Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 98


Chapter 98 Immortal Court Academy (Subscription required)

After General Bai left, Li Qingshan pondered.

“Are there really two similar flowers in the world?”

After death, people cannot be resurrected, unless they arrange their hands in advance, like Immortal Bei Chen. Can reincarnate and recultivate.

But he’s also a minority, and most people can’t make it.

So, even if it is immortal, if it falls, it will fall.

Just like the South Extreme Longevity Great Emperor of Immortal Court, he is an Emperor Monarch level powerhouse. He also fell under the Celestial Five Wanings, and has never appeared again today.

It can be seen that it is really hard to come back from the dead.

So, some people wonder, if you can’t come back from the dead, can you live out a similar flower?

Reincarnated as a new person, but still very similar to the previous life.

This is proposed by Buddhism. General Bai thinks that Li Qingshan and his big brother are two similar flowers, so he treats Li Qingshan so well, just to make up for the shortcomings of the year.

But Li Qingshan knows that he is not the same flower.

“I’m very grateful that General Bai can help me leave the Emperor Pass battlefield and send me to some Immortal Court Academy for a semester.” Li Qingshan simply thought about it. With a headache and no answer, he was sure he had taken advantage.

In the future, when he becomes stronger, repay General Bai.

“Continue cultivation, hoping to break through Earth Immortal Realm before leaving the Emperor Pass battlefield.” Li Qingshan worked hard, secretly looking forward to it.

Li Qingshan does not give up a moment, wholeheartedly improves himself.

The wind and rain outside have little to do with Li Qingshan, Immortal Court Heavenly Monarch is coming, negotiating with the three races coalition forces, I don’t know how it will end?

Li Qingshan didn’t know whether it was a fight or a match.

Another seven days passed. The twenty-third city of Emperor Pass was very quiet. There was no wind and rain coming before the war. Li Qingshan didn’t hear anything, which means everything was quiet.

He was in the mansion, listening to the wind and rain at night, and the energy in his body surged, flooding into disasters, like a huge wave hitting the barrier of the Earth Immortal Realm, but it was never able to break open.

Li Qingshan and Earth Immortal Realm are always a little off.

It’s like a step away, close in front of you, you can reach out and touch it, but if you can’t step out of this step, you can’t embrace it.

Li Qingshan opened his eyes and looked at the moon outside the window. It was a full moon, full of stars, very beautiful. He was a little bored and couldn’t break through. He simply pushed open the door and walked out. Under the moonlight, Li Qingshan poured a cup of tea, held the tea cup, and took a leisurely walk.

He was relaxing.

When alone, hold a cup of tea, watch the night, watch the moon, and watch the stars twinkle.

He calmed his restless heart.

Breakthrough, let it be.

Li Qingshan slowly calmed down his restless heart, and a cup of tea had bottomed out. He was about to pour some tea when General Bai came.

General Bai this time is wearing casual clothes, not wearing armor, nor the temperament of the violent battlefield, as quiet as a scholar, seeing Li Qingshan admiring the moon, hehe smiled and said: “How elegant. Ah.”

Li Qingshan immediately went to brew tea when he saw General Bai, with skillful movements, flowing water, brewing a cup of tea and handing it to General Bai, then said, “General is in a good mood today.”

General Bai nodded, took the teacup, sipped the tea lightly, and said, “In the past seven days, Heavenly Monarch and the three races coalition have made good progress in the negotiation, and the other side has started to retreat.”

Li Qingshan looked overjoyed and said, “That’s really worth being happy, what price did Heavenly Monarch pay?”

General Bai pondered then said: “The price should be a little, but not a big deal, after all, the Emperor Pass defense The battles will start every once in a while, but they used to be separate races, and there hasn’t been a three races coalition in ten thousand years.”

“Then can I leave?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Yes, I applied for the qualifications of Immortal Court Academy for you. You can go there and take one semester for five years. During these five years, the resources of Immortal Court Academy can be provided to you. Yes.” General Bai nodded, took out a document and handed it to Li Qingshan.

“This is the Immortal Court Academy’s certificate. When you go to report, show this and your military ID card, that’s all,” said General Bai.

Li Qingshan took it and opened it to see that it was the admission document of Immortal Court Academy. The name written on it was Li Qingshan.

“You also have this card. There are 150,000 fairy crystals in it. It’s the reward you got from killing the enemy before. It just so happens that you go to Immortal Court Academy and you can use it.” General Bai handed it over. Give Li Qingshan a familiar card.

Immortal Court Imperial Family bank card.

As before, it’s a purple card.

“General many thanks!” Li Qingshan put away the many thanks and said gratefully.

General Bai said with a slight smile: “No need for many thanks, you have to remember that there are many secret books in Immortal Court Academy, as well as some powerful old people, they can give you a lot of advice, you Innate talent is great, but in the Immortal Realm world, one step at a time, one must learn to be humble and take the attitude of a student to study seriously.โ€

Li Qingshan seriously nodded, facing General Bai who patiently exhorted him, said : “General, I wonder if I can call you big brother.”

General Bai was stunned for a moment, then stopped talking abruptly, looking at Li Qingshan with an inexplicably complicated expression.

Li Qingshan wondered: “Can’t you?”

General Bai said with a smile: “Okay, why not, I just suddenly thought that I was just like you back then. , it’s the same tone, it’s the same problem.”

“That means we are really destined.” Li Qingshan smiled.

“I recognize you, your younger brother. Come on, do your best in the future and contact me if you have anything. When there’s no war, I’ll be at Emperor Pass 81.” General Bai said.

“many thanks big brother, I will come to see you when I have time.” Li Qingshan said with a smile.

“Well, you can leave tomorrow, here’s the map, and tomorrow you go straight to the Transmission Formation and go to Eastern Wilderness, where the Immortal Court Academy is.” General Bai warned repeatedly.

“I see, many thanks big brother.” Li Qingshan said he was in a good mood and grateful when he heard that he could leave tomorrow.

“I’m leaving, I’m busy tomorrow, so I won’t send you off. The rivers and lakes are long, the mountains are high and the rivers are long. Our brothers will meet again. I hope to see you next time, you are more than me. Awesome.” General Bai got up and prepared to leave.

Li Qingshan sent them off, went to the door of the mansion, and said, “Goodbye, big brother!”

General Bai waved his hand and left without looking back. In the empty street, the silhouette stretched and walked away freely.

He really had no demands on Li Qingshan.

In other words, he just wanted to reassure himself.

Li Qingshan watched, keeping this friendship in mind.

This just came to Immortal World. Although it was a Hell difficulty start, he met a good guy and Hell started well.

It’s not like entering Dimensional Battlefield from Human World at the beginning, it’s all on your own.

“Continue cultivation tonight, leave tomorrow, go to Immortal Court Academy, I heard from big brother that there is the essence of Immortal Court, it should be very suitable for me, and the speed of improvement will be very fast.” Li Qingshan is full of expectations, Then start cultivation and seriously improve yourself.

Second Tian Yi Early in the morning, Li Qingshan went to the Transmission Formation of the Emperor Pass, paid a certain amount of spar, and sent it to Eastern Wilderness.

In Transmission Formation, Li Qingshan could clearly perceive the spatial changes, and he also tried to comprehend it, but the time was too short and his strength was too low to comprehend it at all.

“If I understand Spatial Teleportation, it will be very convenient no matter where I go in the future.” Li Qingshan regretted.

Fortunately, in the next second, the eyes suddenly become bright, and the face is a huge Great City, houses stand in great numbers, vast crowd.

Li Qingshan walked out of the Transmission Formation and saw a line of characters carved on a large stone.

โ€œWelcome to the Great Desolate City!โ€

Li Qingshan walked into the street and saw a bustling scene, merchants hawking, people flowing endlessly, the cultivation base was high and low, In this city, live happily.

This is a picture of the floating world.

Li Qingshan looked at it with a feeling of being in a different world.

He was still on a battlefield just now, and he experienced a great battle not long ago, fighting between life and death, very dangerous.

But now, he’s standing in the Great Desolate City, watching the crowds, happy laughter and cheerful voices, like a Transmission Formation, spanning two worlds.

“There is no peace in this world, but someone is carrying the load for you.” Li Qingshan thought of this sentence.

If the 81 cities of the Emperor Pass fall, the Immortal Court collapses, and the three races allied forces come in, these beautiful lives will collapse in an instant.

“Fortunately, Heavenly Monarch of Immortal Court went to reconcile, and the war can be avoided if it can be avoided.” Li Qingshan was glad that if the fight continued, he would not be able to come here.

Walking on the street, Li Qingshan saw all kinds of shops along the way, all kinds of kinds, very prosperous.

Li Qingshan also found some things to increase the cultivation base. When asked about the price, he needed tens of thousands of spar at least, which made him speechless.

“The things that increase cultivation base are too expensive.” Li Qingshan could only give up. He thought he had 150,000 spar and was considered a rich person, but now he found out that he was still poor.

“Forget it, go to Immortal Court Academy, there should be a lot of things there, suitable for my max-level comprehension.” Li Qingshan strolled around the Great Desolate City. I was willing to buy it, and the price was very cheap if I didnโ€™t like it. I was bored and went directly out of Great Desolate City to Immortal Court Academy.

Opening the map outside the city, Li Qingshan checked it carefully.

“Immortal Court Academy was originally five hundred miles away from Great Desolate City, an Intermediate Thousand Worlds. Outsiders couldn’t find it unless they had an admission invitation.” Li Qingshan rushed over with his admission invitation.

Five hundred miles away, Li Qingshan came here and saw the mountains and ravines. The mountain range was undulating, just like a primitive forest.

However, in the primitive forest, he still saw a cliff, and on that cliff, many people gathered.

Li Qingshan flew over immediately and landed on the cliff, greeted with a look of curiosity, but when everyone saw the admission invitation in Li Qingshan’s hand, the curious eyes suddenly shifted.

Li Qingshan also noticed that everyone here is holding an invitation to enroll.

In this group of people, there are old and young, men and women, and a group of people. Like Li Qingshan, there are hundreds of people who came alone.

What caught Li Qingshan’s attention the most was an old man. He was very old, with gray hair and a lot of age spots on his face. It could be said that he was about to die, but he still came here.

The old man was alone, hands behind ones back, looking at the mountains, wondering what he was thinking.

Li Qingshan saw that everyone was waiting, and didn’t say anything, just waited silently.

He didn’t take the initiative to say hello, but someone did.

“Brother, where did you come from?” This is a black boy, young, in his twenties, with a big head, dark skin, and looks like he has been exposed to the sun all day. Wearing a piece of animal skin, the wool is not an ordinary wild beast.

“Emperor Pass!” Li Qingshan said softly.

“You are from the Emperor Pass?” Hei Boy was surprised. His voice immediately attracted the attention of many people. Everyone looked at Li Qingshan with a curious look.

The black boy also knew that his voice was too loud, so he pulled Li Qingshan aside and whispered, “Sorry.”

Li Qingshan calmly shook his head and said, “It doesn’t matter. , where are you from?”

The black boy patted his chest and introduced: “I’m from the Barbarian Tribe, my name is Aman, and it’s my first time out of the tribe.”

“What about you? Will you come to Immortal Court Academy?” Li Qingshan asked curiously, didn’t expect to meet a savage clansman.

The entire Immortal World stands in great numbers, and the Barbarian Race is one of them, which once also came out of the Peak powerhouse.

Aman said: “Our tribe has a place to enter the Immortal Court Academy every ten years. This time I got the place and I’m here.”

Li Qingshan suddenly realized that this is the case, it is estimated that the Immortal Court gave Barbarian Race a benefit.

“Brother, I heard that the Emperor Pass is fighting now, how did you get here?” Aman curiously asked.

Li Qingshan raised his eyebrows and said, “You know there’s a war in the Emperor Pass?”

“Immortal Court has announced that it is three races coalition forces to fight us together, really It’s too shameless, then Hell has always wanted to come to Immortal World and seize our territory.” Aman said indignantly.

Li Qingshan said: “There was a war, but now the army has withdrawn, otherwise I will not be able to get out.”

“It’s fine to withdraw from the army, and I will graduate after I graduate. Just join the army and fight those bastards.” Aman said angrily.

Li Qingshan found Aman very cute, maybe because he was in the tribe all the time, he had a strong sense of identity with Immortal Court and a sense of justice.

“What are you waiting for here?” Li Qingshan looked around and asked curiously.

“We’ve been waiting for Immortal Court Academy to open, and it’ll open later,” Aman said.

His voice fell to the ground, and the void in front of the cliff suddenly cracked open like a portal, and an extended stone bridge appeared.

As soon as the stone bridge appeared, the waiting people immediately went up and entered this Intermediate Thousand Worlds.

Aman said to Li Qingshan: “Let’s go in.”

Li Qingshan followed, walked up the stone bridge, and entered the Immortal Court Academy.

In the beginning, he was very narrow and talented. After walking for dozens of steps, he suddenly became enlightened.

The land is flat, and the houses are like fertile fields, beautiful ponds, and mulberry bamboos. Qian Mo traffic, chickens and dogs hear each other. Among them, the exchanges, the clothes, and the clothes of men and women are all like outsiders. Yellow hair down, and happy.

This is like a paradise.

In the distance there are green hills, courtyards, attics, waterfalls…

Nearby there are fertile fields, beautiful ponds, bamboo seas, chickens and dogs…

At a glance, open-minded.

“Students who are enrolled this year, please come and register.” Not far away, there was a scholar in Liangtian shouting, reaching out to invite everyone to come over.

Everyone walked over one after another, shuttled through the fields, and when they came here, there was no dispute. They lined up one by one, and hundreds of people lined up in a long line.

“Show your admission notice and identity token, both are indispensable!” The scholar held a jade book in his hand and checked the identity certificate of first. After making sure that it was correct, a little bit of the jade book showed a layer of illusion. It was the residence of the Immortal Court Academy, which clearly appeared in front of everyone.

โ€œYou choose a place to live, and you will live here in the next five years!โ€ said the scholar.

First, reach out a little and choose.

The scholar immediately marked the residence, then reached out and wiped it, and the residence disappeared from the screen.

“Next!” shouted the scholar.

Repeating this, within one hour, it was Li Qingshan’s turn.

Li Qingshan took out his admission invitation and identity token.

The scholar checked to make sure it was correct, and said at the same time: “You also choose a residence!”

Li Qingshan looked towards the residences in the picture, most of which were gathered together , very luxurious, single-family house, located in the Central Zone of the academy.

Li Qingshan doesn’t like places with many people, and it is very inconvenient to cultivate slowly. He directly chose a mountain top, where there is a wide bamboo sea, a waterfall, and you can watch the sea of clouds churning. Not to be disturbed.

Like the original Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan has a great appetite.

Seeing Li Qingshan’s choice, the scholar asked unexpectedly, “Don’t you live in the central area?”

Li Qingshan shook his head and said, “I don’t like noise!”

The scholar didn’t ask any questions after seeing this. He received an unknown number of students and knew that some of them were a bit eccentric.

Li Qingshan stepped aside and Aman was next.

When Aman chooses a location, he, like Li Qingshan, chooses the wild, not far from Li Qingshan, just halfway up the mountainside of Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan is at the top of the mountain, and Aman is halfway up the mountain.

“Why don’t you choose the central area?” Li Qingshan asked curiously when Aman came over.

โ€œI grew up in the mountains since I was a child, and I was not used to living there. I wanted to choose the top of the mountain to be with you, but you said that I didnโ€™t like noise, so I chose the middle of the mountain.โ€ Aman said.

Li Qingshan smiled.

The scholar registered everyone in a short while, and then said seriously in front of everyone: “First of all, welcome to Immortal Court Academy, I am the receptionist of your group of students. Teacher, my name is Scholar Zhou, if you have any questions, you can contact me, and I will solve your doubts.”

Nodded together, keep it in mind.

“Now, let me tell you about the rules of Immortal Court Academy, there are many wonderful places here, there are places where you can improve your cultivation base, there is also the Book Collection Pavilion with tens of millions of volumes, and There are many places to get points, you need to discover them yourself.”

“Speaking of points, this is unique to Immortal Court Academy, if you want to use Dao temple, you want to go to Book Collection Pavilion Reading books, if you want to use other things, you need points. If you have points, you can. If you donโ€™t have points, you can earn points. Then everyone enrolls in the school, and you will receive 1,000 points. I also gave you an identity card to increase The points and deductions are all there, don’t lose it, it’s very troublesome to re-apply.”

Scholar Zhou said seriously.

Li Qingshan looked at it and moved in his heart. Points are unique to Immortal Court Academy, which means that the people who developed Dimensional Battlefield have come here or studied here.

Li Qingshan remained calm, thinking in his heart, when he finds out against the Fang Family, he will definitely take revenge, and he has harmed the Human World for about 20,000 years. Now he wants to write it off?

“teacher, when does Immortal Court Academy start?” Aman raised his hand curiously.

Everyone looked towards Aman.

Some people laughed and shook their heads, and some people whispered: “It came out of a small place, I don’t know what.”

“That is, watching the cultivation base and just breaking through Human Immortal, and We are together, it’s a bit of a loss.” A woman echoed.

“If it wasn’t for the mercy of the Immortal Court, giving some weak tribes places, he would never be here in his life.” Someone laughed sarcastically.

Li Qingshan frowned, looked at the person who said these words, was dissatisfied, and said coldly: “I just don’t know, so I need to ask! What’s there to laugh at, I’ve never laughed in my life? You don’t know anything about other people’s tribes.”

The few people who were talking and muttering immediately looked at Li Qingshan with dissatisfaction, and found that Li Qingshan was also a Human Immortal Realm.

“Shut up!” But the always gentle Scholar Zhou immediately sneered, coldly shouted, his eyes were not good, and the few people were so frightened that they immediately shut up and dared not speak.

“People are right, you need to ask if you don’t understand. If you know something, just shut up. If you don’t speak, no one will treat you as dumb.”

“Also, I don’t care. How beautiful you are outside, how mighty you are, and how famous your family is, when you enter Immortal Court Academy, give me obediently and honestly, dare to make trouble in my front of one’s eyes, I will directly expel your student status and drive you out!”

Scholar Zhou coldly shouted in anger, so scared that the few people immediately shut up, not daring to have the slightest dissatisfaction.

Other people were also startled, didn’t expect Scholar Zhou, who was very kind just now, to be so terrifying when he got angry.

Scholar Zhou looked at Aman at this time, and said peacefully: “Immortal Court Academy does not have a teacher to teach classes, you need to learn by yourself, here, there are very good resources, you can completely cultivate by yourself, if you don’t understand , you can ask me, you can also ask the seniors of the Academy, don’t be afraid, they will be happy to answer.”

Aman nodded, keeping it in mind, then approached Li Qingshan, and said softly: “big brother, thank you .”

Li Qingshan shook his head and said: “Cultivate well, strive for five years later, and amaze the world.”

Aman is firmly nodded.

“Okay, you all go back to choosing your own house, and remember one more thing, Immortal Court Academy forbids fighting, if you have grievances, if you want to fight, go to the Martial Arts Competition Stage, whoever fights in private, No matter what the reason is, those who do it will be expelled from school.” Scholar Zhou warned seriously.

Everyone followed nodded, and those who were reprimanded did not dare to show their dissatisfaction.

If they were kicked out the first day they came in, they wouldn’t have to go home.

Scholar Zhou then left, turning into a stream of light and disappearing into the mountains.

The faces of the people who were reprimanded just now changed their expressions and glared at Li Qingshan and Aman.

Li Qingshan just ignored them, completely ignored them, turned into a first-class of light, moved towards the place he just chose and flew away.

“Slightly!” Aman stuck out his tongue mischievously, then ran away a few steps, jumped up, and followed behind Li Qingshan, whose residence and Li Qingshan were a big mountain.

The remaining few were very angry, but they had no choice but to be incompetent and furious.

Other people saw this scene and left one after another, too lazy to pay attention to them.


When I came to the house of my choice, Li Qingshan stood on the top of the mountain, looking at the huge waterfall on the opposite side, watching the sea of clouds churning in front of him, the white waves rolling, and his mood suddenly brightened. .

He got back the feeling he had at Thinking Cliff.

โ€œItโ€™s the same as Thinking Cliff except that there is no Million Monument Forest.โ€ Li Qingshan said comfortably.

He walked along the top of the mountain, saw the sea of bamboo, and saw his own residence, an independent yard, very comfortable.

Pushing aside the yard, the area is quite large. There is a tea table, where Li Qingshan has nothing to drink tea.

Entering the room, Li Qingshan immediately saw a book on the table.

ใ€Immortal Court Academy Infrastructure Encyclopediaใ€‘

Li Qingshan looked over and found that it clearly recorded the use of each place in Immortal Court Academy, as well as the cost.

“This is very good, it can help me get to know Immortal Court Academy quickly.” Li Qingshan was satisfied with the nodded and read it with great interest.

Li Qingshan sees that the first page introduces Dao temple.

[Dao temple can help you realize the Tao, in Dao temple, there are countless Dao Sources, releasing Heaven and Earth Grand Dao is much easier than the outside world! ]

[The price of Dao temple entry, one thousand points for three days! ]

Li Qingshan sat up straight when he saw this, and was instantly moved.

This Dao temple is very suitable for him.

And, he now has a thousand points on him.

But he still stabilized his mind and continued to watch.

[Time Channel, which can slow down Time Flow Speed, one day outside, one year inside! ]

[Enter Time Channel price: 1,000 points a day! ใ€‘

Li Qingshan subconsciously licked his lips, and his heart was directly moved. If he went in, he could clearly understand Time Channel and understand Time Law.

“Immortal Court Academy has too many good things.” Li Qingshan knew that he had come to nothing this time just by looking at these two.

He continued to read.

[Cemetery of The Sages, enter it, you can fight with the traces of the sages of the past, the more fights the more brave is, even if you fail, you will know where your mistakes are. ]

[Cemetery of The Sages Price: One thousand points once! ]

Li Qingshan said with emotion: “No wonder Immortal Court Academy has no teachers, these sages are the best teachers.”

He continued to read.

[Immemorial Battlefield, which simulates the dangerous catastrophe in history, reproduces it perfectly, if you want to try it, you can try it. ]

[Immemorial Battlefield points, one thousand points per scene! ]

Li Qingshan Tut his mouth, this is another good thing.

[The library has thousands of volumes, all of which are unique and very rare. ]

[College Points: One thousand points a day! ]

Li Qingshan wanted to continue flipping through the book, but found that there was no next page.

He just closed the book and let out a long sigh of relief.

“No wonder Big Brother Bai sent me here, there are so many good things.” Li Qingshan said excitedly.

The only pity is that he only has a thousand points.

“But it’s okay, I can go to breakthrough Human Immortal Realm first and then earn points. The next five years in this Academy will be my five years advanced by leaps and bounds.” Li Qingshan Full of confidence, he didn’t stop and immediately went to Dao temple.

Dao temple can understand the Tao faster than the outside world. For Li Qingshan, this is the best opportunity for breakthrough.

He is only one step away from Earth Immortal Realm, this step, must be broken today.

Dao temple is on the halfway of an independent mountain. It was hollowed out, and a Dao temple was arranged. Li Qingshan flew directly, landed, took out the card, and said to the old man guarding the Dao temple: ” I want to go in and get enlightenment!”

“You just came today, right? You came to get enlightenment so quickly?” The old man was surprised, the speed was too fast.

Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan nodded resolutely and said, “I need enlightenment!”

“Young man, go in, you have three days to swipe the card without ink, and then Let Li Qingshan in.

Entering the cave, the lights are dim, the interior is hollowed out, and there is only one huge platform, all around the platform, engraved with countless Formation textures.

Li Qingshan stepped onto the platform, meditated cross-legged, and felt it.

“Dao Rhyme is indeed very rich, at least five times richer than the outside world. There are many Dao Sources all around.” Li Qingshan looked towards those black oval stones.

The thing he saw in Great Desolate City before was Dao Source.

Dao Source is the crystallization of Heaven and Earth Grand Dao, the birth stone, not very conspicuous, but very rare, it stores a kind of Grand Dao breath, after absorbing it, you will emit it, world Grand Dao You will be drawn to it and make you understand.

Li Qingshan initially took a fancy to a thumb-sized Dao Source. The other party asked for 80,000 spar, and Li Qingshan was sorely reluctant to buy it.

And now here, there are oval Dao Rhyme everywhere, bigger than Li Qingshan’s head, if you take it out and buy it, wouldn’t it cost tens of millions of spar?

Now pile it up here for those who come in to understand.

Li Qingshan has to say that Immortal Court is really an ancient Peak force, too proud.

But that’s fine, Li Qingshan can just use it to break through and comprehend Grand Dao madly.

Li Qingshan is cultivating and enlightening while absorbing the scent of Dao Source.

doing three things at the same time.

The breath of Dao Academy he absorbed into his body radiated out. Heaven and Earth Grand Dao, who had escaped from the shadows, regarded Li Qingshan as his own in this brief moment, and made no secret of him.

Li Qingshan never thought that Grand Dao would be so clear.

He saw Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, he saw thunder, he saw time, he saw space…

These Grand Dao, presented in In front of Li Qingshan’s eyes, he was very greedy in this brief moment, every Grand Dao Li Qingshan wanted to comprehend.

“Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, past, present, and future, help me to enlighten.”

Li Qingshan mobilized the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture that has been silent in Sea of Consciousness, exuding Buddha A sexual halo enveloped Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan integrated the Grand Dao he saw into the body of the Buddha, stored it up, and waited to go back to comprehend it.

This is also thanks to the extraordinary Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture that no one else really can do.

Li Qingshan comprehended Dao while cultivating. All kinds of Grand Dao were stuffed into the Great Buddha Body, very busy.

After all, he only has three days.

The reason for doing this is also because Li Qingshan has been thinking, how did he get to the end?

He has max-level comprehension. Unlike others, he can improve wildly and comprehend wildly. Don’t worry about lack of time and perception.

So, Li Qingshan had an idea after entering Immortal World.

He wants to fuse together three thousand Grand Dao.

Take control of 3,000 Grand Dao, reach the end, and reach the top of Immortal World Peak.

Originally this was just an idea, and Li Qingshan has not decided to implement it yet.

But now at Immortal Court Academy, I met Dao temple, and by chance, Li Qingshan decided.

He wants all Grand Dao!

If you can’t comprehend it now, put it into the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, and continue to comprehend it when you go back.

The consequence of this is that Li Qingshan didn’t even notice that he broke through Earth Immortal Realm.

After three days passed, Dao Source stopped and Li Qingshan woke up from the retreat, only to realize that he had passed that step.

He is now, Earth Immortal Realm!

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