take her to Fox Race to find out the answer.”

“How is Fox Race in Immortal World?” Li Qingshan asked with concern.

β€œFox Race is a very powerful group in Immortal World, occupying a large part of Monster Race territory.” Immortal Bei Chen said.

“Then go to Immortal World, when the time comes when your strength becomes stronger, if you haven’t transformed, I will take you to Fox Race to see.” Li Qingshan said to Small Fox.

“But I’m just an ascension immortal. If I want to break through immortal, I still have a long way to go.” Small Fox sighed then said, when I think of separating from Li Qingshan, and this time, it’s not a simple ten years. , she felt that life was no fun.

“You and Xiao Jiu, Awei, and Five Ghosts are a group. Don’t worry, you all have to break through in the Human World. After you become immortals, you will rise to the Immortal World.” Li Qingshan said, he looked towards Awei, warned repeatedly: “You enter Immortal World together, enter Immortal Court together, don’t separate, take care of each other, nothing will happen, I will wait for you at Immortal Court.”

“I know Sir.” Awei nods, and he obeys Li Qingshan’s words.

“My first batch entered Immortal World, the second batch is Heavenly Emperor, Immortal Bei Chen, Xia Wuji, and the third batch is you, don’t worry, take your time, the road of cultivation It’s still a long way, and the journey of life is slow, and the separation now is for a better reunion.” Li Qingshan said to Small Fox and Xiao Jiu.

“Well said, the separation now is for a better encounter, come here, everything is ready, let’s eat and drink together, and have a party tonight!” Xia Wuji shouted happily.

“Go ahead, forget the unhappy things, and be happy!” Li Qingshan walked over first.

This night, everyone sang and laughed, and sang to the wine, very happy.

Everyone opened their hearts, even the Heavenly Emperor, who has always been a mature lady fan, sang the song of his hometown rarely, his voice was like a lark, hovering above everyone’s head, very melodious.

Immortal Bei Chen also performed a battle dance of a certain tribe in Immortal World, which was very intense and full of killing atmosphere.

When it was Xia Wuji’s turn, he performed a dry breath, a puff of smoke, and he spit out dozens of changes, caring, humanoid…

Second day, Li Qingshan left early in the morning.

He didn’t say goodbye, and he didn’t need to make his eyes burst into tears. He might as well leave while everyone was drunk.

After Li Qingshan left Shili Taolin, he was thinking about going to Human World and seeing Hua Yun.

But, in the end, he stopped.

“It’s agreed that the next meeting will be 20 years later, so I won’t bother you this time. Entering the Immortal World and facing a new journey is what I should do.” Li Qingshan thought After thinking about it, he still shook his head, soared into the sky, in a flash, and came directly to the Immortal Gate.

Then he reached out and pushed!


The Immortal Gate, which had not been opened for tens of thousands of years, finally opened slowly.

At this moment, the strong Immortal Qi assaults the senses, the entire Human World, can see a vision, a mirage-like scene, presented in the early morning sky.

The world looked up and was shocked, then overjoyed and cheered.

“Lord Li Qingshan, promoted Immortal Gate!”

“I just said why I didn’t promote it yesterday. It must be Mr. Li Qingshan who said goodbye to his friends and came today.”

“After tens of thousands of years, the Immortal Gate has appeared again, and now it is finally open.”

“The Human World cultivator will enter the Immortal World later, and finally there is a way.”

“Lord Li Qingshan, long live!”

Peak expert looked at the sky above, the rich Immortal Qi, looked at the white clothed, standing tall and straight in front of the Immortal Gate, peerless elegance Li Qingshan has infinite envy in his eyes.

They witnessed with their own eyes that Li Qingshan crossed the Immortal Gate and entered the Immortal World.


Immortal Gate then closed quickly and disappeared into the sky.

Human World lost Li Qingshan’s silhouette.

In the ten-mile peach forest, everyone also witnessed Li Qingshan pushing the Immortal Gate and entering the Immortal World.

Several people have different expressions.

Xia Wuji said with emotion: “My brother has entered the Immortal World, and I have to work hard to enter the Immortal World within a year.”

Immortal Bei Chen and Heavenly Emperor I thought so too.

Small Fox suddenly said to Xiao Jiu: “We will also work hard on cultivation, and strive to enter the Immortal World within ten years.”

“Fifteen years, ten years can’t be done. Here it is.” Xiao Jiu thought about it seriously and said, they are not peerless geniuses like big brothers.

Small Fox slapped Xiao Jiu on the chest and said fiercely, “It’s only ten years.”

Xiao Jiu said in surprise, “What if you can’t do it?”

“Shout out the slogan first, if you can’t do it or not, let’s talk about it when the time comes.” Small Fox said solemnly.

“Okay, ten years!” Xiao Jiu was persuaded.

Awei on the side couldn’t help but get nervous, but the husband said that if they want to enter the Immortal World together, Xiao Jiu and Small Fox will enter the Immortal World ten years later, so he must follow.

“We also have to work hard to enter Immortal World within ten years.” Awei said to Five Ghosts.

Five Ghosts: “…”

Pushing the Immortal Gate in Li Qingshan, he saw a vast world.

In this world, Immortal Qi is rich and huge, and various Grand Dao are abundant. It must be easier to comprehend than in Human World.

Li Qingshan walked into the Immortal Gate, and immediately felt the blackness in front of his eyes, the whole figure seemed to be falling indefinitely, but after three seconds, his eyes were pale, and Immortal Qi assaults the senses.

Li Qingshan opened his eyes and looked towards this new world.

Immortal World!

The ultimate ideal of the Human World cultivator, the legendary Immortal World of Supreme.

In the legend of Human World, immortal travels to the Northern Sea Mu Cangwu, which can be described as a model of chic.

But Li Qingshan knew that it was just Immortal World in the fantasy of Human World cultivator.

The real Immortal World, and their fantasy world, are too far apart, which can be called the difference between ideal and reality.

There are many experts in Immortal World, among them there is the existence of twilight Cangwu in the Northern Sea, but that is the attitude of powerhouse, ordinary immortal, if you want to gain a foothold in Immortal World, you need to make great efforts , can do it.

Immortal World is big and difficult to live in!

This is the real Immortal World.

Li Qingshan opened his eyes and found himself in the center of a complex Transmission Formation. In front of him was a huge city wall, towering into the clouds. The black city wall was covered with various Formation textures. , very terrifying.

“This city wall depicts a Defensive Array!” Li Qingshan recognized it immediately.

His Human World top Formation knowledge is no joke.

Although he didn’t know what Defensive Array was, and some parts were too complicated, he couldn’t understand it, but Li Qingshan recognized it.

I turned around and saw that it was a huge city, bigger than the Chang’an city where Li Qingshan lived before.

And this city has Formation engraved everywhere, and the people inside are generally Immortal Realm world, most of them are Human Immortal Realm like Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan stood in the center of the Transmission Formation and heard soldiers talking.

“At this point in time, there are still people coming to the Emperor Pass, what do you think?”

“Yes, the Emperor Pass Transmission Formation can only transmit in one direction now, allowing in but not out. I didn’t expect someone else to come.”

“Should I be crazy about military achievement?”

“Military achievement? Is he a Human Immortal, or is he a new entry into Human Immortal? Realm, what military achievement can there be, once the Emperor Pass defense starts, he is a cannon fodder.”

“Yeah, what did he think?”

guarding the city The gate’s soldiers chatted without concealing anything, so that Li Qingshan could hear Qingqing clearly.

Li Qingshan’s heart moved, it seems that he came to Immortal World at the beginning, not friendly.

This city is called the Emperor Pass. It seems that there is a war going on here, and the Transmission Formation has become only in, not out.

These soldiers were surprised that Li Qingshan came to the Emperor Pass to die.

Li Qingshan felt helpless, and he didn’t want to come, but the Immortal Gate in the Human World was random transmission to the Great Cities below the Immortal Court.

He was sent here, what can be done?

Li Qingshan walked out of the Transmission Formation, ignoring the soldiers, and went straight to the Immortal Court official residence in the center of the city.

He remembered that Immortal Bei Chen said that if you enter the city, find a local Immortal Court official, explain your origin, you can get a thousand immortal crystals, and you can enter the Immortal Court.

In this city called Emperor Pass, there are very few people, the streets are full of soldiers, some are in cultivation, some are talking…

The soldiers are all Human Immortal Realm , they looked at Li Qingshan with a strange look in their eyes, because Li Qingshan’s clothes were too different from theirs. At first glance, he was a newcomer. Just like the soldiers at the Transmission Formation, they were also very surprised. They didn’t expect it at all. During this time period, someone will come to the Emperor Pass.

Li Qingshan walked to the most central mansion with countless strange eyes. The door was open, and there were no soldiers guarding him.

Li Qingshan walked in and shouted: “Is there anyone?”

In the mansion, a middle aged general walked out, with a huge figure, wearing immortal armor, a stern face, and a calm demeanor , after he saw Li Qingshan, he looked at it carefully and said surprisedly: “New?”

Li Qingshan nods.

“You really have the guts to come to the Emperor Pass at this moment.” The general showed a smile.

Li Qingshan frowned: “I didn’t come from Immortal World.”

The general was puzzled and asked, “I didn’t come from Immortal World, so where did you come from?”

Li Qingshan couldn’t see through the general’s cultivation base, but he was neither humble nor arrogant, and said bluntly: “Human World!”

The general raised his brows, looked at Li Qingshan carefully, and said: “You Is it the cultivator of Human World who came to Immortal World for the first time?”

Li Qingshan nodded and said, “I pushed the Immortal Gate away from Human World, and then came to this city.”


In order to fear that the general would not believe it, Li Qingshan also showed Spiritual Qi in his body.

As soon as Spiritual Qi came out, the general immediately laughed, watching the guard in Li Qingshan’s eyes disappear, and said lightly: “It’s really rare, my 81st Emperor Pass, but I haven’t had it for many years. The Human World cultivator is here.”

Li Qingshan directly stated his purpose, thinking that since he is a general, he must not like to be around the corner, and said: “I am new here, and I don’t know anything about Immortal World. I saw some records in Human World, saying that the first time I entered the Immortal World and came to the Immortal Court, there would be a thousand fairy crystals, so I came here.”

General nodded, said: “You That’s right, Immortal Court has regulations. Human World cultivators who are new to Immortal World, we have to take care of them, give you a thousand spar, and give you a choice, whether to go out on your own or enter Immortal Court, and arrange an event for you .”

“But unfortunately, you came to the wrong place.” The general sighed.

β€œWhy?” Li Qingshan asked in confusion.

“It’s okay today. I haven’t met a Human World cultivator for tens of thousands of years. This General will talk to you.” The general invited Li Qingshan to sit down with a gentle attitude, without the arrogance of an Immortal World expert. Li Qingshan felt comfortable.

“Don’t know the general’s name?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Some people call me Butcher General, some call me to kill the Divine General Army, and some call me Impertinent officer, but I like to be called General Bai!” General Bai hehe said with a smile.

Li Qingshan paid respect immediately and said, “Meet General Bai!”

“No need to be polite, you are not a soldier under my command, nor a person from Immortal Court, we are equals. .” General Bai waved his hand, and a breeze lifted Li Qingshan up, casually suppressing Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan was speechless, this General Bai was terrifying.

But if you think about it carefully, if he is not scary, can he become a general? There are so many names.

“What’s your name?” asked General Bai.

β€œLi Qingshan!” Li Qingshan replied.

β€œWhat is the situation in Human World now?” General Bai asked again.

“The situation in Human World is not very good.” Li Qingshan told the story of Human World directly. There is nothing to hide. With the appearance of Immortal Gate, more and more people are ascending. Human World things can’t be hidden at all.

General Bai listened to Li Qingshan’s remarks, his face was calm, he didn’t know what he was thinking, and finally said: “So many things have happened in the 20,000 years of Human World in the past. Number One Person, push the Immortal Gate away by yourself, unfortunately, you came to the wrong place.”

“General Bai, when I came, I saw the soldiers staring at me in surprise, wondering why this time Someone else came in, and you said I came to the wrong place, why?” Li Qingshan asked in confusion, is this Emperor Pass dangerous?

Li Qingshan murmured inwardly: “Why does it feel like it’s going to be a war, it’s still a tough battle.”

“If it were another time, the Emperor Pass you came here would be nothing. Major event, but not right now, the Emperor Pass defense battle is about to start, all the Emperor Passes are closed, entry is not allowed, and you may not be able to leave the Emperor Pass for a long time.” General Bai shook his head.

“Emperor Pass defense battle?” Li Qingshan frowned, sure enough there was going to be a war in this place.

In immortal level battles, the minions are Human Immortal, and the formidable power must be terrifying. For Li Qingshan, this start is very terrifying.

Because of a bad one, he will die in this Emperor Pass defense battle.

“On the edge of Immortal Court’s jurisdiction, there is a place bordering Monster Race, Demon Race, and Hell. It is also called Land Of Four Battles. Several Top Great Influences are in The city has been built here, and we have built 81 Emperor Passes in Immortal Court. Where you are now is the 81st Emperor Pass!”

“When someone calls, we defend it, which is called the Emperor Pass defense. “It’s just that there used to be one family, at most two, so there’s not much pressure.”

“But this time, the three teams will join forces to attack the Emperor Pass. The Emperor Pass defense battle is going to be very difficult for us to fight. That’s why we closed the Transmission Formation, allowing entry and no exit, didn’t expect your accident.” General Bai pointed at Li Qingshan, hehe smiled and said.

Li Qingshan’s face turned dark.

His Immortal World tour starts on Hell difficulty.

Seeing Li Qingshan’s face darkened, General Bai laughed heartily, not surprisingly, anyone who hears this news will have a dark face.

“I’ll give you a thousand spar later, now you have a choice, do you want to enter the Immortal Court, or go out and become a loose cultivator and make your own way?” General Bai asked immediately after laughing.

Li Qingshan glanced at General Bai resentfully and said, “Do I still have a choice?”

“Yes, if you don’t join the Immortal Court, I will arrange a house for you. , you stay here, wait until the end of the Emperor Pass defense, you can leave.” General Bai said.

Only if I survived at that time.

Li Qingshan muttered inwardly.

“General Bai, when I came, I heard from the soldiers that there will be military achievements in the defense of the Emperor Pass?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Of course there will be. Once the Emperor Pass defense starts, you only need to fight hard to kill the enemy. Immortal Court’s rewards are very rich. Kill one enemy and reward one thousand immortal crystals. Kill two, it is two thousand. There is no cap,” said General Bai.

“And if you win the battle, you will be promoted. This is how this general, Lao Tzu, came.” General Bai pointed to himself.

Li Qingshan asked earnestly, “When will the Emperor Pass defensive battle start?”

“I don’t know, because we are the defender and they have the initiative. When to fight, it’s up to them, not us.” General Bai shook his head.

“General Bai, if I join the Immortal Court, what rewards will I get?” Li Qingshan wants benefits for himself.

Now that the situation is like this, he can only be as strong as possible.

“If you join the Immortal Court, I will not arrange anything else for you. You will be my personal soldier and live in this courtyard. You are new here, and if you have any questions that you don’t understand, you can come to me. I, I will explain to you, and the books in my mansion, you can read at will, but in my study, you cannot enter without my consent.” General Bai patted the table and said to Li Qingshan.

General Bai valued Li Qingshan very much, and Li Qingshan was also very satisfied with the things he gave.

“Meet the General!” Li Qingshan stood up and bowed his head slightly, agreeing.

General Bai was satisfied with the nodded and said: “You have just entered the Immortal World, I will not arrange other things for you, first replace the Spiritual Qi in the body with Immortal Qi, and then familiarize yourself with the knowledge of Immortal World. Improve your strength, maybe at some point, these improved cultivation bases will save your life.” General Bai patted Li Qingshan’s shoulder, said.

“Subordinates obey!” Li Qingshan nods


“I am the only one living in this mansion. You can choose a room and go to the cultivation.” General Bai waved and asked Li Qingshan to go by himself.


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