Metropolitan System Chapter 1757

Profound Water Sect This mysterious water clears Elder and refuses to come to power. Whatever the official said, he said, “I don’t want to go!”

Made up his mind, even if Profound Water Sect has not qualified for the big martial arts test since then, he will not go to death in vain.

Sect is sect, he is him, he can’t go to death, it doesn’t make any sense.

If this is to fight with people, if you die, you will die. At least you can fight for the benefit of Sect. Some people will avenge themselves. If this is the death of Shang Bai, it is in the hands of Jiang Bai. .

Isn’t this white death of his mother?

He is not stupid, this kind of thing can never be done.

Xuan Shui’s attitude was firm and the official was somewhat embarrassed. Jiang Bai had already stepped down when he was deadlocked and sneered: “Who are you talking about?”

“I…” Xuan Shui suddenly changed his face and wanted to explain it. Unfortunately, Jiang Bai had already crushed his head.

It is a chance to find a murderer. How can I explain it to him?

In such a situation, the people around me are completely speechless. I really don’t know what to say. I watched Jiang Bai’s face eccentric, but no one dared to speak.

“Jiang Bai!” Yan Dong came to panting with rage and Jiang Bai, who appeared again beside him, but unfortunately did not say it, Jiang Bai gave a word back: “This guy’s mouth is not clean, I dignified Quasi-Emperor, he dared to call me in front of me? Who would I kill him?”

“You have to think that it doesn’t matter, then I admit that it is, as long as you let me find thousands of people every day to say that you are the best.”

Yandong came: “….”

Yandong has never seen Jiang Bai so unreasonable guy, there will be no way for this goods.

Originally, they were rated as enough to suppress Jiang Bai. He and Shen Bai and Sect Master teamed up with Jiang Bai to retreat. However, the time of the Sect Master front section was offended by Jiang Bai, and now he is not convinced that Jiang Bai is afraid of Jiang Bai. Play.

Indulge in this old fellow and has been dying, the 24,000-year-old Quasi-Emperor, and not a few days of good work, the effectiveness of the Unparalleled Sovereign is also for future generations, the disciple has a reliance, now offended a rising momentum Obviously, Jiang Bai, who might sit down in the future, is definitely not a wise move.

Because of this, Jiang Dad did not give intoxication to the face several times, and the old fellows were laughed and did not take care of Jiang Bai. In this case, let him come forward with Jiang Bai? Dreaming?

It’s left to Yandong to come, and it’s really hard to support.

Yandong came back and the game continued. Jiang Bai Lezi zi gathered the prestige point of Xuan Shui and Qing, waiting for the next game.

My heart has already calculated, the next opponent must also admit defeat, will not fight with him, if the other party concedes that they should do.

They have already thought about it, and the other party will kill if they come up, and they will not come up to find reasons to kill.

Jiang Bai quickly discovered that this kind of thing is strong and strong.

The first opponent after three games, fainted directly.

When his mother cut out the name of the other person, the other person directly fainted. I don’t know if it was really fake. Anyway, I fell down directly. No matter how you shout, it is not snoring, so Jiang Bai is speechless.

What is even more speechless is that a disciple of his narration shouted at the time: “My Master is sick. He has a fever, can’t play, we admit defeat!”

This reason makes everyone look white, fuck. . you are sick? Have a fever? Are you too embarrassed to say it?

How do you say, your Master is also Heavenly Venerable, this World does not say Heavenly Venerable, the masters of Saint have never heard of anyone who is sick?

If you dare not go up, you will not dare to go on, and you will admit defeat if you admit defeat, fuck. . This reason is also too bad.

No matter how bad it is, people say it anyway. After that, they don’t wait for the surrounding people to reflect. Four or five disciples are running against people, which makes Jiang Bai, who has just had some troubles, look speechless.

The second opponent is even more ruthless. Just shouting his name, he immediately shot the next person: “I am looking at you for the surnamed Wu. You are not pleasing to the eye. Today is not your death or I am dead, I am fighting with you!”

Fuck, if you don’t know the situation, think that these two have deep hatred and hate. When you know the situation, you have turned your eyes. These two are good to wear a pair of pants. The two wives are sisters.

Just talking and laughing, how do you turn your face now?

The key is to turn your face and turn your face. You can hit it and call it for the side of the hair. “I violated the rules. Surnamed Wu is because of you. I violated the rules. I suddenly shot people here. The one who was driven out was going to prison for several years, but I spelled it.”

“It is just that people are willing to catch me.”

Fuck, is this what you want to catch or don’t want to catch? What do you mean? And you shouted and shouted, aren’t you talking about surnamed Wu? How do you go to the people in the central patrol department next to the venue?

and also. . Why are you taking the chain of others to your head? Is this what I want to do?

The third, fourth, fifth… To the last sixteen. One more than one trick.

Some of them turned and ran, but they didn’t say anything. Some of them were crazy on the spot and said they were mental disorder. Others said that they could not fight again.

Some people even fell to the ground and did not go down to the stage, saying that it was not Jiang Bai’s opponent. There was a wife and wife in the family who could give it to Jiang Bai.

Good Unparalleled Sovereign is a big martial test for selecting talents. The students have made Jiang Bai a vegetable market, and the chickens and dogs are jumping and messing up.

It is really speechless to the extreme.

“Jiang Ye.. You can do well, even if it is, this big martial arts test, you don’t participate, you want to participate, we can’t quit? We all admit defeat, you are the first place, can’t you succeed?” The master is about to advance to the quarter-finals, and he has lost his opponent’s first time, and he shouted in front of Jiang Bai.

His promotion to the quarter-finals should be a lottery decision. Others have not finished playing. The list of the quarter-finals has not yet been fixed. He directly found Jiang Bai.

This originally made people speechless, immediately got the approval of everyone else, all said that Jiang Bai is no match, directly first.

“That can’t be done. How can I know that I am the first? I came to participate in the big martial arts test, and I will never allow any black box manipulation inside!” Jiang Bai answered the righteous words.

Just saying it, the rest of the people are crying.

“In this case, I quit!” A senior who has just advanced to the quarter-finals immediately said that he is not playing, and is willing to quit.

It’s not easy for everyone to go to this step. If you don’t want to leave, you don’t want Jiang Bai to die. Instead of asking for mercy or being killed, it’s better to be a little profitable. Grandpa doesn’t play.

“I also quit!”

“Me too. I am no match.”