Metropolitan System Chapter 2021

, Metropolitan System

It’s just that World doesn’t regret eating medicine, even system is not that big.

Space-Time Reverse and so on is feasible under normal circumstances. System has this ability, provided that it does not affect the general trend and no one interferes.

Now, in this case, if you want to start all over again, it is an idiotic dream.

Not to mention the current system has the ability to break the rules of the barrier, to bear the horror enough to crush his backlash with Jiang Bai, even if it can. . At the beginning of history, Emperor will not allow such things to happen.

So things in front of you can’t change anything at all.

They can only watch what is happening in front of them, but they are unable to hinder them.

For a time, Jiang Bai and their eight were in a hurry.

At this time, Void twisted, a black head dropped from the sky, suppressing everything, falling on the scarlet eye, snoring, and began to suppress the eye.

There was only one head, burning a black flame, and suppressing the eyes of the Emperor under this flame, and then. . Where the flame is wrapped, there is a tendency to gradually recover from recovery.

The two contend, about an incense stick of time, a young man wearing a black armor reveals the truth, a head gradually grows into a complete person, the horrible Immortal breath is revealed from above.

this is. . stiff!

The demon of the devil was stale, and he actually began to break the ban and restore himself at the last moment, suppressing the eyes of the Emperor.

Seeing that “stiffness” has accumulated the power of countless years, it has been forbearing, but now it has suddenly started. In the absence of the nine Immortal, the eye of the Emperor is suppressed and becomes the ninth Immortal. .

This scene makes Jiang Bai a group of people who have been in a hurry and feel weird.

Jiang Bai also had a trump card. It was invincible. It was able to evolve two avatars. Jiang Bai intended to use it again when there was no way. Before that, I didn’t dare to show it. It was not impossible, but I didn’t want it.

The Tower of Chaos, the spear of judgment, after all, is not his own. Jiang Bai can’t be careless. If they find Jiang Bai’s invincible skills, they feel that it’s okay. If you take this opportunity, it will become very troublesome.

Therefore, Jiang Bai did not come to chaos, just wanted to start, invincible, let his Immortal avatar appear, suppress the eyes of the pair of emperors, but did not expect the zombie to come.

After arriving, he first shot and suppressed the eyes of the Emperor, and the black rays of light broke out under the stiff cockroaches. The eyes of the twins were suppressed.

Waiting for everything to be stable, Jiang Bai slowly nodded, one hand on the chest, Jiang Ba 鞠躬, which made Jiang Bai stunned, then smiled, knowing that the system arranged his own time and space when it affected.

This stiff, saluted to himself, is almost exactly the same as when I first saw myself.

“Everyone, first suppress the fleshy body of this Emperor and say the other!” The Wheel of Fate is low, nine Immortal in nine times of the universe, including the stiff, everyone does not belong to a camp.

But now it is doing one thing together, that is to suppress this dynasty floshy body.

The effect is not bad. Jiang Bai, when they were suppressing the Fleshy body of the Emperor, seemed to have been blessed, and the power was soaring. They were shining with strange rays of light. They were the same as the nine fleshy bodies. After the blessing of the rules of the Central Universe, the power increased.

The singularity of the singer fleshy body was suppressed. According to the nine distribution points given by the system, the dynasty floshy body should be repressed.

At this time in Void, Immortal has already come out. One of the six eyes of Immortal slowly walked out of the Void. He just stepped out and ignored Jiang Bai and turned away.

Next moment, in the universe, in the dark, countless six eyes of the genius followed, the mighty army, directly moved towards the heavens to kill the past, to crush this central heaven.

“Damn, forget the major event, trouble! Jiang Bai hurry to shoot!”

Seeing this scene, the system suddenly snarled and let Jiang Bai shoot.

Jiang Bai did not dare to be vague, invincible techniques followed, and the two avatars appeared in Void, one left and one right, standing between the blinks.

“Where?” Jiang Bai asked.

“Preventing them from destroying the central heavens, damn I forgot, except for the nine-point fleshy body, the soul of the Emperor of the Emperor is suppressed within the heavens, damn.. almost let them seize every opportunity.”

“Fortunately, you have invincible skills, otherwise it will be troublesome!”

“Fast, stop them from attacking the heavens!”

The excitement of the system, the Emperor’s fleshy body was suppressed by them, but the soul of the Emperor of the Immortal, suppressed in this central heaven, once out of trouble, the consequences can not be expected.

This makes the system very anxious.

At this time, he also realized that he might have made a mistake. The purpose of these six-eyed gangs is not the dynasty fleshy body. The Huangquan genius also counts on the floshy body to resurrect the Emperor, but to use the nine-point fleshy body. Drag them a few.

The army of the Six-Eyed Nguyen broke through the heavens and released the soul of the Emperor.

Once successful, the Emperor must be resurrected and no one can stop it.

On the other hand, even if the soul can’t be released, Jiang Bai is desperate to suppress the soul and break the six-eyed army of the Nguyen. It doesn’t matter, because they must lose sight of it, and the floshy body aggregates, and it is equally horrible.

When it was said that it was late, the system voice fell, and the mighty six-eyed army of the Nguyen, the beasts that drove several times theirs had already appeared in the universe Void, and there were at least 100 million people.

The leader is even more incredible. It turned out to be two Immortal, one is the one who appeared before, and one does not know when it will come.

The two Immortal, one horse first, one of them cast a strange method, the vast hand, the boundless vast, covering half of the heavens, seeing it will fall, to completely destroy this central heaven.

“Damn! Give it to me!” Jiang Bai is also unambiguous, invincible, and the two avatars directly confronted.

Jiang Bai’s invincibility is one of the strongest Divine Ability, otherwise it can’t be called invincible. After Jiang Bai’s achievement of Immortal, the formidable power is stronger and can exert the power of Jiang Bai 70%. It is not weaker than the general Immortal. .

This power is enough to block two six-eyed people.

At this time, I was struck at the fastest speed with the two six-eyed Immortal Immortal, destroying the opponent’s offensive, and it was difficult to distinguish between the other side.

Unfortunately, they don’t have any weapons. The previous blade can’t be used. The first is too bad, but they are all swallowed up by the “Supreme Destiny Wheel.”

In this case, they have no choice but to fight against the enemy with a bare hand. Fortunately, Jiang Bai Divine Ability is amazing, and the method is versatile.

It’s just a little bit difficult to win at one and a half.

Four Immortal fights, playing murky heavens dark earth, Sun and Moon lost radiance.

“Metropolitan System”?

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