Metropolitan System Chapter 2026

However, the system let Jiang Bai come over, not for playing and seeing.

According to the message it left for Jiang Bai, Jiang Bai came to find the legendary Eternal Divine Spark.

This rumor is the Divine Spark left by the Venerable God of Creation, which was born with this chaotic universe.

Strictly speaking, Venerable God of Creation is the starting point of everything. In the inexplicable singularity, the father of all things, the mother of all things, without sex, is the ancestor of all things.

There is no origin in the air, and he is the origin of everything.

So there is another name called Eternal Origin.

The power is more powerful than his twin brother, the emperor who formed with a little residue left by his birth.

Their missions are different. Venerable God of Creation is responsible for creation, and Emperor is responsible for destruction.

Both of them have their own roles, and the Venerable God of Creation Eternal originates much more powerful than the Emperor.

It is also because of its power, so he was destined to die at the beginning of his birth.

This is the destiny, the fate of self-development, the mysterious and mysterious existence.

Venerable God of Creation is born of everything, creating everything, creating race, creating a multiverse, creating everything, running out of power and dying.

Before he died, he knew that the Emperor would be born in the years to come. No one can resist it. In order to copy the things that the Emperor created to destroy himself, he is at the last moment of his life, with his own essence and life. Where, condensed, Eternal Divine Spark.

It is rumored that Eternal Divine Spark will be able to advance to Eternal on Immortal.

To achieve the realm like the Venerable God of Creation, you don’t need to create World again, you can become the new god of omnipotence, the master of all universes.

These, system is also known from his Master, the Lord of Destiny.

Unfortunately, system is not all-powerful. Although I know the news, I can’t get Eternal Divine Spark.

It is said that this thing existed in this Immortal country that year, as to which system does not know.

Just know that his master has witnessed Eternal Divine Spark, but his master is not strong enough to master Eternal Divine Spark.

Eventually accompanied by the awakening of the Emperor, the destruction of the Immortal kingdom, Eternal Divine Spark, was missing.

The endless universe, countless Immortal, united against the semi-Immortal emperor, and the result was defeated.

Eventually exhausted the method, united against the Emperor, and finally sacrificed 99% of Immortal, the remaining universe of dozens of Immortal creatures, with their final life, formed a seal, divided the Emperor fleshy body Nine parts, suppressed in the central universe.

The soul of the Emperor of the Supreme is suppressed in the fragment of the broken Immortal country, which is later in the heavens.

This has caused the Immortal realm to have no ghosts of life, not only the central universe, but also the vast universe, the existence of countless Immortals, and the fact that there are few creatures in each universe.

The Central Universe has no living creatures, because these powerful Immortal creatures promoted their own Spirit Treasure before they died, letting them achieve Immortal and suppress the heavens.

The system sent Jiang Bai to let Jiang Bai look for Eternal Divine Spark.

According to the Master of the Wheel of Fate, the command of the Lord of Destiny before the death, Wheel of Fate, has been looking for inheritance for countless years, and has long since Supreme’s fate.

Select the heir to advance to Immortal, and then continue to power, to integrate Supreme’s fate into the body, let the other party promote half Eternal, take the opportunity to trace the ancient times, to the Immortal country.

Follow Eternal Divine Spark here, find Eternal Divine Spark, and accommodate the body of today, with the cultivation base of Half-Step Eternal, and Sternreme’s Eternal, to suppress the Emperor.

It is a pity that this thing is extremely difficult to succeed. It not only needs to devour all other Immortal, but also release the Emperor, so it has been opposed by other Immortal for many years.

System has been working hard for countless years, but unfortunately never succeeded.

This time I found Jiang Bai’s lucky success, and naturally sent Jiang Bai over.

I hope that Jiang Bai will accommodate Eternal Divine Spark and achieve Eternal and suppress the Emperor.

“fuck.. This system is really a pothole. Just tell me that Eternal Divine Spark is in this Eternal country.”

“Can be fuck, this place is endless, more extensive than the previous Central Universe, All Heavens and Myriad Realms, which let me go to Eternal Divine Spark?”

“This is not playing me!”

Standing in the rush of the green jade, Jiang Bai looked at all around the scene, his mouth smirked, and he stood there talking to himself.

I feel that the behavior of system is simply too pit.

The dead man does not pay for it.

What the fuck. . What the fuck, how did Jiang Bai find Eternal Divine Spark?

The Immortal country is boundless, multi-cosm, and numerous, and Immortal living here is afraid of tens of thousands or even more.

And which Immortal is a loner here? Thought this is a desolate future generation?

Every Immortal here carries a large number of relatives, friends, ethnic groups, and similar people. There are at least millions of people around Immortal, which is still rare.

There are some emotional guys who can’t wait to have hundreds of millions of people around.

These people have long been together in this bustling Great World.

Want to find Eternal Divine Spark in this vast area, the endless population, what is it?

The fate is that if this event is only to find Eternal Divine Spark, it will be able to advance to Eternal immediately, and Jiang Bai will recognize it. Although it is hard, it is not unbearable.

The key is to find Eternal Divine Spark into the body according to system, which is just the guess of the owner of fate.

This means that if you don’t find it, you can’t succeed. Even if you find it, you may not succeed.

What the fuck is the rhythm of playing dead.

After thinking about the distant years, the Emperor has recovered, and his friends, relatives and relatives are facing the threat of death. Jiang Bai can’t help but get angry.

But soon he wanted to understand, and his mood was much better. Now, this year does not know when it is, but since it is within the Immortal Kingdom, it proves one thing, that is, there is no destruction here, and the Emperor has not yet recovery.

In this case, Jiang Bai has time to wait slowly, and when it is too big to escape, he will not be able to participate in the war, and he should be able to live for a long time.

Of course, this is the final plan. Jiang Bai will never do this because it is absolutely necessary, because doing so is no different from coward.

“Damn system, why are you guys so integrated into my body so quickly? I know that you are trying to improve me, but at least you can do things for me at least!”

“Just tell me that the Lord of Destiny knows the news of Eternal Divine Spark, but your sister. Where is the Lord of Destiny? Who is he? What, you at least give me a message! Damn bastard, this slut Where does the sea let me go to find him?”

Jiang Bai couldn’t help but vomit, but unfortunately the system was not in, and he couldn’t communicate with him at all, so Jiang Bai spoke for a long while, and eventually no one responded.

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