Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 99


Chapter 99, Thirty-seven years (subscription)

Dao temple enlightened for three days, Li Qingshan broke through Earth Immortal Realm, controlled the Know how many Grand Dao, are stuffed into the body of the Great Buddha Body of Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture.

He walked out of Dao temple and saw an old man dozing off beside him.

The old man’s cultivation base Li Qingshan couldn’t see through. He was the one who guarded the Dao temple. He built a small wood house next to him and rested here.

Li Qingshan walked over and shouted lightly: “Old man.”

The old man woke up from a doze, looked at Li Qingshan, and said sleepily: “You came out, directly Just go, you don’t need to say hello to me.”

Li Qingshan said sincerely: “Old man, I would like to ask how to earn points in Immortal Court Academy?”

Old man Looking at Li Qingshan’s sincere attitude, he cheered up and said, “Earning points is very simple, there are two ways, the first is to accept tasks, Immortal Court Academy will release some tasks, if you do, you will get rewards, and Points.”

“The second way is to explore the Secret Realm, discover the treasure, bring it back to the Academy in exchange for points,” the old man said.

“Explore Secret Realm, what kind of Secret Realm?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“There are many experts in this world. They open up Intermediate Thousand Worlds, just like our Academy, which is attached to the Immortal World, but it is also an Independent Space, which most people cannot find, and many Secret Realms are It is from some Peak experts. They set up a lot of dangers and do not let others explore, but everyone has an accident. One day the expert falls, and the world he opened up becomes a land without owners. These are called Secret Realm.” The old man. Explain carefully to Li Qingshan.

In order to listen, Li Qingshan squatted down and listened carefully beside the old man’s rocking chair.

When the old man saw Li Qingshan like this, he became more interested in the conversation, and pointed Li Qingshan earnestly.

“In the early days, Immortal Court found many Secret Realms, some of these Secret Realms are from ancient experts, some are from Heavenly Monarch, all kinds, these unowned Secret Realms, and later by our Immortal Court Academy. Take over, and then use it as an experience for students to explore and bring back the treasure, you can keep it for yourself, or you can exchange it for points.”

β€œEvery student, every Only one exploration is allowed in half a year.” The old man raised a finger, then looked towards Li Qingshan, and said seriously: “You have only broken through Earth Immortal Realm, so don’t explore, it’s very dangerous, at least you have to wait until Heavenly Immortal! “

Li Qingshan nods my surname

, but doesn’t agree, and continues to ask: “Old man is expensive?”

“You can call me Sick Oldman, hahaha because of a problem with my body.” The old man Humor.

β€œJunior Li Qingshan.” Li Qingshan said his name.

“I remember you, you are a very polite little doll. You are handsome and you are a good doll.” Sick Oldman praised Li Qingshan.

“You keep resting, I’ll go to the place to take the task.” Li Qingshan said goodbye.

“Go, earn more points, and see old fogey again.” Sick Oldman waved and said goodbye to Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan got up and left, and flew to the task great hall to pick up the task.

When Li Qingshan came to the task great hall, he found that the place was full of people, at least a few thousand people, all of them were picking up the task, or after completing the task, they came to check out.

“It turns out that the Immortal Court Academy’s people are all here, do you think we are the only ones?” Li Qingshan said silently.

Immortal Court Academy does not accept outsiders, here are all people inside the Immortal Court, and they also need a lot of credit, or pay a lot of spar, in order to exchange for a place.

So it’s good to have thousands of people.

And it is a period of admission for students, the former group will leave, and the next period will come.

Now there are thousands of people in the mission hall alone, and there are also people in other places. Li Qingshan estimates that there are nearly 10,000 students in the entire Immortal Court Academy.

Among these ten thousand people, there are youngsters and elderly people. The cultivation bases are different. Some have surpassed Heavenly Immortal, and some have only entered Human Immortal like Aman.

The mission lobby is huge.

The task of receiving and handing over tasks is all done by magic treasure. Li Qingshan saw that in the task hall, there is a book in charge.

A black book with a gold border, suspended in the air, directs other books and helps students hand over tasks.

“Don’t cut the line, don’t crowd, queue up for me, or else, get out of here.” Black’s book saw someone not lining up, crowded forward, roared angrily, and shot a ray of light , blasting those unruly people out.

Li Qingshan was startled, so cruel.

This book is strong.

And it has its own wisdom that should not be underestimated.

“This should be a high-grade Immortal Artifact, or, beyond the high-grade Immortal Artifact!” Li Qingshan chose a team with fewer people to line up and muttered in his heart.

He knows that Immortal Artifact is divided into high grade, middle grade, low grade, and poor grade.

Li Qingshan’s five Immortal Artifacts awarded by the Immortal Dao Gold List in the Dimensional Battlefield before were not accepted and had little formidable power.

And the Moon Wheel he smashed with a sword in the Emperor Pass defense is the middle grade Immortal Artifact.

What is the quality of the giant sword that Qingqing gave him?

Li Qingshan doesn’t know, he only knows that giant sword is very difficult to deal with, smashing middle grade Immortal Artifact easily.

And giant sword has its own wisdom inside, it just doesn’t want to pay attention to Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan has no choice but to entrust time.

Black’s book got angry and blasted the few people away, but it didn’t hurt them, but it would be very embarrassing.

In the entire mission hall, there were more than a dozen long queues, each with hundreds of people, and everyone waited silently.

“Mission Dao Book, can we open up several teams? Every time we come, we have to queue up, which is very troublesome.” At this time, a youngster helplessly said.

Li Qingshan immediately looked towards this youngster, he is very powerful, and wherever he stands, people can feel oppressed.

Mission Dao Book replied: “Qiu Wuya, don’t worry, I’m already setting up the new mission hall, you can see it next time you come, it’s my hard work, you will be amazed, No need to queue anymore.”

As soon as this statement came out, everyone was excited, it was a group of immortals, queuing up here, waiting for several hours, it was too time-consuming.

Li Qingshan waited silently. Fortunately, he chose a team with not many people. After one hour, he was there.

A book appeared in front of him, and he asked Li Qingshan: “What task do you want to receive?”

Li Qingshan is not surprised now, and asked: “What task do you have? ?”

The book quickly turned the pages, and each page was filled with tasks, which Li Qingshan swept across and could see clearly.

For example, go to the Sea Territory, kill a sea monster, and bring back the body of the sea monster, which is regarded as completion and rewarded with 3,000 points.

It is also specially marked later that the sea monster cultivator is, suspected to be Heavenly Immortal Peak.

Li Qingshan gave up this directly. He just entered Earth Immortal Realm and went to the Endless Sea Territory to hunt a sea monster of Heavenly Immortal Peak. For him, this was a very difficult task.

This book turned every page to Li Qingshan, and let Li Qingshan choose by himself.

Li Qingshan looked from the beginning to the end, and suddenly said: “I choose to go to Hell world to hunt immortal-level evil.”

The reward mentioned above is a Human Immortal evil. It is three hundred points, an Earth Immortal evil is five hundred, and a Heavenly Immortal evil is one thousand points.

the more the better.

Li Qingshan is looking at the more the better.

Hell and Immortal Court are two sides of a world, deeply involved.

Hell has a territory in Immortal World, and Immortal Court naturally has a territory in Hell, but it is surrounded by Hell demons.

That’s why Immortal Court Academy released this quest.

The Talking Book asked, “Are you sure?”

Li Qingshan

nods and said, “I’m very sure!”

“Put your identity Bring the card, I’ll collect it for you, next time you come back, how many corpses you bring back will be counted for points.” The talking book told Li Qingshan, and then returned the ID card to Li Qingshan, which had already been recorded.

β€œHow do I get to Hell?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Go out and turn left, fly over ten mountains, there is a Transmission Formation that can take you to Hell for free, and then pick you up for free.” The Talking Book replied, then shouted: “Next Take your place!”

The people behind immediately stepped forward, and Li Qingshan turned around and went out.

According to what the book said, he turned left and flew over ten mountains. As expected, he saw a huge Transmission Formation.

Li Qingshan came here and found that many people were there. Like him, they seemed to be entering Hell.

The person in charge of Transmission Formation saw Li Qingshan and immediately waved: “Is he going to Hell?”

Li Qingshan nods.

“Then hurry up, this Hell trip is about to go,” the man shouted.

Li Qingshan immediately followed, entered the Transmission Formation, and found that there were more than 30 people in the same group.

They all took on the task of hunting evil demons in Hell.

Among these people, Li Qingshan has the lowest cultivation base, and only Earth Immortal Realm.

“Yo, look at the breath, just enter Earth Immortal Realm for the first time, and dare to go to Hell to hunt evil demons, little brother, you are very brave.” An elder sister who still had charm said to Li Qingshan : “Do you want elder sister to protect you?”

Other people watched with interest, among these people, all of them were Heavenly Immortal Realm.

Li Qingshan calmly shook his head and said, “No need.”

“Little brother, we are all going there as a team, you are the freshmen of this period, freshmen should practice a few times. Months, let’s take the task again.” said the older sister, who was still charming.

“many thanks for your concern.” Li Qingshan nods to express his thanks, nothing else.

“Okay, tell him what to say, an Earth Immortal, go to see the cruelty of Hell, then you will know everything, and when the time comes back empty-handed, it is also considered to gain insight.” The majestic man beside him She stopped the woman from continuing, and looked at Li Qingshan with jealousy.

Li Qingshan smiled and said nothing.


At this time, the Transmission Formation lighted up, and it started in an instant, cyan rays of light shrouded, and Li Qingshan’s group of more than 30 people were directly sent to Hell.

I closed my eyes and opened them again, already in Hell.

The sky is scarlet, and the sun has turned into a bloody sun. The air is filled with sulphur, and even the energy is a bit more violent than the Immortal World. When absorbed into the body, you will feel a slight sting. pain.

Walking out of the Transmission Formation, Li Qingshan found that they were in a city with a sparse population, but they were all human beings like them.

This is the town of Immortal Court in Hell.

This city, the experts in Hell knew, but it was a convention that they didn’t come to destroy it, so they turned a blind eye.

“Little brother, elder sister is gone, you can do it yourself.” The charming woman waved to Li Qingshan.

The man beside her grabbed her and walked away in big strides, saying, “When I go back, he will be gone, so what should I say hello?”

Li Qingshan Shaking his head amusingly, this man and woman are really interesting.

Walking to the city gate, looking at the world outside, the mountains are still winding and huge, the only difference is that these mountains are bare, without any trees and green plants, some places Still on fire, burning brightly.

“I read the book at General Bai, and the book records that because Hell is the opposite of Immortal World, there are many unfavorable factors in it. For example, the surface of Hell is full of sulphur and flames and cannot give birth to trees. , The whole Hell, there are few trees, even if there are, they are not afraid of brimstone and fire.” Li Qingshan muttered.

When he saw this text in the book at that time, he had fantasized about the picture, and now he really saw it, and it was really shocking.

Li Qingshan saw some huge evil demons in those mountains. These evil demons are the bottom creatures of Hell. With instinct and innate talent, they have been promoted to Human Immortal, Earth Immortal, Heavenly Immortal, muddleheaded, Just know killing, and occasionally some evil things can awaken spiritual wisdom, even if they are out of the range of evil things.

Li Qingshan took out the giant sword, held it in his hand, and said softly, “Come with me to hunt evil?”

The giant sword trembled slightly and issued a Words: “Good!”

Rare, it’s very rare.

The giant sword normally didn’t bother to talk to Li Qingshan.

“Okay, let’s hunt a bit more this time.” Li Qingshan said happily, clenched the giant sword tightly, used the Kunpeng movement method, and added the Extreme Speed Grand Dao to quickly leave the city, among the mountains. shuttle.

Li Qingshan used the method of concealing his breath to cover up his own breath and search for evil things.

In the mountain range, Li Qingshan found an evil creature for a long time. It has a ferocious face, a tall body, four arms, and a slightly raised back, like two big meat buns. It is very terrifying and irrational. The mountains are swaying, and if they encounter blood food, they will kill them.

“The breath of the Earth Immortal Realm can be hunted and killed!” Li Qingshan judged in an instant, then approached decisively, drew his sword to kill the enemy, and the three sword dao fused and exploded, slashing down together with the giant sword.


This evil creature of Earth Immortal Realm died without pain, and could not withstand Li Qingshan’s blow at all.

Li Qingshan resolutely put away the corpse, put it into his Smaller Thousand Worlds, and quickly rushed to the next one.

The whole process took only a few seconds, and an Earth Immortal evil demon was hunted by Li Qingshan.

The giant sword seems to be using a lot of force when killing the evil demon.

Li Qingshan knows that Hell is dangerous, these evil demons are just little scumbags, but there are also terrifying existences in them, he doesn’t dare to be careless, so he observes carefully every time, once he shoots, it must be one strike certain kill , thunder is a powerful force, after killing people, restrain the corpse, and immediately escape.

In this brief moment, Kunpeng Treasure Art is in full swing.

When Li Qingshan was in Human World, he refined his fleshy body and turned it into Kunpeng. Until now, Kunpeng Treasure Art and Extreme Speed Grand Dao have made Li Qingshan’s speed very fast.

For a time, among the mountains and valleys, there was a ghost silhouette.

Human Immortal evil demon and Earth Immortal evil demon were all hunted down by Li Qingshan.

He made a fortune in a muffled voice, always concentrated attention completely, and was very vigilant every time he made a move.

In just three days, Li Qingshan swept away the evil demons from dozens of nearby mountains.

Fortunately, he didn’t encounter a Heavenly Immortal evil demon.

“I have already hunted down a hundred evil demons, thirty Earth Immortal, and seventy Human Immortal Realm. The points add up, and there are quite a few.” Li Qingshan sat on a fiery- On the red stone, thinking silently.

Human Immortal evil demon, 300 points per head, Li Qingshan killed 70 heads, worth 21,000 points.

Earth Immortal evil demon, 500 points per head, Li Qingshan killed 30 heads, worth 15,000 points.

Together, 36,000 points.

Li Qingshan has decided to go back.

These points are enough for him to use for a while, and his strength will also improve quickly.

Here Li Qingshan was taking stock of the harvest, and on the other side, in these mountain ranges, the elder sister and his team, who still had charm, looked at the empty mountain range and were confused.

“Where are these evil demons?”

“Every time I come here, there are hundreds of them, why is there nothing here?”

” Will it be hunted?”

“It’s possible, it’s probably done by another group of people, damn, it’s really fast.”

“We continue to expand Range, go hunt those Heavenly Immortal evil demons.”

The huge man reluctantly agreed, expanding the range to deal with those Heavenly Immortal evil demons.

They didn’t get enough of this trip.

And Li Qingshan is going back.

But when he set off, the nearby mountain range suddenly exploded, and a five-meter-high evil demon with eyes all over his face appeared, with a ferocious aura, countless pairs of eyes swept all around, and the next second , eyeing Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan frowned, those eyes so many that he felt sick.


Without saying a word, Li Qingshan carried the giant sword and ran for thousands of miles, in a flash, and chopped down the giant sword.

Killing Storm!

The sword was shrouded, Li Qingshan’s strength was full, and the three hundred and sixty-five Small Worlds were instilled in one brain, and the giant sword also shone slightly, directly slashing on the head of this evil creature.


The giant sword cut off the head of the demon and killed him directly.

Li Qingshan immediately put away the corpse, which was worth a thousand points, then put away the giant sword, restraining aura, and ran away.

Not long after he left, the women’s team that still had the charm came. They looked at the exploded mountain range and were surprised.

“There’s an evil demon with a Heavenly Immortal aura.”

“Where did he go?”

“There’s no sign of a fight in this place either. , this should have just entered the Heavenly Immortal Realm, a thousand points, just disappeared.”

“Someone hunted him.”

The huge and strong man angrily With a slap of the palm, they were late.

“Okay, we need to expand the scope. After a few days, we won’t get much. If it goes on like this, we have to come back empty-handed.” The charming woman said calmly.

“Let’s go, go out and hunt demons.” The huge and strong man said aggrieved.

The outside is much more dangerous than the inside.

But they had to go.

The culprit, Li Qingshan, left quickly. He had already returned to the city and sat on the Transmission Formation. Under the strange eyes of the person who opened the Transmission Formation, Li Qingshan left easily.

The other party must think that Li Qingshan saw the danger and chose to go back empty-handed.


Li Qingshan, who just came back from Hell for three days, went directly to the trading floor.

He didn’t want to waste time.

But when he came to the trading floor, he was instantly shocked.

The previous trading floor was very simple and had to wait in line. There were more than a dozen books dealing with the transaction content of thousands of people, and it was too busy to stop.

The current trading floor has become splendorous and majestic. All kinds of tasks are flying above everyone’s heads. If you want to receive a task, just grab it and print your ID card on it.

There is no need for queues and crowds.

In the corner of the hall, the dozen or so books before have now become a full-time acceptance task, which is also easier.

The entire trading floor has become very convenient.

The black book looked at it with satisfaction and felt very comfortable, and its layout was effective.

Li Qingshan went to hand over the task. There was no need to queue at all. He walked over directly, handed over the ID card, and said, “Hand over the task.”

“How many have you hunted? evil demon?” asked the talking book.

Li Qingshan immediately took out the corpses one by one, a total of one hundred and one, and piled them in the trading floor, attracting everyone’s attention.

“Who is that, who actually hunted down so many evil demons?”

“Evil demons have no brains, but they are fierce and unafraid of death, and they are not afraid of attacks. It’s not easy to hunt and kill, this person only has Earth Immortal Realm, and he killed more than 100 people, how did he do it?”

“Isn’t this a leak?”

” This kid looks like a freshman.”

These people were discuss spiritedly, but Li Qingshan ignored it and said to the talking book, “Check it out.”

The words speak The book carefully counted and said: “There are a total of 101 evil demon corpses, 70 Human Immortals, 30 Earth Immortals, and one Heavenly Immortal, with a total of 37,000 points.”

” Make sure it’s correct, just enter it in your card.” The Talking Book asked Li Qingshan. Li Qingshan>Nod

Li Qingshan said: “Enter “Enter Li Qingshan.”

Talking Book will give Li Qing Qingshan 37,000 points, and then return the card to Qingshan, and then quickly It grows bigger and sucks one hundred and one corpses into its own body.

Li Qingshan watched with interest, the magic treasure really has infinite possibilities.

Everything was over, Li Qingshan resolutely left the trading floor, leaving everyone behind.

Li Qingshan didn’t go back to his residence, he went directly to Time Channel.

Li Qingshan had thought about it for a long time. After getting points, he would come here immediately.

This is where he transformed.

[Time Channel, which can slow down Time Flow Speed, one day outside, one year inside! ]

[Enter Time Channel price: 1,000 points a day! ]

is equivalent to one day outside and one year inside.

Li Qingshan needs to realize that he accumulates Grand Dao, then this is the best place.

So after getting the points, he came right here.

“Freshman, do you want to enter the Time Channel?” asked the watcher of the Time Channel.

Li Qingshan nodded?

Li Qingshan took out his ID card and said, “I want to go in.”

“Go in for a day” The person guarding the Time Channel calmly said.

“No, go in for thirty-seven days!” Li Qingshan said firmly.

The person guarding the Time Channel was shivered, looked at Li Qingshan in surprise, and repeated: “Thirty-seven days? That’s thirty-seven years, can you stand loneliness?”

Li Qingshan smiled slightly, and said, “I’m friends with Lonely, how can I not be able to bear it?”

“That’s a good sentence.” The person guarding the Time Channel said with a smile, directly giving Li Qingshan swiped the card, and the 37,000 points he just got were all used up.

But Li Qingshan didn’t feel distressed at all, instead, looking towards Time Channel, his mood was agitated.

For thirty-seven years, the Grand Dao he accumulated in Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture can be fully comprehended.

This time, he is really about to begin to transform.

Time Channel opened slowly after Li Qingshan swiped the card, a giant channel constructed by countless time factors, very dreamy and peculiar.

“Go in, thirty-seven years, I’m more curious, when the time comes, what will you be like when you come out?” said the person guarding the Time Channel.

“Has no one been in for so long before?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“No, there are not many Grand Dao in Time Channel. You can only accumulate Spiritual Qi when you go in for a year. The Grand Dao from the outside is not open to you. Going in for 30 years is different from going in for 30 days. Big one,” said the watcher of the Time Channel.

Because it is a channel condensed with Time Grand Dao, the time is extended, so there are very few Grand Dao in the outside world.

As he said, if you go in for 30 days, it will be those things, if you go in for 30 years, it will still be those things.

This is purely time consuming.

Li Qingshan heard that the corner of the mouth raised was not exactly what he wanted.

He doesn’t need to comprehend the Grand Dao from the outside world, he has already prepared the Grand Dao, and the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture is full.

Li Qingshan strode into the Time Channel, then looked at the door of the Time Channel, slowly closing, with a bang, it became bright inside.

There are fluorescent flashes, white radiance bursts, and silver light stretches.

Because Li Qingshan has comprehended Time Grand Dao, he clearly feels that Time Channel has begun to lengthen the original time.

A day outside, a year here.

In essence, the outside world is stretched to the dimension of a year, which caused this situation.

“The person who arranged the Time Channel has realized that the Time Grand Dao is not very difficult to deal with. He can only arrange such a channel and cannot expand it.” Li Qingshan looked carefully and came to a conclusion. in conclusion.

He has a say in Time Grand Dao.

This channel seems boundless, and I don’t know where it leads, but Li Qingshan knows that the total length of this Time Channel is no more than 300 meters.

It’s just such a range, where time is stretched.

That’s why Li Qingshan said that the person who created this Time Channel is not very good at understanding time together.

“Regardless of whether others are powerful or not, I will hurry up to understand. Thirty-seven years is a long time, but I still have to comprehend 3,000 Grand Dao. There are a lot of them. I still need to hurry up.” Li Qingshan Sitting cross-legged in Time Channel, with a bang, behind him, a huge lying statue of Buddha Ancestor appeared. This Buddha Ancestor’s body is all Grand Dao.

All kinds of Grand Dao, Li Qingshan crazily stuffed into it before, and didn’t understand it at all.

Now, he is beginning to understand.

In Time Channel, the young man meditated cross-legged, the reclining Buddha closed his eyes, and established a channel.

In this passage, Li Qingshan absorbed the Grand Dao in the body of the reclining Buddha.

He comprehended silently, earnestly and carefully, and when he comprehended to a certain extent, he activated the max-level comprehension.

[You earnestly comprehend, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend Five Elements Grand Dao! ]

[You earnestly cultivate, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend Yin and Yang Grand Dao! ]

[You earnestly cultivate, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend the Grand Dao of longevity! ]

[You earnestly cultivate, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend Disaster Grand Dao! ]


As time goes by, year after year passes.

One after another Grand Dao, continuously comprehended by Li Qingshan, in this Time Channel, Li Qingshan gathered all the comprehension Grand Dao in the Sea of Consciousness.

Each Grand Dao is like a wandering dragon, traversing his Sea of Consciousness.

With Li Qingshan’s continuous understanding, his cultivation base is also improving wildly, absorbing Immortal Qi in Time Channel, and constantly expanding Sea of Consciousness.

The current Sea of Consciousness has become a boundless ocean, and Grand Dao swims in it. This is not just in name only, but also in reality Grand Dao Ocean.

In the first year, Li Qingshan’s cultivation base directly penetrated Earth Immortal, breaking through Heavenly Immortal Realm.

In the third year, Li Qingshan’s cultivation base entered the realm of True Immortal Realm from Heavenly Immortal breakthrough.

In the seventh year, Li Qingshan’s cultivation base directly broke through True Immortal and entered the Divine Immortal level.

From then on, he will be stuck in this realm all the time, with no breakthrough.

Li Qingshan was not in a hurry, he slowly realized all kinds of Grand Dao.

There are thousands of Dao Laws in the world, but in the final analysis, there are three thousand Grand Dao.

Three thousand Grand Dao is able to move unhindered in the whole world, people in the world only understand one of them, or a few complete Grand Dao, they are already invincible.

Li Qingshan directly understood the three thousand Grand Dao, and achieved all-inclusive and eternal invincibility.

He doesn’t even know how powerful he is.

He only knows that he has broken through all the way, without stagnation.

Over the past thirty-seven years, Li Qingshan has occasionally sobered up and pondered silently in Time Channel.

“Human Immortal, Earth Immortal, Heavenly Immortal, True Immortal, Divine Immortal, Yuanxian, Zuxian, Immortal Monarch.”

“As for Immortal Monarch, I’m not there I see in the book that it is a little far away from me, so don’t imagine.”

“Now I am the Divine Immortal, and the thirty-seven years are about to expire. It is estimated that I will not be able to break through the Yuanxian.”

Li Qingshan sighed.

Yuanxian is the number of one yuan, and lifespan has 129,600 years.

Yuanxian is very powerful, turning all kinds of Grand Dao into laws, fuse together, and become a part of himself.

“As I understand these Grand Dao, you can turn Five Elements Grand Dao into Great Five Elements Technique, as a cultivation technique, and play it directly.” Li Qingshan thought silently.

“When you enter the Yuanxian realm, you always feel that something is wrong. If you can’t understand this, you can’t enter.”

“In the Time Channel, it seems that it is impossible to comprehended, thirty Seven years are coming to an end, and I have seriously comprehended everything here, but I can’t break through.”

Li Qingshan knows that the opportunity to break through Yuanxian realm is not in the time channel, but outside.

“In thirty-seven years, I have comprehended Grand Dao, adding up to two thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine, and I am only one step away from three thousand Grand Dao.”

“It’s just this It’s very difficult to step out.”

Li Qingshan shook his head, the first place in the three thousand Grand Dao, he always had no clue.

Even the Time Acceleration in this Time Channel, the time is prolonged, he has already realized that when he goes out later, Li Qingshan can also lengthen the time, and achieve the effect of slowing down within a certain range.

Although it is not as good as one day equals one year, one day equals one month, Li Qingshan can still do it.

Comprehended these Li Qingshan, who alone could not comprehend the last of the three thousand Grand Dao, which can also be said to be the first Grand Dao of destiny.

There is a saying that, fate is out, space is respected, and time is king.

The first place among the three thousand Grand Dao is the Grand Dao of mysterious and unpredictable destiny.

Li Qingshan has no thread, even if it is max-level comprehension, there is no motivation to activate it.

“Don’t worry, I still have a lot of time in the future. I have gained a lot in the past thirty-seven years. I was unhurried for a while, and then I slowly realized it.” Li Qingshan warned himself in his hea

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