Metropolitan System Chapter 2039

Came back to his senses, Jiang Bai took two people into the city, no one questioned, no one felt that no one dared to go to Wandao City to make trouble.

Here is the center of the heavens, the center of the endless universe, the most mysterious and honorable place, with many talented masters, come here to mess? What is the difference between it and courting death?

The three men did not suffer any martyrdom and passed through the city gate. The great Guardian at the door didn’t even look at them. The station was straight, like a sculpture.

Well, in fact, this door Guardian is a sculpture, a set of great stone life of the Emperor level, in fact, the sculpture is essentially the same.

No matter the wind, frost, snow and rain, standing all the year round, all the year round.

With some shocked Dong Qiankun, Jiang Bai shuttled in Wandao City, but at an hour, they came to the door of a magnificent palace.

Yes, the palace is not a mansion. There is nothing wrong with this.

The owner of this Qiankun resides in the center of Wandao City, where the mountains and the waters flow, and the energy of the heavens pours.

In front of the lake, backed by the mountain peaks, surrounded by secret arrays, full of mysterious rune, all around is a master guard, back and forth with the Golden Armor patrol, even the most ordinary soldiers have the cultivation base.

The Great Sect, who is responsible for guarding this face palace, prohibits the entry of people.

Follow the two Immortal, Guardian Palace gates.

“Call people!”

Regardless of the worrying Dong Xiaokun, Jiang Bai pushed him out and asked him to be called.

Shouting out the Lord of Qiankun, and Jiang Bai intends to kill him here, ask about the location of Eternal Divine Spark, and take the abyss to the slaughter, and you will be able to accomplish it.

Dong Yukun’s mouth twitched, although Jiang Bai has shown his strength, extremely powerful performance, Dong Xiaokun has a sigh of relief, let him go to the door of the main house of Qiankun to make people die, Dong Qiankun is still some. . Insufficient strength.

Coughing twice, under the urging of Jiang Bai, Dong Xiaokun here stepped forward and gave birth to words. Just wanted to greet the mother of Qiankun, and there was a sound coming from not far away.

The digital Immortal came out and turned into a streamer and blink of an eye. In front of Dong Qiankun, dozens of gold armored emperors, with a lot of Quasi-Emperor and Heavenly Venerable, were full of hundreds of people. Holding the Magical Artifact, I was surrounded by Jiang Bai and the others.

“Dong Yukun, hehe. It’s really there’s a road to Heaven yet you don’t walk it, hell is doorless yet you charged to it! We are always looking for you, nothing, but I didn’t expect you to come to the door!”

“Say, how do you want to die?”

The other is a person Immortal, wearing a blue blue armor, holding a golden tower, squatting in the palm of his hand, holding a long knife in his hand, standing there sneer again and again.

There were some surprises in the eyes, as if the appearance of Dong Qiankun was very unexpected and very joyful.

This guy in front of him is the murderer of the commander of the Qiankun. After searching for a long time, he did not find it here. The three warlords of Qiankun’s lord were all reprimanded and punished because of this incident.

Now people have been caught by him, although there is a reason for the other party to deliver the door to the door, but the reason for the dead end. . These are not important.

The important thing is that Dong Qiankun appeared in front of me, which is enough.

This. . It is the merit of the great day.

Originally, he listened to his report and said that Dong Qiankun’s Qiankun Palace, who was headed to the Lord of Qiankun, was still unbelievable. He thought that his men were joking. Now that he saw the real person, he was overjoyed.

The reason why it is not done, it is not impossible, but because the living Dong Kunkun is obviously more valuable than the dead Dong Qiankun.

As one of the confidants of Qiankun Emperor, he knows that Qiankun Emperor wants Dong Qiankun, it is of great use!

Can produce oysters, great work.

“I don’t want to die!” Dong Xiaokun responded innocently. The words that were prepared were not used at this time. He did not expect that he would call the door and the door would not be opened. He was blocked by people.

Now, come up and ask him how he wants to die.

How does Dong Xiaokun answer this? How can I answer?

“Don’t want to die? Hey. Don’t want to die best, then obediently surrender, the master catches you with great use, if you don’t bear up, you don’t have to die.”

“Don’t let me waste my effort, you are bound!”

The Immortal was very confident and somewhat arrogant. He looked at Dong Xiaokun with a glance and said such a sentence.

He also has a proud capital, far beyond the power of the average person Immortal is his guarantee, Immortal King’s combat power is his source, plus the Immortal Level Supreme Treasure, the Tianrui Tower is in hand, he confidently suppress Dong Junkun without pressure.

They pursued Dong Qiankun for many days and searched around the Immortal Kingdom for nothing. It was not because of the strength of Dong Qiankun’s combat power.

Although Dong Qiankun masters the fate of the road, the combat power is extraordinary, the Immortal time is too short, the accumulation is not enough, there is still a certain gap compared with them, and the battles of these Qiankun masters will be very easy.

The problem is that Dong Qiankun simply does not give them the opportunity to shoot. The slippery, like the muddy, can’t catch his traces. Even the shadows can’t be seen, how can he fight?

Now that people are in front of him, everything is naturally not a problem. He has great confidence in suppressing Dong Yukun.

Let the other person obediently surrender, in his opinion it is a great gift.

“Self-binding?” Dong Yukun listened to this statement and his face was black and his mouth was twitching.

Endured with anger and whispered: “Is the Lord of Qiankun here? I have something to find him!”

When I said this, I was not arrogant, and I was distracted. Although I was shocked by the strength of Jiang Bai, I felt that Jiang Bai was extraordinary, and I was able to go to things that the masters could not do, tearing Void in this Immortal country.

After all, I haven’t seen Jiang Bai’s shot, and my heart is not at the end. Dong Xiaokun does not dare to stand here and really swears, so the tone is more euphemistic.

“The Lord is not there, the top ten Immortal is at the dao comprehension mountain party, and the Lord carries the Young Master.”

“Hey, do you still want to see the Lord? If you count, can you see that I am lucky, I still want to see the Lord? What is the matter, after you are bound, you will enter the prison and wait, where is that? Many nonsense.”

“If you are willing, if you are willing to come back, you will see you naturally. If you don’t want to, you will die!”

When the voice fell, Dong Qiankun was to get really angry, hehe. . The Lord of Qiankun is not there, you are a fart.

I still can’t beat you, Dong Qiankun, there is a gap in combat power, not to mention that you still have helpers present, I am not an opponent is normal.

But I have a big brother sitting next to me!

Although you have doubts about whether the big brother can balance the Lord of the Dragon, can you settle for a minute?

What kind of strength do you have with me?

I was annoyed at the time, the rocker was straight, standing there, said with a sneer: “” If I don’t want to? ”

“I don’t want to, it’s death!” The other party listened to this sentence coldly snorted, the Immortal Level treasure in the hands, the sky-breaking tower sentence has been rotated, dissipating the wild, and it is like a mountain, as if it is possible to drop at any time. From the sky.

Falling down and suppressing Dong Yukun to death.