Metropolitan System Chapter 1750

Rubbing his eyes, Jiang Bai laughed and ignored Li Xian’er. This matter went to this step, they all reap what you have sown, put a dignified Quasi-Emperor as a gun? Are they grouped with Xianfang?

It’s all self-satisfied.

Seeing that Jiang Bai is not taking care of himself, Li Xian’er doesn’t dare to say anything more, so she waits silently on the side. In fact, she wants to leave, but she doesn’t have the courage. Jiang Bai’s temper is no one can figure out clearly and suddenly pops up. The people did not have half the information, and Li Xian’er did not dare to come.

Unceremoniously put the other side in his arms and hands, the people who are engaged in the complexion, but they dare not scream, can only rely on Jiang Bai Hu.

On the other hand, the Sect Master, who had suffered a loss, was in a difficult mood to calm down, but had to swallow his voice for his own treasured son.

At the beginning, I was looking for someone. It was a rare calm before the paintings of this group of fairy squares.

At this time, a middle-aged woman who still has a charm, hesitated and walked out, called Li Xian’er, and whispered in the ear of Li Xian’er, Li Xian’ Er changed his face and then walked over to Jiang Bai.

This performance was quite active and enthusiastic. The whole person was almost stuck on Jiang Bai’s body. He leaned on Jiang Bai’s ear and said, “Sir, someone wants to see you.”

“en?” Jiang Bai stunned, some unknown, so I looked at Li Xian’er with amazement and squinted and didn’t know what to think.

Looking at Jiang Bai’s reflection, Li Xian’er smirked and smirked and said in a low voice: “This is the old man’s old man. He has a relationship with the grown-up southern Xinjiang and wants to meet the grown-up.”

“It’s just not in the city right now, but also ask the adults to go out.”

This makes Jiang Bai curious, want to see myself, and let yourself go out? Is this any unfavorable move to yourself, or do you dare to enter this Peerless City?

I thought about Jiang Bai’s possibility of the latter being bigger.

It’s just a bad thing for yourself. A Quasi-Emperor, who doesn’t want to kill, can kill it. Jiang Bai has absolute confidence in himself. Unless the emperor comes, others can’t help him.

What’s more, people have said that it is an old man. Is there a relationship between southern Xinjiang? That must be the person who came out of the valley.

I thought about Jiang Bai said solemnly: “If you want to see me, let him come, I am lazy.”

“This…” Li Xian’er is a little embarrassed.

“How? This is not the case?” Jiang Bai frowns questioned.

“This.. I will sue there.” Biting his teeth, Li Xian’er came up with such a sentence, and went to the old man to explain it, then the other party left, and a minute later Jiang Bai sensitively found that there is a person King The Peak-Stage master left the painting and moved towards the city.

After a while, the painting became more and more lively. A silhouette appeared in front of Jiang Bai, wearing an azure robes, with a smile. When I saw Jiang Bai, I was first saluted, then moved towards Jiang Bai. Isn’t that the oldest sergeant, Mr. Liu, who can be?

“I have seen Mister Jiang, no. I have seen the Emperor.” Mr. Liu said this when Jiang Bai cup one fist in the other hand saluted.

The performance is to be respectful.

“Hey~ How is Mr. Liu so free today, I will come here for a special trip, will it not be for me?” Jiang Bai sneered, this Yan Junshan is acting very fast, here just happened, Mr. Liu ran over. It is.

It seems that today the goods are scared.

“It is indeed for the emperor. Ge Lao said that his steward is not very sensible. He misunderstood the scary words. He was especially offended by the emperor. Let me come to apologize. The old man is willing to give his home Wucheng to the emperor. “”

“Wucheng is a large city with a large population in the West. The annual output is amazing. It doesn’t matter if it is placed in the hands of the old people. It is better to give it to the emperor.”

This is the old price of the Yange want to settle this matter, but Jiang Bai simply does not take care of this Mr. Liu sneered, do not look at him, this Yan Junshan, give a broken city to want something? Dreaming?

Jiang Bai’s attitude made Mr. Liu feel awkward. If he wanted to say anything but didn’t have time to say it, he was interrupted because a giant cow that scented the five-color divine light appeared in the Taihu Lake.

In the eyes of the public, the five-colored sacred cows came to the water and stood on the surface of the lake like a green leaf. They lifted the heavy as if it were light and walked to the vicinity of the painting. .

An old man drunk from the five-colored cows and saw Jiang Bai immediately smiled: “I am coming from Jiang’s brother~”

Not intoxicated and who can it be?

The ancient Quasi-Emperor, who lived for 24,000 years, appeared in front of Jiang Bai at this time.

“Cognac?” Jiang Bai glanced at the other side and knew that the other person was not good. When the old man appeared, he looked at the Yan Great Master who was hanging there, intentionally or unintentionally. The head was screwed to him.

“cough cough.. What?. Sun Sect Master is also a Junior of me. His Master made a good deal with me. This time, his son has provoked you. He asked me to come. I hope that I can come out and ask you personally. How about, look at my brother’s face, how about this kid?”

“Sunny day, this kid is not a weapon, but after all is the heir of the Yanyang Tower, the only son of the Sun Sect Master, you should give me a face, put the person out, and you will let him know more when you go back. There is absolutely no such thing as today.”

Intoxicated to see Jiang Bai, this attitude coughed twice, a smile on the slightly drunk cheek, while moving toward Jiang Bai, and explained with Jiang Bai.

“I am familiar with you?”

Many people in the room felt that they were intoxicated. Jiang Bai will definitely give this face. Intoxication is the ancient Quasi-Emperor. It is famous for its reputation. Besides, there are Yandong to plead for it. Two Quasi-Emperor plus Sun Sect Master Three Quasi-Emperor, Jiang Bai, how to give a face.

Put a maximum of two swear words and put people.

But no one thought that this Jiang Bai came up with such a sentence.

At that time, the people who watched the lively were almost sprayed, fuck. . Does this guy talk in the end? What made me familiar with you? This is too much for his mother.

This is dignified Quasi-Emperor, it is intoxicating! You said this in full view, isn’t this a face? Is there such a person?

When I was intoxicated with the jug, I coughed twice, and my face was extremely embarrassed. I knew that Jiang Bai was not easy to get along with, but I didn’t think it was so bad to get along with this kid. . Totally don’t give face.

This is to be replaced by someone else who may be intoxicated and will take the lesson. The worst is to go to the sleeves. But now the situation is different. The Sun Sect Master asks him here. The Yan Great Master is still in the hands of Jiang Bai. On the time is not to say.

As for the lesson? Got it, I have a few pounds and a few intoxicated, really want to shoot Jiang Bai, then it is not necessarily who is the one who taught.

If you don’t get it, it won’t be guaranteed in the evening.