Metropolitan System Chapter 2038

With Jiang Bai’s strength and method, if this guy really does not don’t give face, he will help him to be the master of the shackles, but he will not tell the truth, then Jiang Bai can not read the old feelings, and sometimes there are methods to make people Opening.

Half-Step Eternal, it’s not just about it.

Power Supreme, mastering some of the rules of fate, its power is unimaginable.

In addition to the Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, today’s Jiang Bai, there is really no one can do anything about it.

Even if it is Emperor, against Jiang Bai, Jiang Bai is not an opponent, but wants to escape, and the Emperor is hard to come by.

The current Jiang Bai and Emperor are essentially a level, but his time to achieve Half-Step Eternal is too short, the accumulation is not enough, the life level of the two is also different, the source is insufficient, and the real fight Jiang Bai will definitely lose.

But it is not so easy for the Emperor to defeat Jiang Bai. It is even more difficult to kill him.

There is no comparison between the two now. If you have to compare it, it is more than life.

Whose life is good, first get Eternal Divine Spark, who will be able to advance to Eternal.

Put another one into a dog.

“Will you eat your own bad habits? You don’t have to worry about this. I naturally have a way.”

“I helped you kill the Lord of Qiankun, you told me the location of Eternal Divine Spark, this is a fair deal.”

“Other, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Jiang Bai said that this is the case, what can Dong Xiaokun say?

Silent nodded.

Then the three people got angry and bonfire together, and gathered everything. They caught a very delicious taste in the Immortal country. The mellow pigs, barbecued, and took out a pot of old wine. Everyone gathered together, while eating and drinking. .

The little days have been quite moist.

During the period, Li Liyao and Dong Yukun both consciously and unconsciously gaze at Jiang Bai’s situation during the chat, and wanted to take a peek into the conversation.

Unfortunately, nothing was achieved.

After eating something and taking a break, Jiang Bai stood up.

“Let’s go?” stretched out, Jiang Bai lazily said.

“Go? Where?” Dong Xiaokun stunned.

“Don’t you let me kill you the Lord of Qiankun? Go now, I am very close, kill him and have other things to do!”

Frowns Jiang Bai is not happy, what does this kid mean? kidding me? I also said that I have helped myself to kill the Lord of Qiankun. Now I ask myself to do it?

Isn’t this a find?

“Now. Now?” Dong Xiaokun’s eyes widened and his face looked blank. Next to Li Liwa also put down the white jade gourd in his hand, his face was wrong.

Don’t look at what I said just now, but the two of them are actually not optimistic about Jiang Bai’s ability to kill the Lord of Qiankun.

Although Jiang Bai is very mysterious, it seems to be quite powerful and stronger than them. Can you be the master of the singularity, the king of Immortal, the Number One Expert in the endless universe, and you don’t know how much to stay in that position? Years.

Throughout the ages, I don’t know how many people want to kill the Lord of the Skull, defeat him, kill him, and sit in his position, but no one has ever succeeded.

The authority of the Lord of Qiankun, even the other people who are the same as the ten masters, dare not provoke.

Now Jiang Bai promised that this matter will be considered, even if it is not delayed for a moment, it is necessary to kill the Lord of Qiankun? How can this two people not be shocked?

Fuck, the efficiency of doing things is much more, the first time I see the efficiency of sending death.

Yes, send it to death. . In the eyes of both of them, the behavior of Jiang Bai is actually no different from sending death.

“Not now, when is it? Is it necessary to wait until the New Year?”

“Come on, I am busy!” Jiang Bai said impatiently, slaughtering a monk, these two guys are excited? What does this look like? Do you not believe in yourself, or have you not seen the market?

“咕嘟” Dong Yukun, the future fate of the Lord could not help but swallow a slobber, subconsciously asked: “How to kill?”

“How can I kill? Just follow me. You call him out. I killed him. It’s as simple as that. Otherwise, how do you expect to kill?”

“I? Are you sure that I am?”

“To tell the truth, are you really sure?”

Dong Xiaokun’s eyes are strange. He always feels that Jiang Bai’s words are not very reliable. Let him go and call the Lord of Qiankun, and Jiang Bai goes up and kills people?

Fuck, do you think it is cut watermelon? Say the slaughter? It’s not that easy to kill a pig, let alone the owner of Qiankun?

If it is not for the performance of Jiang Bai, there is no relationship with the Lord of Qiankun. It is estimated that Dong Xiaokun is now beginning to doubt whether Jiang Bai is a group with the Lord of Qiankun, deliberately appearing in front of him, to swindle back!

This is the case, Dong Xiaokun still secretly mobilized the Wheel of Fate, and the divine light was re-enacted again.

Make sure that the two people should have nothing to do with a little relief, but the eyes are still very weird.

“Crap!” Jiang Bai was impatient and said such a sentence.

Then vacated.

Dong Qiankun and Li Weaving looked at each other and finally gnawed their teeth, followed Jiang Bai, and turned into three streams of moving towards Wandao City.

All the way forward is extremely fast, shatter void, and knead thousands of miles.

The Immortal country is too large. The distance of Wandaocheng is too far away. Jiang Bai can’t stand the speed of such a slow speed. At this speed, it takes at least a month to get to Wandaocheng.

The daylily is cold.

So Jiang Bai rips Void directly, grabs one of the two hands, and instantly breaks through the void, but a few breaths have already reached the sky.

Such a situation can scare two people. Both of them are Immortal. According to the truth, it is also a person who has seen a big scene, tearing Void, shuttle the universe, and Big Capital can do it. Yes, there is nothing so amazing.

If this is in the Void universe, Jiang Bai reveals this hand, they will not be a bit horrified, because they can also do it with no difficulty.

However, here is the Immortal country!

It is impossible for the top ten masters to do this. They want to leave here and need to go through special channels and walk to the vicinity of the Star Gate to leave.

Tearing Void here? This is a daydream.

Not to mention the power of Immortal Level can be done, even if it can do it, dare to do so, will be killed by the will of the Immortal country, died in the Void turbulence.

Jiang Bai did just that, so simple and natural.

For a moment, the eyes of two people look at towards Jiang Bai are different.

However, Jiang Bai is not in the mood to look at the expressions of two people, but is shocked by the city.

The vast city, vast and unpopular, prosperous, is located on the plain, in the center of the Immortal country, has a magnificent city, I do not know what material is built, solid and abnormal.

The high-rise buildings are beautiful, the scenery is beautiful, floating in the clouds above the plains, and there are millions of black holes in the sky. There are countless times of countless universes, and all the energy flows down every moment. .

There are many people in the population, no less than 100 billion, experts as common as clouds, powerhouse like rain, Immortal Level. Other characters can’t wait for tens of thousands.

There is a mysterious array to wrap it around, around all around, to make it unbreakable, it is a floating unbreakable fortress, unmatched.

Even if Jiang Bai wants to break this place, it is very difficult. I didn’t know how the Emperor did it, and I took it here.

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