Metropolitan System Chapter 2027

Helpless, Jiang Bai can only shook his head, dejected and left the forest, moving away to the smoke-stricken town, hoping to find useful clues.

Just two steps away, suddenly a silhouette appeared in the sky, a woman wearing white brocade, fluttering belt, a red cinnabar on her forehead, beautiful and alluring, appeared in front of Jiang Bai.

Holding a golden long sword, fell from the sky, and fell not far from Jiang Bai, fiercely fell to the ground.

There were wounds everywhere in the body, and several black shadows came from far away. The speed was so astounding, shredded Void, and annihilated everything. A path of sword glow shot from the sky and went straight to the woman.

Unfortunately, because the formidable power is too large, the attack range is too wide, and Jiang Bai is also wrapped in it.

“fuck!” Jiang Bai said that he had a dog.

This has just been left to be handed over?

How can this endure?

Just want to start, but found that the woman behind her is difficult to get up, wiped the blood of his mouth, holding a long sword, waving sword qi.

Sword qi across the Void, the huge golden giant sword appears out of thin air, moving towards the broken gap in the sky.

“Ah~” a scream came, and each and everyone shadows fell.

The endless sword qi is swept away, and the people who chase the woman have died. Some people have only residual values, and some have become fly ash.

These people have the strength of the Great Emperor level, but they can be killed in the face of this woman but they have no power to fight back.

“Qi Kun dominates the sword!” Jiang Bai was a glimpse at the time, and saw that the woman had already seen what the trick was.

Undoubtedly, this is the sword that Qiankun dominates. Jiang Bai learned this thing and knows it very well. Although it does not seem perfect, it is certain that this. . It is Qian Kun who dominates the sword!

Didn’t wait for him to worry, didn’t wait for him to talk.

The beautiful silhouette in front of me turned around.

I saw Jiang Bai and I fell to the ground.

At that time, Jiang Bai was embarrassed, not because the woman was beautiful, although the woman was beautiful and alluring, Jiang Bai knew that many people, there are many women, and this is the first.

But this is still to let Jiang Bai completely smash.

Jiang Bai is worried, there is only one reason, that is, the woman in front of her, Jiang Bai knows.

Yes. . Jiang Bai knows! Proper understanding.

This is not someone else. It is Jiang Bai who once gave Jiang Bai a drop of Immortal blood and let Jiang Bai advance to the ruler of the Great Peak-Stage!

The master of the sword of the rule!

The woman fell down, and the golden long sword floated in the hands, and it continued to rotate there. Then she slammed into the mountains and formed a shield to lock the woman in the center of Jiang Bai.

This golden long sword floating in Void, not the sword of the ruler, who can be?

It’s just that the current sword of dominance is not as strong as the later generations. It’s just the Peak-Stage, which has not yet reached the Immortal realm.

And the Lord of the Lord is only the Great, Perfection, the same. . Did not advance to Immortal.

“This.. fuck, what the situation!” Jiang Bai stunned, for a moment and a half did not know how to deal with the situation at hand.

Say hello to the sword of the ruler? Everyone will have something to discuss in the future, will not be as unpleasant as before?

Fuck, the key is it useful to say hello now? At the time when Jiang Bai came, the sword of dominance no longer existed. Now say hello? Will it affect the future?

What if I play with it? This is likely to affect future generations.

However, when I came here, I couldn’t say it because I didn’t say hello. The Lord of the Lord did not have the hegemony in the future. Now I’m very hurt. I look like a wound everywhere, and there is a tendency to fall apart.

From the time of eyebrow cinnabar, there is a loss of essence from time to time. Is this the rhythm of life?

Jiang Bai was awkward at the time and didn’t know what to do.

In the end, he still had a bite in the past, and the headquarters could see it, and the rhythm of this almost finished game.

Although I don’t know why this happens, the master of the relationship is of great importance, and that is the main force against the Emperor.

Divided into the Emperor, the suppression of Imperial Capital has her share, if she died, the consequences are unpredictable.

In the past, Jiang Bai has no system, and it is impossible to quickly treat the master of the eyes. He thinks that he can only bite his fingers and want to treat his own blood with his own blood. At the same time, he uses force to help the other party to expel. Within the body that chaotic sword qi.

Jiang Bai is not a professional doctor. After all, it is beyond the Immortal level. It is above the Immortal King and is the invincible Half-Step Eternal.

Although this Half-Step Eternal is a parallel with respect to the Emperor, the reliability is still there.

“Stop! You will go one step further, I will kill you!” Jiang Bai just approached, the sword of the floating sword in Void, a sword qi shot, then revealed the lineup, a golden armor, cold eyes, Staring at Jiang Bai.

The fierce light in the eyes flashed, as if Jiang Bai dared to approach and immediately killed Jiang Bai.

It seems that the out of the ordinary, but in fact has been strong in appearance but weak in reality.

In front of the sword of the master, the body has also been hit hard before, although it is still Peak-Stage, it can be almost covered with a densely packed spider pattern, which looks like a sticky glass.

With a little effort, you can immediately smash the diorama that punctures the goods.

The sword of the ruler is nothing but a bluff.

“When you are waiting, do you want her to die, or do you want her to live? I am helping her now, seeing how her appearance can’t last long, if you want her to live, it’s best…”

When the words were not finished, the Lord of the Lord, who was not far from the edge of the stone, suddenly opened his eyes. The watery eyes were not bitter and dying at this moment, and some were just overbearing.

A moment of breath rushed over her, from the inside out.

Only in an instant, it has already swept the spot, the strength began to climb, and the large and small wounds began to accelerate healing.

Imperfect rules begin to improve, infinite energy comes from all around, perfuse her body, and part enters the sword of the soul within the body, instantly repairing the sword of the dominance, letting it go further, and itself is rapidly changing.

In this case, Jiang Bai is very familiar, this is the case for the promotion of Immortal.

At the time, Jiang Bai was a bit worried.

Fuck, the protagonist is the protagonist, just dying, and now I will advance to Immortal in a blink of an eye? TV dramas don’t dare to shoot like this.

But the fact is that the Lord of the Lord immediately advanced to Immortal, and when he was in danger, he advanced to Immortal. Not only did the injury heal, but the whole person changed dramatically.

What makes Jiang Bai jealous is that the master of the ruler has advanced to Immortal, and there is no disaster. . Yes, there is no catastrophe, so it is so easy to advance.

At that time, Jiang Bai wanted to vomit blood. Even the masters of the later generations of Perfection couldn’t mess up even if they were able to advance. Each and everyone was cautious, like the Huangquan Demon Dragon. At the beginning of the era, it was already the Emperor Peak-Stage, and the latter two were the Great Perfection.

I can’t be promoted for so long.

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