Metropolitan System Chapter 2025

Without waiting for Jiang Bai to speak, the ancestors were so violent on the spot that they broke off.

The blood spurted into the column and swayed the sky, and the golden soul appeared, entering the Supreme fate wheel, and looked at Jiang Bai at the moment of entering.

Jiang Bai has a lot of mischievous things, and I don’t even know what to say.

He saved the staleness at first, but it was a coincidence. The coincidence of the system arrangement, if not without himself, the same can grow to the present level, but it only played a small role.

However, I did not expect that All Heavens and Myriad Realms were the most ferocious. They have always been called the devil of the devil. They are more popular than others. The waters of the water are reported by Jiang Bai. It is really not thought of by Jiang Bai.

Although there are other factors in it, he did this step, but no one thought of it.

Jiang Bai did not think, system did not think, Cheng Jing Ye Jingshen did not think that the three Sovereigns and Five Emperors and All Heavens and Myriad Realms masters also did not think.

Who can’t think of the ancestor’s stagnation, so it is so clean and neat, so decided.

It’s really shocking, and people don’t know what to say.

“Enough enough~” snorted, Supreme’s fate broke out of the ray of light, the next moment flew, extracted All Heavens and Myriad Realms, the energy of the endless universe time and space, madly poured into Jiang Bai within the body.

The rotation itself, moved towards Jiang Bai, and shrinking as it approached Jiang Bai.

Jiang Bai’s forehead’s vertical eye was stimulated, and then opened, Supreme’s fate wheel, in the eyes of the public, continued to shrink, and finally integrated into the vertical eye of Jiang Bai.

Such a scene makes the people around you feel awkward.

Entering Jiang Bai’s vertical eye, Supreme’s fate wheel, which then shattered the golden sword that was originally erected in this eye, replaced its position and kept turning.

The endless energy poured in from it, madly transforming Jiang Bai’s body.

Entering Jiang Bai’s within the body, Jiang Bai’s power is unrestricted, All Heavens and Myriad Realms, the endless universe, countless energy converging into the stream, constantly pouring into Jiang Bai’s within the body.

Under the control of Supreme’s fate wheel, Jiang Bai’s body was transformed and Jiang Bai’s body broke out with golden rays of light and Supreme’s fate, which merged with Jiang Bai.

“Jiang Bai. I will sacrifice myself soon. I hope you can remember, breakthrough realm, no matter what the Emperor said, don’t bother, you must kill him!”

“Only killing him can avenge our masters and not sacrifice our sacrifice!”

“But before that, you have to get the Eternal Divine Spark, enter the Eternal Dilemma, get the Eternal Divine Spark, and you can really defeat.” Emperor.”

Next moment, system disappears, Jiang Bai feels the horrible soul energy, turns into the most pure power to nourish his soul, and makes his fleshy body and soul climb.

The surrounding scene changes, so that the people present and everyone are at the extreme, you see me, I see you, look at each other in dismay.

No one can say a word because Jiang Bai has disappeared.

Yes, Jiang Bai disappeared, disappeared without a trace, as if it had never been seen before. If it is not a deep understanding of Jiang Bai’s character, everyone must doubt whether Jiang Bai escaped.

In front of the Emperor, the Emperor is in Void. The constant struggle comes from the central universe. The rules of the universe are imprisoned. The system just let the ancestors help kill the many people, destroy the infinite World, and gather the power to enter the body. .

Then merge with Jiang Bai, can Jiang Bai be disappeared without a trace?

Fortunately, there are not many people left behind, and most of them know about Jiang Bai’s products. Otherwise, they are estimated to have been thinking about it.

“Damn, what’s going on!” The audience was complicatedly changed, and Ye Jingshen couldn’t help but bullshitting.

Now Jiang Bai is their main heart, the only force that can fight against the Emperor, but suddenly disappeared, which really makes them unacceptable. Rae is Ye Jingshen famous for his nerves, and when he sees the scene, he still bears Can’t stop the crash.

All this, it’s too sudden.

Suddenly people can’t accept it.

It is not only Ye Jingshen and his masters from All Heavens and Myriad Realms, but also Jiang Bai himself, who is almost vomiting blood.

Because he suddenly found out, he was actually in another World.

In my mind, the last message left by system tells Jiang Bai that this is the ancient period, the Immortal country!

According to the information left before the demise of the system, in the ancient times, before the existence of the heavens, the Immortal Kingdom existed at the beginning of the birth of Jianmu.

In the multiverse, there are countless heavy universes. According to the strength and weakness, the number of Immortal can be born in every universe. The multi-dimensional universe is boundless. The weak can only give birth to an Immortal Level powerhouse, and the powerful ones can be born, dozens of Immortal. .

Just like Jiang Bai, the central universe they live in, there have been dozens of Immortal. .

The hometown of Jiang Bai, the place where the past life exists, the universe is only there is a person Immortal.

The gap is obvious, but this is not the point. The point is that in ancient times, these Immortal did not live in the universe that existed in the original. At the beginning of the recovery of the Emperor, there was no time to create six eyes.

All Immortal lives on the original of Heaven, the Immortal country.

This is a vast expanse of land, endless territory, possessing horror Spiritual Qi, growing countless Divine Beast, countless powerful creatures, endless Spirit Treasure, with many things that can’t be imagined afterwards, the ancestor’s dragon, the first ancestor, the first ancestor Qilin, the first ancestor The legendary species, such as 睨 Shuttle, Undead Phoenix, etc., live on this land.

The Immortal of the major universes gather here, carrying family members and relatives, making this Immortal country extremely prosperous.

Before the reign of Emperor, this is the center of the universe.

The Immortals soared from their respective universes and ruled Wanfang.

Unlike later, I can only struggle on the at the end of death’s door. In my own side world, I dare not go out.

However, such a place was eventually destroyed by the Emperor, destroyed, and countless Immortal fell.

Of course, Emperor did not pay the price, and he was suppressed here.

Nine pieces of corpse were repressed in the central universe, and a small piece of the Immortal country formed the original heaven.

This time endless prosperity, system brought Jiang Bai here, not to let him appreciate the scenery of the ancient era, nor to let Jiang Bai see who.

In fact, Jiang Bai felt that his power had improved linearly as he entered his own body.

The power rose to a level of horror, far beyond the previous one, especially after the Wheel of Fate replaced the sword of the ruler in his forehead.

Jiang Bai feels extremely powerful, at least ten times stronger than before, and even more.

It belongs to the existence of the Immortal class completely. The Wheel of Fate in the forehead is even dominated by the fate of Jiang Bai incarnation. It can master a certain destiny, and its power is only terrible and unimaginable.

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