Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 97


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The battlefield is extremely cruel, the Human Immortal, who reigns in the Human World, in this war , just a pawn.

From a distance, this battle is one-sided, with three races of coalition forces attacking and destroying cities and villages everywhere.

In the battlefield, news of the rout came from everywhere.

“Emperor Pass 18 Cities Lost!”

“Emperor Pass Twenty Cities Lost!”

“Emperor Pass Twenty-Three Cities Lost!”

“Emperor Pass 18 Cities Lost!”



These news spread rapidly, causing the complexion greatly changed for the people on the Immortal Court side, their fighting spirit was broken, and they could only flee in a hurry.

When General Bai came with an army of 10,000 people, when he saw this scene, his face was cold and he shouted angrily: “Let me kill the enemy!”


He swung the spear and stabbed straight in the air, bursting with bright radiance, and immediately provoked the Monster Race beast, throwing the corpse, rumbled, and smashed a large area.

“The reinforcements are here, everyone insist!” Immortal Court soldiers in the battlefield shouted one after another, resounding throughout the world, and the devastated fighting spirit was finally raised.

General Bai joined the battlefield at a very fast speed. He directly found the opponent’s commander.

The generals of Monster Race saw this scene, and angrily shouted: “Kill this Madman Bai!”

The generals of Monster Race, Demon Race, and Hell swarmed to fight with General Bai stand up.

The momentum is huge and the energy is surging, causing a huge sound that spreads to the battlefield, but has little impact.

Because the battlefield is too big.

The immortal level war is not limited to the ground. Above the Heavens and Under the Earth, everywhere, and General Bai, although joining the war, can play a role, not much, is to drag the opposite general, Also relieve the pressure on your own generals.

The 10,000 immortal soldiers he brought will be a beautiful sight after joining the battlefield.

General Bai’s soldiers are all connected with each other because of their perennial training and battle formation techniques. One hundred people form a team, a thousand people form a group, and ten thousand people are like a meat grinder, forming a huge battle. The method of formation, incarnation of gluttonous, strangling the enemy in the battlefield.

The method of battle formation is to combine the abilities of all immortal soldiers to exert dozens or even hundreds of times of strength.

General Bai can guard the 81 Emperor Pass, relying on these 10,000 soldiers who are proficient in battle formations.

These 10,000 immortal soldiers were carefully trained by him, using far ancient formations, with countless resources, and trained them.

These immortal soldiers only listen to General Bai, and everyone has followed him for hundreds of thousands of years.

The battle formation composed of 10,000 people tore a hole in the vast battlefield. Their Essence, Qi, and Spirit combined together to form a huge gluttonous food, roar towards the sky, Continue to devour the enemy, even the huge Monster Race, is ruthless devour.

The battlefield that had been retreating steadily, because of the support of General Bai and the army of 10,000 Formation, it was able to withstand it, swept away the decline, and fought very fiercely.

Li Qingshan was also involved.

He was General Bai’s personal soldier. Li Qingshan originally thought that there would be many personal soldiers.

But in fact, General Bai has only his personal soldier.

Now that General Bai has gone to fight the enemy generals, ten thousand troops have formed a Formation, and only Li Qingshan is left to join the battlefield.

But he has nothing to be afraid of. Along the way, he has gone through countless battles, big and small, and has a lot of combat experience.

It’s just that he hasn’t experienced a real war yet.

Summon the giant sword directly, hold it in your hand, the giant sword is bigger than Li Qingshan, Li Qingshan is holding it with one hand, facing the previous Monster Race Human Immortal, without the slightest hesitation, slashing with a sword go out.


This sword, Li Qingshan didn’t use Grand Dao, just used his power.

But it’s also scary.

After reaching the hundred orifices connecting spirit, Li Qingshan’s fleshly body strength was terrifying to the extreme. With his sword, he directly crushed the Monster Race Human Immortal to death on the spot.

“One thousand spar!” Li Qingshan whispered, without stopping, he turned around and slashed at another Demon Race enemy.


The Demon Race enemy screamed and his body went limp. Li Qingshan slashed his spine with a sword, and the terrifying power he carried poured down and destroyed the other’s Primordial Spirit.

“Two thousand points!”

Li Qingshan’s eyes lit up. He found that these Human Immortal soldiers were really not strong.

Although it is much stronger than the few Human Immortals he killed in Human World before, it is still not enough to see in front of him.

This discovery made Li Qingshan very happy. He took the giant sword and strangled the enemy everywhere in the battlefield. When he saw that someone on the Immortal Court side was at a disadvantage, or there was danger, Li Qingshan’s giant sword Immediately come.

From the ground to the sky.

Li Qingshan also set off a wave in the battlefield.

More and more defeated soldiers gathered around Li Qingshan, with him as the main force, strangling the enemy.

The people of the enemy alliance also noticed that Li Qingshan, a Hundred-Men Commander of Earth Immortal Realm killed Immortal Court people at high altitude, saw this scene coldly shouted: “A Human Immortal so Rampant, act recklessly!”

This Hundred-Men Commander of Earth Immortal Realm jumped directly from the sky with a long knife, aggressive, the long knife carried this imposing manner and turned into a blade that pierced the sky glow, pointing directly at Li Qingshan.

“Go to hell!” This Hundred-Men Commander coldly shouted, imposing manner turbulently, it was Earth Immortal Realm, he was qualified to overlook Li Qingshan, but did not take Li Qingshan seriously.

What’s the use of killing pawns?

Pawns are just consumables on the battlefield.

Hundred-Men Commander looked at Li Qingshan indifferently, the killing intent in his eyes was cold and biting.

Li Qingshan looked at the ghost-like Hundred-Men Commander, his eyes instantly burst with endless killing intent, sweeping the sky, with gray rays of light bursting in his eyes, Li Qingshan directly slammed the giant sword Volley throw, shouted: “An Earth Immortal, who gave you the courage to attack me?”


The giant sword thrown by Li Qingshan, Instant explosion, terrifying energy impact, gray breath flowing, that is the death Grand Dao that Li Qingshan just realized.


Li Qingshan didn’t use the fusion death Grand Dao against Earth Immortal Realm.

Oblivion was directly attached to the giant sword and rushed up. At this moment, the giant sword collided with the blade glow of the Hundred-Men Commander, and a ka-cha sounded, the bright, very terrifying blade glow , collapsed directly, without any suspense.

Annihilation rushed directly into Hundred-Men Commander’s body, letting him Dao Transformation on the spot. The whole person was like sand, blown by the wind of the battlefield and scattered everywhere.

This scene made many Hundred-Men Commanders see and were shocked. The demon Earth Immortal from Hell was killed by a Human Immortal in one blow.

The giant sword fell and returned to Li Qingshan’s hand. After he held it, he swept it directly and smashed dozens of Human Immortals into the air.

“First Hundred!” Li Qingshan said coldly. This Earth Immortal was the enemy of First Hundred he killed. In a short period of time, he obtained 100,000 spar.

“War is indeed a good way to make a fortune!” Li Qingshan was not tired. The three hundred and sixty-five Smaller Thousand Worlds in his body continuously provided energy. You won’t feel tired either.

“Human Immortal is too weak, I’ll kill Earth Immortal!” Li Qingshan held the giant sword and stared at the Earth Immortal in the battlefield, looking for it everywhere. When he saw it, he rushed up immediately, and the giant sword was in the air. , Great River Sword Qi, Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Technique, and all Sword Art learned by Li Qingshan, can be performed.

In one corner of the battlefield, Li Qingshan was able to kill and gradually attracted the attention of Heavenly Immortal.

Who told him to kill a dozen Earth Immortals by himself with a sword, all kinds of Grand Dao burst out on Li Qingshan, whether it was killing Fusion Sword Dao fast or slow, or a space storm, Time Rewind these, kill to rise, Li Qingshan can’t care.

He faced seven Earth Immortals at a time, cut them down with one sword, death merged with Grand Dao, Nirvana and Annihilation erupted together, forming a space storm that directly vaporized the seven Earth Immortals.

“An Immortal Court genius, damn it!” A Monster Race Heavenly Immortal noticed this scene, and was immediately enraged, killing him directly.

Heavenly Immortal shot, a Moon Wheel beheaded, this is a terrifying Immortal Artifact, condensed with Moon’s Essence, forged with moon soil essence, depicting a very terrifying killing formation, Immediately beheaded.

The Moon Wheel took a trajectory and headed straight for Li Qingshan. In the battlefield of more than 100,000 people, it directly targeted Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan’s hair stood up all over his body and felt the danger. He also saw the Moon Wheel, which was swirling under the moon. It was very beautiful and had a cool temperament, which could instantly kill the enemy.

The magical treasure of Heavenly Immortal, a middle grade Immortal Artifact!

Li Qingshan clenched the giant sword tightly, then stepped out, exhausted all the strength of his body, and poured his strength into the giant sword.

Moon Wheel is aggressive, eyeing Li Qingshan, it is impossible to hide, it is better to face it.

Li Qingshan also wants to know how powerful Heavenly Immortal and middle grade Immortal Artifact are.

The Moon Wheel spins down with an unrivaled imposing manner, with the blessing of moonlight, flashes rays of light, and opens a long rainbow thread in the sky.

The giant sword is simple and unpretentious, slashing directly into the air, predicting the trajectory of the Moon Wheel.


This huge sound erupted in the battlefield.

The giant sword carried all the power of Li Qingshan, slashed on the Moon Wheel, and directly blew up this middle grade Immortal Artifact. The terrifying energy impact directly lifted Li Qingshan out of the kilometer. The soldiers in the vicinity were all shaken, and the injuries were not light.

Li Qingshan himself was surging with blood and blood, his face flushed, the hand holding the giant sword was shaking slightly, and he suffered internal injuries, but the next moment, three hundred and sixty-five Smaller Thousand Worlds burst into flames. He repaired Li Qingshan’s injury and calmed down his blood.

Li Qingshan looked at the giant sword in surprise.

“You are so powerful that you can smash the middle grade Immortal Artifact into pieces.” Li Qingshan was surprised.

I just chopped the middle grade Immortal Artifact Moon Wheel to pieces. It wasn’t Li Qingshan’s strength. With all his strength poured in, he might be able to block the Moon Wheel, but he definitely couldn’t blow it up. After all, it was a middle grade Immortal Artifact. is the magical treasure of the Heavenly Immortal powerhouse.

But the giant sword exerted force, carrying all the power of Li Qingshan, and slashed directly, smashing Moon Wheel.

The giant sword was slightly trembled, as if to say that Li Qingshan was making a fuss.

Above the sky, Heavenly Immortal powerhouse thought that a Moon Wheel could take Li Qingshan’s life away, but never thought that the Moon Wheel was directly chopped up, making his face pale, His heart ached, and he immediately vomited out a mouthful of old blood.

The Moon Wheel is the Life Source magical treasure that he sacrificed. It is connected with his heart and blood sacrifice with his heart. The formidable power is even greater, but if one prospers, all prospers, everything will be lost state.

Now that the Moon Wheel is chopped up, he naturally takes damage.

“This is impossible!!!”

Heavenly Immortal roared with disbelief, a Human Immortal actually chopped up a middle grade Immortal Artifact, fantasy story Well.

“I killed you!” In the next second, Heavenly Immortal didn’t care about anything, and directly slaughtered it down, opening his mouth to spit, it was a gust of wind, more violent than Nine Heavens Astral Wind, At this moment, a strong wind blew between Heaven and Earth, like the Flying Sword, slashing towards Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan complexion slightly changed, this is Heavenly Immortal, it’s scary as soon as he shoots, although he is very confident in himself, he also knows that Heavenly Immortal is not to be trifled with.

Li Qingshan wanted to escape, he wanted to cast Extreme Speed Grand Dao and hide to General Bai Formation soldiers.

But the Flying Sword blocked Li Qingshan’s way.

He has nowhere to run!

Heavenly Immortal wants to kill him, Li Qingshan will not sit still, he clenched the giant sword, concentrated, mobilized all the strength, ready to fight to the death.

“A little Human Immortal dares to commit crimes, be bold!” Heavenly Immortal rushed down, his eyes were cold, and his killing intent was high. His Life Source magical treasure shattered Li Qingshan, He can’t wait to pick up all the eighteen generations of Li Qingshan’s ancestors, and the anger and resentment in his heart are hard to eradicate.

He jumped straight down.

As he was about to approach Li Qingshan, suddenly a spear fell from the sky with a thud, directly piercing the Heavenly Immortal, and the terrifying power it carried was directly instilled in Heavenly Immortal, in a flash, extinguished his soul.


The spear nailed the aggressive Heavenly Immortal in front of Li Qingshan, and the subsequent power also made the ground tremble, sending several hundred li enemies flying.

“General Bai!” Li Qingshan looked at him in surprise, he suddenly raised his head, General Bai, who was fighting in the high sky, had one enemy five, and now he had reached the white-hot stage, but he still found Li Qingshan Encountered danger, without the slightest hesitation, threw down the spear and killed the incoming Heavenly Immortal for Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan was deeply moved in one’s heart.

“Madman Bai, you actually threw your Immortal Artifact down, how arrogant you are, ignoring us like that?”

“Madman Bai, do you think you can still do it this time? Shine brilliantly?”

“Madman Bai, the young man below, is your descendant? Make you work so hard to save him?”

The enemy who besieged General Bai shouted , the words attacked the heart and interfered with General Bai.

But General Bai remains unmoved, his face is cold and his bare hands are fighting against five, the more fights the more brave is, the next second, shouting loudly.

β€œSix Paths of Reincarnation!”


Behind General Bai, six terrifying black holes emerged, bursting out with terrifying suction force, and directly sucked in two enemy General Fangs, out of reach.

I was killed on the spot!

The remaining three looked pale and shivered.

β€œSix Paths of Reincarnation, you comprehend Hell’s cultivation technique in Immortal World?”

β€œMadman Bai, you are not just in name only, but also in reality Crazy man, you are too terrifying, you have really cultivated Hell cultivation technique.”

The three generals roared, quickly backed away, and pulled away.

But General Bai approached directly and said coldly: “Damn Hell cultivation technique, now this is my cultivation technique, as long as it can kill you, it is a good cultivation technique!”

General Bai while speaking, moves like the wind, between the palms, the six black holes are fatally discernible, and the six black holes behind them form a perfect fusion.

He slapped the three generals to death in the air.

Seeing this scene, the coalition army of the three races retreated and dared not fight again. Madman Bai came with his invincible army, and this battle should be over.

The three races allied forces retreated very fast, their generals were all killed by Madman Baig, and the rest of the people continued to fight, how could there be a good result?

And today, more than 20 Emperor Passes have been captured, and the harvest is very big.

Li Qingshan witnessed the retreat of the three races coalition forces, everyone turned into a first-class of light, disappeared, General Bai did not want to keep them, but landed beside Li Qingshan, looked at Li Qingshan and asked Said: “Are you all right?”

Li Qingshan shook his head and said gratefully: “many thanks General.”

The Heavenly Immortal slaughtered him, he was indeed a little dangerous.

General Bai shook his head, pulled out his spear, and said, “You are the Human Immortal, it’s normal that you can’t beat Heavenly Immortal, but today you also opened my eyes and killed more than a dozen people. The Earth Immortal, like killing pigs, deserves to be the person I look up to.”

Li Qingshan smiled apologetically, looked at the battlefield, and said, “Is the war over?”

General Bai shook his head and said, “No, this is the beginning, what will happen in the future is unknown, but we have held it today.”

Li Qingshan took a deep breath, looking at the full Immortal corpse, is this still the beginning?

“Don’t think too much, you just joined the battlefield. You just killed more than 100 people, which is very good.” General Bai comforted Li Qingshan.

“Have you seen it all?” Li Qingshan said in surprise. General Bai fought one against five in the sky, and he could see how many people he killed. Li Qingshan’s heart was heavy with this concern.

“Those five trash can’t give too much pressure. It’s your first time to participate in the battlefield and you performed well. Join me in the Emperor Pass.” General Bai looked towards the Emperor Pass that was captured not far away, Turn into a white light and enter it.

Li Qingshan also went in with him.

The three races coalition forces retreated, and the Emperor Pass came back. General Bai immediately sent someone to repair it. At the same time, he communicated with other generals, handled government affairs, and got busy.

Li Qingshan has nothing to do, he is General Bai’s only personal soldier and is arranged in General Bai’s mansion.

He was the only person in the mansion, General Bai was handling various things, Li Qingshan closed his eyes, calmed himself down, and reviewed his performance today.

The war was brutal, today at least a few thousand immortal soldiers died in such a fight at close quarters.

If it hadn’t been for General Bai to come with the Formation army under his command, the casualties would have been even greater.

“Today, I killed more than 100 people. According to the reward, there will be hundreds of thousands of spar. It is truly a military achievement that will become eternal.” Li Qingshan said with emotion.

However, today’s war also made Li Qingshan know that Earth Immortal Realm was not very good.

His current strength is nothing difficult.

Only against Heavenly Immortal, it will be more difficult, if against that kind of powerful Heavenly Immortal, Li Qingshan feels that he can only run.

“I’m still weak, I have to keep getting stronger, otherwise I’ll be very dangerous when the next war comes.” Li Qingshan said softly, his face was serious, he felt that it was necessary to break through Earth Immortal Realm.

He is now Human Immortal Peak, plus the comprehended Grand Dao of death, and the fusion of Grand Dao of death, he can try breakthrough.

As said, Li Qingshan is working hard on cultivation, trying to break through Earth Immortal Realm, ignoring the outside world.

He must break through Earth Immortal before the next war to survive the Emperor Pass defense.

In this way, after the war, three days passed.

Li Qingshan has been in retreat for three days, and his cultivation base has improved a bit, but he still didn’t touch the threshold for breakthrough Earth Immortal.

Over the past three days, General Bai has been very busy, so busy that Li Qingshan did not see him.

It was only early in the morning of the fourth Tian Yi, Li Qingshan was planning to continue the cultivation, and General Bai came.

He was still in the armor, his face was grim, he strode forward, and only after seeing Li Qingshan did his expression ease.

“General.” Li Qingshan cup one fist in the other hand up.

“Sit down, have you been out these three days?” General Bai sat down directly, waved Li Qingshan to sit down, and asked.

“No, I’ve been in retreat, trying to break through Earth Immortal, otherwise the next time the battle comes, the general will be worried again.” Li Qingshan said sorry.

“The next war, I don’t know whether it will be fought or not.” General Bai sighed, his face a little worried.

“What’s wrong?” Li Qingshan asked with concern.

General Bai looked at Li Qingshan and said softly: “Now a Heavenly Monarch from Immortal Court has come to this area and is negotiating a truce with the three races coalition forces. If the conditions are negotiated, then It’s alright, there is no need to fight again, but it’s not negotiated, so we still have to fight.”

Li Qingshan immediately remembered the book records he had read before.

“Immortal Court has millions of heavenly soldiers, ten top War Generals, guarding ten directions, four Heavenly Monarchs, tens of millions of officials, and manages a huge territory.”

“The owner of the Immortal Court, called the Emperor Monarch, at the time of Immortal Court Peak, there were six Emperor Monarchs, suppressing the Quartet, Myriad Tribulations Inextinguishable!”

Now a Heavenly Monarch is here, it can be seen , Immortal Court is still very concerned about the Emperor Pass.

“I hope it’s settled.” Li Qingshan said softly.

General Bai’s nomination: “I don’t want to go to war either. I’ve been in the army for half my life. I just want to go back to my hometown, raise a few cows, a few acres of land, and live a field life.”

Li Qingshan’s expression changed, and he asked, “Where is the general’s hometown?”

“A place in the Eastern Wilderness, very remote, is a beautiful paradise.” General Bai recalled, with a touch of tenderness in his words.

“If you have a chance, you must visit the general’s hometown.” Li Qingshan said with a smile.

“Wait for me to step back, when the time comes you come to see me.” General Bai also smiled gently.

“Okay.” Li Qingshan nodded in agreement.

General Bai suddenly said: “Do you want to go to Immortal Court Academy?”

Li Qingshan said curiously: “Is Immortal Court Academy teaching students?”

General Bai said: “It is not for teaching students, but for teaching immortal. Immortal Court Academy does not accept outsiders, only Immortal Court internal personnel, those who have made great contributions, those who have made great contributions, and those who spend a lot of spar, all of them. You can go in and study for a semester.”

Li Qingshan listened carefully.

“Enter the Immortal Court Academy for further studies. Those who come out will be reused by the Immortal Court, so I asked you if you want to study for a semester.” General Bai looked at Li Qingshan and asked with a gentle expression. road.

“How long is a semester?” Li Qingshan asked instead of answering immediately.

“Five years!” said General Bai.

Li Qingshan frowned: “If you can go, you can go, but I don’t have any credit, and I don’t have a lot of spar.”

General Bai said with a smile: “If you want to go , I’ll take you there!”

Li Qingshan stared at General Bai blankly, is this very good for him?

“The general is saying that he will use his own credit to send me into the Immortal Court Academy?” Li Qingshan asked softly.

General Bai is nominee.

“Why is the general being so nice to me?” Li Qingshan was very puzzled. This treatment is probably something that his son and nephew can feel.

If he hadn’t made sure his last name was Li, he would have wondered if General Bai went to Human World for several decades.

General Bai saw that Li Qingshan looked a little frightened, smiled slightly, and said, “It’s strange why I treat you so well.”

Li Qingshan nodded directly.

General Bai said: “I still remember that I told you a month ago that you are very like a person.”

Li Qingshan has nodded, and he remembers what General Bai said.

“That person, like me, is from Human World?” Li Qingshan asked.

General Bai nods his sense, sits in the chair, and his thoughts are in a trance, as if he has returned to a long time ago. When he came back to his, Li Qingshan has already poured him a cup of tea.

General Bai picked up the teacup, drank it, and said, “Would you like to hear a story?”

Li Qingshan added tea to General Bai, and at the same time said gently: “I It’s an honor!”

General Bai fell into memory and said: “The story started 20,000 years ago!”

“At that time, Human World was not as messy as you said. Many people have ascended to Immortal World, and he is one of them!”

“At that time, I was a fledgling, because I was made from a small place, and I had no power or great strength. Can choose to join Immortal Court and seek asylum. Coincidentally, he also came to Immortal Court and wanted to join Immortal Court.”

“So, we got to know each other.”

“He is a friendly person. , I have always called him big brother, and he also recognizes me as a younger brother. When others bully me, he will teach others a lesson. His innate talent is very difficult to deal with, far surpassing me and similar to yours.”

General Bai looked towards Li Qingshan and said softly.

Li Qingshan’s heart moved and he heard it. Maybe this is why General Bai treated him so well.

General Bai saw the shadow of the old man in him.

General Bai continued: “When we were in Immortal Court, he took me wherever he went. Later, he chose to join the army and practice himself on the battlefield. I was actually scared, but I still followed him. We went to the battlefield together.”

Li Qingshan looked at this general who was called a butcher and a lunatic in front of him, how could he have thought that he was afraid of war at first?

“Entering the army, big brother, he climbed all the way, the more fights the more brave is, his innate talent and strength are brought into play, every time he fights, he keeps moving forward, military achievement is illustrious, and he will soon be improved , in charge of the army of ten thousand people.”

“I followed the big brother and got some military achievements, but I didn’t want to leave him, so he kept me by his side as a personal soldier.”

General Bai looked at Li Qingshan and said, “The life you live now is the life I lived back then, free and unconstrained.”

Li Qingshan then understood, His present is General Bai’s past.

He listened carefully and rarely commented.

“After the big brother became a general, he was thinking about how to train soldiers, so he and I checked various materials, and finally found a far-reaching method of Ancient Battle Formation in a Secret Realm. “General Bai said.

Li Qingshan immediately thought of the 10,000-strong battle formation method he had seen on the battlefield.

It turns out that General Bai was inherited from here.

“For the next thousand years, Immortal World was quiet for a while, and I got married and had children during this period! I had my own family.”

“Sometimes, I also persuaded the big brother to ask him to leave it for himself, and then find someone to take care of him, at least someone who knows the cold and the hot.”

“But the big brother shook his head slightly, saying that he was not interested in that.”

“I know that the big brother wants to be the new Emperor Monarch of the Immortal Court. His goal has always been that grand.”

General Bai closed his eyes, recalling the past, his expression sadly.

When Li Qingshan heard that General Bai had become his biological son, he immediately remembered that General Bai had said that his family members had passed away, and his heart sank.

“According to the big brother’s innate talent, if he lives to this day, there should be hope.” General Bai sighed.

β€œWhat happened?” Li Qingshan asked lightly.

“After I got married and had children, I received a mission to explore Hell’s current situation. I then went and asked my big brother to take care of the house.”

“That was the time. , the three races coalition forces attacked, just like this time, the difference is that it was unpredictable that time, and directly broke through the 80th Emperor Pass, leaving only the 81st Emperor Pass.”

β€œ That Emperor Pass is guarded by the big brother.”

“The three races allied forces attacked and the big brother defended, but he was alone, no matter how he was the opponent of the large army, when he was surrounded, he saw the three races allied forces massacre the city. !”

General Bai’s face was icy cold, as if the ice of eternity could not be melted away.

Li Qingshan sighed, it was a tragedy.

“My wife, my child, were all killed, which completely angered the big brother, who has always been the Six Paths of Reincarnation of cultivation Hell, wanted to break through, and at that moment, He really broke through, alone, fighting the coalition of three races, killing in darkness, corpses everywhere, big brother doesn’t want to run away at all, he just wants to avenge my wife and children.”

“Finally, big brother Brother did it.”

“When the army of millions attacked, the big brother killed all the senior officials of the army of millions, which shocked the world.”

“But he himself , also died of exhaustion, and I didn’t see my big brother for the last time.”

“Only at the end, when Heavenly Monarch expert went back in time, did I know all this.”

General Bai gritted his teeth, full of remorse, even after more than 10,000 years, when he talked about this again, he still couldn’t let it go.

Some things, instead of letting go over time, get deeper and deeper and cannot be touched.

After that time, General Bai lost his wife and child, as well as his best big brother, Heaven and Earth. Became the butcher in everyone’s mouth, lunatic.

Until, he met Li Qingshan.

General Bai looked towards Li Qingshan after his heartache: “The first time I saw you, I thought you were very similar to the big brother, so I left you in my mansion.”


“Then I saw your cultivation innate talent, unmatched, you are more like big brother, I know you are not alone, but I sometimes wonder if big brother reincarnation is back , otherwise, how can things be so coincidental, another Emperor Pass defense battle, another three races coalition, you appeared.”

“You don’t understand why you are good to you, but I just put When the big brother treated me well, return it.”

“I heard a saying in Buddhists that after thousands of lives, there will be tw

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