Metropolitan System Chapter 2041

"Destroy the Nine, Destruction Universe? Great tone!"

Jiang Bai sneered.

I didn’t put the other person in my eyes at all, a dude, what is worthy of his attention?

After saying this, I looked at each other contemptuously: "To tell you the truth, I am here today to kill the Lord of Qiankun!"

"Cleverly let him come out and die, I will never connect, otherwise, don't want anyone to live!"

The owner of Qiankun belongs to the ancient master. He can be unknown in the later generations and has nothing left. Jiang Bai knows that this means he disappeared into the history and was defeated by suppress and kill. It is not important who did it. .

Because this means that he has little influence on the future and kills him, Jiang Bai does not have to worry about it. This is why he promised Dong Xiaokun to come over.

Fortunately, Dong Xiaokun asked him to suppress the Lord of Qiankun. If he was allowed to suppress the master of chaos, Jiang Bai would have to consider one or two.

After all, the Lord of Chaos is the main force against the Emperor, and left the Tower of Chaos, which has a great impact on future generations. If it is not necessary, Jiang Bai does not want to mess.

"Bold mad! Courting death!"

The son of the Qiankun Lord was furious on the spot, and the voice fell, and he said to the people behind him: "If you kill him, there will be a reward!"

When the voice fell, more than a dozen Immortal rushed out behind him, and moved toward Jiang Bai. No one was arrogant and singled out with Jiang Bai. The performance of Jiang Bai was already known to them. Someone made a special trip to Second Young. Master.

They naturally know it.

It doesn't matter if you are single-handed, but if you are a group, they can confidently win.

More than a dozen Immortal teamed up, and several of them can be called the existence of Immortal King, holding many pieces of Emperor Po, they are confident that killing Jiang Bai is not a big problem.

This lineup, that is, the last few of the top ten masters have to look at the headaches, can fight with them, let alone Jiang Bai, who does not know which name comes out junior?

Although there are some strengths, they feel that it is not difficult to solve Jiang Bai.

However, the ideal is full and the reality is very skinny.

More than a dozen Immortal rushed out, and for a time, the heavens and the earth changed, and the whole palace was fully displayed. The palace that was carefully constructed by the Lord of the Qiankun collapsed.

A group of people moved towards Jiang Bai and killed it.

The two people who are engaged in Li Li and Dong Yukun have a nervous expression.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Bai, who stood there at this time, was still unmoved and sneered.

With a wave of hand, Jiang Bai appeared in front of a golden light curtain, leaving the opponent's Immortal blade and magic weapon to exert maximum power, such as rain.

Unfortunately, it didn't help, and it didn't hurt Jiang Bai's percentage. Even the magic weapons and the blade of these Immortal Levels, even the ten meters in front of Jiang Bai, could not be approached, and they were all blocked.

With a wave of hand, the endless energy rushes out from all around, forming a magic weapon of all colors, suppressing the hustle and bustle, and screaming at that scream.

Each and everyone Immortal was torn apart.

But none of the people who took the shots escaped, and they all turned into flying ash in Jiang Bai’s hands.

Such a scene makes people feel awkward, and Second Young Master, who is standing here, is on the spot.

"pu pass ~" slammed into the ground without any frustration, his face is full of fear expression: "No. Don't kill me. Don't kill me. I don't want to die."

I was too lazy to take care of him. Jiang Bai directly slaughtered people, and then stood up and let Li Wei and Dong Xiaokun wait for some people who are worried.

Going down to the throne, facing a head-collar, the guy who hadn’t done it before, hooked his fingers, the other side was flattered, and hurriedly ran over, bent over, lowered his head, looked flatter, and said nervously: "You. What do you have to order."

"Let your people go to the Lord of the Skull and tell him about the situation here."

"Ah ~" the other side turned pale with fright, his face suddenly changed, some fear.

I don't understand why Jiang Bai is doing this, why do you want to test it, or do you mean something else?

"Oh, what are you going to let you go! How can you not listen?"

Jiang Bai was dissatisfied at the time.

"Listen. Listen." How dare the other party say half a word? At that time, he ordered his men to leave and went to the dao comprehension mountain to tell the Lord about the situation here.

But before he set off, Jiang Bai stood there and muttered to himself: "If the guy doesn't dare to come, it's a trouble, a master wants to run, it's not easy to catch."

After talking about this, Immortal whispered in front of him and said, "What good way do you have? Let him come and fight with me?"

In a word, the Immortal forehead sweats, what the fuck. . What can he do? There is a way, can't say, let the Lord of Qiankun know that he is arrogant here, and that he can sell the country and he can still have a good one?

At the time, the proper die without a burial site.

A strong laugh, the other party said dryly: "No. No."

"No? Then I want you to use it!" Jiang Bai was coldly snorted, slaps the other person to death, and hesitated.

Killed the Immortal, aimed at other people, and saw a man wearing the armor, the highest-ranking Emperor Perfection at this time, directly moving the towards the other side to hook the finger and let the other party come over.

Looking at the person who is sincere and fearful, Jiang Bai asked coldly: "What good way do you have?"

"This. In addition to the two sons, the Lord of the Qiankun has a daughter, and Second Young Master has been killed by you."

"But the seven Young Lady didn't have time to leave in the palace."

"In addition to this, there are thirty-five ladies, sixty-two ladies, and ninety-three ladies. They are the favorite women of Qiankun's Lord. They are very pampered in normally."

“each and everyone are beautiful, if you don’t mind, small arrangements now, let them serve you?”

"By the way, you can let people spread the news out, the Lord of the Qiankun is the most skinny, if you do this, he is the heart of knowing that it is not your opponent, but also desperately with you!"

"Finally, this news is going to let the people of the dao comprehension mountain know that he will not come to Taiwan, he will definitely come."


This buddy is also thorough enough. If you come up with this idea, no one can bear it. The owner of Qiankun is a tortoise. It is estimated that he can't stand it. What about the owner of the number one endless universe?

I heard that the arrogance of this cargo is fierce, and some pay attention to the face, and certainly can't stand it.

"What is it?"

"Just like this, it may cause public anger. You must know that the Lord of Qiankun is in the endless universe. Although there are many enemies, there are also some friends. If we do too much this time, it may cause dissatisfaction with other masters."

"There may be people coming to join him in time, then."

Speaking of this, he was hesitant, his name changed, and it became "we". It seems that this goods also knows that his idea is to say that he is sitting on a boat with Jiang Bai, and the Lord of the Dragons must not let him go, but No way, in order to survive.

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