Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 96


Chapter 96 Death Grand Dao (Subscribe)

Li Qingshan successfully converted Spiritual Qi in his body into Immortal Qi, making his strength , one more floor.

Li Qingshan’s energy is so powerful that it took a whole Tian Yi night to convert successfully. Those 365 Smaller Thousand Worlds are definitely Li Qingshan’s strong backing.

After successfully changing careers, Li Qingshan got up and said with satisfaction: “I can check some information now, and I can learn more about this Immortal World.”

What he is now flowing is Immortal Qi, not Spiritual Qi, then you can breathe freely, cultivation, no longer worry about incompatibility.

“I’ve been absorbing Immortal Qi for a day, and General Bai definitely knows it, but he didn’t show up, which means he doesn’t mind, so I’m relieved, there are so many books here, for me, it’s the best Although it is a Hell start, as long as I work hard to become stronger, I can get through the Hell difficulty start without any problems.” Li Qingshan muttered inwardly, he was very confident in himself, and the next step was to carefully check the information.

The most important thing in this mansion is books. For Li Qingshan, this is the best place.

He picked up a book and read it carefully.

This book records the deeds of Immortal Court and records the development of Immortal Court, Li Qingshan sees it with keen interest pleasure.

“It turns out that the Immortal Court has been established for millions of years and has always been the great influence of the Immortal World peak. The area under its jurisdiction includes the Four Great Continents and the Four Great Oceans. There are many dimensions under it, and Human World can only be regarded as one of the larger dimensions.” Li Qingshan looked at the contents of the book in surprise.

As he watched, he learned more about the huge Immortal Court.

“Immortal Court has millions of heavenly soldiers, ten top War Generals, guarding ten directions, four Heavenly Monarchs, tens of millions of officials, and manages a huge territory.”

“The owner of the Immortal Court, called the Emperor Monarch, the period of Immortal Court Peak, there were six Emperor Monarchs, suppressing the Quartet, Myriad Tribulations Inextinguishable!”

“Unfortunately, with the passage of time, Nine Heavens Sweeping The Demon Great Emperor has fallen, the East Extreme True Martial Great Emperor has been dismantled, the Western North Star Great Emperor has been in seclusion for 50,000 years, and has not shown up so far, the South Extreme Longevity Great Emperor has changed several generations, and its strength is far less than before, only Heavenly Cycle is left. The Crape Myrtle Great Emperor and the Central Jade Emperor suppressed the Immortal Court and maintained the majesty of Far Ancient Era until now.”

“However, as the experts of the New Generation continue to rise, the Immortal Court is facing the impact, and its strength is deteriorating, like A twilight old man, facing the turbulent tide of the new era, it is a little difficult to adapt.”

Li Qingshan read the book and was surprised: “No wonder this time the three parties joined forces to attack the 81 Emperors. Pass, it turns out that the Immortal Court is showing signs of decay, and there are only two and a half of the six Emperor Monarchs left, and others are naturally eyeing the huge territory of the Immortal Court.”

The six Emperor Monarchs, two fell, One secluded cultivation has not shown up for 50,000 years, and the other has changed for several generations, and has long lost the strength of the Emperor Monarch that terrifying at the beginning.

The Immortal Court now has only two Emperor Monarchs, Heavenly Cycle Crape Myrtle Great Emperor, and Central Jade Emperor.

The two of them have accompanied Immortal Court all the way to the present, a real old man. With the advent of a new era, Immortal Court has become more and more old man. Without them, I am afraid it will collapse in an instant. .

Monster Race, Demon Realm, Hell Three Great Influences have long been eyeing Immortal Court, doing something from time to time, cutting flesh with dull knives, consuming Immortal Court’s power.

After all, a dying, starved camel is still bigger than a horse, even if Immortal Court is decaying and old, those two Emperor Monarchs have made outstanding achievements in their lives, even if they are old, they will not be humiliated.

After reading this book, Li Qingshan continued to look at other things. He was interested and wanted to know more about Immortal Court and Immortal World.

“How did the Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor and the East Extreme True Martial Great Emperor fall?” Li Qingshan was very curious. He looked through other books to see if there was any record of this.

I really found it for him.

The Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor fell 500,000 years ago. During that time, a catastrophe broke out in Immortal World. Hell rushed to Immortal World and wanted to merge the two dimensions. Ten in Hell Temples Yama attacked together, and the Immortal World trembled. At that time, Immortal Court bore the brunt, Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor slaughter all sides, armed with his Immortal Artifact Sweeping Demon sword, fought five of Ten Temples Yama, and finally fell there In a war.

The fall of the Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor made the Immortal Court furious, and the other five Emperor Monarchs went to suppress Hell together. That time they killed four Ten Temples Yama and completely suppressed Hell. .

Now, 500,000 years later, Hell has begun to stir again, but they have learned to be good, no longer fighting against Immortal Court by the strength of oneself, and have begun to form an alliance.

In the 300,000 years after the fall of the Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor, the East Extreme True Martial Great Emperor was resolved, but Li Qingshan did not see it.

The book says that this matter is full of peculiarities, no one knows the specific situation, and the inside of Immortal Court also knows very little, but it is only abruptly announced that the North Star Great Emperor of Dongji is relieved, and Immortal Court loses one. Bit Emperor Monarch.

Even 200,000 years later, this is still a mystery.

Li Qingshan checked again and wondered why the South Extreme Longevity Great Emperor changed generations?

He really found out that the South Extreme Longevity Great Emperor encountered the Celestial Five Wanings because he lived too long. The title has been left to his children and inherited from generation to generation, so it has been changed for several generations.

“Isn’t immortal immortal? It will also encounter Celestial Five Wanings, Emperor Monarch-level powerhouses, and they can all fall.” Li Qingshan looked at it in surprise.

He thought that in Immortal World, those who reached the top would live forever.

At least Li Qingshan’s current lifespan is about 20,000 years old, and as he breaks through, the lifespan will gradually increase.

A powerhouse at the Emperor Monarch level would definitely survive for a long time, and it is still known as the Longevity Great Emperor. He is definitely not an ordinary Emperor Monarch.

But he fell in the Celestial Five Wanings.

Li Qingshan couldn’t help but sigh: “The immortal road is bitter and cold, I can only trembling with fear all my life, even if it is as strong as the Emperor Monarch, it will fall. I should be careful everywhere.”

After reading some events in the Immortal Court, Li Qingshan suddenly said: “The Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor and the Dongji North Star Great Emperor have both fallen for hundreds of thousands of years. Has there been no one who inherited the Immortal World?”

In other words, for hundreds of thousands of years, no one in the Immortal Court was powerful enough to take over the Emperor Monarch’s place.

Li Qingshan held the book and calmly said: “Perhaps, this is the reason for the decline of the Immortal Court. The blood of the New Generation cannot fill the vacancy left by the older generation. Gradually, the Immortal Court will naturally decline. .”

After checking some of the Immortal Court’s situation, Li Qingshan was not interested.

β€œa dying, starved camel is still bigger than a horse , even more how I am a little transparent, Immortal Court even if it dies, that is Immortal World peak great influence, I worry about them, that is really The emperor is not in a hurry, Court Eunuch is in a hurry, I’d better read the book on cultivation.” Li Qingshan took his mind back and put it on himself.

He didn’t aim too high, he read books that surpassed his realm, but he disturbed his heart by reading too much.

Li Qingshan just looks at the realm of Human Immortal, Earth Immortal, Heavenly Immortal, how to cultivate, how to break through, and how to strengthen himself.

When I was in Human World, I didn’t know much, but now Li Qingshan must understand the book full of books.

He flipped through various cultivation books to find an answer.

Gradually, Li Qingshan saw the cultivation of Human Immortal Realm.

β€œHuman Immortal Realm is the first step of immortal. It needs to comprehend the Divine Immortal Dao, strengthen the Primordial Spirit, strengthen the fleshy body, and enter the realm of the hundred orifices connecting spirit. Only then is Human Immortal Peak.” Li Qingshan Recite what is written in the book.

“hundred orifices connecting spirit, all the acupuncture points of the body are connected with the Primordial Spirit, the upper and lower are integrated, and then the Divine Immortal Dao is running, which is the Human Immortal Peak!” Li Qingshan put down the book and muttered to himself, he It’s not too difficult to discover the hundred orifices connecting spirit.

He has the Spiritual God of Warming and Nurturing himself, and now the acupuncture points in his body have been opened into Smaller Thousand Worlds, and together with the Primordial Spirit, he has been working hard on cultivation Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture Strength, can also enhance his Primordial Spirit.

As for Divine Immortal Dao, Li Qingshan needs to comprehend it a little more. After all, it was comprehended in Human World. When entering Immortal World, one should comprehend Human World Dao in Immortal World.

“So I just need to comprehend some Divine Immortal Dao, and then the Primordial Spirit and the flesh can reach the hundred orifices connecting spirit, even if it is Human Immortal Peak.” Li Qingshan’s face showed a hint of joy.

The hundred orifices connecting spirit was simpler than he thought.

Human Immortal Peak is also easier than Li Qingshan thought.

Putting down the book, Li Qingshan thought seriously: “What should I comprehend about Divine Immortal Dao?”

Before Li Qingshan comprehended several basic Divine Immortal Dao, several mysterious Divine Immortal Dao, what he needs to consider now is, continue to comprehend these kinds, or open up a new Divine Immortal Dao?

Li Qingshan pondered several times and said: “I came to Immortal World, Grand Dao is so rich, naturally I have to comprehend the new Divine Immortal Dao, and I don’t only comprehend those kinds in my life.”

He decided to realize the new Divine Immortal Dao.

The previous space, time, Li Qingshan temporarily put down, he needs more Grand Dao to improve himself.

“This time realizes the Divine Immortal Dao of mysterious, the Grand Dao of death!” Li Qingshan earnestly confirmed the new Divine Immortal Dao.

It wasn’t a momentary fever, but a thoughtful one.

When he was in the Human World, Li Qingshan experienced the battle on the central battlefield and learned a lot, especially when he used time to go back and let the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha and the others from 5,000 years ago recreate the Human World. After going through a great battle, between life and death, Li Qingshan had a glimpse at that moment, but he didn’t catch it in a flash.

What really made Li Qingshan have an idea was Qingqing’s kiss.

She was right in front of Li Qingshan, under the touch of her soft and warm lips, before Li Qingshan could recollect, Qingqing dissipated with the wind and disappeared completely.

Li Qingshan felt the ferocity of death right away.

Now coming to Immortal World, the world Grand Dao is rich, Li Qingshan wants to understand the death Grand Dao.

As he said, Li Qingshan was in the yard with many books beside him. He closed his eyes and began to recall everything he had in the central battlefield.

Gradually, there were strands of grey aura on his side.

This gray breath is very light, but it corrodes the air, and it is out of tune with everything around it.


It’s just out of place in itself.

Li Qingshan recalled earnestly, he seemed to return to that battle, he watched some people died in battle, some died with regret, some died peacefully, and some roared sadly, unwilling to die.

Li Qingshan was deeply impressed by this scene. He made a slight gesture with his hand and pinched death between his palms.

He has touched death.

Here Li Qingshan was comprehending, while General Bai finished his new day’s affairs. He remembered that Li Qingshan had just arrived and planned to greet him.

When he came here, he saw Li Qingshan sitting in the yard, surrounded by books, and Li Qingshan fell into a sudden enlightenment, his palms swayed slightly, and the gray breath swam around his palms, gradually increase.

General Bai saw Li Qingshan at the sudden enlightenment, didn’t want to disturb, turned and left.

But as soon as he turned around, General Bai complexion stiffened, and his heart skipped a beat: “Just now…that gray breath was Death Aura, right?”

General Bai is no stranger to death. A lifetime of cultivation can be said to be a half-life in the army and horses, and the number of enemies he kills is unknown, and death can be said to be always by his side.

But that’s it, General Bai didn’t comprehend the Grand Dao of death.

Death Grand Dao But mysterious Divine Immortal Dao is definitely not so easy to comprehend. In Immortal World, there are very few people who comprehend death Grand Dao.

General Bai didn’t expect Li Qingshan to come to Immortal World second day, and he began to realize the death of Grand Dao.

He hadn’t remembered it at first glance just now, but when he turned around, he had an epiphany. He remembered the smell that he was familiar with, the smell of Grand Dao of death.

General Bai turned around slowly, looked at Li Qingshan, his eyes were full of shock: “It’s the Grand Dao of death, he gathered death in the palm of his hand, he is really comprehending the Grand Dao of death, this… …how did you realize this?”

He was once again surprised by Li Qingshan.

Thinking of him killing half his life, others call him Butcher General, but he just can’t understand death Grand Dao.

Li Qingshan just soared from Human World to Immortal World, today is only the second day, he comprehended the death of Grand Dao.

General Bai in this brief moment, very hurt.

General Bai didn’t bother Li Qingshan. He watched from a distance and didn’t step into the yard. He knew that when he was enlightened, he should not be disturbed by others. , which is even more difficult than flying from Human World to Immortal World.

“This kid really gave me one surprise after another.” General Bai looked at Li Qingshan, and his love for talents overflowed. In his eyes, Li Qingshan was perfect.

I just ascended from Human World, and I don’t have a familiar person in Immortal World. I have a clean identity, and my perception is excellent. I have outstanding innate talent, and I am a descendant worthy of cultivation.

“But looking at you like this, you only realize the Grand Dao of death, and it’s not bad to touch the skin. If you want to truly understand a complete Grand Dao of death, it is impossible for the time being. It will take a few years, more than ten years. , if there is enough accumulation, there may be hope.” General Bai looked at Li Qingshan, guarded him, and whispered in his heart.

He has also met a lot of geniuses and talked to them all, knowing that understanding Grand Dao is a step by step process.

No one comprehends a Grand Dao once.

General Bai watched silently, sighing inwardly, but in the next second, his face became stiff.

In the yard, Li Qingshan realized the Grand Dao of death. He had already touched death, but he never got started.

He put himself in the memory, returned to the central battlefield, witnessed all the deaths, and there were a lot of thoughts in his mind, but he didn’t have a complete clue.

Li Qingshan is irritable.

Until the end, he stood in the central battlefield that he had imagined and imagined, and witnessed Qingqing kissing himself abruptly.

This time, Li Qingshan sees all this with the eyes of a third party.

He subconsciously touched his lips.

Li Qingshan still remembers this kiss.

Seeing that Qingqing’s figure gradually disappeared after the kiss, Li Qingshan suddenly stretched out his hand, trying to stop this scene.

However, his hand passed through Qingqing’s body, and everything was like a dream, telling Li Qingshan that Qingqing had completely disappeared.

Li Qingshan watched in shock. He wanted to catch Qingqing, but he couldn’t.

Death, take everything, no bargaining.


At this moment, this word appeared in Li Qingshan’s mind.

Death Grand Dao A kind of Grand Dao below, annihilation!

In an instant, everything in front of him was annihilated, and it was Death Power who shot out.

In the courtyard, between Li Qingshan’s palms, all the gray energy gathered together and entered his body.

The annihilation of Grand Dao is completely imprinted in Li Qingshan’s Soul Consciousness Sea.

His Primordial Spirit, absorbing the Grand Dao of Oblivion, the Rumble enhancement.

In Sea of Consciousness, the annihilation of death has become one of the Grand Dao controlled by Li Qingshan.

His eyes slowly opened, spat out one mouthful of impure air, and when he saw General Bai with a stiff face, he immediately stood up and said, “General Bai, the last general is in cultivation, I didn’t notice it, and I hope you forgive me. .”

General Bai looked at Li Qingshan, still in disbelief, he walked in slowly, looked at Li Qingshan, and asked with a shocked expression: “You just comprehended the death of Grand Dao?”


Li Qingshan can’t hide it when he sees it, everyone sees it, he’s telling a lie, doesn’t he think he’s a fool?

“Yes, I comprehended the annihilation in the Grand Dao of death. Grand Dao.” Li Qingshan admitted with a nod.

General Bai was shocked and spat out one mouthful of impure air. After listening to Li Qingshan’s own admission, he felt a little calmer. He really thought that Li Qingshan would take more than ten years to comprehend it. Li Qingshan realized that he succeeded in a second, and the shock was too powerful.

“You were in Human World before and realized the Grand Dao of death?” General Bai couldn’t help asking.

Li Qingshan shook his head: “When I was in Human World, what I understood was other Grand Dao, and death didn’t touch it.”

“That is to say, this is your first time. , comprehend the Grand Dao of death?” General Bai looked at Li Qingshan like a monster.

Li Qingshan was at a loss, how could he know how scary his speed was, when he was in Human World, he basically understood it like this.

And this time the max-level comprehension has not been activated.

If this activates the max-level comprehension, the increase is terrifying.

[You earnestly comprehend, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend Nirvana Grand Dao! ]

Said Cao Cao Cao Cao arrived.

Li Qingshan’s eyes appeared such a line of words, making him silent.

This max-level comprehension brought him a Grand Dao of death.

Death Grand Dao There are many Grand Dao below, one by one, what Li Qingshan just realized is annihilation, and now the max-level comprehension has brought Nirvana.

Li Qingshan looked at the shocked General Bai, calmly accepted the death Grand Dao, and then kept it for later to absorb.

Let’s not talk about it anymore, one step ahead is a genius, one half step ahead is a monster, if one hundred steps ahead, it is the object of everyone’s research on dissection.

Li Qingshan’s silence let General Bai know that he was asking a superfluous question.

He was also too shocked. Looking at Li Qingshan at this moment, it was like looking at a precious jade, and he couldn’t put it down.

All from the Human World, all so talented and so wonderful.

General Bai said to Li Qingshan: “Are these books helpful to you?”

Li Qingshan looked at the books all around and said with satisfaction: “It is very helpful. “

“Just why are there so many books in this mansion?” Li Qingshan asked suspiciously, all these books could open a small library.

Moreover, the books here are excellent.

General Bai said: “I have read these, or I collected them. When I feel bored, I read a book, sip tea, and pass the time. It is a very good adjustment.”

“General is very elegant.” Li Qingshan praised.

He also likes to read books and drink tea in his spare time, and is used to watching the autumn moon and the west wind.

“You are now comprehended to die Grand Dao, then you have to work hard to improve yourself and strive to reach Human Immortal Peak as soon as possible. The three major coalition forces outside the Emperor Pass have begun to stir, and it is estimated that they are about to start. .” General Bai said solemnly.

Li Qingshan’s heart froze, this is no joke, he must hurry up.

“This is your thousand spar, and a soldier token. This token is my personal soldier. From now on, you will be my personal soldier.” General Bai handed it to Li Qingshan two cards.

A purple card, an azure token, shaped like a card, very thin.

“This card is issued by the Immortal Court Imperial Family Bank. It contains a thousand spar, and you can pick it up from each Great City when the time comes, which is very convenient.”

” This azure token is your status symbol, and having this means you are a member of the military and a part of the Immortal Court.”

General Bai explained.

Li Qingshan> nod, thank you, “General man!”

“Good cultivation, let me know what you are missing, but unfortunately I have no strengths and no worries, There are not many resources, otherwise I will give you some resources to let you break through Human Immortal Realm, and also have a little more life-saving ability.” General Bai shook his head.

“General, why are you being so… nice to me?” Li Qingshan hesitated and asked.

General Bai’s tolerance and kindness towards him can be felt by Li Qingshan.

Like an elder, caring about Junior.

But he and General Bai have only known each other for two days.

Li Qingshan doesn’t know where this feeling of unfathomable mystery came from.

That’s why he asked.

General Bai was taken aback for a moment, then said with a smile: “I’m good to you, it’s worth it, and there is another reason, you are very similar to a friend of mine.”

“Really similar!” added General Bai.

Li Qingshan asked: “Who is your friend?”

“I want to know, I will tell you next time I have a chance, now you can cultivate well, don’t worry too much , I have no ill will towards you, I hope you can make a breakthrough in Immortal World.” General Bai patted Li Qingshan’s shoulder, then turned to leave.

Li Qingshan looked at General Bai’s back and said softly, “Isn’t that friend from Human World just like me?”

At this stage, Li Qingshan The biggest label on his body is Human World cultivator, ascending to Immortal World.

He didn’t reveal much about the rest.

“It doesn’t matter, anyway, General Bai has no malicious intentions, so I will break through to Human Immortal Peak first, and improving my strength is the only way.” Li Qingshan put out the idea of continuing to explore, and checked the max-level comprehension for Own Nirvana Grand Dao.

He comprehended Annihilation Grand Dao, now max-level comprehension is given to Nirvana Grand Dao, on this day, he comprehended mysterious death Grand Dao in both.

Li Qingshan closed his eyes and understood silently.

Nirvana and Annihilation are somewhat similar, but somewhat different.

The same point is to let the enemy die in an instant, the difference is that the method is different.

But as the Grand Dao of death, Li Qingshan had an idea after comprehending Nirvana.

“Can I fuse them together?”

As soon as the idea came out, I couldn’t hold it back.

Li Qingshan really wants to try and see if it can fuse the two kinds of death Grand Dao.

If this is combined, the formidable power must be very terrifying, surpassing the two mysterious Divine Immortal Dao of time and space.

Because, death is the Lord’s killing!

The ultimate formidable power is the main theme of death, and there are no other twists and turns.

Li Qingshan slowly cultivated, slowly tried, day and night, every day at General Bai’s mansion, he didn’t have to do anything, wholeheartedly fused two kinds of death Grand Dao.

Occasionally tired, Li Qingshan would read a book to change his mood.

So, time has passed, a month has passed.

Li Qingshan finally fuses together Nirvana and Annihilation, the two dead Grand Dao.

In a room, Li Qingshan was meditating cross-legged and closed his eyes, two gray breaths collided around his body, resulting in a violent cremation, death flowing, and no one was convinced.

This month of constant failures, Li Qingshan summed up an experience.

He used himself as a container, put two kinds of death Grand Dao into his body, and then slowly merged, trying his best to suppress the collision between the two sides.

After this fusion, the new Grand Dao of death was born.

Death Tide!

Nirvana and Oblivion merged, and the tide of death was born.

The fusion of the two extreme killing Grand Dao, the burst of formidable power instantly doubled dozens of times, directly shrouded in the past, will instantly take away the enemy’s life.

This is the death tide.

The tide comes, drowns everything, takes everything away.

After Li Qingshan realized this, his Primordial Spirit Power rarely broke the limit of Human Immortal.

dong dong dong!

The next second, Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit connected with the acupoints of the body, completing the hundred orifices connecting spirit.

In such an instant, he has set foot on Human Immortal Peak.

One month after coming to Immortal World, Li Qingshan’s achievements surpassed others’several decades, a hundred years…

This is not an exaggeration, but a fact.

Let others comprehend the Grand Dao of death, which cannot be comprehended for hundreds of years.

After the breakthrough, Li Qingshan got up directly, stretched his body, and said with emotion: “didn’t expect my first month in Immortal World to be so comfortable.”

He has directly entered a war that is about to break out and cannot leave. It can be called a Hell difficulty start.

But Li Qingshan forcibly became the same as he was at Thinking Cliff.

Quiet enlightenment, cultivation, and countless books and knowledge, not much different from Thinking Cliff’s million stone tablet.

Being so comfortable in the Emperor Pass, Li Qingshan knows that the key factor is not him, but General Bai.

He really didn’t care about Li Qingshan and let Li Qingshan silently cultivate. Before, he came to see Li Qingshan every two days, but he didn’t come for the last week.

He is very busy.

Li Qingshan didn’t see him during this time.

Li Qingshan sometimes worries, is the Emperor Pass defense battle about to start, or why is General Bai so busy?

“If I really start fighting now, my strength is pretty good. Among ordinary soldiers, I am very difficult to deal with.” Li Qingshan estimated his strength, Human Immortal Realm, Earth Immortal Realm, He was fearless.

Li Qingshan found it a bit tricky to meet Heavenly Immortal Realm.

As for surpassing Heavenly Immortal Realm, it is still a question whether Li Qingshan can run away.

“I’m still too weak.” Li Qingshan sighed, there is no way, who told him to encounter such a terrifying war as soon as he came to Immortal World.

Just as Li Qingshan was thinking about it, many officers suddenly entered the mansion, and the leader was General Bai.

They gathered in the main hall. Everyone was very serious, with a heavy breath, and they didn’t look weak.

Li Qingshan saw this scene, his heart sank, and the situation looked bad.

At this moment, General Bai looked serious, dressed in azure clothes, and shouted at his officers and soldiers: “The news came from the front line just now that the three races coalition has started to attack, and in just ten minutes, We have captured three Emperor Passes, we have to go to the rescue, you go back and gather your men, and 3 minutes later, you will set off immediately!”

These soldiers are well-trained and don’t talk nonsense, go out immediately and go back to gather their own team.

The hall that was crowded just now is now empty, with only General Bai alone.

A set of bright armor appeared on his body, which was very handsome. At first glance, it was not a Mortal Grade, but a defensive Immortal Artifact.

“General, the battle has begun, we want to support the front?” Li Qingshan came out and asked.

General Baior nods to support and said: “As soon as I got the news, the three races coalition forces started to attack, and they have already broken through the three Emperor Passes. We must go, and we cannot let them continue to break through the Emperor Pass.”

Having said this, General Bai looked at Li Qingshan and said solemnly: “Wait for the battlefield, follow me, don’t be a hero, once this kind of battle starts, hide the sky and cover the earth, very terrifying.”

Li Qingshan nodded, with a serious expression, it was the first time he encountered an immortal level battle.

After a while, General Bai was waiting in front of the mansion with a spear in hand.

He glanced at Li Qingshan, frowned: “You are defenseless, I’ll find you a weapon.”

Li Qingshan immediately refused, saying: “General, I have Immortal Artifact , hidden in the body, don’t worry.”

General Bai was relieved when he heard this, nodded, did not speak, and looked coldly.

3 minutes were not used, all the soldiers in Emperor Pass 81 were assembled.

General Bai waved his spear, shouted: “Fight for Immortal Court, go now!”

“Fight for Immortal Court!” Tens of thousands of immortal yelled together.

The next second, General Bai soared into the sky, with a very fast speed, which directly produced a sonic boom.

The tens of thousands of troops, followed closely from behind, each turned into a first-class of light, followed General Bai, and moved towards the distant Emperor Pass support.

Li Qingshan was also among them, and seeing this scene was extremely shocking.

Tens of thousands of immortals flew together, all advancing at full speed, straddling one after another silver rays of light on the sky, covering them like a silver meteor shower, flashing by in a huge imposing manner.

Li Qingshan was in the army, very unremarkable, he cast Grand Dao with rapidity, barely was left behind by General Bai, after flying for a while, acr

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