Metropolitan System Chapter 1897

This is said, many people around the color changed.

A lot of people are stunned, and dozens of people in the center of the field are complexion ashen.

Many people don’t know about Jiang Bai and Beitang Snow. They don’t know the so-called marriage contract, but they all know that Beitang Xue, the woman named Guang Maiden Xue in the light star, and the young Wu of the Shenwu family. The relationship between Master Shenwu Longjun.

The two are currently in love with the status, and in recent months there has been a rumor that the Beitang Family is about to marry the Shenwu family.

During this time, a large number of Beitang Family masters entered the light star under the leadership of Patriarch and several Supreme Elders, carrying a lot of wealth, which is said to be a dowry for Beitang Snow.

Now Jiang Bai suddenly came out and said that it was the man of the North Hall Snow, the brother-in-law of the North Hall, and said that he would play the North Butter Snow Butt in this large audience.

Isn’t this a naked provocation?

Isn’t this the naked face of the Wulong Army and the Shenwu family?

It is also reasonable to cause an uproar.

After all, the people who dared to beat the face of the martial arts in this year are almost non-existent. This is the first time!

“Jiang Bai, what are you talking about!” Beitang snow turned red at the time, angry Huo Tengkong, where he scolded.

At the same time, she also opened the Beitang Family, each and everyone complexion ashen, with eyes burning, I can’t wait to break Jiang Bai.

“Bold!” At that time, the Shenwu Longjun was also angry. Junyi’s face was full of anger, and there was already some distortion, and it was violent and violent, and the powerful momentum swept through the hall.

Heavenly Venerable realm’s Shenwu Longjun is already a master. It is nothing to be said in front of the Quasi-Emperor and the Emperor who are truly in charge of the heavens. Here, among the young people, they are the first to be deserved.

As soon as the momentum opened, people around them felt the pressure.

The people of Beitang Family suddenly expressed their joy, taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune’s looked towards Jiang Bai, even dare to offend the god Wulong army?

In their view, the death of Jiang Bai is here.

“How, little white face, you are hooked up with this woman, I have not bothered you, but you are still yelling in front of me?”

“Give you a face?”

Jiang Bai blinked at the time, coldly said.

“courting death!” Shenwu Longjun snorted, and Jiang Bai’s words really ruined him.

Talking to the God Wulong Army has already taken a step forward, and it is necessary to speak.

Many people took pleasure in other people’s misfortune’s looked towards two people. Originally, they thought of it as an Ordinary cocktail party. The highest level of participation was a little higher, and they were some young talents.

I did not expect that I have just arrived here, but I haven’t started yet. It’s really surprising that I have encountered such a thing.

It’s really a surprise in life.

“Wait~” At this time a voice sounded out of nowhere, a height of more than two meters, sturdy and strong, wearing a black military dress, a man with a shining star stood up at this time.

The national character face, thirty up and down, masculine and straight, face like a knife, although not handsome, but exceptionally resolute.

Suddenly standing out at this time, it caused a burst of exclamation.

Jiang Bai heard the identity of this person from the voice of the next person. The grandson of the Grand Marshal, Cheng Chengqiu, the master of the military, is now said to be in charge of the party. He is the commander of a remote area planet.

With the rank of major general, the cultivation base has entered the Heavenly Venerable three years ago, but it is a little older and looks like thirty years old. It is actually 40 years old.

There is no way to compare with the God Wulong Army, but it is also a top genius.

It is estimated that this is only one after another who can compete with the Shenwu Long Army. Behind the Shenwu Long Army stands a huge Shenwu family and Shenwu Emperor, and behind this is the big Marshall Mansion.

Evenly matched.

“Qu Chengqiu! What are you doing!” The appearance of Qu Chengqiu changed the face of Shenwulongjun, and looked at Qu Chengqiu in front of him, his voice was not good.

But I didn’t do it right away, because the people in front of me are different from others. Anyone else in the Galactic Federation, no matter where you are from, the Shenwu Longjun can be in the eyes, and it’s also a matter of doing it. Who can still get him? ?

Can be curved into the autumn is not within this category, the status of the Grand Marshal standing behind Qu Chengqiu is extraordinary, even if the Emperor Shenwu met, he had to meet three points.

Although the two sides are now very unpleasant, Shenwu Emperor has already replaced his mind, but now he has not completely torn his face, and he really dare not let Qu Chengqiu.

How can it not be, people are as strong as him.

“Nothing, I just listened to the little brother. It seems that this matter has another inside story. What do you mean by the martial arts dragons rushing to start? Is it necessary to take the opportunity to kill people?”

“If you don’t have a ghost in your heart, let’s just let people finish talking!”

Qu Chengqiu sneered, standing in front of Jiang Bai, obviously wants to support Jiang Bai, although Shenwu Emperor did not tear the face with the Grand Marshal, but the two sides have already become a fire.

There is an opportunity to attack the Shenwu family, and Qu Chengqiu will not let go.

After saying this, I ignored the face of the god Wulongjun Tieqing, and said to Jiang Bai said with a laugh: “This brother, if you have any feelings, even if you say it, rest assured, I am here in the autumn, I can’t help others. you!”

“If someone angers you because of what you said today, the big Marshall Mansion will never sit back and ignore it!”

This is equivalent to supporting Jiang Bai and telling Jiang Bai clearly. Although you can rest assured that our big Marshall Mansion will support you, it is necessary to give the god Wulong Army ugly.

Even so, Jiang Bai feels not good, unconsciously frowned, this song into the autumn is obviously to shoot him, this feeling, Jiang Bai does not like.

I am thinking about whether to say or so on, the Shenwu Longjun over there has complexion ashen’s looked towards Jiang Bai, the word stopped is said there: “You want to die?”

At this time, Jiang Bai was annoyed. What do you want to do, and dare to speak to grandfather? Not to mention you, that is, your ancestors came, I am not in the eye.

At that time, I changed the color, and reached out. In the eyes of the public, I hooked the finger to the god Wulong army. Coldly said: “What do I say, what is the relationship with you, not convinced, you come over, I teach you to be a man!”

“嘶~” This made everyone around sucked in a breath of cold air.

Even the song into the autumn, looked at Jiang Bai with a blank face.

This kid is hard to make this crazy? That is the Shenwulong Army, the god Wuwu Army known as the younger generation of the Galaxy Federation Number One Expert.

At a young age, it is already Heavenly Venerable realm, inheritance Shenwu’s various Secret Scripture, that is the person who got the inheritance of Shenwu Emperor, and is called the invincible in the same level. Even if Qu Chengqiu is facing the Shenwu Longjun, he dare not say that he has Grasping will win.

But now, you don’t know which one is coming out, dare to provoke the god Wulong army? Is this tired, or tired?