Metropolitan System Chapter 2040

The voice just fell, and Dong Yukun’s interest in the future was retired. At that time, he gave up the position to Jiang Bai. There was a big brother present, and it was naturally impossible for him to worry about it.

"Who are you kid? Do you dare to take care of you?" When Jiang Bai stood up, the Immortal Level took his eyes and looked closely. When Jiang Bai’s breath was only Immortal Level, Not in my heart.

The same is Immortal, except for a few people, he is not afraid, and a few people, he is sure that they all know.

"Lord of the Qiankun, I am coming to slaughter him! Let him hurry out!" Jiang Bai responded impatiently.

"courting death!" This angered the warrior on the spot, roaring, and the sky tower in his hand had moved towards Jiang Bai and came over, to suppress this ignorant arrogant boy on the spot.

Even dare to speak out madly, the Lord of the filth, the death can not redeem its sins!

When the voice fell, the Tianrui Tower had already been rotated over the head of Jiang Bai. The moving towards Jiang Bai fell straight down, with the unique rules of its own secrets, and Jiang Bai became a meatloaf.

This is the Supreme Treasure of Immortal, which contains the rules of the wild, and the formidable power is endless. Not to mention the bare hands, that is, many Immortal Level magic weapons are unable to resist.

The Tianmen Tower of Immortal fell, and many people around it felt that Jiang Bai would die.

The shocking thing happened, and Jiang Bai stood still on the ground, sneered, and stretched out his fist and hit it straight out.

“Dangdang~” a loud noise, the Immortal Supreme Treasure was abandoned by Jiang Bai.

The big tower not only failed to suppress Jiang Bai, but was punched by Jiang Bai with a big hole. The rules were dimmed and the body was broken, and the Immortal realm fell instantly.

Heavenly Tower. . A punch gave people a waste.

This kind of situation completely ruined everyone around you.

Look at me, I see you, look at each other in dismay, the eyes of Immortal flashed inexplicably fear.

He is a great man. He is not invincible. He was once attacked by powerful enemies and was hit hard. He has never been defeated like this.

Didn't use any magic weapon, broke the tower with a punch?

A punch hits the tower, destroying the rules and letting it fall to the desperate situation. This scene is really amazing.

It is absolutely unthinkable to put it in the past.

"This. How is this possible!" Immortal's face is incredible, and such a scene has never happened in his long life.

“Nothing is impossible!” Jiang Bai sneered, and the next second came to the other side, pointing a finger at the forehead.

Sneered, did not wait for the other party to speak, then an energy burst, the next second, the age of Immortal on the spot violent, the soul is destroyed.

The violent energy directly reaches the multi-cosm of his place through Void, and his life is obliterated from Void, causing the universe to be uneasy.

Such a method makes the people present and everyone stunned, and there are two Immortals appearing alongside them. Now they are already pale and can't say a word.

The horrible people they saw, the horrible people, they saw it for the first time.

"Since he is not there, we go in and wait for him. Is it a temple where the monk can run?"

"I don't believe this guy doesn't return to Wandao City!"

Jiang Bai lazily said this, first move towards the center of this magnificent palace.

The Guardian at the door wants to block, each and everyone's fearful hand-held blade is in front of Jiang Bai. The white jade Great Sect with the inexplicable array at the entrance of the palace is tightly closed, and the two bloody cockroaches at the door are extremely scared. The body kept whining.

“Why don’t you let it in?” At the door, Jiang Bai frowned, looking at the Great Sect in front of him and the mighty horse in front of him, questioning it.

No one answered, no one dared to say anything. Just Jiang Bai was too scary and they were a little scared.

Not to mention the general Emperor, Heavenly Venerable, that is, the two fronts of Immortal are also swallowed saliva and said, the forehead sweating, Jiang Bai is too horrible, they really dare not talk.

Just let Jiang Bai walk in, they are also difficult to explain, so stand there, you see me, I see you, no one has spoken.

It is so deadlocked there.

Lazy to take care of them, Jiang Bai stepped forward, every step, the earth trembled, the whole palace trembled, as if there was any prehistoric giant beast shaking the emperor, Wan Daocheng followed the footsteps of Jiang Bai, let People are terrified.

The forehead is still closed, but Jiang Bai is here, but everyone who blocks him is divided by sword qi blade glow, and Supreme blade glow sword qi rises in Jiang Bai all around, but the person who is in front of him is instantly It was split.

The blood flowing into a river, the people around it collapsed completely.

Each and everyone cried and shouted at the mother's escape, even the two Immortal were escaping, but they were still injured.

After a while, Jiang Bai went to the white jade Great Sect, and the Great Sect was torn apart. Jiang Bai walked in with Li Shaoyao and Dong Yukun.

Go straight into the main hall and sit down on a golden chair in the most magnificent palace in the center.

After a while, a voice screamed: "Bold, who are you? I dare to swear at my palace!"

"Don't dare to seat my father's chair? Are you courting death?"

There are still people who are not afraid of death, but a young man rushed in from the outside, followed by more than a dozen Immortal, including some powerful characters, belonging to the well-know figure in Immortal, the strength is superior, can be one, ten, that is Legendary Immortal King.

A group of people with piles of masters appeared in the great hall, headed by this young man.

I glared at Jiang Bai.

"What can I do if you have a seat?" Jiang Bai disdain, this young man is really not strong, and is also Immortal. He can be seen at a glance. Jiang Bai can see through it at a glance.

I really didn't care.

"You want to die? You know, this is my father's seat, the most Supreme chair in the endless universe, even the other people who are the top ten do not qualify to touch, you are picking the Qiankun Palace! Lord!"

"It is a great disrespect. To destroy the Nine, the universe you are in is bound to be implicated, and all living beings are annihilated!"

Although Jiang Bai’s performance was horrible, he also listened to the subordinates’ report, and there was no one to stop along. However, the second son of the Qiankun’s owner still did not put Jiang Bai in his eyes.

In his heart, his father is invincible.

With his father supporting his waist, he can despise everyone, even if he is the same as other people in the dominance, he is not to appreciate, let alone Jiang Bai a nameless guy.

Although the strength is stronger, you can dare to pick the Kunming Palace. There is only one "Death" character, which can solve this problem.

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